Wednesday, October 31, 2012

*Halloween* Wednesday October 31

Wow, it has been a long and sugar filled day!
We started off with Elsie's class party.
They all had a lot of fun with cute little crafts and activities.
I just love Elsie's little class and I love how much they love her :)
Here is a handful of pictures.

Love Mrs. Jodie!
We met up with Sister Roll after school for Els.
It was so fun to see her.
I am so glad that we still get to stay in touch!
And we are very excited for her to become a Grandma very soon!!!

Then we were onto Cassi's class Party.
Cassi was so cute with porter....taking him around with her to the activities.
Elsie sat in the corner eating candy corn and reading books.
Silly girl.
Here are some shots from that party.

And onto trick-or-treating.
We just went to the neighborhood that is part of our ward.
The kids had a fun time and they got some good candy.
Elsie started to fall a few times and I knew we needed to wrap it up.
She was tired....up at 5:00 again this morning.
We sent Dad pictures while we were out....we sure miss him.
He had a great time today though.
I will put some of his pictures on later......promise I will, Dussy boy.

And then bath time before bed....
Told ya she was tired!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday October 30

Well, I had a very boring day around here.
So we will just talk about Dad and what he has been up to while he has been away.
He sent me a text this morning at 1:30 when they finally reached the Hotel.
They got checked in and crashed in bed for about 1 1/2 hours before they had to get up.
They are two hours ahead of us, so he had to get up at 3:30 our time for it to be 5:30 his time, to make it to his convention by 6:00.
And they lasted all day on that 1 1/2 hour of sleep....after being awake from 4:00 the previous morning til 2:00 this morning.
I don't know how they survived.
He said about 4 of the 6 of them kept falling asleep in the middle of it all.
But Brent said he is having such a great time.
There is some really neat stuff they are teaching.
Lots of stuff going on.
He ran into a guy he worked with when he worked for South Salt Lake, kinda cool.
After the convention, they were all eager to get to bed, but they had to return their rental car.
So they did that, then had their dinner and he called me at 7:00 (our time) and they were ready to crash.
I sure hope he has an awesome sleep tonight.
I want him to get as much as he can out of this.....he loves this stuff.
He has been a good boy and he has been sending me pictures all day.
He tells me that I would love it there.
Lots of old world stuff.
And by the pictures, I think I really would love it there!
I think it would be a lot of fun tot be there with him.
Maybe some day.
I am hoping that his trip back home on Thursday evening goes without a hitch.
Here are his shots from the day.
I can't wait to see and hear more.

And like I said, my day was very boring.
I am still so tired.
I may have to go get some blood work done and make sure everything is good.
It is more than just sleepy.
After I got the girls off this morning, I out a movie for Port and cuddled him on the couch so I could take a nap.
I planned to lay for a little bit and then clean up.
Well, I could not get up until I had to go get Elsie from school.
Very unproductive.
I hate that.
Especially when I have so much to get done!
Well, I got Port down for a nap and managed to clean a bit and edit some photos.
When Madi got home, I decided to go for a run.
I needed to get out and I needed to workout.
It felt good.....
Then I showered and when Cass got home I took the plunge and decided to take all the kids shopping.
We have nothing around here to eat for the kiddos.
Anyway, I thought "How bad could it be?"
Well, I guess it wasn't too bad.
But There was some fighting and me being called the worst mom cause I wouldn't buy the stuff they wanted.
But we are all good and all is forgiven.
I will say it again, I won't be taking them all shopping with me again.
(wonder how long that promise will last...)
This is before shopping and after we got suckers from the bank.
All happy and crazy.
We wanted to send Dad a picture since he was sending us such fun ones :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday October 29

The day started out VERY early today.
Brent was up just after 4:00 today to meet up with the rest of his group to head to the airport for their 6:30 flight.
The 6:30 flight that kept getting delayed, due to the fog.
He finally got out of Boise in a 12:00 flight.
He had to stay at the airport for the whole time.
It killed him.
Killed me.
I hated it, knowing he was right there.
But because his flight was delayed they missed their flight out of SLC, so then had a 4 hour layover in Salt Lake.
He just landed in Atlanta Georgia about 10 minutes ago.
That was not the original airport they were planning to go to.
Now they have to rent a car and make a 4.5-5 hour drive to their hotel in Savannah.
I feel so bad for him.
They have all been awake for such a long time.
They tried to sleep on the flights, but Brent said it was so bumpy....not much happened.
I just pray that they will keep each other up while they drive for that long.
And then they are back up bright and early in the morning for the first day of conferences.
He started out he is just exhausted!
I am sure he will b e back to excited soon enough (after some good shut eye!)
I was up working out when Elsie came upstairs at 5:45.
So we had an early start too, but at least I got some stuff done.
Well, kinda.
Brent and I did download and start playing the 'draw something' game.
It is pretty cool that we can play games together even though he is not with me :) was a rough morning with the kids.
And then I got a call from Mrs. Jodie telling me that she was not feeling good and had a substitute today, and so did Mrs. Grayson.
So I did not have high hopes of her going to school today.
But I Got her there anyway.
Luckily the sub aid was a familiar face.
She is Mrs. Graysons sister in law.
And she had been in the classroom before and she was so sweet and excited to see Elsie....and off Elsie went.
No problem.
Good girl!
(Lets hope that is how things go when she has a dentist appointment on Thursday.....)
Porter had speech today, like he does every Monday.
I usually take him in and then go work in Elsie's class.
When Mrs. Cristy brought him back to me, she had given him his own little folder with his own homework in it.
He was so excited!!!
Then he told me that he needed a backpack.
I told him we would have to look for one.
Then all day he asked me when we would go and get one.....
Then I remembered that we had Elsie's old one laying around (I am trying to gather old backpacks to put together 72 hour clothing kits for us...)
He was so excited that it looked like a BumbleBee backpack (transformers...)
So we are all set.
He is so excited to go to speech next week with is BumbleBee backpack!

He also thinks it is very cool to have his own homework.
She printed off the game board game for him and in the spaces you land on it has things like, fill your cheeks with air and then slowly blow the air out and other mouth muscle sort of things.
He things it is great.
We are trying to work on vowels.
Cause he doesn't say them very well.
So he has a couple worksheets too, to help him work on those vowel sounds.
He is doing really good and making some good progress.
He is a good kid.

I hope the day goes good for Brent tomorrow.
I hope he gets some awesome sleep over the next few days :)
Just wish he would get some tonight!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday October 28

This is what the kids were doing at 7:00 this morning.
Swapping candy and sneaking a few while they were at it.
It made them nice and sugared for church :)
Today was our Primary program.
It went pretty well.
It was still pretty chaotic.
And spending the whole 3 hour block with the same 5 little was exhausting.
Good thing they are cute.
Elsie wouldn't go with her class.
So she sat and watched with program with Daddy.
Porter was almost asleep until the Sunbeams went up front for their lines and song.
When he got back to his class, he was past the tired point, and into hyper mode!
Good thing his teachers like him so much :)
Madi had a speaking part and she did a great job.
I think she wasn't expecting as many people to be in the audience as there was.
So she was pretty nervous, but she did really great.
And she didn't rush through it....she did it very nice.
Great job Madi.
I could hear Cassi pretty good in the crown of kids.
And her face was very animated.
She has performance running through her blood :)
So it was a good day.
(But I am so ready to go to sleep.)
Dad leaves tomorrow for 4 days to Savannah Georgia.
I know 4 days isn't a huge deal for most people...but I am not looking forward to it.
I just like having him around.
And I am spoiled by him.
He is going for a USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) conference.
It is an amazing opportunity for him.
He is going with a group of captain and chiefs....and he is the only one who is a driver.
It is a big deal and I am proud of him.
He is excited about it.
And I am trying to be excited too :(
But I will miss him.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday October 27

Tonight was our ward trunk-or-treat night.
It was pretty fun, and luckily the weather wasn't too bad.
I don;t know how much I will take the kids out on I am glad we got to go out and have fun tonight.
And the Terry family came with us, which made it even more fun :)
It started off with a chili cook-off/dinner.
Then there were some games until it got a little darker.
Then the trunk-or-treat started.

Madi- Mummy
Elsie- Buffalo Ballerina :)
Porter- Hulk
Cassi- Wonder Woman

Brent got to work today putting together our trunk.
He did an awesome job.
I took this picture before he was all the way done, cause it started raining, and I wasn't sure that the trunk or treat would happen..... (in case of rain, it was going to be moved in doors to the church.)
But lucky for us, the weather cleared.....but I didn't remember to take a shot while we were trunk of treating....
But it was pretty dang cool :)
***** was a fun night.
Thanks to the Terry's for joining us.
I know Cassi was one happy girl to have Aydo and Alex with her!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday October 26

We went with Elsie for her Field trip today to the pumpkin patch.
Dad was the pumpkin escort, so he drove his truck filled with pumpkins back to the school.
It was a lot of fun....but so very cold!
I think all of the kids did pretty good.
Not much complaining.
Elsie had a blast.
No complaining from her at all.
Mrs. Grayson has things pretty well organized.
The kids all had a great time at Linder Farms.
Just some fun pictures to show for the day.

This is Mrs. Jodie.
We just love her.
She is the greatest!

Elsie's perfect pumpkin pick :)

The whole (freezing) class.

Elsie and Andie.
I just LOVE how much Elsie's class mates love her.
They really do.
It melts my heart :)

This is one exhausted little girl!
Man.....I have been feeling horrible today.
I guess this last week of me being exhausted may have been cause I am not feeling up to par.
My whole body aches.
Hopefully a good nights sleep will help me out.
Cause tomorrow is gonna be a busy day!!!