Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wednesday December 30

I guess the fun that happened today was that we have been isolating Cassi.
Late Tuesday night, she threw up.
And since ANYTHING can really be a Covid symptom, we shut her in her room.
She still felt nauseous when she woke up and we called the Dr and got her an appointment to get tested.
They did a 15 minutes rapid test on her that came back NEGATIVE 🎉
But they said that it could still be a false negative, ssi they sent away a sample that we will get results in 3-5 days.
Just to be safe, we are still keeping her in her room ☹️
She doesn't feel good, so I don't doubt she is sick...... But I just pray it's not Covid!
Our family scriptures and prayer are interesting with Cassi on facetime 😂😂


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Monday December 28-Tuesday December 29

Well, the last two days, were have really just been doing some cleaning around the house.

Not the Christmas stuff yet.... Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow. 

But today Porter and Elsie went through their clothes and got rid of stuff they don't wear or don't fit.

Cassi did that yesterday....

I did lots of laundry.

So they will have to go through and put all that away tomorrow.

Why do they have so many clothes?!?!


Dad and I had our meeting tonight, so that was good.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sunday December 27 (add family picture)

Cassi got to talk in church today.... She was asked last minute.
There are so many people gone or sick that there was no one to speak!!!
But Cassi did an awesome job.
She always does.
She spoke about how having the gospel in her life helped her through the trials of this year.
Madi was cute at church, holding hands with Elsie and Logan ❤️
So sweet.
After church, Madi and Logan headed for home.
I'll miss having them here, but I know they were excited to get back home.
Dad had a few meetings today, but we mostly got to have him home.
I started making a beef stew and then Dad finished it up when he got home... He's way better at it than me!!!!
Cassi and Elsie made cornbread together.
It was a yummy dinner.
Dad and Porter made a yummy strawberry ice cream with coconut milk.
So good!!!
This ice cream maker might become a real problem!!!!! 😂😂😂


Saturday, December 26, 2020

Saturday December 26

My morning started with a good fun workout, but there was an incident at the gym with some guys not wearing masks and then calling me and my friends names.
It was kind of ridiculous, but what can you do.
Jerks will be jerks.
Madi and I cleaned up the front room mess.
We also got her frames arranged.
I got her a bunch of frames and pictures to hang in her walls.
I'm excited to see it when she gets it hung up.
We wanted to go shooting today, but it was wet and raining ☹️
So it didn't happen.
But we did go to the mall to get ice cream from Cassi at work.
She never left her job at c4 creamery, and they opened a new location at the mall and wanted her to be the assistant manager.
So she put in her two weeks at subway (she likes the c4 job a lot better!!!)
She will also become a nanny for a little bit who has a nurse mom starting in January.
This evening after dinner, were played a fun escape room card game that the Morgan's have us.
It was so much fun and we learned that Logan is stupid good at games like that!!!!
It's a one time play game, so we had fun ripping it up afterwards 😁
We will be getting more versions to do it again sometime!!!!


Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas.
It was a pretty good day today.
We enjoyed opening presents, eating breakfast with way too much fat, carbs and sugar 😂
We watched movies and chilled and played with new fun things.
I took a nap 😁
We watched the new movie Soul and then went to dinner at Sakura's for some Japanese food.
Then back at home, we watched the new Wonder Woman movie.
Like I said, chill day 😂😂😂

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Thursday December 24

So today was a busy day.... And not full of anything we wanted to do!!! 
Except I did finish Logan's stocking (going the wrong direction ðŸĪĶ🏞‍♀️)
But I put new sock tops, mostly because I didn't have any like ours to match Logan's... But I also didn't love what we did have.
Sooooooo, of course, that's what I do when I have a million other things that can by the wayside ðŸĪŠ
Oh ya, I drive myself crazy too.
This morning Brent drove BACK up to Bogus Basin to pick up his phone, that he lost up there yesterday.
So, that was two hours out of the day lost ☹️
Then I had to wrap everything because I procrastinated it for so long.....
We had fondue dinner, and nothing seemed to work or go right 😂😂
Then everyone seemed off and in weird moods and fighting and crying.
I hope a good night's sleep will reset and recharge us for an amazing Christmas together.
We did open jammies, and Cassi read us a Christmas book.
Then we read the Christmas story in the bible and ended the night with watching 'The Christ Child'.
Praying for a good night's rest and a chill day tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wednesday December 23

I can't believe it's almost Christmas!
I have nothing wrapped 😂😂
Next year maybe I will be more in top of things ðŸĪŠ
I went to the gym this morning.
Then I did laundry.
We were all kinds of last around here, just hanging out for a bit before the ski crew left for bogus basin.
After they left, Madi Elsie and I cleaned to around the house.
Then we went to dinner at red robin 😁
I dropped Madi and Elsie off and left to pick up the Morgan's from the airport.
They have been in Mexico.
The ski crew had a fun time... Except that dad lost his phone!!!!
Thankfully, this evening, someone sent a text to my phone saying they found it!
But we have to go back up tomorrow to pick it up.....
Fun times 😂


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Tuesday December 22

It's been a fun day.
We went to the gym, then Dad and I took the Schuler's to the airport.
After that, we ran some errands.
Back at home, Cassi worked on a sewing project.
Madi and Logan are doing a fun paint by number picture together that Logan got for Madi's Christmas present.
When dad and I got home, we hung out, then got dinner ready.
We had our ARP meeting, which was such a great meeting tonight 
We talked about Step 8, which is forgiveness.... Forgiving those who have harmed you.
You need to do that first so that then in step 9, you can ask forgiveness......
You need to forgive first if you are going to ask to be forgiven ❤️
When can got home from work, we started watching a movie.... Cass started working on her project.
And she such the needle... And bring it off.... In her finger!!!!
The funniest part..... Before pulling the needle it, she wanted to get a picture taken so she can turn it into her anatomy class for extra credit!!!!!
It was so funny, but ya, it hurt her pretty bad!!!
Dad got the needle tip out. 
It looks like he got it all out........
Silly Cass, blessed with the Matthews curse 😂😂

Monday, December 21, 2020

Monday December 21


Sunday December 21

We had such a nice Christmas Sunday.
Mostly Christmas music and a great Christmas talk by Paul Gozart.
Such a beautiful spirit there at church.
Port got a suit for his Christmas clothes and he looks so dapper!!!!!
All boys dressed so handsomely in their suits, I love it!
It was great weather today and everyone was happy to oblige me with a family photo outside.
We spent the rest of the day watching Christmas movies and making sourdough bread.
Later in the evening we went and delivered cards and bread to neighbors.
Still have more of that to do this evening.
Sourdough bread takes TIME!!!!
After we had dinner, we slid the Christmas tree into the front room and I could not be more happy!
We all hung out in there for a while just enjoying each other, along with some fighting.....
Besides the fighting, it was a great day!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Saturday December 19

Happy birthday to Logan!!!
He came back from his work retreat around 2.
Then he and Madi took Porter and went and did some games at Big Al's and did some shopping.
This morning I went to the gym and got a really good workout.
Then I got to with on my sourdough bread.
It's a different recipe, so I hope it tastes good!!!!
I spent the rest of the day painting the second coat on the front room.
When Cassi got home from work, we went by Kara's house for a little"hello" and congrats....
Can't believe she's getting married too 😭😭😭
Then we went to dinner for Logan's birthday.
It was a fun night.
Logan opened presents, then I gave everyone their new Christmas Sunday church clothes.
And then Dad and I put the front room together ❤️
There are still more things that need to go in a coffee table, lamp, a grave guy the family picture 😂 and some art.
And I think we might nicie the Christmas tree in there 😁
I'm loving it!


Friday, December 18, 2020

Thursday December 17 - Friday December 18

Forgot to write yesterday!
Madi and Logan got here safe.
Logan dropped Madi off and then headed to his work retreat.
He will be done with that tomorrow afternoon, which happens to be his birthday!!!!
I got the first coat painted in the room yesterday.
I meant to get the second coat done today, but that did not happen ðŸĪŠ
Hopefully tomorrow!!!!
Then we can get that room put together!
Water my workout this morning, I went to Deseret Book and Costco.
Our Christmas cards finally came in!!!
I got helpers to stuff then and we'll got it all ready in a jiffy!!!!
I went with Madi to the post office.
Then I started making sourdough.
I hope it turns out.
I'm using a different recipe, so we will see ðŸĪžðŸž
Then dinner and hot tub.
I really like having Madi around ❤️
It's gonna be a fun time the next two weeks!!!