Friday, July 31, 2020

Thursday July 30- Friday July 31

Dad and I had such a great time on our backpacking trip.

The kids all did great here at home.
I am gonna add more later.....
Dad and I are so tired and he has to work on the morning!
So we are going to bed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wednesday July 29

Today I went with Madi and Cassi to the gym.
Then I went to the Dr to get some antibiotics for my dang sinus infection.
I went to Walmart to pick it up but they wouldn't have it until tomorrow.
But dad and I are leaving on a little backpacking trip tomorrow, so they checked at another store and I ran there to pick it up.
I also did some grocery shopping.
When I got back, we all went over and swam at the Morgan's for a little while.
Then Dad and Porter went fishing.
Elsie and I ride bikes with Vern (and Max, Graham and Billy).
She wanted to ride 5 miles to begin with... But we only got 4.35 miles.
So close!
But she was so tired, so she was done.
Dad and I are all packed to and rest for a quick backpacking trip tomorrow.
I'm so excited to get to the mountains!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tuesday July 28

We had the weirdest wind this morning.
It was really hot, but still windy.
I went for a 6 mile run and it was hard!!!!
I came home and my head feels like it was in a vice.
I'm pretty much 100% sure I have a sinus infection 👎🏼
Dad and Porter added tile at the top of the shower.
We will start finishing up the bathroom next week.... Yay!
They also added tile on the walk by where the blender is.
I thought I didn't want any there when we did the kitchen tile originally, but the wall gets dirty and I'm happy with how it looks now with tile now.
Port was a good helper and he cut the tiles for dad.
I dehydrated some apples.... Not our own apples.
We only have like 4 on all the trees!
I think we had a late frost that killed all the flowers... Bummer.
This evening, dad and I had our ARP meeting.
Such a good step tonight.
Step 8 and it's about forgiveness and forgiving.
When you forgive, then comes the miraculous compassion.
When you try so hard to change someone, that never works.
When you choose to love them, no matter what they choose to do (even if it's not what you want then to do), then you can have compassion and see them the way the Lord sees them.
Forgiveness is the key.
No one wants to be reminded of all the bad things they have done in the past.
So you forgive, then move on..... That way they are able to move in as well.
It's really amazing to see how miraculously forgiveness has changed our life.
I'm so grateful for this step!
As we were in our meeting, a big rain storm came in.
Port laid out in the rocks to catch the rain in his mouth.
And with the rain, there was no bike riding for the Mary lane biker gang ☹️
But Elsie wants to do 5 miles tomorrow... We will see.... It's supposed to be really hot again tomorrow.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday July 27

I didn't do the early fun class with Madi today, but I did go with Cassi to the other class.
We spent the day in the garden, and also cleaning the trailer out.
We still need to fix the faucet, I mean dad needs to fix it.
Porter and Cannon hung out, and they worked on making a knife.
I made several batches of friendship bread too.
Oh and I made some zucchini chips in the dehydrator.
I just made another batch to dehydrate through the night.
Elsie bike ride was a good one.
We left a little earlier because there was some good cloud cover and not super hot.
It was still hot, but not bad.
But she ride 4 miles, yay!!!
She is up to 70 miles now!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday July 26

Home church again.
I really do enjoy it when we can all be together.
Dad was supposed to work today.
But he has been worried about my sore throat and little couch.
He want's to be responsible when he goes back to he took a sick day this morning.
I still felt lousy today, but I think it is something related to throat and neck on the outside are itchy and I don't have a fever and my cough is only because of my dry throat.
Anyway, we all slept in....Cassi woke me up during the night with a tummy I was tired!
We did our Home church a little after 11.
We had a nice day and nice discussion.
Then after our Sunday school, we ate lunch and then watched a few episodes of The Chosen series.
It is gonna be so good!
We have heard so much about it and it is really good so far!
Then we made dinner together, hamburgers and had dinner outside on the deck.
We spent time out there a chatted.
Cassi made Aunt Kay's PB treat for us, so yummy!
Vern had a headache tonight, so Elsie and I and Cassi rode a mile and a half.
I am proud of Elsie for getting back on after her bike crash.
She is so great!

Logan likes to make Madi mad by standing on his tiptoes for pictures.......
Stinker :)

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday July 25

The butchers came bright and early at 6:15 this morning.
It really is a fascinating process to watch!
They did the two here and then our other one in the Edwards field.
It all was smooth and worked out great.
We all loved that Brent and Billy wore matching outfits this morning!
We came home and I had the worst headache, so I hopped back in bed.
I did go for a run when I woke back up.
Luckily it wasn't too hot yet.
The rest of the day was spent with me out in the garden or dad moving the water.
He also pulled the trailer out and fixed the toilet in it, well, he started fixing it.
It needed other parts.
We are gonna try and see if we can sell it.
Then we went swimming at the Morgan's.
It was a nice little break in a hot day.
We talked about school and the options we have.
I still don't know what we're gonna do!!!
Then tonight, on our bike ride, Elsie had a fall.
Dang it!
She was brave though.
We were trying to get her to go fast.... But maybe that wasn't the smartest.
She turned to look at Vern and she wrecked the bike.
Dang it!
But we came home and dad fixed it up for her.
She promised she would get back in the bike tomorrow!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday July 24

Madi and I went to HIGH fitness this morning.
Man, we were both so tired!
But in glad we went 
Then we got a call from Vern that some cows got out!
So we went and did a neighborhood roundup 😁
Just in time for dad cassi and I to head to the gym. 
Cassi and I are really enjoying this weight lifting class we are doing together.
Then, Port went to cannons, Cassi took Elsie to babysit Carley and Madi and Logan both worked.
So we had several hours where it was just dad and me!
We did absolutely nothing!!!
We watched TV, took a nap.
It was a very needed lazy afternoon and I'm so grateful for it ❤️
We made some dinner for the leavitts tonight.
Bubble had her hip replaced yesterday and she is doing so well with recovery!!!
Like crazy good!
We dropped dinner off to them on our way out for date night.
Yes, more time with just he and I ❤️
We are dinner at cheesecake factory and then tried to find someplace for dinner.
We finally decided just to grab a variety of desserts from Trader Joe's 😁
We were gonna give Elsie the night off from biking because she went to Kendyls house to watch a movie.
But she came home around 9, and she really wanted to bike!!!
So we rounded up Vern and Cassi joined us too.
We got two miles before it was too dark!
She has 63 miles now!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thursday July 23

I went running with Makenna.
Then worked in the garden, dad did sprinklers....
Then he and I and Porter went shopping for some backpacking supplies.
I am pretty excited to be an owner of my very own backpacking backpack!
I also got some really awesome hiking boots.
We are maybe gonna go backpacking next week.
Just dad and me.
I'm pretty excited!
We had our bike ride tonight..... Only a mile because it was raining on us!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wednesday July 22

Went to HIGH with Madi.. Man it was hard to wake up!
It took me forever to get to sleep, then Peter did some sleep walking and woke me up just after I went to sleep!
Oh well.
It was a good workout.
Then I got ready to go to bootcamp with Cassi... But her back was hurting, so she ended up not going, but I still went.
This evening we went to dinner to celebrate Elsie's birthday.
We went to Red Robin, then they convinced it's to go to Krispy Kreme.
They talked about how Red Robin use to be our birthday dinner place we always went to and we ALWAYS got donuts.... So we got some.
We are suckers for nostalgia!!!!!
The bike ride was a nice one tonight.
We sure love our Vern time!

Tuesday July 21

Man, it was a hot one today.
Cassi and Porter mowed and trimmed the lawn.
I went for a run... Way too late in the day!!!
The kids did chores around the house, and I'm trying to make a summer schedule....
Because we desperately need a schedule around here!!!!
I went grocery shopping.
And this evening I had our ARP meeting.
Dad wasn't able to join... Which is a bummer.
But next week he will be able to.
We had a very warm bike ride this evening and we ride 3 miles 👍🏻
Poor Elsie's hand is so swollen from her dang wasp sting..... Poor girl!!!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Monday July 20 (add pictures)

Happy birthday Elsie Rose!!!
She has said a couple times today that it has been the best day ever 😁
She's just the best.
She can find happiness in the smallest things!
She had Buffalo pancakes for breakfast.
After Cassi and I went to the gym, she and I went and met up with sister Roll so I could give her family pictures to her, but also so Elsie could see her.
It's been a long time since we have seen her!!!
Back at home, she got Mac and cheese for lunch.
Then she was surprised by Sierra, who too her out for ice cream.
While she was gone to ice cream, Vern and the boys came and decorated the house and planned a little scavenger hunt for Elsie.
It was the cutest thing.
She came back and they surprised her.
She was so happy!
Went on the scavenger hunt.
Then she wanted to go swimming, so we did.
She did get stung by a wasp, but she was super brave.
Back at home, she had Mac and cheese for dinner.... With veggies this time 😁
Then at 8:30, we went bike riding with Vern.
After she ride two miles, bubble invited us over for ice cream and cookies, so we got home pretty late.
But again, it was the best day ever ❤️