Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday September 30 (Add pictures)

Brent went with Drew to go help Randy scrape off shingles from a rental of his......
I guess it was a pretty big job!
He came home pretty dirty and worn out!
I helped Stacia today to get ready for the concert she had at her house.
Then the boys had 2 football games.....
Then stopped by Stacias for the last bit of the concert.
It was a nice night.....

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday September 29

So it was our 'neighborhood' block party this evening.
I think we decided on a neighborhood name......
The Quarter Corner.
Because we are 1/4 of the block, on the corner.....
Ha ha......we will see if it sticks!
I think we had a pretty good turn out with lots of good food!
We visited, ate, and played games!
We played marshmallow golfing....and the winners get a Halloween decoration to put in the yard this year....then it will be passed on to the next winner, next year!!!
I think everyone had fun and I would call it a successful night!
We also got the cows moved over to the other field that was good :)

Port made his dessert....portable!!!!!!
He taped the plate to his bike.
He is so ingenious, I tell ya!

There seem to be lots of pictures of Madi.....but she is always telling me to take pictures of her!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday Sept. 28 (awesome pictures to come!)

Well, it was a successful day!
After the kids got to school I went to the church to set up.
Everything looked so pretty and just great!
Then I came home and painted props pretty much the rest of the day :)
I showered then Madi came home and we left for Cassi's last volleyball game.
She played well and did some awesome serves!
Well, they got started late, so i have to leave during the second game to take Port to eat some dinner before his practice.
He went to practice with the Morgans and I started getting ready for YWIE.
I went and picked up the girls then finished getting ready.
Got there at 6 to finish setting stuff up outside.
It was a great turnout and it was a lot of fun.
The girls each has a mason jar to put either a project they  are working on, or something about themselves.....
They they each shared what they did.
Then we had a 5 girls perform.
Cassi sang 'This little light of mine' and she did really well, except her guitar wasn't tuned.
Which I told her to do beforehand.......
Sometimes she doesn't listen to me ;)
She still sang good though.
Then after the bishop gave closing remarks, we had refreshments and line dancing outside.
Oh and a photo booth :)
It was a lot of fun.
The Morgans took my kids back home while I stayed and cleaned up.......
I got home about 9:30 and then got the little ones in bed.
I hope they aren't too tired tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Sept. 27

Today I helped in the office.
Then I went to some thrift stores to find a few supplies for the 'Cowgirls in Excellence' tomorrow night.
I am pretty excited about my outfit :)
Remember last year when we all wore old retro prom dresses.....and I borrowed a 50's bridesmaid dress from Bubbles?
Well this year we decided to go glam cowgirl/rodeo queen.
(Just the leaders of course....the girls will be cute regular cowgirls :)
Wait until you see the outfit tomorrow!
The rest of the day was really prepping stuff for tomorrow.
I picked up Madi and took her to PT.
Which was great....she was out of alignment....and has been hurting.
So he adjusted her and she now knows why it is important to keep up on her stretches and exercises!
Vern picked up the little ones after school until I got home.
Then I picked Elsie up and Joanne came for speech.
Cass came home.
We had dinner.
The girls cleaned up while I went to Walmart for some bread, milk and cheese.....and a few other things.
Homework got done....
Now they are in bed.
Which is where I am going!
Tomorrow morning after I drop off the kids, we will set up for the Cowgirls in Excellence.....
Then it will be a crazy day......
Cassi's last volleyball game, Porter football practice.......
So it might be late tomorrow when I get to write :(

Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Sept. 26

Dad and I got some stuff done today......
I needed some things cut out for YWIE in Wednesday.
Dad also made a run to D&B, the t-mobile store, the gas station.......also the DMV.
He got pulled over going to the store.
Found out his truck hasn't been registered since 2014!
It was due for renewal March of 2015.......when we had our accident!
So it easily fell through the cracks!!!!!
Anyway, the cop didn't give him a ticket, but told him to go right to the DMV, which he did :)
Cassi had a game at Heritage today.
Aydo Potato came to watch her.
It was fun to see her and hang out with her :)
Cassi did really well!
She got some great serves in and awesome hits!
I am so proud of how well she has improved!
Her last game will be Wednesday.
After the game, we stopped by to visit with the Terry's for a little bit.
We just love their family!
We got home and had dinner.
Then for FHE, we all went out and got a little more progress on the electric fence.
We are wanting to move the cows over to the goats field for the last month before we butcher them.
But we needed some electric fence.
The kids were all great helpers and we really had fun together.
It really is great how working together can really bring you together.
At least it does for our family!

This picture is for he can see the corn fields in our backyard :)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Sept. 25

What a great day!
It was the primary program today.
I took Cassi and we picked up Avery and I took them to the church at a little after 8!
I wanted a good seat :)
And guess who came along with us???
Max and Graham!
So fun to have them as guests :)
The program was so great and I was pretty emotional throughout it.
I love when children sing.
What gets me is when we sing the closing song...
The children sing the first verse, then the rest of the congregation joins in, but the kids are still as powerful.....
Oh man!!!!!
Gets me every time!!!!!!
Elsie and Porter delivered their lines beautifully.
Max and Graham wanted to stay for the rest of church, and they went to class with Porter and Cannon.
Which was fun anyway....they watched a little church film and had some rice crispy treats :)
After church, we ran to the fire station because Dad needed some pillows for tonight.
He is working a trade shift today, not at his regular station.
The boys went with us and they had a fun time there.
It is the station with the pumpkin patch in the back, the boys thought that was pretty cool.
Then it was home and then choir at 3.
For dinner we ate some yummy food the Willy's brought to us yesterday.
They brought it to us as a thank you for feeding Grant a few weeks ago.
That was nice of them, they didn't need to do that!
Madi, Cassi and Port went for a little drive in the mule so Madi could play with her camera.
She got some pretty cool pictures.
Elsie and I stayed home and hung out with the kitties.
Elsie is so cute with these little kitties......
Nessy crawled up in her lap and Elsie just thought it was the greatest thing!
So cute!
We gave Gramps a call.
He told Cass he was proud of her about Student council.
He reminded her again that she is the spitting image of her Grandma Ene!
Grandma was loved by everyone and she cared about people even as a teenager.
Such a great role model for Cassi to look up to and be like.
She was as sweet as they come!

This made my heart melt......
All three boys with a book and singing.
Darn cutest thing ever!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Sept. 24 (add pictures)

There was a lot of running around today.
Cassi got to babysit this morning and the rest of us got to clean and do chores.
I had to run Port to the store to buy a gift for a birthday party.
Cassi mowed the lawn when she got back from babysitting.
Then I went and met with our newest Beehive to welcome her into YW.
The kids had their primary program practice today, so I ran them there.
Madi had Maegan over and Cassi went with her friends to The Village.
I picked the little ones up and then took Port, Max and Graham to a birthday party.
I looked up the address for 'Nerfed' on Google and it took me there.......except I went to the address in was supposed to be Boise!
Aw man!!!!
So the boys were late.
I have a knack for getting lost :(
Then came home and finished up odds and ends.
Dad had been outside doing stuff all day.
Working on the fence sow e can put the cows on the other field.
He fixed the chicken coop up with some panels he got from a friend.
I got laundry done and bathrooms cleaned.
Then this evening, the Morgan girls came over and we watched the General Woman's Conference on TV.
We ate pizza and then afterwards we went out for ice cream.
So that was a fun time :)
Now it's late!
The little kids have their program tomorrow....
We are pretty excited because Max and Graham are coming to watch.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Sept. 23 (add football pictures)

The big news of the day....
Cassi was elected 7th grade student council president!!!!!
So very exciting!
She does so well with these kind of things....
She is a born leader and people naturally follow her!
She can do a lot of good in this world with that kind of gift!!!!!
Other fun things today.
We took the kitties in to be neutered.
That's good news :)
Brent and I went out to lunch with Drew and Heather.
It is always fun to get to go out with them.
Then we worked on making our oven hood.
I am so excited with how it turned out!
I still need to stain it, but it is just how I wanted it!
I love it!!!!!
Can't wait until we get this kitchen finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After school, Brooke came home with Elsie.
Brooke is such a sweet friend to Elsie :)
Then we all hopped in the car and went to Port's football game.
Madi's friends, Tripp, and Shane, came to watch Port.
Port thought that was pretty great.
After that, Dad ended up taking a car load of Cassi's friends to the MVHS homecoming game.
Madi also went with her friends.
And Dad stayed to watch the game with Porter.
He said it was a pretty boring game because we just slaughtered them.......
Elsie and Brooke and I hung out at our place.
Then after Brooke went home, Elsie and I spent about an hour reading 'Little house in the big woods'.
I am not getting a lot of reading out of her....but I think me reading to her is a good thing too :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Sept. 22

It's days like today that I think maybe I don't need to blog everyday......
But I do it anyway.....cause that's what I do :)
(Most days anyway.)
But not much happened.
I helped at the school.
Made a run to the school for Madi because she forgot her camera.....
I ran Cassi to Meridian High after school to watch a volleyball game.....her coaches daughter.
Madi went to the Mountain View VB game.
The little ones and I did homework and read 'Little house in the big woods'.
Then we went and picked Cassi back up ad took some friends home.
That's it.
Oh, I did get some laundry done too....
Nothing too exciting.
I had other things to get done, but sometimes helping at school takes longer than expected or kids need things ran to them.....
So you can never plan on crossing everything off your to-do list!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday Sept. 21 (add pictures)

So funny story.....
I pulled Madi out after first period.
Waited about 25 minutes at the DMV to find out that.......we are a month too early!!!!!!
She can't go until October 23.
It really was a dumb mix up.....that I can't believe we did.
So....we wait.
Poor girl was so bummed!
So I took her to the store and bought her some clothes and lunch :)
Then I had my VT over for a visit......
I have been so tired again!
I wanna sleep all day!
I edited some pictures and then Madi and I went to pick up the kids and we went to Cassi's volleyball game.
They really are improving so much!
Cass got some great hits in!
I am proud of how much she has progressed!
We stayed and watched a little of Laynie's game.
Then we got home and had dinner and went to YW.
They played human Foosball and it was so much fun!
Everyone had a blast and was involved....except for our bench of injured kids who couldn't play......
But they had fun too.
So it ended up being a late night....just like all Wednesdays.
Madi is still doing homework :(
But I gotta get o bed!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Sept. 20

I went and had my tooth treated today.
They cleaned out the root canal and put a temporary in and I will go back in 4 weeks once it has time to heal.
It wasn't too terrible....but I do hate dentist stuff :(
After that, Dad and I made a DI run with some stuff we cleaned out of the garage.
We also bought a new mattress for Cassi, her mattress was SO BAD!
She has actually been sleeping on the couch the last few weeks!
Then we went to ReStore to pick up our tub :)
I think it will be fun to get it in.
I wouldn't say it is particularly next on my to-do list.....but how could I resist $35???
We got home and I had to run Cassi's jersey to her for team pictures today.
And Dad ran to the dump to empty the dump truck.
I got home and got some editing done......
When Madi got home, dad took her driving and then met up with the drive guy for her driving test!
She passed with flying colors!
He even commented that there are very few that get the high score she scored.
Good job Bell!
Now she is trying to get me to let her cut class tomorrow to go to the DMV!
I might cave in because I don't see a workable time in the foreseeable future to get her down there!
After school, Elsie had speech.
Then Madi worked for a couple hours at the same time the boy shad football practice.
So that worked out the same park :)
Cass got a ride home after volleyball, then we all came together around 7:30 for family dinner.
I wasn't sure if that was gonna happen today.
But it did :)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Sept. 19

I went and had a evaluation about a root canal I need to have redone....
So I get to go do that tomorrow :(
While I was out I stopped by ReStore and found a tub to put in our master bath.
Let's face it....we aren't gonna out a claw foot in there.....that was just a dream :)
So we should at least finish it up with a larger tub.
I hope it will work in the space!
It does fit, just gonna have to figure out how to move the drain.
I have no doubt my man can figure it out :)
It was a steal at $35!
Speaking of my man...I stopped and visited him while I was out.
He was working a trade today, and I was right in his neck of the woods.
So that was fun :)
When Madi got home, she got a snack but then I ran her to the park by Cassi's school so she could walk over to watch Cassi's game at 4.
I couldn't go :(
I went and picked Elsie up for her PT appointment.
And it was a fun one!
Norco brought out a bike for her to try!
It was so exciting and she did so amazing!
The Norco guy is submitting papers and Katie is doing her part to get the paperwork and approval process done ASAP so we can get the bike home for Elsie!
It is so exciting!
She really did so well!
I can't wait to see her going up and down the lane!
We will need to get bikes for Mom and Dad and do some green belt bike rides!
I am so proud of her for trying something that she was unsure about, and rocking it!
While I was there, Madi sent a text that Cassi was playing really well.
She was serving great and she was hitting the ball.
So sad Dad and I missed it all!
Proud of Cass for working harder to get better!
After the game, Madi and Cassi went with Shane, Tripp and his sister's to Krispy Kreme for 'talk like a pirate day'.
So that is pretty much what they had for dinner........
The little ones and I, on the other hand, had a nice dinner together :)
But they had fun and looked like cute pirates.....along with the rest of Meridian!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Sept. 18

It was a nice Sunday today.
Cass and Elsie went up and sang for the ward choir.
No I didn't go up.
Baby steps......
Elsie was so cute up there...being such a big girl!
Next week is our primary program and she says she can get up there and say her part, no problem.
Cass was cute up there too.
She holds the music for her and Sierra, it's such a sweet sight.
But eve cuter is when we get to church and Elsie runs up to Sierra and they talk and smile until it is time for church to start.
They are just the sweetest friends :)
Cass taught our Beehives lesson and she did a great job.
It was about keeping the Sabbath day Holy.
After church our Home Teachers came over and taught us about the first great LOVE!
It was a great message to hear.
Then all of us girls went to choir practice while the boys stayed home and made dinner.
Port read to dad while he prepared the chicken cordon bleu :)
After dinner we cleaned up and called Gramps.
We had a freak rain storm pass over us that took about 20 seconds.
It was so cool, and so pretty!
Then we played some badminton and volleyball.
This Sunday we listened to the talk Choices, by President Monson.
It is a short and sweet talk....but full of amazing stuff.
Our Prophet is so amazing :)
He talked about how our choices determine our destiny.
And that we know what our goal is...our goal is to attain Celestial Glory.
So all our choices we make should reflect that!
But how wonderful it is that we have Repentance so that we can course correct when we need to.
And we will need to!
He says if we are choosing Christ, we will have made the correct choice.
Another favorite quote was when he said for us to have the courage to defy the consensus!
Brent was talking about a program he watched honoring war heroes.
How important it was that they had Courage in the battles they were fighting.
The same with us.....we must have courage through these battles we face.
Some of them seem even more brutal then being on a battlefield!
Have courage!
We will make it home!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Sept. 17 (add pictures)

We started the morning off cleaning up the church together.
After that we got a lot of cleaning done at home.
We actually got quite a bit done :)
Dad even installed some floor trim!
Cass went and helped her friend play games at a retirement home and Port went to Cannon's birthday party at the bike park.
When Cass got home, Madi left for a birthday party too.
And then Dad and I went on a date.
We actually tried a new place tonight....which we never do!
We went to Jakers and it was a bit more than we usually spend, but ti was yummy.
Then we went and got new phones.
We actually switched networks and got a great deal......
And now we will have service when we got to Wyoming!
Very exciting!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Sept. 16

I was pretty productive today and I even got a nap!
I only took a nap because I was up at 4 a.m.
Our carbon monoxide detector was beeping every 30 seconds.
It did it earlier in the day and I just reset it.
All was fine.
But when it happened at 4 a.m. I COULD NOT go back to sleep worried that all my babies would die up there!!!!!
I was a bit irrational, but then I started thinking about what if there was a fire.....
So ya, I didn't sleep.
I don't know what the problem was.
I checked the battery and it is a full battery...
But if it was really detecting carbon monoxide it would not only beep every 30 seconds.
I learned that from my fireman when I texted him at 7......
That would have been useful information at 4 a.m. :)
But I was productive today with laundry and dishes and cleaning up in the house.
Then I laid down a little before lunch and it was just what I needed.
After that I went for a run!
It's been a while!
So we had a lot of activities going on tonight.
Madi went to the Rocky Mountain/Mountain view football game....which we won :)
Cassi went to a friend party.
Then Elsie and I went to Port's and dad's football game.
Dad got a couple hours covered so he could come and coach.
Port had some great flag pulls.
One time he said he felt like he was falling and so he just grabbed....and he got both of the kids flags!
Pretty cool!
Then after dad left back to work, I got the little ones into bed.
Just waiting for those big girls now........