Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday June 30

Today I had goals to get big things done.....
I did get a few things done.
But, my ambition petered out......
It's okay, I feel good about what I did get done.
Later in the afternoon, we went swimming at the Morgan's.
Madi had to work, and after dinner we went to visit her.
This evening we had scripture study outside.
I have plans to get a couch of sorts out on the deck for just this kind of thing.....
But for now, I drug an old couch over from the shop that we pulled off the side of the road a few years ago :)
I am looking for more ways to get Elsie to go outside.
Once she is outside, she loves it.
It is just getting her to go outside in the first place that is hard!
So I am thinking a nice comfy couch would help with that :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday June 29

Today was mostly made of up cleaning, packing and driving.
But we did get some fun stuff in too.
On my morning run, there was a baby calf out in the road, so with the help of a truck passing by, we got him back with his mom.
After getting the car packed, we spent some time looking at pictures hanging on the wall with Gramps and listening to his stories.
Then of course the goodbye hugs for Gramps.
We got to see and say bye to Kallie on our way out.
We also stopped and talked to Dussy boy and Aunt Sandra for a bit.
Aunt Sandra gave Elsie an early birthday present....and beautiful buffalo necklace with pretty turquoise colors in it.
She loves it!
We stopped and said by to Grandma and then we made it out to see the buffaloes....and the 4 new babies they have :)
The drive went really well.
We are so messed up on schedules!!!!!
We need a good week to get us back on track!!!!!
I hope everyone sleeps good tonight and we can get some stuff done tomorrow!

I just love this view down the lane :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday June 28

We had a fun day.
After lunch, we headed out to the narrows.
It wasn't a super warm day....and it was windy.
So we weren't sure if it would be much fun.
But it turned out to be a great day!
The water actually felt pretty good!
We had a few towels and a sheet to lay out for a picnic.
Then Dad and I pulled out the seats from the suburban to sit on because we didn't bring any chairs :)
Cass and Port had a blast out int he water, and then later on Dad went with them to explore for fossils.
Elsie had a lot of fun playing with the sand/clay/dirt/rocks :)
Madi and I hung out and took pictures and listened to music and talked.
It was just a nice afternoon.
On the drive as we were leaving, we saw two elk and caught up to them just as they crossed the road right in front of us.
Kind of cool!
This evening, Nancy and her girls came for a visit.
We had dinner and dessert together and hung out and talked.
Lex and Dussy boy came down to visit too.
It was a nice night :)
(except for all the mosquitoes!!!!!!)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday June 27

I went for a nice 5 mile run this morning.
Most the kids were awake by the time I got home.
Cassi was the only one still sound asleep :)
Our fun part of the day was when Aunt Kay and Chalisse came to visit with her little ones.
They had so much fun riding Dave's motor bike and little 4 wheeler :)
We had a nice lunch together and just had time to sit and talk.
Johnny came after he was done visiting with his Dad.
I just really enjoyed it.
Aunt Cin came down and chatted with us for  bit as well.
I just love to sit and just be with family :)
For dinner, Gramps took us for some pizza at Pizza Hut.
On the way home we did some sight seeing around town and he showed us the house that his Dad grew up in.
It's in bad shape now and Brent wanted to get out  and check it out a little bit.
We were there for quite a while.
There are still some beautiful things around the place that I would just LOVE to have!
When we were getting ready to leave, a few doors down a guy starts yelling at us to leave.
We hurry and get to the car and he keeps running at us.
Dad goes up to him to explain what we were doing, no harm intended,
Well, as he is yelling all kinds of F-words and stuff at us he run past Brent and towards me as I am taking the little ones to the car.
Well, this guy was obviously drunk and it was pretty scary, as he runs by Brent, Brent knocks him down, like shoves him and he hit the ground.
I mean, he was running towards me and the kids, so I am so glad Brent shoved him down.
But the kids were so terrified and they were now in the car, crying and worried about what was gonna happen.
The guy got back up and Dad had his hands tied up so he was stuck right there, couldn't go anywhere.
He's still cursing, Dad is trying to calm him down and let him know what was going on.
Gramps come out of the car to help explain.
This guy kept going back and forth like he understood, then he would starts swearing again.
The neighbor lady came out because of the commotion....
We explained to her and she was like, oh ya, I know the family you are talking about.
Then she tries to help us calm the crazy guy too.
Next, there comes a guy from across the street, and come to find out, he is Aunt Fays son.
So he totally knows the family and is vouching for Gramps etc.
This guy is just crazy drunk and high on something, who knows what....
The crazy guy says to call the cops and Brent says, go ahead, call the sheriff....that's my brother :)
Finally these two take him away to try and calm him so we can get in the car and leave.
It was just ridiculous!
I feel bad because we were having such a nice time going down memory lane with Gramps.....
No harm was meant.
Yes, we were trespassing, I get that.....but the whole situation was so over the top because he was so drunk and who knows what else.
So sad.
I guess I won't be asking him about some of the stuff I saw laying around that I wanted to see if the owner would sell to me......
Oh well...
When we came home, we saw that Kallie was there.
Her family bought the house up the street and they are remodeling it.
It will be so fun to have them right here!
There are also some cute other neighbor kids and they all played for a bit while RaeAnne showed me around the place and what they are gonna do to it.
She's my kind of girl :)

This is the fence that Brent and I redid over 17 years ago.
Every weekend, before we got married, I would come up and we would do some kind of big project.
One week was fencing.....another was de-feathering and cutting off turkey heads!
Those were some awesome times!
And definitely prepared me for what was to come in my life as a Matthews :)