Friday, April 30, 2010

Date night....well, kinda....

It was our ward dinner tonight.
Brent and I were together...that is what a date is right???
Yes, the kids were there...but really, they just roamed the place.
Okay, so it doesn't pass as date night...but at least I got picture with my hubby out of it...
I had Madi shoot the picture for us in the was way too windy outside, and we were on the way out the door.
That is why it is photoshopped in the background...
I am NOT an expert photoshopper...
But like I least I have a picture with my hubby.
Doesn't he look so dang cute with the furry face?
That is what Fire fighters do when they are off work...they grow facial hair.
Because they can't when they are on duty...unless it is a mustache...which Brent already tried before!
*********** we enjoyed an evening with our ward family...
Yummy food and great friends.
Good night.
*I am Thankful that I did not have to cook dinner tonight...okay, I mean, I am Thankful that Brent didn't have to cook dinner tonight!
*I am Thankful that tomorrow is Saturday...I am really hoping for the energy to get all the things done that I would like to get done!!!
*I am Thankful that I was a winner (one of 8 out of 59 total...) in my fitness challenge...which ends today...YAY!!! (except, get ready, the new one is coming!!!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A haircut and some new freckles!

I have been wanting to cut Elsie's hair for a long time.
I wanted a cute bob, kinda like Madi's.
But I knew I couldn't do that...
I also knew that she wouldn't let anyone, but me, near her with a pair of scissors!
So I decided to just trim it up and even it out.
I still think it is darling...maybe a few trims and she will be ready for a real haircut...
It looks so thick and full of body...I love it.
So does she!

This picture of Strip, Dad, and Popsicles are what helped us get through it without her having a fit.
Great job Elsie!
I LOVE freckles...
And I LOVE freckles on my kids even more!!!
I found two new ones on Porters face today...and I LOVE them!!!
I used to be able to pick out every freckle that Madi and Cassi had.
I think I could still pick out Madi's, but Cassi is getting over-run with them.
I think they are so CUTE!!!!
As you can tell, Porter was sick of having the camera stuck in his face!
I would like to tell you that he stole Elsie's cup, that is why it is pink...
But really, sometimes you gotta just use what is clean...
*I am Thankful that I finally picked out a paint color for my chairs. Now I just need to get the paint ON the chairs!!!! I can't wait!!!
*I am Thankful that there are so many of you interested in my Wellness Challenge coming up....I hope to have a website up and running by Monday...I am thinking of starting the challenge June 1...but possible the middle of May...I will let you know.
*I am Thankful that I was a big girl and got up and ran all by my lonesome this morning. I did speed work...and it was pretty fun. But Jenni and Aryn...I don't like to run alone!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Friends for life...

Things were quiet around the house.
But it was about 4:30 this afternoon, and things are NEVER quiet at that time of day!!!
There is always fighting or crying or yelling....
So I went looking for what was going on....
And I saw this....
Maybe to the naked eye this isn't that big of a deal...
But for these two to be hanging out and sitting so closely, not fighting...
Oh what great thing for me to see.
It made me happy...
But I did get in trouble after I took this picture, because apparently they are working on some kind of Mother's Day thing that I wasn't supposed to see.
Sorry girls, but thanks for being nice to each other!!!
This also happened....
Except this wasn't the only shot I took...there were a few with Porter trying to steal Elsie's glasses, some with Elsie yelling at Porter....lots of funny ones.
I was taking the picture because it was funny to me that while they were sitting with theirs back to the wall, their heads were at almost the same height...but Elsie's legs reached much, much farther then Porters.
I didn't get a good picture to capture that...but I am glad that I got this one.
Elsie learned a new thing today...
She finally figured out how to turn the door knob.
I can't even tell you how excited she was.
I know, maybe not a big deal to many others....but if you think about the motor control it takes to do that, you would be proud.
Things like that are so easy for us to do, but takes real effort and practice for Elsie...
Great work Elsie!
You always try and try and try until you get it right!
You are my hero because of that!!!
*I am thankful that we got some good cleaning done today. We have a couple boxes, SO FAR, to donate to D.I. Hopefully we can get more done tomorrow.
*I am Thankful that some people are interested in my Wellness Challenge...but come on people...I want more!!! I am working on a blogspot for it right now...hopefully I can get it up soon!
*I am Thankful that I got to bed early last night...and I am hoping that happens tonight too!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Cassi was chosen by her teacher for this months character trait.
She was so excited.
We learned that she received this honor at the beginning of the month.
So it has been a long wait to get to this day.
Remember when Madi was chosen?
Well, I rearranged and made her room look nice...something we had been meaning to do.
The first thing Cassi asked when she found out she got the character trait was...
"What are you gonna do for me???"
Well, I thought and thought.
I have big plans for her room...but all the things are gonna take time...
But I knew I wanted to put the window that used to be in our kitchen, in her room.
She loves writing with the dry erase markers.
So today while Cassi was at school, Brent and I put it up for her.
She came home and asked what I did for her...
I, of course, pretended I had no idea what she was talking about.
I told her to go into her room and think of something she wanted me to do in there for her.
She went up, and then came right back down with a beaming smile!
She was so excited, and it was exactly what she wanted!
Madi and Cassi are VASTLY different children.
Madi is always worried she will do the wrong thing, and always waits for some kind of instruction.
We got to the school, and Cassi ran right up to the one was there who knows if she sat in the right spot.
But she didn't care.
Madi definitely takes after me.
I kept thinking..."What if Cassi is in the wrong spot and then stands up at the wrong time and then they don't read her name and she has to sit back down...and then she will be embarrassed!"
But she was just fine.

Good work Cassi.
Thanks for always trying to 'stay on task'!
You are such a great kid...
And pretty dang cute, too!
*I am Thankful for Brent...while I took a nap this morning, he folded all the kids laundry. How great is that??? Thanks baby!
*I am Thankful that I got that nap!
*I am Thankful that I am so set on getting a perfect score in my wellness challenge... if not for it, I would have really gone off the deep end today! I need summertime!
My Wellness challenge ends the end of this month.
I HAVE to have something to keep me going!
So I am going to start one up for myself, and any others who want to join in...
You can live here or doesn't matter!
I haven't worked the kinks out yet...but just wanted to get the word out there and see if there is any interest?
I hope has been so great for my entire well-being!
So I hope you will join me!
And tell your friends!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday night F.H.E.

We got the $1 kites out this evening for F.H.E.
They work, but they needed a little more weight on them...
Brent's mind is always working.
I brought some carrots to munch on, so he tied a carrot to the ends of each kite tail...
It worked perfectly!
I wish I had a close up picture of was pretty cute.

*I am Thankful that I got started on the laundry today. My washer holds big loads...after sorting in piles, I counted up my load count...10 loads...I got through 4 today. I hate when I forget that they are in the washer or more laundry for tomorrow! But like I said, at least I started on it today, or the kids wouldn't have anything to wear!
*I am Thankful again that I did not put make-up on...only because I don;t have to take it off! Yay!
*I am Thankful that Jenni took Cassi today so I could sneak a nap while Brent was at the tire store...I am SO tired!!! Time for bed!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday at the park...

Another Sunday...another fun day at the park!
It was windy, and we meant to take our $1 kites with us...
Oh well...there will be other chances!
The kids had plenty to do...
Frisbee, helicopter thingys, squirt bottles (Porters new obsession), good friends...
Plenty to do!

What do you do when you boy only has two pairs of shoes that fit...and you can only find one of each???????
You stick them on him, of course!!!!
Elsie has been so good about wearing her eye patch.
It does seem to throw her balance off a bit...but not enough to make her mad enough not to want to put them on.
If that makes sense?
She loves the play gym at the park, and her little muscles get a good workout there!
*I am Thankful that I have only 3 more weeks until Porter goes into nursery. Isn't that so exciting!!!!!
*I am Thankful that it was such a nice Sunday afternoon.
*I am Thankful that we get to start a fresh and new week. I have a lot I want to get done this week...hope it all gets done!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meridian Fun Run!!!

We love the Fun Run.
Every year the meridian school district puts on a fun run.
We have had lots of fun here for the past few years.
Now anyone who knows me should not be surprised that, YES, I color coordinated ourselves!
I know, I know...I am a nut...but don't we look cute.
I usually don't buy the shirts for the fun runs...only because they are never to be used again, and they are the same shirts every year, just different color....
So this year I told the girls I would buy them their own running clothes instead of the t-shirt.
Luckily I found the pants on sale for $5.
Only one was pink and one was green!!!
I was just about ready to resign myself to un-matching attire...
When I spied a rack of $3 shirts...then my mind started working...swap colors!
I knew Elsie already had the colors...
I knew I already had the colors...
Like I said...Perfect!
I wonder how long the kids are gonna let me do this?
Waiting for the 'gun' to go off....
We were back in the stroller group...
5th grade was first, then 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, K, then us with stroller.
I tried to get Madi to go with us...but she wanted to be with her friends.
I am wondering if she didn't want any of her friends to see her matching her Mommy...
No, just kidding, she loved it.
But Brent said she ran a really great run...she came in not too long after the first one passed the finish!
She is my future running buddy.
I was pushing Elsie in our umbrella stroller, and part of the run is on lumpy bumpy grass.
Now that was a really great work-out!
Just as we were getting ready to cross, Cassi kept saying, "I don't think I can do it Mom, I don't think I can..." (she wasn't completely serious...but I am sure she was tired.)
But she kept going and going...
Here is our little group of kiddos!
All the finishers received Medals...
Isn't that great!
Real, nice, heavy medals.
Madi has treasured each one she has ever gotten...Cassi isn't sure where any of hers are.(including the one from today!)
Elsie was so excited to get a medal.
She had a really fun time...even the really bumpy part!
Can't wait for next year!
After the Fun Run...the men took the kids home and Jenni, Aryn, and I ran a kind of round-about way home.
That was a lot of fun.
So I definitely got my work-out in today!
We also got to go hang out with our friends, the Youngs, this evening.
They invited our family over for a BBQ.
That is always a great time.
Thanks guys for having us over!
*I am Thankful that my kids think that it is cool that I run, and that they want to be like me. (Well, the running part of me, anyway...)
*I am Thankful for such a great work-out today...I feel completely exhausted...but also very happy about it!
*I am Thankful for that we don't have early morning church! I plan on sleeping in!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, we aren't back into the 80's yet....
But at least the sun was out for most of the day today.
Porter is known for stealing any drink he can find.
Today this boy has been full of trouble...
But I can also tell you that I have laughed so much today because of him!
I should have taken my camera with me today when Elsie, me and Elsie's P.T., Katie, went to the park for some fun therapy.
We practiced going up and down the stairs mostly.
The park has the perfect spot where the railing is the perfect height, and the steps are a little extra wide.
She did so good.
She didn't really want to do it at first...heights have been scaring her a little bit lately...
But once we got her to do it, she was so excited to continue!
She really did so good...I would love to have gotten a picture of Elsie and Katie working together!
*I am Thankful for Elsie's P.T., Katie. She has been with us for a long is amazing to think about where Elsie was when Katie started working with her, and where she is now!
*I am Thankful for a boy who makes me laugh. I think he is such a funny kid. I don't know if that is because I am his Mom...or if he really has that class clown attitude this early in life.
*I am Thankful that it is the weekend again!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elsie Rose.

Yesterday I was going through my old blog posts and I found the video from when Elsie first started to REALLY walk.
I wanted to re post and share with everyone, again, what an amazing girl I think she is.
Isn't that just great?
I remember just before Elsie turned 3, which was July 20, I was a little sad.
Our goal for her was to be walking by age 3.
It didn't seem like we were close to that at all by her birthday.
I knew she was progressing, but I was starting to think that maybe it wouldn't happen.
Maybe she would never walk very far on her own.
But 3 days later...July 23, she surprised us all...and took off, all on her own.
I need a new video to compare how she is doing now...
But she is so fast now...and she has her very own way of sauntering around the room.
Completely adorable, of course.
We are so blessed to have such an amazing little spirit as part of our family.
*I am so Thankful for this blog. I am thankful for all the wonderful things that I have documented for our family, that I would never have recorded if it weren't for this blog.
*I am Thankful that my little sister Ariel, got things figured out...she is stranded in Paris...(volcano's fault)...Stay safe, Ariel.
*I am Thankful for all the wonderful progress our Elsie bug is making. She is the hardest worker I know. And the best part is...that is just part of who she is.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New game...

We are a game family.
We love playing games together.
We love finding a game that will include as many age groups as possible.
Our friends, the Young family, introduced us to this game.
It is so fun...
So we finally went out and got it for ourselves!
It is great cause the little ones can play along...Elsie loves to throw the pieces in too.
It is tricky...but so much fun!
The game is double you have those two planes where you can try to get your 4 in a row.
The solid pieces are fat pieces that blocks both rows, but you only get two of those per color.
Anyway, we had fun playing it this evening before bed.
I am a lucky girl to have such great friends!
Today we went out to celebrate (a little late) Aryn's birthday...
It was fun to sit down and actually talk face to face with them...
Cause we are usually running, when we are chatting!
*I am Thankful for the rain. It wasn't too gloomy today...but I do want the sun to come out soon.
*I am Thankful that Cassi didn't have a fit when it was time for bed. The last few nights she has panicked after we are done reading and didn't want me to leave. We dealt with this during the summer...and she started to do it again a few days ago...but tonight she went down good with no problems.
*I am Thankful to be blessed with such great friends. The ones who I see everyday, Jenni and long lost sister, that's you Heather...the ones who move away and rip my heart out, Annie....the ones who have known me for what seems like forever, Alesha...and all the other amazing woman that are in my life. (Please do not be offended if I did not name you...there really are WAY too many great friends that I have in my life to name them all!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Madi...

She just keeps growing up.
I can't believe she is 8 1/2.
I swear I just brought her home from the hospital!
Anyway...just thought I would write a little about Madi.
Mornings are usually horrible with both of us.
But This week, both of us are trying hard to wake up happy and work together to make it a good morning.
Cause if the morning goes good...then the rest of the day should be good too!
It has been going really well.
Madi is a very hard worker in our family.
She does put up a fight sometimes when it comes to doing homework or chores...but I guess that is just what kids do, right?
She is doing very well is school right now.
She is passing of her math facts like nobody's business!!!
We are very proud of her and her hard work.
Mad is also a BIG help with the little kids.
She is usually always willing to help out with them when I need her.
She could use a little help not getting so irritated by Cassi...but we are working on that too.
I just think Madi is a great kid.
I am thankful to have her in our family!
I hope we can continue to work with each other to make a peaceful home.

You can just tell how much the little ones love their Madi Bell!
We had some rain/thunder storms roll in this evening....
We had fun sitting at the front door and watching for lightning.
And listening for the huge rolling thunder.
There is something very comforting to me to be in a rain/thunder storm with my little family.
I even told Brent that I wish we were camping all together.
Doesn't that sound like fun???
(But yes...we are cheater campers...we have a trailer!)
*I am Thankful for the rain we got...and I am okay with some more...but not too much, okay...I want the nice weather back too!
*I am Thankful for my weekly goals. They really have helped me to be a better person...hopefully.
*I am Thankful that Porter has been sleeping so good through the night. I know...most 17 month old children have been sleeping through the night for like...a YEAR....but my guy is finally doing it. YAY!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lots of water fun...

We just can't get enough of this great weather!!!
I don't want it to stop...
Today, Cassi had some friends over and they all wanted to jump in the sprinklers.
And why not...80 degrees!!!
It was a lot of fun.
Even the little ones had a good time.
Elsie thought that the sandbox was more fun...
Water and sand...great mix!

Mmmm...nothing like water out of the hose!


*I am Thankful that the kids have been spending so much time outside. It makes ALL of us just a little bit happier!

*I am Thankful that I finally found some fabric for I just need to make them.

*I am Thankful for fans. Right now it is 80 degrees upstairs and the kids faces are all red and hate to kick on the air conditioner right we cracked the windows and ran the wonders!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My buddy and me...

This little bug is my shadow.
Especially this last week.
She needs to be everywhere I am...
I told Brent yesterday that I should buy myself one of those slings to strap her to me.
Sometimes it is hard...cause I can't get a lot done.
But she reminds me that sometimes we need to just sit and enjoy each other.
Just stop for a minute.
I have said it before...but this little girl has taught our family so many things in her short little lifetime...
I can't wait to see what we have yet to learn from her.
*I am Thankful for Relief Society, and the lesson we had today. Definitely one of those lessons that were meant for me to hear today.
*I am Thankful for yet another outside dinner and easy clean-up.
*I am Thankful to be blessed with four amazing children. And the fact that each of them bring something very special to our family.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

S'more S'mores, please!!!

Another thing we love to do when it is great weather...
Actually, I am not a fan of eating S'mores...but the kids love it and it is so much fun to sit by the campfire.
We usually have friends over for S'mores...tonight we had the Terry's over with us, and it is so much fun to just sit around and talk with each other...great friends are priceless!
One great thing about always having a camera handy...
You catch moments like this.
Elsie was sitting in the chair, and Porter came and laid on her shoulder, then she wrapped her arms around him.
So sweet.
And now I have a picture to always remember it!
(I know, I am cheesy!)


* I am Thankful that grocery shopping is done. For now, anyway.

*I am Thankful that, as of now, our house is pretty to just keep it like that...

*I am Thankful that tomorrow is Sunday...I like Sundays.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Yummy dinner!

Oh man...we love this weather!
One of our favorite things to do is have dinner outside.
In the summer time this is an every day activity.
It is so nice to just hose off the deck instead of cleaning the kitchen up.
So this evening was just so beautiful, we had to have dinner outside.
Spagetti...mmmm...not really considered a 'picnic' type food.
But it was just perfect!
Actually, one of the foods that we can get this boy to eat!
And, man he was loving it...
But really, I think he was loving the mess more.
We went to the park this afternoon.
And Brent told me about a little encounter with the little kids.
Elsie and Porter were playing on the small gym, and a little girl came up and pushed Elsie out of the way.
Well, Elsie looses her balance easy, so she fell...of course.
Next, Brent saw Porter go up to the little girl and knock her over...and he was going at her for more when Brent finally got to them.
Now maybe it is cause he is a rotten and mean little boy. (Not really!)
But we truly believe that we got this big burly boy for one main reason.
He is Elsie's protector.
Recently he has shown such a sweet tenderness towards Elsie.
She still gets a little nervous when he gets near her...but she is getting used to him being nice too.
He's a good boy.
* I am Thankful for the great weather...and the things we got done in the yard today.
* I am Thankful for movie night. It is always fun to stay up late with the kids...if you don't have to have an early morning!!!
* I am Thankful, and a little sad, that I totally spaced signing up for Robie Creek. I would love to run it again...I'm just not ready this year...but I am so happy to be running again...So maybe next year!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top readers!!!

I went and picked Cassi up from the bus stop and she comes out of the bus with a new book bag.
I asked her where she got it from.
Then she told me that she was the top reader in her class, and for the whole kindergarten. (From the schools read-a-thon)
And then she told me that Madi was ALSO the top reader of her class and also the third grade!
Way to go girls!
We were so proud of the hard work they put toward their reading goals!
They both wish they won top reader for the school, cause they got a DVD player...but that just means they will be reading even more next year!
Along with the book bags they also got some free book certificates, free kids meal certificates, and lots of fun little things.
So we decided to take them out as a reward for their accomplishment.
We went to Chilies and it was a lot of fun.
*I am Thankful that my kids got their Dads love of reading...and not my lack for love of reading!
*I am Thankful that tomorrow is Friday! This great weather makes me want to get out and do something really fun as a family!
*I am Thankful that I am almost done priming my is becoming a slow process, but I am still very excited about the outcome!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's FINALLY open!!!

They finally removed the fences that blocked us from our new park!
We noticed it was open when we got home last night...but it was too late to go over.
So we took advantage of the nice weather today and went to the park.
It is nice and big and doesn't seem too crowded even when there is a ton of kiddos!
It is gonna be nice to have it so close to us.
Porter thought he was a pretty big boy in the swing!
Kinda weird, but the park doesn't have baby swings...oh well...there is plenty of other things for them to do!
*I am Thankful we missed the bad weather in Evanston, the bad weather in Utah, and I hear that we skipped over some bad weather while we were gone from Idaho. We did pretty good!
*I am Thankful that I got a really great run in this morning! Thanks Aryn!
*I am Thankful that Elsie wore her eye patch today with not really any problems. We weren't sure how it would go over...but I think we can do it every day. We will see!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best buddies...

It was so much fun to watch these two kiddos play with each other.
Abi was so sweet with Elsie.
They have a very sweet little relationship with each other and it was fun to be able to stay with my sister Rachel so these two could have all the time they wanted with each other!
My other girls had a blast with Abi too.
She is just a fun little girl.
Thanks Rachel, for letting us stay with you guys!
We are home now!
It was a great trip...but SO nice to be back home!
I am ready for my own bed.
Brent didn't have a terrible relaxing trip...only because it was hard for him to ever get comfy, so he didn't ever sleep very good.
So he is happy to be home...even though that doesn't mean he will get great sleep here either...maybe in another week.
The trip home was good.
Elsie was so tired, but wouldn't she had a couple meltdowns.
But Porter traveled like a Champ!!!
*I am Thankful to be home, safe and sound!
*I am Thankful that we got the chance to visit with our families. It had been such a long time (by our standards, anyway...) So it was nice to be able to see as many family members as we did!
*I am Thankful that right now I get to go get in my Jammies and go watch LOST with my hubby.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh man...I need sleep!
These guys are having so much fun!
But we are also ready to go home.
You know how it great to get away...but always great to get home!
Porter and Owen.
Owen was so excited to have another boy round.
But all Porter did was beat on Owen...but Owen liked that too, cause that is what boys do, right???
Thanks Owen for putting up with him!
We spent the whole morning over at Emmy's house.
The kids had all kinds of fun there.
I should have gotten more pictures than I did...oh well.
I tried to take a picture of Emily with the kiddos...but Elsie had just gotten a sliver and she was pretty she didn't want any part of the picture...
But I did get this one before the group shot...testing my lighting...
I thought it was so sweet.
Elsie was showing Emmy her sliver...
*I am Thankful that my kids have such a special bond with Aunt Emmy. Porter is a little stinker...but he has no problem going to Emily...he just loves her...just like the other kiddos do!
*I am Thankful that I got to go for a nice run this morning...but I miss my running girls, Aryn and Jenni!
*I am Thankful, again, for such wonderful families in our lives. We are blessed to have such great people in our lives!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another great day!

It has been another fun day.
We got to go to church with Grandma and Grandpa Matthews..which is always a fun time.
We hung out for a bit before we packed up.
Then we headed to Springville.
So now we are here with the Peterson side of the family.
And we had a really fun afternoon!
Our trips home have become full of farm animals!!!
And we love it.
In Springville they have chickens and goats and my Mom has her bees...which are very cool!
They usually have a big dinner here on Sunday evenings with everyone who still lives in the area...which is the majority.
So it was the perfect time to come and visit with everyone...except the in Idaho falls...the other in Moscow.
Oh ya...and the one in Paris!

There was a lot going on there this afternoon.
My Mom just found out that they actually own more land then they thought at the back of the now they have a forest...and all the little cousins have made a clubhouse out of a hollowed out pine tree.
Also...I was an eye witness to a crime!
Some people got pulled over in front of the homestead...and as I was walking up from the back of the lot I saw a girl chuck something into a bush.
Well, Brent went to check it out and it was a baggie of marijuana.
So he got one of the cops...told him and I had to come and pick out the girl who did it.
Which is always think you could pick the right person out...but it was tough!
Anyway...that all got taken care of...I just hope she didn't follow us to get back at me!!!
But it sure got my heart pumping...
But I am a scardy cat.
Then we had a campfire back in the 'forest'.
Marshmallows and all.
I am sure we will have another full day tomorrow...
So I better get to bed!
*I am Thankful that we got to see so much of the family today...
*I am Thankful that all the kids are asleep...Cassi had two naps can tell how much sleep she got last night with the cousins!!! But I am glad she still got to sleep tonight!
*I am Thankful for the great weather that we can get outside and enjoy each other!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Perfect day!

The weather today was just beautiful!!!
The kids ran around all day in t-shirts...and some times that doesn't even happen in the summer time here!
So it was a great day for the kiddos to ride Strip.
We were getting ready to take our packed lunch up to the feed store for Grandpa and Dad...
But then we saw Dad was walking down the lane with Strip!
So we put Elsie and Cassi on...and we all walked up to the feed store.
Then we had our little picnic as the kids took turns riding Strip.
Brent had fun teaching the big kids how to ride a horse...and they were very excited about having a chance to ride Strip without being led by someone!
So it was a fun afternoon.

This afternoon the girls went to spend some time with Heather and Lauren in Randolf...
Well, Nancy (Brent's sister and Heather and Laurens mom) called and ended up keeping them for the night.
Thanks Nance!
I hope they aren't too much trouble for you!
*I am Thankful that the kids got to spend so much time with their cousins...they get along so wonderfully...and they are making memories that will last a life time!!!
*I am Thankful it was such a beautiful day is always a great way to boost your spirits when you can be outside in the beautiful weather!
*I am Thankful to have such wonderful in-laws...only I hate to call them in-laws...cause they really are my family!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Safe and sound

Well, WE are safe and sound...
Poor Grandma might just get mauled to death!
We sure are happy to be here...and I think the weather might be warmer here!
It was a rough night...and thought maybe we might cancel our last minute trip.
Porter went to bed at 7:00...that is normal.
He woke up around 10:00, also kind of normal...but he usually goes right back to sleep.
Last night he didn't go back to bed until 2:30 a.m.
I finally got in bed...thought he would for sure sleep in at least...
Until 5:00.
He was up again...and went back down in enough time for the other kids to wake up.
So I am tired.
But he was fine this morning and today, besides being SO TIRED!
I think maybe he was having bad dreams or something.
I don't know...poor boy.
I hope it is a better night!
It has to be...we are here, right!
On the agenda tomorrow....
Riding Strip!
This is my first trip/vacation since being on my wellness challenge...
Lets just say it isn't fun to take a 5 hour road trip when everyone is eating yummy junk food!
*I am Thankful we had a safe trip...and the kids were pretty dang good.
*I am Thankful I am going to bed SOON!
*I am Thankful that we finally got to get away...we needed to get out of the house!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bad smells!

There has been a weird smell around the house for the last couple days.
We could not pinpoint where it was coming from.
Until yesterday when I smelled the carpet.
For the first few weeks after surgery, Brent used an ice machine.
It is a cooler type thing that has a hose attached and runs to a pad that is attached to his shoulder, so he gets continuous freezing water.
Well, Porter LOVED this ice machine.
We tried to keep it tied up, but you have to refill it every day and night...
Well, Porter got to it before we got it tied up.
And he dumped it over.
I thought I mopped it up really good.
But guess what...our new carpet is REALLY THICK!
So I guess I didn't get enough water out...and it was starting to cause problems.
Stinky problems.
So Brent had to pull the NEW carpet up...with Drew's help...two guys with one bum arm each makes one full man right?
We shampooed it...
Now there is a fan on the plywood, a fan on the padding, and a fan on the carpet.
What a bummer.
But I think it is gonna be fine.
I hope so anyway!
I took Madi and Elsie to get their eyes checked today.
Madi has been getting headaches from reading...
Well, her eyes are having a hard time 'converging'.
So they sold us a computer game for her to use for 7 minutes everyday to help strengthen those muscles to make her eyes 'converge' like they should when she reads.
The dang game costs $80.
And it looks like it was made in the 80's.
Oh is what she needed...hopefully it helps out.
Elsie got a new I need to get her new glasses.
But she has to wear an eye patch for 2 hours every day.
We were doing the eye drops...but now doc wants us to do the eye patch!
We will see how that goes!
*I am truly Thankful to have the Young family in our lives! They really are our family away from home! Thanks guys for having us over for pizza tonight!
*I am Thankful that we are finally gonna go visit our has been so long! Since Christmas time, I think.
*I am Thankful that my hubby can fix anything. We have three potable DVD's that have quit working...Well, tonight he merged the three to give us one working machine! How cool is that??? And seriously...does anyone else have as bad of luck with portable DVD players as we do???

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My happy helper!

Every day at about 4:30 or 5:00, Elsie has a bit of a meltdown.
She is so completely exhausted by that time of day...and if she has already taken a nap earlier, it isn't much better, cause then she is just groggy and grumpy.
We usually try to get her mind on something Strip (Grandpas horse that she has made her own), or her teachers and friends at school.
But those things don't always work.
Then we started having her help to set the table.
She was so proud to walk back and forth from the table to the cupboards with cups, forks, whatever we needed.
It first started with her giving the stuff to the bigger girls.
Then it progressed to her helping along side the girls placing things at each spot.
Well, yesterday I was starting to make dinner, Elsie kind of moved me out of the way from the silverware drawer, I thought she was just watching what I was doing.
Well, a few seconds later I noticed that she was walking towards the table with a handful of forks.
She was setting the table on her own...and no one asked her.
Isn't that just perfect?
Today, she did the exact same thing.
She was a little more demanding about me getting the (paper) plates down for her.
But Elsie being demanding is also one of the cutest things around.
So she set the entire table...forks, plates, cups, and even straws...all on her own.
She would walk to each spot and say the name of who was sitting there.
She just makes me smile from ear to ear.
*I am Thankful that I have this blog to share my life with those who care...but mostly I am so Thankful to document the lives of my children growing up...I wish I would have been better at it when the big girls were little...
*I am Thankful That the Doc says that everything looks great with Brent's arm...I am a little irritated with the x-ray tech who moved his arm in ways he isn't supposed to move it yet...
*I am Thankful that this morning went a little smoother again...I think we are getting the hang of is funny how it all falls on me. If I am mad and in a hurry...everyone is mad and in a hurry...if I am calm...guess what???? So are they!