Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday June 30

Went running again.
Yay for a bit of sanity!
Cause without it I might have been a bit crazy these last few days.
Crazier anyway......
Everyone slept in because of the late night we all had.
Once we were up they ate and I got laundry washed and sorted......
We had to leave about noon to take Madi to work.
She is at the new location now, which is further away.
About a 15-20 minute drive.
But it is a super cute little shack :)
So she is excited about that.
Morgan got to go with her.
Morgan hasn't been feeling well, so I actually think we will be driving her home tomorrow.
Well, meeting up with her mom and dad to swap her out :)
Kind of a bummer because we had fun things planned.....
But when she's not feeling good, she's not gonna have fun anyway....
Cassi got to go to Eagle Island with Halle today.
She had a lot of fun there.
Elsie hung out with Kyra for a little bit, before she had a melt down.
Oh man....we have got to work on that before the school year starts again!!!!!!
And Port had Eli over.
I TRIED so hard to work on my lesson plan.......
It is so hard with kids all around everywhere!
We left about 4 to pick Madi up.
We took Morgan to see the Meridian Temple.
After that we went to Target to get some 4th of July shirts and Cassi bought a snow cone machine.
She is super excited about that.
Came home and had dinner before we left again.
We went to Port's last baseball game.
Kind of a has been fun,
But it was a nice night and I think he had fun.
Dad was able to get a couple hours covered so he could come for the last game.
My cute boys :)

Good fur nuthin teenagers!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday June 29

Dad went to work this morning and I went for a long run.
I got home and the kids were starting to wake up.
Once everyone was awake and had eaten, we went out and cleaned the car out.
Morgan wasn't feeling too well, so I went and got some movies for them to watch.
I worked on my lesson and also edited some pictures.
Then we had pizza for dinner and then it was time for mutual.
Madi and Morgan did a get to know you game and Cassi and I, we did a workout and talked about nutrition.
It was a fun activity.
Now I talked Madi, Morgan and Carley to watch 'While you were sleeping' with me.
It is fun to have people to watch chick flicks with!!!!!
And Cass is out until who knows when watching a firework show with Laynie and her family.
Madi and Morgan were gonna go too, but with Morgie not feeling good, Madi stayed home too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday June 28

I went for a run this morning and it made me so happy, except for the mama duck that chased me into the wheat :(
Why do fowls hate me?????
Anyway, the wheat was beautiful anyway ;)
Got home and all the girls had to get ready.
Madi and Morgan were going boating with Madi's friends and Cassi was going to hang out with Laney.
And Elsie had PT.
So I dropped the big girls all off at the Pugmire's house and then took Elsie to PT.
Elsie worked really hard, but then had a little meltdown.
But we got her going again when we told her we needed to send Emmy a picture to show her working hard on jumping :)
She also started a meltdown when it was almost time to leave, so we put her in the cuddle swing before taping her legs.
That worked.
Little stink bug!
We came home and I did more laundry.......
Worked a little on my YW lesson.
Dad went and got stuff for a new tail light for his truck and looked for whatever part he needs to replace in the little car.
And Port spent his time, like most days, making paper airplanes or just making paper anything.
He comes up with all kinds of stuff and goes through a lot of paper while doing it!
I know what to get him for his birthday!
Reams of paper!
A little before 2, Joanne came over for speech.
Elsie did really good until the last 10 minutes.
Then she went into the corner and we couldn't get her to do anything,
Then Dad came in and bribed her with a snow cone if she finished up.
So she did.
Anything for dad!
Once Joanne left, we went and got snow cones.
Then I went and picked the big girls up.
We had a fun little BBQ planned in place of baseball practice tonight.
So we all went to that.
The kids had so much fun hitting water balloons with the bat and having a water balloon fight.
This Thursday is his last game.
It has been a fun season though.
On the way home we rented Zootopia and had a little movie night.
Madi and Morgan are sunburned and exhausted!
But they had a good time.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday June 27

Everyone slept well last night and we all slept in!
I left a little after 9 to take Madi to the PT and also a appt for me to see if my allergies turned into a sinus infection.
Luckily, not yet :)
But I got some better allergy medicine from them, so hopefully I can avoid a sinus infection.
Madi did good at PT, and her back was actually still aligned, which is great!
Especially after sleeping on different beds and being out of town, etc.
So he is hopeful we can go a whole week before having to go back in.
Andy and Katie headed home shortly after Madi and I left.
They got home safely this evening.
Once Madi and I got home, the big girls went out and got the lawns mowed.
Then they went to hag out with Carley Morgan.
They were gonna swim, but then they decided to go long boarding.
Cass and Avery swam though.
And after getting some laundry done and other stuff around the place, Brent, Elsie, Port, the Edwards boys and I went swimming at the Morgan's hosue.
Brent had to leave early because he had to work a few hours and he took Cassi home with him.
I stayed with Elsie and the kids while they swam a bit longer.
Brent went to work and I guess Cassi went with Laney to swim again.
I came home with the little ones and made dinner.
Madi and Morgan came home a little later.
And we have been just hanging out waiting for Dad to get home.
He just got home, now we just need Cass to get home!
It was a good day......
We are recovering fromt he trip.
Coming home from vacation is always hard.
Everyone is so over tired.
We did have a few meltdowns today, mainly Elsie Bug.
That Emmy sure knows how to spoil Elsie when she is with her!!!!!
Hopefully she is less grumpy tomorrow because she has PT and speech!
I am teaching the lesson in the combined YW on Sunday, so I have been working a little on that too.
I hope I can get across what i want to..........

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday June 26 (add pictures)

Well, we made it home.
Elsie cried or whimpered about 1/3 of the time....
That wasn't fun :(
She is missing her Emmy already, and also very sleep deprived!
We got to visit Aunt Kay today before we went to Payson for Avaani's baby blessing.
Then we had dinner at the Miramontes house and headed home.
And we came home with one extra child.
Morgie will be here until the 7th, I believe.
So that is gonna be fun :)
Also Andy and Katie stopped here for the night again.
They will head home to Banks tomorrow.
I will blog more later, after we all sleep for a week!!!!!!
H ha ha....I wish!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday June 25 (add pictures)

Another fun filled be blogged about later.
But we did do a sealing session this morning at the Provo City Center temple, and that was pretty special!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday June 24 (add pictures)

What a fun fun day!
Peterson family reunion started today and it was a full day!
There will be lots of pictures to post........later......

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday June 23

This morning we got all our stuff packed up.
Dad went and got the big girls and they helped clean up our messes here at Gramps house.
We left around lunch time.
And we made sure to stop by and say bye to Grandma too.
Elsie made sure of that!
The drive to Em's wasn't too bad.
Once we got here we all just relaxed.
Then Em and I went shopping for the stuff we need for the dinner we are in charge of tomorrow.
Came home and all had dinner together.
Watched some movies......
Port and I read out on the front porch.
Elsie introduced Emmy to 'When Calls the Heart' :)
And now they are all in bed.
Actually, Cassi is over at Mel's house babysitting her kids.
We are gonna go get her soon.
Tomorrow is our family picture day :)
Fun for everyone!
(Ha ha ha.....)
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday June 22

I went for a run then went with Brent to drop off our suburban to see what needed to be fixed.
We came back and the kids rode Strip.
Elsie was so excited!
It has been a long time since she has been on Strip!
Then Nancy came and got the big girls and took them back to Randolph for the day.
After i showered and got ready, we took the little ones to the Safety fair they were having in town.
The kids had lots of fun and got lots of fun stuff.
Lots and lots of color changing pencils ;)
Dad picked up the suburban on the way back....along with the $420 bill......
I drove back in Gramps truck and Elsie really wanted to drive by Grandma on the way back.
So we did.
It just melts my heart every time Elsie is there.
She talks about Grandma every day.
I am so thankful for the relationship they had, the friendship.
Elsie will never forget the way her grandma loved, LOVES, her!
We came home and had a little nap (don't judge me....these allergies are killing me!!!!) 
.....while the boys went and did some lawn mowing up by the warehouses.
For dinner we went to Nancy's to eat roasted hot dogs.
Before we left though, I loved the little talk Gramps gave Port about back in 'the olden days' :)
Dinner was fun and the girls decided to sleep over.
So we will grab them in the morning before we head to Utah.
We had to make another stop at Dussy boys to fly the drone again.
Those boys have so much fun.....and Port was trying real hard to be patient for his turn.
There was one incident where Brent almost took Dussy boys head off.......that would have been bad!
Ha ha.......but all was fine :)
We took a picture of us from the drone camera, but I need Dustin to send that to me......
I will be waiting.