Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday May 31

Several years ago Gramps loaned us his Dad's milk carrier.
Well, today I was at Hobby Lobby getting stuff for teacher gifts....I found these old milk bottles.
I was so excited!
It will look so great in the kitchen!
Port had a lot of questions about the milk carrier.
I tried to retell some of the stories that Gramps tells us, but I can't tell it as good as Gramps does.
Then Port asked me what Grandpas Dad looked like and if dad ever knew him.
I pulled him up on FamilySearch and there was only one picture of Donald Matthews!
But it was a picture with his mom and dad and family.
It was his mom who was named Elsie.
Elsie thought that was pretty cool!
So I decided we need to add more pictures next time we are in Wyoming!!!
I also want to record Gramps telling his stories about his Dad and delivering the milk :)
The day went by fast.
I helped at the school for movie day this morning.
Then I ran to hobby lobby.
I got pictures added to my Sunday post....but I still need to do Mondays.....
After school Elsie had speech, and then Port had Baseball practice, then after I fed them I had to go to the villages to pick Cassi up.
She got to go to the movies with the student counsel, so that was fun for her.
Then it was bedtime before we knew it!
Little ones are so tired!
It is always hard getting back to normal after a trip......
I hope they sleep good tonight.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday May 30 (add pictures)

Just got home......
I will be blogging tomorrow.
We are so tired and need some sleep!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday May 29

We got up and got all ready for church.
It was a great meeting, hearing from the bishopric.
After church we had to get our 'kid picture'.......but we needed Gramps in there too :)
After church we rested some.
Then went to visit Dussy boy and saw that he had some fun stuff to try and shoot.
Some kind of exploding powder stuff..........
We all went down by the slew.
The kids all had fun going down there and we all laughed a lot.
But never had much luck with shooting the powder stuff.
We went back up to Dussy Boys house because he made arrangements with Kallie's dad to come and meet Elsie.
Kallie is Elsie's pen pal the Dussy boy set her up with.
It was so cute for them to meet.
Next time we come up we will plan a play date and picnic at the park so they can have a more relaxed meeting :)
Then we all went to Grandmas grave and had a little get together with a lot of the family.
We talked about memories of Grandma.
We all wrote little notes on paper and tied them to balloons.
I just love Port's note......'I miss you, but I know you are skipping in heaven. I love you. Love Porter'.
So sweet :)
It was fun to let them go and watch the one that Nancy sent off struggle.
It would not lift off the ground.
Then when Cassi and Port went to try and get it in the air, it bounced back up, and then down again.
It was like Grandma was teasing Nance :)
And we all got a good laugh.
When I turned around from the balloon 'let-go' we saw little Elsie bug stuck right by Grandmas grave.
That little bug misses her Grandma so much.
She really loved being right there close to her grave.
We went back to gramps house.
All the big girls, Madi, Cassi, Heather, Lauren and Monica came back down by the slew to try to shoot that powder.
Apparently we just had the wrong caliber of gun to do the trick.
Maybe next time :)
All the big girls went home with Nancy and they spent the night there.
So fun for those girls to all spend time together.
Then Gramps kept us up WAY too late.......but even after he went to bed, Kay, Brent and I stayed up talking.
It was nice to sit and talk with her :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday May 28

Woke up early this morning so I could go for a run.
It was a beautiful morning with not many people on the roads.
I got back and we had everyone take showers/baths and got all ready for the day.
Then we met up at Ariel's church for a fun get together with all the cousins and family that could make it.
It was a fun time with so many cute little ones :)
And we got to meet and hold sweet baby Avanni!
Such a cutie!
So that was fun.
We went back to Em's for a potty break and to say goodbyes.
Then we headed to Wyoming to see Gramps.
We picked up some Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner on the way to his house.
Gramps loves KFC :)
But before taking KFC to Gramps....we stopped by to see Grandma and her new beautiful grave stone.
It turned out just beautiful and just how she would have loved it.
After dinner we talked, and played and just hung out.
A few of us made a trip to Walmart to get some breakfast stuff.....
Gramps also loves Biscuits and gravy :)
We are happy to be here with Gramps!
It has been such a beautiful day outside too!
Which is always a bonus here in Evanston :)