Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday January 31

I had to take a nap this morning after getting the kiddos off to school!
Then I got up and started cleaning up the floor downstairs.
Hopefully I can start painting it tomorrow!
Dad worked on getting the new Internet line buried.
I left a little after lunch to go do family history with Stacia again.
Remember last week when I added a child because his sister was in the family, and they were on the same record together.
WELL....come to find out neither of them belongs to that family!
So I had to remove them :(
I feel so bad!
Hopefully they will be easy for someone who is looking for them to find now!!!!
But, I am looking into another child that was a hint for the mom.
I will work on him and see if he belongs to the family.
I just want Mary Anne Davis to have all her kids sealed to her!!!!!
I will get this figured out!
It is interesting to have different people I am working with who have different styles of doing family history research!
But I am really enjoying it.
It really just takes time to get it figured out, and time sure flies when you are doing it!
No, I didn't come away with any names to take to the temple.....but I do think that what I am doing is valuable!
And I am excited to learn more!
When I got home, it was time to take Cassi to Rugby.
I ran a few errands then came home.
I met up with Dad at Bubbles house and we are taking about the demo that will happen in the next few weeks.
It will be an exciting remodel!!!!!
We had breakfast for dinner tonight.
I made yummy waffles and burned my poor fingers!!!!
Our waffle iron gets SO HOT!
I went to shut the lid and accidentally touched it with my finger and singed the poor thing!!!!
I think we need a new waffle iron.
That think is dangerous!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wednesday January 30

Helped in the office.
After I got home. Dad was still at the gym, so I got a workout too.
Then I made my grocery shopping list.
Dad ran to the store to pick up floor paint and door paint for the art room.
I had to stay home while we went because we were waiting for the century link guy to come.
When Dad came home, I left to get the shopping done.
Cassi Had rugby after school.
Madi worked.
Porter had scouts.
Elsie helped get stuff ready at home for the Beehives to come over.
I made some cookies when I got home.
Then we had dinner as a family :)
Beehives came to my house for YW.
Dad took Porter to the used games store, they had fun picking stuff out then came home and played games.
For our Beehive activity, we had the girls pick a word for the year.
It was a fun activity and they all picked awesome words!
Elsie picked BRAVE and I picked FORTIFY.
The big girls want to make one too.....we have a couple extras.
It will be fun to see what words they come up with.
My Beehive advisors ended up hanging longer and we had a little meeting.
So we didn't get the kids into bed until almost 10:00!!!!
I really hope they are not all exhausted tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tuesday January 29

Back home and back to the daily grind :)
Got the kiddos off to school.
Dad and I both got a workout in.
I finally got some stain on my art tables...they are looking really good!
I am excited about them!
I need to get in gear on this art studio going!
I had a meeting today to talk about girls camp.
By that time the day was shot.
Dad spent most of the day working on Tax stuff.
I am thankful he is always so willing to do that stuff for our family!
The news on Gramps....he got sent home.
Sounds like Kay is staying with him for the night.
Still keeping him in our prayers for sure.
The little kiddos had piano today.
We all had family dinner together and then I finished putting stain on the tables.
The whole house smells really bad!
Well, it smells like stain.
I applied it downstairs in the basement, and it kind of wafted through the house!!!!!
I opened the window down there.
Hopefully it airs out soon :)

Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday January 28

We woke up this morning and got ready.
Got to walk with Hannah to the school bus stop.
Then we got all packed and Katie took us to the airport about 9:30.
We waited there for a little while before loading the plane.
I had a window seat and Dad had a middle seat..... knew he would not want to be in the middle of two others, so I switched him.
Lucky I did, I was sitting between two large if Brent was there, that would have been so uncomfortable for everyone!!!!!
We got home a little after 2.
Poor Madi woke up and got the kids ready, but then got a migraine.
Luckily, Eldon picked up Elsie and Cassi and took Elsie to the bus stop and Cassi to school.
Madi went back to bed.
She was still feeling lousy when we got home.
Porter begged for us to pick him up from school when we got home.
So I went and got home after we got unpacked.
Cassi got home and then Elsie not much later.
It was nice to have everyone here at home :)
We got a call from Dussy boy called to tell us that they found Gramps, he had fallen outside.
He had been there for a bit without anyone seeing him, so his body temp was very low.
They took him to the hospital and did some tests.
Looks like his heart had some problems, having a mild heart attack.
We went back and forth with knowing and not knowing what was going on with him.
They are hydrating him and seeing if they need to transfer him tomorrow.
Prayers for Gramps and his comfort would be much appreciated!
We had dinner and then we did our Come Follow Me.
Vern invited us over for a birthday party for Bob....
But then we got there was a surprise party for Brent!
They had us all fooled!
It was a fun night with friends.
Madi and Avery took a little trip to Walmart for temporary tattoos and face masks :)
We had a very fun trip this weekend......and we are very happy to be home!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday January 27 (add journal)

The day got away from us....
We head for home tomorrow.
I will blog later.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday January 26 (add pictures)

We got to Andy and Katie's house about 12:30 last night, or I mean this morning.
Sleeping was a little hard.
I blame me being spoiled with my weighted blanket :)
Couldn't bring that with me.....
We got up this morning and talked and ate and then headed out to take some fun pictures for them.
The kids did good and the day was so nice outside.
We came home and Katie had to leave for a rehearsal because she was singing at a funeral this afternoon.
April showed up with her kiddos.
We all hung out and Andy and Katie left for the funeral and we got to play with the kiddos.
Dad got a nap because he didn't sleep too well either.
Later on April and her kids got ready and we went and shot some pictures of them.
Then we played at the park for a while.
For dinner we went to a fun BBQ place called Rudy's.
Everyone had fun and Hannah and Millie proved their love for pickles!
I won't lie....I ate my fair share as well!
Back at home, I played on the trampoline with the little ones.
Then we had a little FHE type lesson talking about the Come Follow Me lesson this week.
It was fun.
We talked about being missionaries.
How like John's disciples were so excited to meet the Lord and spend time with him, that they went and shared it with their friends!!!!
We should be the same!
Katie had a gift bag and she had Hannah come and look inside.
Then she told her to grab someone else and tell them what was inside and invite them to see.
Then that kept going until everyone in the room saw the picture of Christ inside the bag.
It was a sweet way to teach it to little ones :)
Now we are all heading to bed.
Hopefully I can sleep tonight!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday January 25

Just hanging out here at home, waiting for Stacia to come pick us up to take us to the airport.
Dad and Porter are laying Risk to pass the time.
I am not sure how he is gonna be once we leave!
We kept him home from school today.
Still no fever, but I was fine keeping him home.
We got laundry done, stuff packed and cleaned up.
We ran to Fred Meyer and got some stuff.
Porter got the game Risk on sale there :)
He was pretty excited about it!
When we pulled in to the garage, I got a call from Elsie's school saying that she was dancing during their Fun Friday, and knocked a desk over, which ended up falling on the back of her heel.
So I went and picked her up from school.
It will be pretty bruised, but I think she will be fine.
She is avoiding walking on it, but she can.
Hopefully things will go well with that over the time we are gone!!!!!
This evening we had family dinner together...not something we usually get to do on a weekend!!!!
Madi left shortly after to go with friends.
I guess Cassi gets to babysit tonight and Madi gets to babysit tomorrow while Cass goes with friends.
Oh....speaking of Cassi.
After school, she went with friends to Sonic.
She didn't realize it until she got home that she left her retainer at Sonic!!!!!
Dang Cassi!!!!!
We told her that she pays for the $90 replacement.
So Madi ran her back there to try and find it.
You guessed it, she went through the garbage with a Sonic employee and they found it!
I am glad she found it, and hopefully this will be a lesson for her to be more careful!!!!!!
We are excited about the trip and we are hoping all goes well here at home ❤

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday January 24

We got a call just an hour after Port left to school, telling us he had a 104 fever!
I rushed to the school, where I found out that wasn't exactly the case.
He came to the nurses office because he said he had chest pains.
The nurse wasn't in yet, so Linnea took the temp.
She had to leave, so had the substitute call and tell me.
Well, Linnea took the temp of 101.3, but the sub misheard her and told me 104!!!
When the nurse came, she took his temp and it was 99.3.
But I was already on my way.
She talked to me about the flu going around and that he can't come back tomorrow because of his fever.
I took him home and took his temp about every hour for the first few hours.
The highest I recorded was 99.1!
I gave him no medicine and he was just fine.
So I don't know about tomorrow.
I do, however, think that the chest pains might be related to Mom and Dad leaving to Arizona tomorrow.
I think he is pretty worked up and that is what sent him to the office.
It took me forever to get him to go to bed tonight, so we will see how the night goes and I may just let him stay home tomorrow.
We will see.
Stacia and I went to the family history center again today.
We had a really nice couple helping us out.
I found some work to do, but did some cleaning up and found a couple missing kids that weren't connected to their parents.
I still have some work to do because it says they had two sets of twins.....which isn't impossible.
But I need to find out if the dates are right.
It is pretty fun (when you have someone there with you helping you figure it out!)
I feel like a detective!!!!
Dad finished up the tables for me and got them in the basement.
He also made the door wider for me and I think it will look so good once we get it painted.
When we get back from Arizona, my focus needs to be on the basement!!!
So we are going to Arizona so I can go and take family pictures for Andy and his sweet family :)
It will be fun to go and see them, and it sounds like April will drive to come and see us and spend some time with us too.
Hoping everything goes well back here at home!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wednesday January 23 (add birthday pictures)

It's my favorite person in the whole worlds birthday today!!!!!!
And it is a big one for him!
The big 4-0!
It was a pretty packed day but we still found some time to celebrate!
After the kiddos got off to school, he went and worked out.
I worked on the New Beginning stuff and then got ready for the day.
When we were both ready, we headed downtown to visit a friend of ours.
Bonnie Capall is gonna have open heart surgery tomorrow morning and we wanted to go see her and see how she is feeling.
She was in good spirits and just glad that they caught the problem before she had a massive heart attack!
After our visit with her, we went out to lunch at PF Changs.
It was yummy and then we stopped for a little bit of ice cream before heading home.
On the way home I started to feel pretty nauseous and lousy!
This happened a few years ago after eating at PF Changs :(
I didn't think I would make it home....but I did.
Then I threw it all up!
I told Brent that I was sorry for wasting the money.
He said, not really.
It would have come out another way anyway.... :)
I felt a little better in time to head to the church for New Beginning set up.
Things turned out so cute!
While I was gone, Dad made me an amazing wood heart to use for the decorations tonight.
On his birthday!
Isn't he the best!?!?!?!
Tonight turned out so great.
Cassi sang with some other girls and they did so good.
All the girls liked how their photo turned out, that I made for them.
When we got home afterwards, we finally had time to open Dads gifts and have cake.
Stacia ended up making a new cake for me and it was amazingly yummy!!!!
I am so grateful for Brent.
He is my one.
He is my everything.
I am so thankful that he is mine forever ❤

I made one of these photos for each Young Woman

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tuesday January 22 (add cake pictures!)

Today was all about getting everything squared away for New Beginnings and also Dads birthday stuff tomorrow.
This evening I told Stacia that I wasn't going to go to RS tonight because I had too much to do.
She said she would come over and help me.
I worked on the YW stuff while she got Brent's birthday cake going :)
While they were here I got a text from Dad asking if I was home....
He went to a rescue call out at Swam Lake, and it took him right by our house!
So after the call, they came by :)
It was fun to see him for a split second.
Port, Cannon and Elsie thought it was pretty cool too!
So Stacia and I got to work on the cake and YW stuff.
The cake smelled so good and looked so good!
Then we went to put it on the platter and the middle wasn't cooked!!!!!!
But we left anyway to go to RS where we talked about 72 hour kits.
Came back home and I tried to cook it longer and it did not turn out :)
Sooooo…..Stacia said she would cook a new one tomorrow!
I gotta get some sleep now so I can celebrate by man tomorrow on his big 4-0 birthday!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Monday January 21

Dad did not sleep good last night, so I felt bad that he had to go off to work this morning!
Hopefully he can get some good sleep tonight.
Elsie had speech and PT today, and since there was no school, she had an earlier time.
She had lots of energy and worked really hard.
I ran a few errands with her after that.
I wanted to get my water bottle back from the Family History center.....but they were closed today :(
I will head back tomorrow.
I just miss my water bottle!!!!! Ha ha…
When we got home, I got to work on stuff for New Beginnings on Monday.
Hopefully everything comes together :)
That was mostly what I did the rest of the day.
Madi and Cassi both hung out with friends, Porter too.
Elsie practiced piano, played with her doll and watched Fuller house.
It was a pretty laid back day around here.
Back to school tomorrow!!!!
And I have a few more things to do for the New Beginnings thing on Wednesday.....we are printing some cool pictures for the girls and I am excited for it, if it turns out the way I have it in my head!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday January 20

We had a really nice day today.
The speakers were just great.
One of my Beehives spoke, Kamber, and she was a fantastic speaker.
She spoke about keeping the commandments.
Then she had a high councilmen speak with her.
He talked about missionary work.....but ways we can be better at it.
He asked the question...who shares the gospel.
The answer is....those who are truly converted.
If you love something so want to share it.
If you know about something that changes lives for the want to share it!
When you know for yourself, then you don't care who knows you know!
It's like having a favorite dessert love it so much, so you tell others about it so they can try it too.
Some might not agree with you, but that doesn't mean they won't be your friend anymore!!!!!
But at least you shared it!
It should be the same with the gospel of Jesus Christ!
In Sunday school we went over the last few weeks of the Come Follow Me lessons.
Man, I love it so much!
Having studied it on my own and then all the input from really is helping with my scripture study and understanding.
Two main things from the last two weeks.
I need to be better about writing my thoughts down and taking notes at church....
But this I what I have for now.
With God, nothing is impossible.
This brings me such joy and comfort.
If God can give an old lady the baby she has been desiring, and the Virgin Mary to be with child.
He can surely do the impossible with me.
The key is......he will do it with his own timing, not mine.
That is the tricky part.
I can receive revelation for my family.
I am so grateful for this, especially as a parent to teenagers.
The kids might not understand why Dad and I sometimes don't let them do thing, we might not understand either.
But the Lord let's us know, through the spirit, when things just don't seem right.
I also enjoyed talking in Sunday school today about the difference in the way Mary reacted vs. how Zacharias reacted.
There were some interesting comments.
One being, they both had questions, but Mary's was a question about Okay, but how?
And Zacharias was more like, uh, I don't think so.....give me another sign!
So one could say that Mary had a more trusting or faithful heart.
But I liked another comment that was made.
Who's to say that Zacharias going dumb wasn't how it was supposed to go down anyway.
Sometimes our afflictions have nothing to do with us...
He commented that possibly him going dumb made it when he finally said the name of his son, John, that is was a significant moment.
One that wasn't forgotten.....causing John to be someone that people paid attention to.
Putting him in the pace where he was able to teach of Christ and minister.
Anyway, I liked that.
We never know what will come from our tribulation… it might just be the exact thing that is needed to lift someone else up.
I hope that makes sense.....
Then when we got home, Cassi and Porter went to choir practice.
Madi had a meeting and I took a couple quick pictures of a couple other girls that needed pictures for our New Beginnings on Wednesday.
Back at home and after we ate and rested and did some personal study, we came back together to do our Come Follow Me for this week.
This was cool, because it went along with the talks we had in Sacrament meeting today.
We talked about becoming truly converted and how we would want to share what we know.
Talked about John the Baptist, introducing Christ to a couple of his disciples.
They asked him where Christ was staying and he took them to his place, and they HUNG OUT!!!!
How cool is that?!?!?
I would love to be able to spend time hanging out with Christ :)
But then how John the Baptist, because he shared his testimony of the light of Christ, so many others followed.
Just one testimony made such a difference for so many!!!!
I loved the part also about Nathanael, asking questions about Christ.
And how that isn't a bad thing!
We can not build our testimony without asking questions.
Is there a god?
Go search it out.
Is the Book of Mormon true, find out for yourself!
Do we have latter day prophets?
Study and find for yourself!!!!
Questions lead to a stronger testimony because you know for yourself!!!!!
Just being told what other think are true WILL NOT be enough!!!!
We have to figure out what we want to know, ask the questions and then find the answers!
We had a really fun night with the Youngs.
They came over for dinner and we really enjoyed their visit.
It has been so long since we have all gotten together as families!!!!!
Too long!
We ate, played sang, Madi wrote an official break-up text to a kid that would not let go of Kara :)
Good times.
We sure love that family!
After they left we had scripture study, which then turned into FHE, since Dad will be at work tomorrow.
This weeks fortifying brick is REMODEL :)
Dad shared a great quote by C.S. Lewis (posted at the bottom of the page).
We talked about following the promptings of the spirit, because as we do, the Lord trusts us with more and more and bigger tasks.
I shared with the family that the other day I had a thought.
I minister to the bishop's wife.
Her new baby was hospitalized with RSV.
So she has not been to church since before Chritsmas, because she is supposed to keep him home.
I was feeling bad that she wasn't having the opportunity to take the sacrament.....then I thought to myself (well, I mean I was prompted by the spirit) to offer to come and sit with her little ones so she could go to sacrament meeting.
I thought that there was no way she would accept.....she is very self sufficient.
I didn't think she would accept.
Well, I texted her and she did accept!
I was all prepped and ready, then she texted me this morning and said that one of her older kids woke up in the night, throwing up :(
So she would just stay home, but thank you.
I was seemed like such a great answer for her to be able to get out for a bit!
But you know what?
I still listened to that prompting.
The Lord knows I will act, so he will trust me again, maybe with something even more important.
But also, I think me texting her and offering it, even though it didn't happen, still helped her to know and feel the love of the Lord.
That she isn't forgotten.
That she is important.
I still hope to be able to help her out soon and I hope she can get back to church soon as well!
But I just told the kiddos, don't ignore a prompting, even if it feels silly , or that someone won't accept.
You just don't know what the Lord knows......but he will guide us to know!
Okay, so that was the first step of remodeling…..listen to the spirit's promptings.
Next we talked about Trusting in God and his plan for us.
Like the C.S. Lewis quote, he wants us to be more than a cottage!
He wants to make us into a palace!
But if we don't trust him with the sledgehammer, it can't happen!
And third, we need to always be building our testimony.
If we aren't moving forward, we are moving back.
Building our testimony is strengthening our foundation!
You need a good foundation for a palace remodel!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday January 19

We worked on chores today.
Well, mostly Dad did.
I went and helped a friend clean up her rental house that she moved out of.
Madi was at work, Cassi went to her friends basketball game.
So it was up to Dad and the little ones :)
This afternoon, we got to babysit my friend's baby!
She's got 5 kids, and she wanted to take her sister out, who also just had a baby.
Kristin, my friend didn't want to leave her Dad watching two newborns and then all the other little kids.
So I offered to watch her little on.
She was the sweetest little thing.
Dad is such a softy around babies!!!!
When he got home from the store, he came in with groceries and was gonna go back out to take the truck down to the shop.
Well, he left the truck running.....
When he came in, he saw the baby.....and forgot about the running truck :)
He washed his hands and had to hold her right away.
So that was what we did tonight.
Just had fun holding sweet little baby Audra!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday January 18

Half day today.
We had a mad rush this morning to finish Porter map book report project....that got put off for a little too long :)
But it turned out good and he got to school on time.
This evening was the only night before Dads birthday that everyone as available for a couple hours to take Dad out for his birthday dinner.
Dad chose to take the kiddos to PF Changs...they have never been there.
It was fun to take them to Dads favorite restaurant :)
We all had a nice evening.
Dad took us to FanciFreeze for some shakes and ice cream too.
It was a nice night and I am thankful for these guys and we sure had fun celebrating Dad!
Oh, and Madi asked Jason to sweethearts :)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday January 17

The big girls went to the temple this morning.
They chose to go to the Meridian temple, which is much busier than the Boise!
But they still made it home in time to get to school on time :)
Cassi had a fun thing happen today.
After 2 years, she finally got her braces off!
She has been loving it :)
Today was half day for the girls.
Port still had to go all day, but they all have half day tomorrow.
I went with Dad later today to help him rewire a electrical outlet for a lady in our ward.
Not a whole lot else happened today.
I did have to take Cassi back to pick up her retainer.
Then Dad took her to buy a new phone.
That girl...she has been wanting to buy a new phone.
She finally got the money for it.
Hopefully we can keep this one from getting cracked!

2 years ago

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday January 16 (add pictures....I am too dang tired!)

Had an early morning.
Cassi went with her friends to the temple.
Her friend Kendyl came over at 5:15 and then they were picked up at 5:45.
I got up at 5 to make sure Cassi was awake, and never got back to sleep :(
We had quite a bit of snow this morning too.
I helped in the office once all the kiddos got to school.
Then I went to Walmart to get some supplies to make a poster for YW tonight.
We did a mutual theme kick-off and I painted a sign for it.
It is a heart, but it is made out of the 10 commandment tablets.....
the theme this year is "If Ye Love me, Keep my Commandments"
I thought it was a pretty clever thing to do with the heart ❤
Something kind of fun today.
Cassi started teaching her first guitar lessons!
It is a grandpa and his two grandchildren.
He got them guitars for Christmas and they are all learning together.
How cute is that?!?!?
I look forward to see what Cass can do.
Pretty fun!
I left early to go for my Beehive pres meeting.
Then we had our mutual theme kickoff activity.
We started off with a video the church made, with the theme song.
Then Stacia shared that, yes it is about keeping commandments, but it is really about Love.
And to love someone we need to spend time with them, we need to serve them, etc.
Doing what the Lord has asked of us will show him that we love him.
Then we watched a video about barriers.
There were some surfers that were missing the big waves because there was a barrier out there.
They kept complaining and an older surfer came by with binoculars and told them to look.
They saw sharks......then they knew there was a purpose in the barrier.
It was there for protection.
It is the same with the commandments.
It isn't to hold us is to make us free!
It was a cool video.
Then we split into groups and had different activities.....a game with the bishopric, a 10 commandments Pictionary, tie a blanket, write to a missionary and write your testimony in a Book of Mormon.
It was a really nice night.
Hopefully all the kids came away with something :)
You never know...…..

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tuesday January 15 (add pictures)

I didn't go to the gym today for my class, because Elsie had a 'lemonade stand' thing at her school today.
So I worked out here at home.
Then went to the school.
It was for her digital tools class.
They had posters made and we judged them on the presentation, taste, friendliness.
It was pretty cute.
Elsie's group went above and beyond and was the only group that had a tablecloth....bonus points there :)
She was so happy to see me, so I was glad that I went.
After eating lunch, Stacia and I went to the Family History center.
We both want to get better at family history and we really enjoyed the fun ladies there to help us.
We found some names and plan to go back and keep on learning!
I left my water bottle I HAVE to go back :)
A really cool experience happened.
We were getting ready to leave and I wanted to show the ladies the cool stuff that we found last night that Brent uploaded to Family search.
I couldn't find it so I kept looking down the line for Robert Bruce, because it was a letter he had written that we found.
We actually have no idea how the letter came into our possession....but after today it doesn't matter.
I know they are on the other side of the veil pushing us in the right direction.
Last night while looking at the names, all the work had been done.
But today as I was trying to find the photos of the letters that we put on there, I found James Bruce, who was Robert's grandfather (I think).
He didn't have his work done!!!!!!
His wife's was done and she is just waiting to be sealed to him.
It was the coolest experience to be guided the way I was.
First to find the letter at our house, that we have no idea where it came from.
Then to go to the family history center today, which we planned last week.
Then to remember that Brent posted pictures and that I wanted the nice ladies that work there to see.
And then to come across the name of James who has been waiting for a very long time!
He was born 1752!!!!
And guess what....Cassi has been planning a trip to the temple with her friends for a week.
They are going tomorrow!!!
She is going with girls and boys, so she can take James' name...….have one of her friends do the baptism and confirmation.
Then Brent will be able to do the rest of his work.
Man, just so cool!!!!
They are on the other side, waiting to help us to help them!
We just need to listen and give a little bit of our time!!!!!!
Anyway....came home, made dinner.
I have been really good about making good dinners, pretty healthy, and things the kids like.
So I am on a roll!!!!
I really want to be better about meal planning this year!
Then this evening was pack meeting.
The had the boys share a tool that their parents use in their job.
Porter chose to take Dad's helmet.
It was a big hit with the audience as he told them what dad did and what he needed for his job.
And that he admires his dad because he works hard, trains hard and helps people.
I sure missed Dad today!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday January 14

I've heard couples say they don't fight.
That is not the case with us.
Not even close.
But I would not have it any other way.
With each bump in the road, each hard step, each trial.....we have grown closer.
I've loved him more and more with each fight...…and I love him ALOT!!!!! 
Of course, it's not the fighting I love.
It's our willingness to come together, to forgive, to want to be better....for each other and for ourselves.
There is no doubt in my mind that this man was made for me.
We've learned a lot about each other in the last 19 years and I look forward to what is to come.
Because if we keep going how we are going, it's only gonna get better and better.
I love spending as much time with him as possible.
The last few weeks he has been able to take days off of work and we have been able to spend a lot of time together.
It really has been such a great way to start this year.
Lots of planning, talking, discussing.
It has been pretty awesome.
I do not look forward to him going back to work tomorrow :(
But I do look forward to our plans this year!!!!
After a good workout, we showered and then we went to lunch for our anniversary.
We decided to go to Cheesecake factory.
It was pretty good.
Then we went to Target to get Dad a shirt and an antennae, but I ended up getting a shirt and pants for myself :)
On the way home we decided to do a grocery run at Walmart.
After some yummy hamburgers for dinner.
We had a great FHE tonight.
Dad and I talked over our lunch about what we could talk about.
Actually, I told him what my thoughts I want to use each FHE to talk about some kind of way we can fortify our home.
Then label some paper bricks with what the topic is and put them in the mudroom to fortify the wall :)
Get it.....
Anyway, he thought of a story in 2 Nephi that he wanted to share, so he took the reigns in FHE.
We talked about what Nephi did after Lehi dies.
How he fully put his trust in the Lord.
In vs. 17, Nephi talks about how he feels like he is a wretched man.
He feels bad that even though he has seen the many miracles of the Lord and he knows what is right, he is still but a man and still makes bad choices.
BUT....the Lord supports him in his trials.
Just like us....we all mess up.
We all have to repent daily.
But the Lord is with us.
Nephi says, Awake My Soul!
He cries unto the Lord and his soul rejoices.
As a family we talked about praying to KNOW what we know.
WE talked about submitting our will to God's will.
Dad had a great point.
Our will is the ONLY thing that we have that we can give to the Lord.
We can give of our time, of our tithing.....but that is all things God has given to us and asked for in return.
But he gave us our free will, that is his gift.
So if we choose to give our will in place of his will...….well that actually turns our will into his.
I just love that.
And if we follow the commandments, keep our covenants then our will will always align with the Lord's will.
Also, Dad talked about free will being....not just the choice to do what we want.
But the choice to do good.
Our instincts of that of man....we lean towards the bad choices naturally.
Dad's example was, it would be much easier to just sleep in for church at 9 a.m.
But it is our CHOICE to get up and go.
We are choosing to do the good.
Anyway.....then we talked about family history stuff and chatted for quite a while.
I am really enjoying this time with my family.
It was a nice day today.
To look at the love of my life, sitting across the table from me as we are surrounded by our little ones.
I am thankful for these last 19 years and look forward to so much more!