Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lovin' it in the country!

The morning started out bright and early with some bird watching with Grandma.

The day included: swimming with cousins, shopping for food for the cabins, working at Grandpas store, playing with cousins, eating too much pop and candy, helping Grandpa set some sprinklers, watching the goats, and eating good food.

Doesn't Porter look great in his 'bumpa' shirt???
He looks like he belongs out in the country!!!

And the perfect day ended with a ride from Strip!
Perfect ending!
(Thanks Uncle Doug!)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Too much to handle!

We are doing lots of things on this vacation...and staying very busy.
The kids are so tired...but having so much fun!
Madi went shooting with the boy, and Mel and April.
She had a lot of fun.
Lots of food, family and fun.
We left later tonight, and now we are in Evanston...
Now we need sleep, so we can be ready for more fun.
(Pictures to be added later!)

Monday, June 28, 2010

3rd Annual Arielymipcs

It was a very full day.
Fishing at Payson Lakes...
Lots of playing...
And the night ended with the Arielympics.
I have a lot more pictures to add..
But this one was so great!
The task was a cartwheel/somersault/or something of that sort.
This was Grandpas take on it.
What I think is so great about that he even did it!
Isn't my Daddy cute?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We LOVE to be with cousins!

...Well, some of us anyway...
This is the shot we got with all the cousins.
Isn't it price-less!!!
The groups shots went much better.
Now that pictures are done and out of the way...we are ready for FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home-made Creamies!!!

We didn't get to leave today.
So we made home-made chocolate Creamies instead!
They turned out really good.
I used one can evaporated milk.
I used Nesquik to taste...the recipe called for 1/3 cup chocolate syrup, but I didn't have that.
And 1 tsp. vanilla.
Then freeze.
They were really creamy and the girls loved them!
Porter liked them too.

Friday, June 25, 2010

THE Procrastinator!!!

I think that should have been my name.
I am a procrastinator...and an un-finisher.
For my family reunion coming up, we do family pictures.
In these family pictures, each individual family wears a different color.
Our color has been white for the last few years.
It was the perfect opportunity to make the white dresses I had been wanting to make for the girls.
I know...I am a dork.
You can say it.
I know you are all thinking it.
But come on.
How many of you could buy three matching dresses for under $9?
That is what I thought.
Only problem is...I ALWAYS wait until I HAVE to get things done.
That is why these dresses are still unfinished...with picture day set for this Sunday.
I drive myself crazy too.
But I can tell you one thing...
The girls are loving them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little date night.

So it wasn't a very eventful summer day.
Except trying to get everything ready for our extended trip.
Which includes doing laundry...that seems to be never ending!!!
I might make them stay in their swim suits for the next few days just so I don't have to wash anymore clothes!
I took the girls to the library to get their reading reward...and we found some books on tape for them to listen to for our car ride.
Our great friends, The Young's...
Called us and TOLD us to go out on a date!
Isn't that just great?
So we took our kids over to them and headed out to eat.
I guess we are kinda boring.
We ate at the Pinnacle.
The atmosphere was a lot of fun.
But I do have one complaint.
I need pictures!
I ALWAYS order something that shows a picture!
So I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted while I looked at pictures of baseball mitts and basketball hoops!
Then we headed to Kohl's for a minute.
But at least we went out, just the two of us.
He even held my hand.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A new life.

A new life for the old Trampoline.
We ordered a new tramp top...much cheaper than getting is re-sewn.
The metal part looked really bad, and needed to be painted...
Well, if you have to paint it anyway...why not pick a fun color???
So now we have a beautiful red trampoline!
We think it is just great!!!
A new life for our hose.
It now thinks it is a fire-hose.

And Porter thinks he is a fireman...
Who are we kidding...we all know he is gonna be just like his daddy!

And a fun new life for Tanger.
I know, sad.
But don't judge.
We had been looking for a good home for Tanger, for a while now.
We kept going back and forth.
He is SUCH a great dog.
But we just didn't have the time and attention he needed, or deserved.
We were contacted by a lady who takes in dogs, just like Tanger, and trains them to be search a rescue dogs.
She loved Tanger and said he was a great dog.
He loves to fetch.
He is great with people and other dogs.
So I think our decision was best for all of us.
We love Tanger, and will always remember him fondly...but I am sure where ever he goes, he is gonna get the time and attention he needs!
Good boy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Morning run.
Yard work.
More laundry.
Take TV/book cabinet into Elsie and Cassi room.
TRY to clean their room.
Go out for some Tiger's blood!
Come home...babies nap.
Make neck pillows for the car trip coming up.
Help out Jenni.
I run to Target and Jack in the box.
Eat dinner.
Head to the pool.
Come home.
Eat more food...cereal.
Now they are in bed.
And the laundry baskets are STILL FULL!!!
(At least it is mostly folded now.)

Monday, June 21, 2010

First day of summer.

We didn't do anything special for thew first day of summer.
We planned on going camping with the Young's.
But we had to back out because of my sinus infection,
Camping in the weeds and stuff didn't sound very fun to me.
But we will have plenty of camping trips with the Young's this summer, for sure!!!
Instead, the big girls spent the bulk of the day playing at Ayden's house.
Which was VERY nice.
Thanks, Jenni!
Brent and I did some grocery shopping with the little ones.
Then this evening we went to the park where there was a little neighborhood get together.
It was nice to see some old faces that I haven't seen in a while!
But, I forgot my camera...
But I took some pictures when I got home...of course.
Thank goodness for this hat.
I don't have to fight with Madi every day about doing her hair!!!

Elsie is still IN LOVE with her sandbox.
She is out there at least two times throughout every day!

Mr Man...
Cheesy as ever!

Sweet Cass.
She has been talking to me all day about cutting her hair!
I don't know if I want to do it.
She needs a trim for sure...maybe we will try a few inches, and see how it looks.
I am sure I will post about it when we do it....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day!!!
I am so blessed that my kids have such an amazing Dad.
One who is so loving, playful, adventurous, cheers them on in whatever they love, teaches them all sorts of things, and spends OODLES of time with them.
I can honestly say that I think my kids are the luckiest ones in the world!

These first two pictures are from yesterday.
I took the kids out for a quick picture for Dad.
They turned out great...but man I was in bad shape after!
First of all, I was DRIPPING sweat after I got that picture of just the kids!
Good grief!
Elsie didn't want to have anything to do with pictures.
So I had to act like a maniac to get her to smile for me...and Porter loved that!
Both Madi and Cassi are like 'who is this crazy lady who has taken over our moms body!'
But hey, you do what you have to for the shot!
Dad needed a new picture of us to put inside him helmet.
Isn't that sweet?
He keeps a laminated picture of us inside his helmet.
So that was one of his Fathers Day gifts.
Well, we woke up this morning, after a long night of bad sleeping.
I think I have a sinus infection...
Madi and Porter both had fevers.
So we skipped church and watched movies all day.
Porter slept most of the day and woke up this afternoon in a pretty good mood.
We had planned all week to go see Dad at the fire station, so we headed that way around 4:30.
I am glad we did.
It was fun for the kids to see is always fun to go to the fire station!
And it was just nice to get out of the house!!!
Dad and the kiddos...
Porter has a gummy worm in his mouth that he is trying to keep in...such a goofy smile!
We also made cookies to take to the fire guys.
But I think that maybe our kids ate most of the cookies while we were there...little turkeys!
We also took our gifts to Dad.
It was nice to spend some time with him on his special day!
Porter LOVES the 'chwuk' (truck)
He loved driving the truck.
The other crew got a call while we were there, so we got to watch them leave.
Porter loved the lights and sirens...
Elsie DID NOT like the lights and sirens.
It was a bummer, because just after we left, Brent got called on a call...the kids would have LOVED to see Dad leave on a call!
So it was great to get out and see Dad.
I hope we sleep better tonight so that tomorrow can be a good day!!!
I also have to say how amazing my other Dads are.
My very own Dad is the most selfless, kind, and loving person.
I have always described him as a big teddy bear.
Which he is.
I have never felt more safe then when my Dad would rock me to sleep at night, while I listened to his heart beating.
Thanks Dad for being such an amazing Dad, and for setting the bar high for the kind of Dad I wanted my kids to have!
And then there is Bumpa.
Oh dear sweet Bumpa.
Brent's Dad has been so sweat to me from the first time I spilled lemonade on his lap.
That man has the kindest eyes you have ever seen.
And boy is he a tease!
It still takes me a while to figure out when he is telling the truth or pulling my leg.
We are all smiles around him!
Thanks, Bumpa, for being such an amazing example for your little boy.
You did a pretty great job with him!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Liquid diet.

This kid eats NOTHING!!!
He drinks milk.
And more milk.
I know, you are thinking...well, he is never gonna eat if you keep giving him milk!
But really, I try to feed him all the time...but I guess I am not too's not like he is skin and bones!
But I tried something new today...
I stuck some applesauce in a straw cup, and he loved it!
I bet yogurt would work good too.
I guess I just need to throw his dinner in the blender...okay, maybe I won't go that far...
But I like that I have some options to give him.
Gosh darn, he is cute!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dairy Days Parade

We always LOVE Meridian Dairy Days parade.
Where else can you get chocolate milk, string cheese, T-shirts, and frozen yogurt along with your candy???
Fun times!
We got to hang out with the Young family...minus Drew...but plus Pat and Steve...and that is always great.
But we did get to See Drew driving the Fire truck in the parade.
Elsie was a little better with this parade.
But she kept grabbing my hands to put them over her ears...she does not like much noise.
I think that is why she won't go into primary...too much noise!
She was VERY happy to see so many horses in the parade, and cows too!!!
Porter had a lot of fun...he likes the cars, the tractors and the pretty girls.
He is such a boy, right?
The big girls had fun hanging with all four Young girls.
It is a great should go next year if you get the chance!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


We saw this shirt today and just could not pass it up.
We all know that Gramps will wear NOTHING but western snap shirts.
It is getting harder and harder for Grandma to find nice church shirts for him to wear to church.
I think he is adorable in them...and now, so is my little boy...
Those are some handsome Matthews boys.
Gramps, Porter is all ready to come help in the store!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yearly hat...

Every year, for the Peterson side reunion...we go fishing at Payson Lakes.
Madi spends the entire day with her Dad fishing.
It has become our little tradition for Madi to get a new fishing hat each year.
I think it is a fun thing to do...and they are always cheap little hats...
We got Madi her hat today.
She picked this lovely pink one.
I think she will look adorable fishing by her Dads side wearing this hat.
Don't feel bad for the others....
Cassi doesn't wear a hat, or fish, for more than 5 minutes...but she does get the old hat from last year.
And she is happy with that.
She swims and plays with the cousins the whole time that we are at the lake anyway.
And Elsie isn't much of a hat wearer yet...and I wish I could get Porter to wear a hat...but I am sure that Porter will join the tradition in a few year of sitting by dads side fishing...he can get his hat then.
I also take a picture of Madi and her Dad fishing together every year.
She has the 8x10's framed and hanging in her room.
I know they will be forever memories for her!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One rough day.

Our little Angel has had a rough day today.
First of all, she hasn't walked all day.
Yesterday when she was swimming, she wore the skin off from her little feet.
Poor girl.
I feel so bad.
She has done this a handful of times...
I don't know why it is hard for us to just remember to go get swim shoes for her!!!
But she will be getting them for sure, before next time we go swimming!!!!!!!!!!!
She was sitting outside in the garage today with all of us, I went inside to change Porter's diaper, and she must have had her finger in the bottom of the door, cause it pinched her poor little finger.
She was not a happy camper.
Poor girl.
Then, among other things gone bad...Porter bit her, hard...
Mean boy...(not really....well, kinda not really...)
Poor girl.
So I sure hope that her day goes a lot better tomorrow.
I am off to smear her feet with medicine and cover them with new clean socks.
Poor girl.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I am not entirely sure that this kid even knows where his mouth IS!!!!
And yes, that is not only chocolate, but also red marker all over him.
It is a good thing he is cute!
We had another good day today.
I ran 5 miles with all the kids.
It is nice to have this park right here with the path all around the soccer field.
I ran with the stroller, which had Porter and Elsie.
Madi and Cassi rode their bikes.
And we went around the park 5 times...which was about 4.15 miles.
Then I let them get out and play at the park for a little bit.
Then we headed home the long way, to complete the 5 miles.
It was actually really nice.
The big girls had so much fun!
The little ones, well, I will just pack more treats next time...
But it was great to get it done.
Now the big girls want to do it every day...but I told them it wouldn't be as fun for them if they did it every day.
But we will do it more, for sure!
Then the girls were great helpers while the little ones slept.
We got the downstairs cleaned up...hopefully we can do the upstairs tomorrow.
We are starting our chore charts.
Hopefully that will help keep some sanity around this house for the summer.
We rounded off the night by taking a trip to the pool.
I hope they all sleep really good tonight!
We were gonna go see Brent at the station...but again, it didn't work out.
Only because I knew they wouldn't be so good on the drive over to the station later this afternoon.
But dad will be here first thing in the morning!!!
And boy, are these kids are excited to see him!
Me too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Afternoon hike...

The original plan for this afternoon was to go visit Dad at the fire station...
But after many, MANY, warnings that they wouldn't go if they didn't behave, I finally had to make good on my word.
So we didn't visit Dad...
However, I shouldn't be punished with all four in the house all afternoon, right?
So we did take a stroll to the park.
About 30 min. before we left Cassi got this great idea that she was going to go on a hike.
She packed her little backpack with water, treats, games...many great things.
I asked her where she was going to go for a hike.
She answered back that she would hike in the field with Alex and Ayden and they would find cool things.
So we headed to the park...and they were right...they hiked...WAY out in the field.
I kept looking back to check on them, and they would have ventured off onto another patch of grass in the field.
After a very long time...they came back.
And Cassi pulled out the stuff they found on their 'hike'.
Cassi found a wood chip that looked like a carrot.
Ayden found a cool maroon colored leaf
Then there was another carrot looking wood chip.
All I know is they had a great time out there.
If I would have known that they would really go out there, and be out there for so long, I would have loved to stick a recorder in would be fun to know what they sat and talked about in each spot on the grass.
I can hear Cassi giving some kind of history, or science lesson about this little carrot shaped wood chip.
She gets that from her Dad...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eagle Fun Days parade!!!

Another fun day.
This summer is gonna be full of stuff to talk about!
That is great!
We did more cleaning around the house this morning...
Then packed a lunch and headed out to Eagle for the parade they were having out there.
This is a fun parade because it is a WET parade.
The people in the parade get you wet, and there are tons of people in the crowd with super soakers and lot and lots of water!
It is a lot of fun.
The first half of the parade is a dry parade...then it turns wet...luckily they warn you before they soak you, so you can get the babies to safety.
The kids always love it.
I thought this was so cute with Porters arm around dad, checking out the fire truck...even though Dad says if it isn't red, it isn't a fire truck!!!
The girls, between soakings....
Elsie and me before the wet part of the parade...
Elsie, during the wet part...
She wasn't sleeping, just blinking at the time...but she was curled up in a ball not liking all the noise and water and commotion.
She was really tired, and took a nap when we got home.
Porter had fun pointing out all the cool old cars and diesels and fire trucks.
After the parade we let the little ones, and the big ones nap...Cassi and Madi hung out in the backyard and played really well, surprisingly...
Then we headed to the swimming pool.
It had turned really windy, so it wasn't AS enjoyable as it could have been...but the kids still had a lot of fun!
Like I said...they are water babies!
I can tell it is gonna be a fun summer...
And I also think it is gonna go WAY too fast!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Park fun...

We actually made 3 trips to the park today.
That is what is so great about having this park right much fun at your fingertips!!!
First we met up with the Young girls for lunch and to play in the park.
Then the girls came over to our house and a little later on we all went back to the with the Terry girls.
I forgot my camera both times...
That is okay...I got to have a little girl talk with Heather and Jenni.
Later today I took Madi and Elsie to their eye appointments...Brent had to go work for a friend for a few hours, so thanks Jenni for watching Cassi...she had so much more fun with you than she would have at the Dr. office!
We came home to dinner all made by Brent, who had already made it home before us.
After dinner, and letting the dinner settle, we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, that ended us at the park.
Madi wrecked on her bike and wasn't a very happy camper...
But everyone else had a blast.
Madi had a blast too, but was still not happy she wrecked.
Anyways, it was a fun night for the Matthews family.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rise and Shine...

Look what was waiting for me on the porch when I got back from my early morning run....
Such sweet little faces to come home to...
Hope the sweetness will last the whole day!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

First day of NO SCHOOL!

Today was a pretty good productive start to the summer vacation.
I think we got a lot of stuff done...
The girls did some great cleaning this morning, then we went and did a little shopping for a few fun things...
One being another can of paint so we could finish these!!!
I know...this is taking so long to get my kitchen 'project' done.
But I am so excited about every little piece that is going in there...
So we got the chairs painted with my new paint sprayer...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
I don't really LOVE the clean-up...but that just goes with the package...
I think I might distress them a tiny bit, to see a little white through some spots...I don't know...we'll see.
These need to sit in the garage for another week to 'harden'.
Now on to the next kitchen project...not sure if we are ready to take on the cupboards yet...maybe the table is next.
The kids had lots of fun playing the in the yard...
I am not gonna lie.
There was a little yelling here and there, trying to keep the little ones away from the painted stuff...
But it is all good in the end.
Cassi and Madi put together a cute little planter box.
We need to go get some seeds for it.
Then at about 7:30, we decided to go take a swim...
I thought it would be great to try and wash some of the paint out of my hair, fingers and toes...
The kids had so much fun.
Elsie and Porter went nuts!
These kids are such water babies!
It is so much fun.
We only swam until about 8:00, and came home to get the little ones to bed.
Oh was a busy day.
I love days where you feel like you got a lot of stuff done!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Our Kindergarten Graduate!!!

Today was Cassi's Kindergarten Graduation.
They had a little program where they sang songs to us and they did a really great job.
I got all that on video-tape so Dad can watch it when he gets home from work.
Cassi sure loves to sing, and I love to watch her facial expressions when she is singing.
Mrs. Sted was the PERFECT teacher for Cassi!
She was so sweet and also structured...
It all worked perfectly for Cassi.
She was nervous to start school.
Mrs. Stred made it so great for her!
Cassi is grown so much this year.
She has learned so many new things, and she has such a love for learning now.
So great job to Mrs. Sted!!!
And of course, we can't forget Aydo-Potato!
We were hoping that having them in the same class wouldn't be too distracting for the two of them...but I think it was just what they needed.
They still had each other when they needed each other, but they both learned to branch out and find new friends too.
It was a great year for the both of them.
Several times Mrs. Stred would comment to me about their friendship.
How Cassi would help Ayden with her coat and backpack, and how Ayden would put her arm around Cassi when she was sad of afraid.
They make a pretty great duo.
Now I want them in the same class every year!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Lovin' the sun...while it lasts...

Just a regular old day here at the Matthews household...
I can tell school is almost out...the kids have a more care-free attitude!
And we aren't spending hours on homework!!!
Spaghetti...I think we have thins at least one of the days Brent is on shift, every shift...
It is my go-to food!
One of these days I am going to turn into an AMAZING chef!!!!
Okay, maybe not, but at least the kids are getting fed right...
And thank goodness for nice weather so we can eat outside...or all that spaghetti would have been on my floor!!!
The girls had fun with bugs today...
Mostly rolley pollyes...
Porter kept trying to squish them.
Elsie would give out a squeal of happiness when she saw them move.
I love this picture...the girls chillin' and hanging out while the boy is going nuts in the background!
He almost has the somersault perfected...a few more days, he will get it!
I have a love/hate relationship with teacher gifts.
Madi got some books to put in the classroom for her teacher.
I think it works well for the teacher that Madi had.
Something nice, but we really weren't ever too personal with her.
But I appreciate how Madi has learned and pushed through her struggles this year.
She came out of it in pretty great shape.
But for Cassi we did something fun.
I have been wanting to do these for a long time, and now I wish I would have done two sets at the same time so I could have one!
Oh well...they turned out pretty cute.
I hope she loves them
Cassi tells me that her teachers chalk board is magnetic, so I hope they will work for her there!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Good example...

I am so proud of this little girl.
She did something today that I never imagined my little kids doing.
She bore her testimony in sacrament meeting.
I have to admit...we are terrible examples to our children.
That is one of my top fears, if not the very top.
I am not sure why...
So I was VERY surprised when Cassi turned to me and said "I kinda want to bear my testimony."
I tried not to make a big deal, I didn't want to scare her off...
She started to head out from the bench, then stopped.
She said, "Maybe I should go home and practice so I know what to say next time."
I told her she could do whatever she wanted to do.
Then she sat back down.
She kept fidgeting, wanting to go up there, so I mentioned to Brent what she had said to me, he was also surprised, but very excited.
So he pulled her in and hugged her and he must have said some magic words, cause then she headed right up there.
She had to sit up there for a little bit for a few others to finish up, and I kept waiting for her to come back down before she got to go up and talk...
But nope...she did it...
She got up there, she was loud, she was confidant, and she looked like an angel.
As she was walking back to us, she had the biggest smile in the world on her face.
I am so proud of Cassi, for not only recognizing that feeling, but acting on it too!
If only I could be more like my Cass.
I am gonna try.
I of these days I will go up with she can hold my hand!
Then this afternoon we went for a long walk around the neighborhood and ended up at our park and played there and flew kites with our friends the Terry's.
It was very windy, but the perfect temperature.
After we were there for a while, these two got bored...
Poor sports...
But I thought they were cute.
Elsie got a kick out of swinging, I mean 'flying', with Alex...

I could sit and watch Porter try to get a drink for hours.
It has to be one of the funniest things!!!
Brent taught him how to push the button with his belly, so he could have his hands free to pull up to the water.
He is just a little too short to reach the water.
But he has figured out how to stick his forehead in the water, let it trickle down his nose, and into his mouth.
Oh man...I love this little boy!

Saturday, June 05, 2010


We had a very busy morning followed by a very nice and relaxing evening.
We got up...cleaned the house, did laundry.
Then while Brent was mowing the lawn I went through all the kids rid of a lot of stuff.
Yes, I said GOT RID...
I do actually get rid of stuff, sometimes!
Anyway, it is a nice feeling to get those drawers organized even if it is for just a little while!
Next week I hope we can go through their toys.
Then after we hauled our truckload out to DI we went and played with the Youngs in Star.
Drew's parent shave a great house and land out there and there is so many fun things to do out there...
We decided to cook some tin foil dinners.
Originally we planned to be camping this weekend, but you know how life is...things come up.
It was yummy and a lot of fun.
We are so thankful to have this family in our lies!
Our children are inseparable...I just wish they would move closer...hint, hint...
The bigger kids had fun playing in the 'not so hot' tub.
It was a perfect day for it!
I think this is a cute shot of Hallie and Elsie eating their cookies.
There is nothing better than having a friend for life!
Porter spent most his time finding some kind of trouble he could get into....
He succeeded, many times.
He even fell into the fish pond.
Brent was right there to pull him out, but it is scary to think how fast something like that can happen!
I do wish I had a picture of him soaked from head to toe.
Oh well...