Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday October 31

It is late....and I am so very tired.
But I don't have time to make up posts either......
Today was Elsie's party.
Well, it was the big girls parties too.....but we were able to go to Elsie's party.
Port thought it was pretty great.
They played a few games and had a lot of sugar :)
Happy kids.

They played musical chairs....and Port wanted to be able to sit by Elsie each time.
It was pretty cute.

She had a lot of fun.
Then the time came to get ready to go trick-or-treating.
The kids were pretty excited to go.

Aren't they cute?

(Here is a shot of Elsie's full outfit cause you can't see how cute it in the group picture of the kiddos.)

Our first stop was to Sister Roll's house.
Elsie was so excited to see her.....and she gave us a plate full of her yummy cookies!

She just LOVES Sister Roll!!!

The next stop....the Terry house.
We went with them around the old neighborhood for some trick-or-treating.
Now we have way too much candy.....but it will come in handy for our drive to Arizona!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday October 30

The Young family invited us over for dinner tonight.
It was nice to get out and have the kiddos play around for a while.
Thanks for getting us out, guys.
It was a fun time.
It was a beautiful day....I wish the weather would stay like this forever!!!!!!


Church went good today.
Port was up early so I left him home with Dad so he could get a nap....
My little Sunbeams are very good little kids.
It will be a fun little class.
And Elsie went to class again...YAY!
I told her that if she went to class then we could go trick-or-treating to Sister Rolls house.
That made her pretty excited!
I may end up using Sister Roll as bait every week :)
I am starting to get a little stressed about everything that needs to get done before we can make our long trek to Arizona for Grandmas funeral.
But.....I need to just take it one thing at a time, right?
Well, I am gonna try!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday October 29

This morning the big girls woke up and got dressed right away and headed outside.
They decided that they wanted to make a little Halloween party for the little ones.
They were excited about it and finally came in to get the littles.
Everyone got dressed up and we headed outside.
They had a bobbing for Apples part.....

That was a big hit.....
They they moved on to 'hit the disco ball'.
Their disco ball was a tumble weed they tied up in a tree and they had the little ones try to knock it down.
They thought that was pretty fun too!

Once they hit it was time for the disco dance party.
They had fun doing that too.

That was a fun thing for the big girls to do.....
Then we kinda just hung out during the day.
It came time to get ready to go to our ward trunk or treat.
We were kinda in a rush and trying to get the kids all ready and make treats to take to the party.....
And decorate the trunk.....
Well, in the mix of things, Port locked the keys in the car.
The car with the car seats and the decorated trunk.
At that was already 5.
Time to go.
We had no idea where to even start looking for our spare key.
So we thought we would try to break in.
We tried that for quite a while, but it didn't work.
Got so close.
But for some reason, the unlock button wasn't working....we were pushing it, it just wasn't working.
I almost gave up on going.
But Brent thought he might just try and look for the spare keys.....and guess what?  He found them!!!
So, we were late, but no big deal.
It was a lot of fun and the kids had a real blast.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday October 28

So things are going good.
The surgery went good this morning.
Brent was a little groggy when we got home, so he slept it off.
He has been good about sitting and keeping his hands up.
And icing it every once in a while.
He was excited that the three fingers that have been numb for the last few months had feeling right after the surgery!!!!!
That is a really good sign, right?
They are swollen and hurting a little right now.
But he is being tough....and it will be nice for him to have this taken care of once they get all healed!
Cassi's birthday is coming up.
It is coming up quick.
When we bought her a new dresser, we bought a bedroom set with it.
She only got the dresser, and we are planning to give her the rest of the set for her birthday.
Well, a new bed needs a new quilt, right?????
Okay, before you think I am crazy, I only plan to get the TOP done by her birthday, which is the week after Halloween.
I will finish the rest , maybe before Christmas :)
But I am excited about t and it is gonna be cute....
Bright and fun and spunky, just like Cass!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday October 27

So Dad went and spent lunchtime with Cassi today.
She was more than excited for Dad to show up.
Brent said it was crazy!
The kids all go in, sit down....then the swapping begins.
He said there was food going back and forth everywhere.
Kinda funny.
So really, who knows what they end up eating at school!!!!!
I could send her to school with no lunch and I am sure she would still eat very good :)
Just kidding....I won't do that.
Anyway....she felt pretty special for Dad to take the time to do that....especially a dad who has been super busy with all the things he needs to get done!
Speaking of getting stuff done....Brent had been busy at work all day.
And thanks to Drew for stopping by and helping him out too.
There is a bunch of stuff Brent wanted to get done before he gets his hands done tomorrow.
Carpal Tunnel surgery.
He is not looking forward to the surgery....but he is looking forward to having feeling, and strength, back in his hands.

But he did get a chance to cut down the dead tree that was blocking our 'sunset window'.
He also winterized the camper.....he and Drew finished moving the corral posts.....after welding and fabricating a new attachment onto his tractor to fit his 3 point forklift....insulated inside the well house...and he built (welded) and painted me an new mailbox with a very sturdy post.
The old one was REALLY bad!
It was at a slant....and the box was really gross.
I am surprsed the mailman ever dared stick anything in it.
So now it is nice and pretty!
So, my man worked hard today.
He is gonna deserve his time off.....even though he doesn't want to take the time off...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday October 26

So, the corral is coming down.
We will put another one up another time...but this one was so big and bulky.
And not in a good spot.
Brent had fun moving the logs around, with his tractor, of course.
Doesn't he just look so manly???
Love it!

These two crack me up.
Today they were playing 'puppies'.
Elsie was the puppy and Porter was feeding her, with a paint tray....Silly kids.
Porter looks like he is mad....but that is him saying "cheese".
Oh, and by the way...he is still going strong with the potty training.
Good boy!
I got some fabric today to make some curtains.
I am excited to get them up.
You know....when we bought the place, I was not in love with the house.
But I am loving the house now.
I am excited about the things we have planned for it...but I am also loving it how it is.....
Things are coming togetehr....slowly.
But it feels like home.
And I do love that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goodbye Grandma

I will be eternally grateful to April for suggesting I give Grandma a call tonight.
I was able to speak with her and tell her how much I love her and how thankful I am for her example in my life.
Grandma took her last breath this evening.
She has lived a long and very full life.
She was an incredible woman who had a remarkable life.
A life that she shared with her true love.
These two had a great love story.
All the way to the end.
They were inseparable.
And such a great example to me of how to love and treat one another.
They had a great sense of humor, and knew how to enjoy life.
They were quite the travelers and went on multiple missions together.
Now they are together again.
More missionary work to do :)
I love you so much Grandma and I am so glad you are out of your pain and happy again with Grandad!

Tuesday October 25

I am so excited for Porter to be potty trained!
He went all day again without an accidents.
He even went to co-op this morning and went to the bathroom all on his own.
Great job buddy!!!
Isn't that smile just the greatest....he said that if I would push him on the bench swing, then he would 'be so happy'.
And we was.

It will never be too cold for this one to want her popils (Popsicles).
She has a serious love for these things.
Her teachers said she had kinda a rough day today.
I am thinking the colder weather is getting to her again.
I got her to bed early this evening....hopefully she will sleep good and have a great day tomorrow.

Cassi is having a great time making friends at school.
She has never had issues with that, but I am glad she is okay with the move.
It is a hard thing to move so far away from your best friend that you are used to seeing every day!!!
She came home with this little stuffed animal saying that her friend gave it to her.
I remember giving stuff of mine to friends in hopes they would stay my friend and think I was cool.
I told Cassi to tell her little friend that she doesn't need to give her 'stuff' to be her friend.

Bell was pretty helpful today.....not much attitude.
Which is always really great.
She came home excited cause her teacher said that she had an extra hair feather that she would give Madi.
Apparently, Madi and one of her friends are the only girls without a hair feather.
I always hated when I was the ONLY one not having something....I had no idea that these feathers were so cool.
Anyway.....I feel kinda bad....but I also think it is kind of silly to want to do what everyone else does.
But I also don't want them to feel left out.
There are definitely worse things that she could be wanting to do.
Oh man....raising kids is hard.
I hope I don't ruin these guys.......
I called my Grandma tonight.
My sister April moved her and her family out to Arizona to care for Grandma.
April has told us that the end is getting closer.
I feel sad that I haven't seen her or talked with her in so long.
I talked with her for a little bit.
Well, talked to her.
She didn't respond back.
But I told her how much I love much I love her example in my life.
I told her about my kids, hubby and our family's adventures.
I think she is so wonderful and I have such mixed emotions.
She missed Grandad.
I want them to be together.....but I am sad to know I won't be able to sit and talk with her or get a hug from her ever again, in this lifetime anyway.
I am so glad that April is there to give her the love and attention that she needs right now.
It's very comforting.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday October 24

I am getting close to saying that this boy just may be potty trained.
He went all day without any accidents.
And he told me most of the time that he needed to go (vs. me asking him).
He has been told that he gets a puppy when he is potty trained.
I guess we may just have to face the music soon.
I am thinking it might be just about perfect for this little boy's third birthday present.
Sure wish we still had Tanger.
He would be a perfect dog out here.....but we don't.
And it would be nice to have a dog out here.
And I think it will be a fun thing for Porter....he is at a good age for a furry little friend.

Cassi was chosen for Star student this week and she is very excited about it.
I hope I can go have lunch with her at school some time this week.
That would be fun for her.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday October 23

It was another good day out here.
The weather was perfect.
We went to church today, where I was called as a Sunbeam teacher.
I am trying to have a good attitude about it.
I know that sounds bad....but I have really enjoyed being in Relief Society and I feel like I get so much out of it.
I also enjoy being able to go to Sunday School with Brent.....
BUT.....I also know that this is an important job for me.
I think it will be a fun change of scenery.
It has been a long time since I have been in might be fun :)
And guess who went to class today?
Elsie Rose did!
I told her that if she went to class, then we could make a treat and take it to Sister Roll later.
So she did....and we did :)
We made some muddy buddies and after dinner we took them to Sister Roll.
Elsie was very excited to see her.
I think it was a good thing and she got to meet some new friends in her class and hopefully we can get her to continue to go.....especially since now I am a Sunbeam teacher :)

After church we played around outside....and visited with Dandy.
That horse sure loves her apples.


Port wore his underwear all day today....even at church.
It may just be possible to be diaper-less forever.
That would be so great.
Porter is gonna be Buzz for Halloween.
He is pretty excited about it.
We found his Buzz and Woody toys when we got the rest of our stuff out of storage yesterday.
Now we have a heck of a lot more stuff to go through.
But hopefully I can be good at getting rid of stuff that we don't need.
I have high hopes of that happening ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday October 22

Well, now Emmy is gone.
We had a fun time having her here and just hanging out.
I told her that I think that Elsie is gonna be going through withdrawals over the next few days.
She had so much fun with Em.
The were by each others side the entire time.
They had a BYU/BRONCO thing going on that was pretty funny.
She kept saying, 'Go Broncos' and Em would reply back with 'Go BYU'.
And they would go back and forth, over and over, in different voices, louder and softer.
It was pretty funny.
Elsie never wavered with her love for her Broncos :)
They sang songs together.....and went for walks (I mean, buffalo hunts).
They laughed a lot....A LOT!
It was a good time.
I am glad that Elsie got to spend so much time with her Emmy.
Everyone else got to do a lot of hanging out with her too, but Elsie did a good job of hogging her Emmy :)

Porter's CHEESE has become a very bad thing for pictures.
He is not fond of having his pictures taken.
Little stinker.
But it is a cute shot of all of them with Emmy.
(Look how green everything is getting!!!)

Oh so cute!!!!

This is when they found a baby buffalo behind the well-house.
They are petting it ever so softly :)
This girl has quite the imagination and would go on like this forever!!!

Thanks Em, for coming and spending some fun time with us.
It was great to have you here!
And I am glad that you had a safe drive home.
We love you so much!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday October 21

Dad enlisted the girls help after school today.
He is getting a sink put in and hooking the water fountain up....but the water line comes out in the center of his shop.
So he and the girls made a line to run to the sink to make it work.
They each had specific jobs.
Madi would file the pipe....Cassi would put the primer on it, and Madi would get the glue put on and Dad would connect the pipes.
They had a good system going.
They love helping Dad out.
Which is a good thing....cause there is still LOTS to do around here!