Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday June 30

Madi went to another ward to watch Dalton give his farewell message.
We had a couple homecoming messages in our ward.
Then we had a combined 5th Sunday meeting where the bishop had a discussion about how we could better enjoy the temple.
He talked about us studying more about temples.
He talked about investing time.
Making that appointment with the Lord, how it makes it so much easier to go when you set the time aside ahead of time instead of on a whim.
We need to try to make an effort to understand the Covenants we make in the temple.
Think about the covenants we see that are being made in the Book of Mormon and we can see the blessings that have come from those.
So it helps us better understand that we are also blessed by keeping the covenants we make in the temple.
Also to see that as we go to the temple, everything we di there points towards Christ.
And also as we take names to the temple, we are being more like the Savior, we go and do for other people.
After church , Madi and Cassi left to another farewell.
Here at home, Dad and I did some scripture reading along with some nap taking.
Elsie and Porter hung out and played good together...but also fought.
You know how it goes :)
When the girls got home we did Come Follow Me together.
We then had dinner before the big girls left again to go to the open houses for the boys leaving on their missions.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday June 29

My head wasn't as bad this morning, so I thought I would try for a run.
Still pressure when I lower my head, but you don't do that when you run :)
I ended up going 10 1/2 miles!
I also ran by a huge dead badger and came by an accident that just happened.
I felt bad just running by, so I stuck close until the cops showed up.
Not that I could do anything to help.....but I stayed anyway.
It just looked like a 3 car fender bender situation.
My head stayed pretty clear all morning, just pressure when I bent down.
The doc did call in an antibiotic for me.
Hopefully it will clear it up soon.
Dad rolled all the hoses up today and Cassi mowed for a while before she went babysitting and then Madi finished it up.
The Halls came over to ride Dunney for a little bit.
Everly and I painted together before I left to go grocery shopping.
And then this evening Dad and I had a date night.
We went to Cheesecake factory (because we had a gift card) and then we did some shopping.
We needed to get some stuff for our backpacking trip coming up.
It is funny though, all the stores we went to, we ended up buying the same stuff on amazon while we were standing in the store, because it was cheaper.
Then we stopped at a little ice cream shop on the way home and that was fun.
It is owned by a fire guy and he does rolled ice cream.
Kind of fun.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday June 28

I had the last class for this weeks art session.
It has been so fun!!!
I am excited for the rest of the summer classes!!!!
I did get up and go running before hand.
My head was feeling okay, as long as I don't bend down and lower my head :(
It still feels like it will explode.
We called the dr after my art class and they were gonna talk to the dr, since I was just in two and a half weeks ago for a sinus infection!!!!!
Anyway, they never got back to me this evening.
Hopefully they will call tomorrow morning because I hurt real bad :(
It does feel different than my usual sinus is all around the back of my head and temples.
Every time I try to blow my nose or cough, my head wants to explode.
But as long as I stay upright, don't move too fast, and stay away from loud noises, I am golden :)
During my class, Dad took Cassi to go take her driving test....finally!
She passed!!!!!
Now we just have to find a time that we want to spend hours at the DMV :)
 After lunch etc., I did talk Dad and the big girls to watch a movie with me while Elsie and Porter were playing with friends.
Elsie went to Malia's house and Port was back and forth from the Edwards and the Morgans, per usual......
So it was a pretty chill afternoon.
The little kids came home, we had pizza for dinner then the big girls left with their friends.

self-portraits from my class today

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday June 27

It was really hard waking up this morning!!!!!
I slept in and I didn't go running because I needed to be ready for my art class.
Art class went well except my head was hurting really bad.
I thought it was just because I was tired, but it has definitely become a sinus head thing!!!!!
I had to lay down and I dreamt the whole time about my head exploding because that is what it felt like!!!!
After I woke up, I took, Cass to PT where she was released not to have to wear her brace anymore.
That's good :)
Madi was so good and cleaned the kitchen for me.
Stacia called to have the kiddos come over for some time at the pool.
Then I came home and got ready to go with Stacia to a baby shower for Natalie Sessions, in our ward.
Port watched a movie with the boys at the Morgan's while we were gone to that.
While we were at the pool, Madi was telling Stacia how tight she is.....
So after the baby shower, we went back to Stacia's to do some yoga on her workouts on TV thing.
It was a nice short one but it felt great to stretch like that!
So I am gonna count that as a workout for me today :)
But she and I really are gonna try and get more into it.
I think it will really help her!
And I need to get her to a chiropractor or PT to straighten her out!!!!

Wednesday June 26 (add pictures)

We had a little neighborhood get together and we all drove to starlight theatre to watch the production 'Oklahoma'.
I have pictures to add....but it is almost 1:00 a.m. and I have a class to teach tomorrow!!!!!
I will share later!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday June 25

I got up and went for a run before my art class.
It went really well.
I like the two hour block better.
I really do enjoy doing this :)
After the class I went and got a few groceries.
Dad did a lot of cleaning in the garage and mudroom.
He, Madi and Porter picked up apples and thinned the trees out.
I took Elsie to PT where she got on and rode the bike!!!!!!
It was awesome!!!!
I was so proud of Elsie bug!
She had so much adrenaline pumping through her body!!!!
We helped her in the clinic before going outside and I could tell she was nervous and excited, but also scared.
I looked up at her and she had tears in her eyes!
Both happy, excited tears and nervous, scared tears.
And either one of those emotions have always sent her over the edge and into a breakdown.
But she held strong and she did it!!!!!
I was so proud that she didn't even want to get off the bike.
Then we went outside and Katie and I worked with each leg to get her to turn the wheels while she steered.
It was a fun time and she got a work out!
(....and so did Katie and I!) 
It was awesome!
I guess that girl is gonna get a bike for her birthday!!!!!!
This evening, Cassi had tryouts for the BYS talent show.
I went to the RS activity and learned about some new hikes we can try out and some restaurants and activities in the area.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday June 24

We got home, safe and sound 😊
We left Em's about noon. 
Went and did some shopping then headed to Ogden at 2.
We met up with Dad and he took the suburban with Cassi and Elsie and I took the new car, Enclave, with Madi and Porter.
I'm really loving the new car!!!!
It's gonna be so great to have!!!!
We got home and unpacked.
Man we are tired!
It was a long fun weekend!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday June 23 (man oh man....I need to add pictures)

It was Em's stake conference today, so we just stayed home and slept in.
Dad got his stuff packed up and ready to go.
Kayleen and Johnny came and picked him up about 11:30 to head to Evanston.
Here at home, the little's watched a movie.
The big girls and I chatted with Emmy.
We left about 3:00 to take Elsie's bike to Carter.
Chalisse and Charlie live in Provo and Carter has been wanting to ride bikes with his brothers….and now he can!
He was so cute and so grateful!
I am so happy we could bring it to him!!!!
He just kept hugging Elsie , then hugging me!
He and I and Xander took a stroll around the block and he did so good!
Ryker came too, but he did a few laps around us.
We also got to see and visit Rose, their new little foster and hopefully soon to be adopted little girl Rose.
She is Viktoria's full blood sister and is the tiniest, most beautiful little thing!
It was so fun holding her!
I am glad we got to stop and see their family.
They were a joy to be around!!!!
We all, well most of my family, met back up at Mel's new house for dinner.
It was a fun night hanging out some more.
We also took some time to recreate old family photos :)
That was fun!
It was fun and ended up being a late night.
So I do have pictures to post.....just still on my phone :)

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday June 22 (add pictures)

Well it's been a long fun day.
We started with family pictures.
That went well. 
It wasn't too hot, so that is always good 👍🏼
Then we went back to Rachel's house for lunch and some hang time.
Some people got some naps in as well.
We met back up at the church pavilion for more playing.
Kids played in the sand and the grownups talked.
We had some dinner and then we played a fun white elephant exchange game.
We are all tired and ready for some sleep!
But so thankful to have this great family ❤️

Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday June 21 (add more pictures)

We got up this morning and a few of us went and hiked the Y.
It was the perfect morning, not too hot.
When we got to the top, Russell and I went for a little half mile jog.
Then when half of us made it to the bottom, I took a side path to try and get my mileage for the day.
My knee kind of hurt, but it wasn't impossible like it was yesterday!
I ran until Brent said people were back and then headed back.
So in total I got about 6 miles with the hike to the Y included.
I think it was a pretty good workout, and I think we will all have some sore glutes the next couple days :)
We went back to Emmy's house to have lunch and shower and change.
A few hours later, we went back to Springville.
We checked out Mel's new house then went to the park to play and have dinner.
It was a fun time and I have lots of pictures to share.....when I get my phone connected!
This evening I took Steph's family pictures because she won't be there in the morning.
So it was fun to see them and hang for a bit.
Now we are gonna get some sleep.
Tomorrow we have pictures and more hanging out and playing together :)

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thursday June 20 (add pictures)

We didn't get going until about 2, this afternoon.
Dad got up and took Porter with him to help move some stuff out of a neighbors garage and get it into a storage unit.
I tried going for a run, but after about a half mile I decided my knee wasn't doing too well..... :(
I REALLY want it to feel better!
Maybe I should have it looked at.
But I am scared they will tell me to stop running!!!!!!
We got packed and cleaned the house a little before leaving.
The drive was good.
When we got to Em's house, Brent and Porter helped to get her mailbox cemented in.
Still a couple more things to fix tomorrow once we have some light :)
We are gonna go hike the Y tomorrow morning, so that should be fun!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wednesday June 19 (add pictures)

I wore a brace on my knee and was able to run 6 miles, so that's good.
Madi went boating.
Dad and I went to lunch together and talked about the upcoming things we have going on.
There is a lot to get done at home and sometimes it gets overwhelming so it is nice to take a break just to be together and talk :)
Then I did the last art class for the boys and it was so much fun.
They turned out so good!
They made some self-portraits using all the elements of art.
I really enjoy doing these classes!!!!!
Then Dad and Porter and I went and helped a family get their uphaul packed and then we went to mutual for a ward service project.
That was pretty cool.
It is amazing what can get done when people come together!!!
It was pretty great!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday June 18

I had a dr appt this morning and then went grocery shopping afterwards.
I didn't run before I left because my knee is feeling funny, so I thought I would give it a day off.
Hopefully it feels better tomorrow :)
I did another class for the boys today.
We talked about value today and painted a little you are looking up from the deep blue ocean.
I think it was fun and turned out good.
Tomorrow is the last project for this class.
I am looking forward to doing this class again, it was fun.
I just wish I could get more people to sign up!
I think I am gonna combine classes and make it a 4 day class that is two hours each instead of 7 days for one hour.
That might take hold better......we will see.
The we went swimming at the Morgan's house for a little while.
It was a nice day today and Dad got the sprinklers put all around the place.
It takes him all day...….we really need to install some sprinklers this fall!

Monday June 17

I totally didn't write last night!!!!!
We had a fun evening hanging with our neighborhood gang.
But the day started with me getting a little run before taking Elsie to speech therapy.
After that, she and I ran to old navy and target.
Back at home the big girls and Porter got some chores done.
Then Madi and Cassi went shopping together.
The Halls came over to ride Dunney and hang out.
Then I did the art class for the boys.
I am trying to finish up the Elements of art classes with them!!!
It has been a lot of fun.
We talked about the element of color.
Then did a color wheel type of project.
Then Porter left swimming with the Halls and Madi and Cassi were with friends.
And Elsie did her chores that she didn't get done while at speech.
Then we gathered all together for dinner then went tot he Morgan's house at 6:30 for our neighborhood swim :)
It was a fun evening and we are so blessed to have such amazing neighbors and that we al get along and enjoy time together!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday June 16

Happy Father's day to the greatest Daddy for my kiddos :)
Also, to my own dad.
And this is the first Father's day without Gramps.
Kind of hard not getting to talk with him.
Dad just got off shift this morning.
We made him some bacon and French toast for breakfast before heading to church.
Madi and I subbed in nursery today, that was pretty fun.
We had a couple criers, but all was great by the end :)
After church we tried to have some quiet time.
I got the cheesecake made for Dad and started the chicken stuff for dinner.
Cassi helped me out while Madi hung out with the little ones outside.
Then we did our Come Follow Me together.
We have missed the last two weeks getting it done, so it was good to do it today :)
Then we made dinner, Daddy helped me out.
He fried up the chicken for our sweet and sour chicken dinner, per Dad's request.
We watched the Prince of Egypt movie and then had cheesecake.
I am thankful for the man that Brent is and that he is such a great Dad for our kids.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Saturday June 15

I got up and went running before it got too hot.
I ran 10 miles with my old shoes.
I think it went well....
I did end up finding my newer running shoes with Stacia's stuff from camp, but that was after my run.
So that's good that I didn't leave them there!
Madi mowed the lawn while I was gone and Cassi cleaned in the house.
We all got ready and then went to Wahooz for the family party for 4 the ability.
They are the ones that hooked Elsie up with the MVHS softball team :)
So we spent a few hours there.
Back at home we went swimming with the Halls for Everly's birthday.
Then we went back and had KFC for dinner.
Madi and Cassi are going to a party tonight.
I took the little ones to get a few things for Dad's Fathers day tomorrow.
And Then I got them showered and in bed.....cause I wanna got to bed!!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday June 14

I went for a little 3 mile run this morning before we went and picked up some kids to hang out for the day.
One of my Beehives moms has been having gallbladder problems and she had a really rough week with her daughter gone and husband out of town.
So I took her kiddos for the day so she could rest.
We had a fun day!
Started with playing with Porter's robot and then they played some pool.
They played monopoly while I ran to the store.
When I got back, we ate lunch then went to the Morgan's to swim.
We were there for a few hours.
Cassi went babysitting and we went back home and the kids watched a show while I made brownies.
We went to the dollar store for some fun things and then picked up Pizza.
Ate dinner and I left to pick Cassi up from the babysitting job.
They wanted to stay a little longer and they played games and went outside.
I took them home around 8.
I think it was a fun filled day :)
The house is a mess....and I need to work on it.
And I have a ton of laundry to do!
But we have a party tomorrow for the 4 the ability family at Wahooz, so that will be fun.
It is also Everly's birthday, so we will probably go hang out with her too :)
So hopefully I can get some stuff done!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Monday June 10-Thursday June 13 (add more pictures)

I have stuff that I journaled that I need to type up here :)
I will do that later.
But we made it home today, safe and sound.
We are all exhausted and ready for sleep.
It was an amazing time at girls camp!
And it sounds like Porter had a fun time too!

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Sunday June 9 (add sunday pictures)

 We had a lovely Sunday mixed with the hussle and bustle of leaving tomorrow!
We had people bringing stuff to load in the trailer.
Went to the Morgans for cake :)
This evening was pretty special because Madi graduated form seminary.
The coolest part, she was asked to speak!!!!
Her and the seminary president.
I told her that means she's something special to be picked out of all the kids.
Like she is seminary valedictorian!!!!
She did a great job talking about the atonement.
This girl is something special.
Never has she just taken what we have taught her and not found out for herself.
She is an impressive soul and I am thankful to have her as our daughter.
Can't wait to see what is in her future!

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Saturday June 8

I did not think I would get a 10-miler today, but I did!
I started slow and then after about 5, things felt better and then my competitive side got the best of me :)
Today was all camp prep stuff.
Still a few more things that need done.....
But I am so excited!!!!
I did some grocery shopping.
Helped Stacia with a couple tings at her brothers wedding that was at her house today.
Madi went over to help serve and stuff.
Really, not much else happened today.
Kids did some cleaning around the house.
Port spent all day with Max and Graham.....which is how it is all summer long :)
They missed Cannon today because he had to do wedding stuff.
Well, Madi and Cassi are still out, but I need to get myself to bed!!!!

Friday, June 07, 2019

Friday June 7

Today has been busy with camp prep.
I did go for a run, but my knee/thigh was bothering me so I made it a 3 miler.
Dad got sprinklers moved.
We need to get that guy in-ground sprinklers!!!!
I think we will after this summer.
It would be so nice for the main front and back yards at least!
It was a colder day today.
I took Cassi to her PT appointment.
That went good and she gave her some good work to do.
She just needs to do it!!!!
Dad and I went to dinner and a little shopping for a quick date night.
We finally got him some good shoes for our hiking trip with Madi next month :)
He needs to get those broken in!
So lots more to do to prepare for camp on Monday!!!!!
But we are all excited!

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Thursday June 6

I got some better sleep last night :)
Ad slept in a tin bit....until 7.
My body is just not used to sleeping in!
Which is fine, I am kind of becoming a morning person anyway.
I went for a 5 mile run.
Dad went to the gym and the kiddos did some jobs around the house.
I had a class at 1:00 and it was a lot of fun.
Have I said yet how much I enjoy this!!!!!
After my class, Madi and I went to the art store to get stuff.
It was a lot of fun :)
We did a few other errand running.
Dad had dinner made for us when we got home.
It has been kind of a chill evening.
Dad spent all day getting sprinklers going and now looking outside, we may just get rain!
He has a cold too and he has been feeling pretty lousy :(
I hope we can all get better before we leave for girls camp!!!!

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Wednesday June 5 (add pictures)

I did not sleep good last night at all.
Coughing all night.
I did a workout in our gym this morning.
Then the boys did their art class.
I think it went really well today.
I called and got a dr appointment....because I can't keep doing this!
Then I had a 'Paint with me' that went really well.
For YW, the Beehives had an earlier activity, we went swimming, also a fun time.
Then I went to the dr where I found our I have yet another sinus infection.
So that's no fun at all.
We had dinner then the big girls went to YW to go over camp stuff.
Justin brought the kids over to ride Dunny.
Then later this evening I went with Stacia and Sherrie to a stake YW social.
That ended up being a late night.
I really need I will add pictures later ;)

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Tuesday June 4

I got up and going and went for a 5 mike run before starting the day.
I got to see Dad for a minute 
I had another fun day of art classes.
I really am having a lot of fun doing these!
The elements of art class we talked about the shape elements.
They had fun with this project.
The paint with me class was fun with this group of little girls.
I love how each painting was so unique and pretty!
After my 2nd class, I had  YW pres meeting.
We went over camp stuff and feeling a little more prepared.
Dad got some weed killer down this evening with his helper.
The girls did some house chores around the house....we still don't have a good summer routine.
Hopefully we can establish that after girls camp!