Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I LOVE my dish towel folders!
Towels are the one thing that the kids like to help me with.
You can get a lot done pretty quickly.
Elsie loves to help fold laundry...
You can see the difference in Elsie's pile and Cassi's pile.
We've got pretty good kids if you ask me!
(Grandma...your super soft comfy socks found their way into our laundry bag...we will send them back to you soon, well worn, I am sure!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I LOVE child proofing stuff.
Isn't this funny!?!
He was practically doing a pull-up to get into that cupboard!
He is a little turkey that is into everything!
Thank goodness for child proofing stuff to keep him out of the dangerous stuff.
Right now he is majorly interested in the toilet, stairs, and the canned food.
Is it weird that he keeps getting bruises IN THE SAME SPOT?????
Over and over again he hits the right side of his forehead.
Poor kid!
My two favs about this picture...
His tippy tippy toes,
and his hugely cottage cheese thighs!!!

Pay it Forward

I didn't expect so many!
I am supposed to pick the first three...but really I am flattered that so many want to pay it forward, so I will choose you all...well, the ones who chose to go along with this.
The ones who have left comments, all you need to do now is repost this on your blog.
And keep the giving moving on!

I have seen this around the blog world, and it intimidated me...until I saw quilt dad post it, and I wanted one of the amazing things he I jumped for it!

You get to be a part of it too....3 of you anyway.

If you would like to receive a handmade gift from me, and are willing to make and send a handmade gift to three of your blog readers, please leave a comment to let me know.

Once you decide to be a part of the fun, you will receive something from me within 365 days. In turn, you will have 365 days to make something handmade and send to your blog readers... so make a post on your blog to say kinda the same thing I said....

Got it...does it make sense???

I love this...I love it even more that we are getting so close to Christmas time....Perfect time to be giving and loving!

Monday, September 28, 2009


We LOVE field trips!!!
I got to go with Elsie for her very first field trip today.
We went to Linder Farms and she had a blast.
She thought it was pretty cool that I got to ride the bus with her!
First we had a hay ride, then the hay maze, and then Elsie got to go pick her pumpkin.
I tried to help her, and guide her to the closer pumpkins.
But she had one in her sights and that is the one she wanted.
She picked a pretty cute one too!!!
I love this little bug.
She just makes everything so much fun.
Just look at that smile!

Miss Elsie and her perfect pumpkin.

This is Elsie's little friend PJ.
He is such a cute little boy and Elsie thinks he is pretty cool!
They have been in nursery together forever, I am glad they got to be in the same preschool class.
I think it has made it easier for both of them!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


We LOVE Grandma and Bumpa!!!
We are home now.
And it is nice to be home.
But we already miss them!
I wish I would have gotten a picture of Grandma and Grandpa together!!!
Next time.
But for now this picture shows only a small part of what Grandma and Elsie's relationship is like.
Elsie adores her Grandparents...and they adore her.
Of course!
These people are the most incredible people.
So hard working.
So loving.
Both would give you the shirt off their back...
I would say they are the best in-laws in the world...
But really I can't call them in-laws...they are Mom and Dad.
(I LOVE my own Mom and Dad too!)
I am so thankful that my children have the influence of these great people in their lives.
One of my most favorite things that I have always noticed about them...
They leave little love notes everywhere.
On napkins, on cups, post-its.
You name it, they leave it.
They have the most special love for one another.
And such a pure love for everyone.
I hope to be more like them.
We should all be like them!
Sorry Dustin...your not off the hook!
Dustin is our Nephew.
Dustin is HUGE BYU fan.
Dustin did bad thing a made a bet with Brent last weekend.
If Boise lost and BYU won...
Brent would have to wear a BYU shirt.
If BYU lost and Boise won...
Dustin would wear a BSU shirt.
I am sure you all know what happened.
Well, we couldn't help but get Dustin a pretty PINK BSU shirt!!!
Doesn't he look great in pink!!!
Dustin...I hope you have learned your lesson.
Lesson number one...BSU doesn't loose.
Lesson number two....
God doesn't like you making bets!
We love ya dussy boy!!!
Oh, by the way Dustin, did you know BSU is ranked 5....and BYU is ranked 20....hmmm, that's not so good.
As Brent has said many times, shouldn't BYU be better with God on their side????

Saturday, September 26, 2009


We LOVE our little helpers!
Last night Brent wanted me to make sure he was awake at 6:40 go get some straw with his brother and nephews.
I did my job, he was up in time.
I crawled back in bed...until a frantic Madi came to wake me up saying Dad had promised she could go!!!
Luckily I got her down to Uncle Dave's house in time before they left.
She was so excited to help the big boys.
And according to Dad, she was a pretty great helper!
When they got home after noon, they had to unload it.
That is when Cass wanted to get up there and help.
Of course it really was too heavy for her to be of much help.
But she thought she was helping, and that is what really counts!
I am so happy that Brent has taught our kids to be such great workers!!!
And as far as the water line goes...everything looks really good.
It's too bad they had to deal with the obstacles...but they dealt with them pretty dang good!

Friday, September 25, 2009


I LOVE how the Matthews Family works together through ANY problem!
This trench looks a little different than it did last night, right?
Well over night, somehow the irrigation flow was opened and filled, I mean FILLED the entire trench.
Needless to say, things were a little hectic this morning.
We had to get water pumped from out from under the house, and all the water out of the trench.
No small feet I tell you.
Sure, there was some worry, but never a 'I give up' kind of attitude.
You do what you gotta do to get it done.
I love that about this family!
So a few sump pumps later...we got under the house dry.
Then Brent rented a larger sump pump and pumped out the trench.
It was going well, and in pretty good time.
Until they realized that the walls had caved in on each other in several spots.
But, onward they go, digging out what they needed to do, burying the line deeper where they needed to.
A few glitches here and there.
Actually, pretty much EVERYTHING went wrong!
But they are pretty close to having it fixed up all nice and new.
They all work so well together...
And thankfully everyone came out safe and sound, pretty dang dirty, but safe and sound!

Brent and Caleb digging out what used to be a 9 foot trench!

Still working hard at dusk...we started at about 7 a.m.
Our sweet patient, VERY DIRTY kids!
Pretty bad day to start with...not so bad anymore!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


We LOVE tractors, shovels, big ditches...and most of all, we love to help!
This is what it looks like in front of Brent's parents house right now.
We made a quick trip down to Evanston to help dig this trench to bring the water line to their house.
Okay, Doug and Dave (Brent's big brothers) did a lot of the digging with the back hoe...but that is just cause they was too scared to go into the trenches....
That is where Brent spent the day...
Even though all day he did the stuff that goes against all that he has learned in the last few years about trench rescues...
This was a quick last minute trip, but we are very happy to come a visit and to help!
Brent...telling me to hurry up and just take the picture already!
And I am a few days late on taking Porters 10 month pictures.
What better backdrop than the Wyoming farmlands!!!
Isn't he goofy?
We LOVE him!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I LOVE these boots....
and will be very sad the day Cassi grows out of them!
A while back, Madi's good friend Keva passed some clothes down to Madi.
These boots were in that bunch.
The boots didn't fit Madi.
The boots ALSO didn't fit Cassi, too big!
But that didn't matter.
She wears them ALL THE TIME.
I think they show her personality, very well.
Bright red, Cassi is very bright and happy.
Their large size, Cassi has a bigger than life personality.
The fact that they are cowboy boots, Cassi has no problem being different from everyone else.
She hadn't worn them to school yet, I thought I could hold her off for a while....
and I did.
Until yesterday.
Now I have a feeling that is what she will be wearing all the time, again!
Which is fine.
They are her!
And as another favorite for the day...
Little Elsie was my mini mom this morning for breakfast.
She was very helpful in feeding Porter is food.
She is such a sweetie!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I LOVE memories of Grandma Beardall!!!

Today I spent a little time cutting strips to make Madi's scripture bag.
I kept smelling my Grandmas perfect smell.
I realized that one specific material I was using, the blue one above, was actually a shirt of my Grandmas, that she had cut up for quilting scraps.
It smelled just like her, and it took me back.
I miss that lady.
What an amazing woman.
If only I could be an ounce like she was!
She had an amazing way of making you believe she was your absolute favorite, even though I am sure I WAS!
But when she talked to you, she focused on you and what you had to say.
My favorite was when she told you she loved you.
It was never, luv ya, or love you, or anything casual.
It was always a straight look in the eye and a very strong, I LOVE YOU.
I got to talk to her the on the phone the night she passed away.
And that is exactly what she did.
I could feel her looking in my eyes and wrapping her arms around me and saying "I LOVE YOU KIMI."
Oh, and I love her.
My life is better because of her.
And then another crazy part about today.
This evening I got a call on the phone.
When I answered the lady asked for Shirley.
Obviously the wrong number, but what struck me was how much this lady sounded like my Grandma.
I wanted her to talk more, but she hung up after I said she must have had the wrong number.
I cherish the memories of my Grandma, and everything she taught me.
And all the things she has passed down to me.
I love you Grandma!

Here are a couple posts about Grandma that I did a while and here

Monday, September 21, 2009


We LOVED Summer!!!
...But I think we are all ready for Fall!
The weather here has been a little cooler and it has been nice.
I don't think I am ready for Winter to be so close...but it will be okay too.
But we will always be excited for Summer again!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We LOVE to fly kites!!!
I am really loving Sundays lately!
We get back from church and take naps...
and then we still have time to go do something fun as a family.
Tonight we went to the park and flew our cheap old kites.
The wind was very strong, I am surprised the kites didn't get ripped up more than they did!!!
The kids had fun, of course.
The dumb dog had fun...(I call him dumb cause he woke me up 2 times last night to let him out!!! Seriously dog...if I wanted to be woken up more at night time I would have had ANOTHER baby!!!!!!!)
It was a pretty enjoyable afternoon.
Cass, trying hard to get that kite up...

Madi, daring to let Elsie hold the kite on her own....

Elsie had so much fun walking all over the grass!
She is doing so good!
We are still working hard on trying to get her to stand up without holding onto something.
When she gets that down, nothing will stop her!!!
And my bubba boy!
Ooh, I love him!!!

Um, I told you the wind was strong!!!
Knocked Brent right over...but hey, he kept the kite up!
What a man!

Just had to include a shot of Cassi's rockin' outfit!
What style!

And a shot of our shadow family...
Small heads, large thighs...
Not the most flattering of family pictures!

...and the WINNER is....

...who said this...
Alison said... Wow lots of people want this bag! It is very cute! I vote for the tutorial, because I never win things! Both my girls would love it! A girl can never have to many bags, right!
Yay won something!!!
Hey I will drop by this week...and maybe get my visiting teaching done...since I am her visiting teacher!!!
Thanks guys for playing along!
I am so glad to have made some new friends...I love it!
Plan on me doing a tutorial!!!
I will start working on Madi's bag and do a tutorial real soon!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is what Elsie says all the time now-a-days.
It really is the cutest thing.
She says she 'loves it' to pretty much everything.
Waffles, 'I yuh bit',
Binky, 'I yuh bit',
Dada, 'I yuh bit',
Her red car, 'I yuh bit',
On and on with school, the bus, sandbox, her car seat, sippy cup....
She says she loves it then kisses it, whatever it is...even the waffles!
Such a cutie!!!
Here is a little video for you to hear her for yourself!!!
(excuse her hair-do, she just woke up from a nap!)

Friday, September 18, 2009


I LOVE my bruiser!!!
This little boy is becoming a HANDFUL!!!
And I LOVE IT!!!
His mischievous smiles!!!
His silly giggles...
His cross bite, that has caused his front tooth to chip already!!!
The way he throws wipes all across the room!
He has ripped his airplane mobile down, broken the top, and thrown the airplanes across the room!
He gives great kisses, which usually involves his cute broken (sharp) teeth!!!
He is the best little boy.
Man he is trouble...and we love every minute of it!!!
Keep on commenting for the give-away!!!
I am thinking of doing a picture tutorial as I am making Madi's!
So stay tuned!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today is the day!
I promised there would be a give-a-way!!!
I love to enter give-aways...and I have won a few things!
So you know how I made messenger bags for the girls for school?
Well, I tried to alter the pattern to make a scripture bag for Madi.
This was my test subject!
I think it turned out great!
And I want one of you to have it!!!
Now whomever wins needs to realize that I am not a professional seamstress!!!
You will have to overlook and and all flaws that you see!

It is the perfect size for scriptures...

It also nicely fits chapter books, board books, art pad, pencils and crayons.

It will fit children, usually over the shoulder like Cassi has it, or it fits me, an adult, just fine on one shoulder.

It is quilted. Nice bright colors. Yellow lining.

Lots of fun!

DO YOU WANT IT????????

Just leave me a comment and tell me what you plan to use the bag for...yourself, a gift, for a child??? What do you plan to use it for???

I will take comments until Sunday, September 20 at 6:00 p.m. That is when I will pick one of you as the winner!!! YAY!

That is the day my baby boy turns 10 months old......I am not sure if I am excited or so very sad!!!

Can't wait to hear your comments!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We LOVE America's got Talent!
The girls have so much fun watching!
We are pulling for the Fab Five!!!
They are awesome!!!
Oh man...they just got voted out...booo!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We LOVE cereal before bedtime!
This 'Tradition' started a long time ago!
I started doing it in a desperate attempt to have Cassi sleep all night.
I started thinking, she eats about every hour in the day, she probably gets hungry at night.
Well, it worked...for a while!
There are gonna have to be other things we do to deal with her sleep issues...
But the cereal at bedtime stuck!
We all need a bedtime snack, right!!!
Today I started shooting for the Boise Fireman Calendar...
I sure hope you guys plan to get one!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


We LOVE watercolors!!!
I should pull the paints out more than I do.
The girls love to paint so much.
Elsie had so much fun.
She also got very messy!!!
Madi and Cassi love using their creative minds.
I am so glad I put them into the art classes with Miss. Sarah!
(I need to get the same watercolors that she used...they were so vibrant!!!)
Anyway, the girls had a lot of fun this afternoon!
And I have a bunch more pictures to hang now...cause I just can't get rid of them!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We LOVE to go for walks!
Sundays are always great days for walks.
not really today, though...
It was way too hot!!!
Oh well, it is still nice to get out for a bit of fresh air!!!
Aren't those some cute toes-ies on the stroller!!!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


We LOVE girls!!!
It is no surprise that our lives are filled with all things girly!
Our friends, the Young family, have been there for our whole married life.
We had our kids together.
We take trips together.
And up until Porter came along...this was what our world was...ALL GIRLS!!!
Pink stuff, fluffy-ness, jewelry, swinging MOODS, hair does, fashion...
All of it.
And we love it all, don't we Heather!!!
I am so thankful for this family and for them being with us for all these years.
I am so happy that my GIRLS...and boy, have such great GIRLS to grow up with!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


We LOVE and definitely HATE the sandbox!!!
Elsie can't get enough time in the sandbox lately!
Any hour of the day.
Which becomes a problem sometimes...because of the sun.
I set out our big umbrella for her, so she can play.
But our next big project is to turn the bottom of the playhouse into a giant sandbox!
Then I have plans, and material, to hang curtains to block the sun and, and look pretty cute too!!!
Elsie will love it...
We will all love it!
Only one thing...
I also hate the sandbox!
The sand sticks to them like glue!
Tell me if you think this is a dumb idea...
have a change of clothes for them to wear in the sandbox and they have to change before coming back in the house...
Too much work? I don't know!!!
Remember, I have NEW CARPET!!!
Hmm, we will see what we d0 when the big sandbox gets done!
Does anyone here in Meridian who read my blog have a carpet cleaner???
Sure, I can use my kids over and over (oh stop thinking I am a bad Mom...they WANTED to help me!)...but I just can't get the smell out of this cool rug I got from a garage sell!
And the point of a garage sell rug is cheapness, so I don't want to go rent a cleaner or have it cleaned!
So does anyone want to share???
And I had to add a picture of my boy, even if it was from yesterday.
Love him, SO MUCH, even when he is teething!!!!


Thursday, September 10, 2009


We LOVE waiting for the girls!
I thought this was so cute!
We were waiting for Cassi and Elsie to come home from school.
At one point they were both looking out the same window, which was cute too.
I haven't figured out yet how to use my morning hours to it's full potential...I could be getting so much done!
But today, not so much.
But I did get some great alone time with my boy.
He is teething, again...
and wants to cuddle, a lot, so I do.
I cuddle all he wants!
I am sure I will get more done tomorrow, right?
(There is some major sunlight coming into the lens...but I think it adds character to the picture, right?)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


We LOVE sleep!!!
This is the closest thing I got to having Elsie FAKE cute!
I have been so tired lately...arg!
Brent and I are looking forward to an early bedtime tonight!!!
Also, Brent and I got to get away and go to the temple today.
We just don't get to do that as often as we would like!
Thanks to Heather and Jenni for taking the kiddos so we could go!
Just 8 more days until my first give-away!!!
I am excited...are you???
And thanks for all the nice comments about my room...I am loving it and it's cozy-ness!!!
To answer a couple questions...
the frame above the fireplace is actually a window frame that my friend Jenni cut mattes out for...
My blanket bucket is an old washtub...
And YES Annie...MOVE BACK!!!