Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday November 30

The last few days, Elsie and Porter have been wearing Santa hats to school, and I think it is the cutest thing!
This evening we FINALLY had a few hours with the kids together....(Dad got called in for a shift today.)
So we got the ornaments on the tree!!!!!
Still lots more Christmas stuff to get out and decorated.....
They started the tree upstairs but then Madi left to a basketball game, and Cassi left to do homework at a friends....
So maybe that will get done tomorrow.
We will see.
I just wanted to add some pictures of the lights outside....because I love it so much.
Maybe next year we can add lights to the peaks on the side of the house :)
I have four wreaths hanging in the front where my hanging baskets were, and I love it :)
'Tis the season!
I worked on our Christmas cards today....hopefully I can get them ordered soon!!!!!

I have a fun video where I caught them belting out Christmas songs :)
This is a snapshot of the video.....Elsie's really getting into it!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday November 29

I helped in the office this morning.
Dad had a meeting at work and got home a little after noon.
I got more Christmas up and more laundry done.
I got some Christmas stuff done.
It's coming quick!
I am very excited for it :)
Porter had scouts this evening.
His first one as a Bear.
He had fun learning about knife safety and carving soap :)
Everly came over and played while Sherrie was at scouts.
We had a lot of fun :)
For YW tonight we did  'Light The World' packet for the kids.
And Cassi got to learn some calligraphy.
It was a fun night.
At home, Dad made sure the little ones got their spelling tests done and they were all ready for bed when we got home from YW.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday November 28

Not very much happened today.
Kids went to school.
I worked out.
Got the kitchen cleaned up.
Got dinner meat out to thaw.
Put up some Christmas.
Did some laundry.....oh that reminds me, I still have a load that needs to go in the dryer......
Kids came home.
Elsie had speech.
Madi went to a movie for her Laurels activity.
More Christmas went up.
Dad came home for a couple hours to do Porter's basketball practice and he was able to have dinner with us.
Well, the ones who were home :)
Cassi hung out with Avery and Naomi.
Dad left back to work.
Little kids went to bed.
Madi came home.
And that is about as exciting as it gets :)
Now I am gonna go switch the laundry before going to bed!!!!

Still need to get the ornaments on there.....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday November 27

Back to school today!
I think everyone was ready to get back to school.
We got ready in record time!
We have our whole entry way full of Christmas boxes.....still waiting to be unpacked and put on display!
I think that will take a few days to get that job done!
Port had a lot of fun looking at past years Christmas cards :)
I love Christmas cards!!!!
I need to order mine!!!!!!
So once the kids were off to school, I got a workout and cleaned the kitchen before I had a YW Beehive presidency meeting.
We got a lot done in the meeting.
We have a new advisor, so that will be great now that we have over 15 girls in Beehives!!!!!
We are planning a fun Christmas activity for all the youth in a few weeks, and I am excited about it :)
After they left, I jumped in the shower.
Then went and did a little grocery shopping.
Came home and hung some wreaths outside where my hanging baskets used to be.
The poor house looked naked without the I am very happy to dress it up with the wreaths :)
Then I left to go get Elsie for PT.
She was a rock star today doing a lot of hard tasks for Katie.
Got home and I got some cyber Monday shopping done.......50% off for Christmas jammies!
Christmas is coming soon!!!!!!!
So exciting!
Anyway, the kids worked on homework.
Port started writing a book.
It is pretty good.
He is gonna type it up and I will post it here.
Oh, something I was thinking the other night....
I don't want to forget the way he starts his prayers, EVERY prayer!
It is the cutest thing.
He always says 'Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for today. Thank you for all the other days'...
Except he says 'ether' days :)
I just love it.
And I don't want to forget it.......and you gotta write stuff down if you don't want to forget it!!!!!!!!
My whole reason for writing this blog/journal!!!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday November 26

Elsie was having a hard time this morning.
She knew Sierra wouldn't be at church and didn't want to go alone.
She threw quite a fit.
Dad had a talk with her about how she can say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help her be brave.
Then I went up with her and said the prayer with her.
She calmed down.
She decided not to go to choir practice, but that she would go to church.
During  Sacrament meeting, she got really couldn't stop smiling.
She said she felt so good.
I told her that it was the Holy Ghost helping her to know she was in the right place :)
There were no problems with her going to class and she had a great day and was so excited to tell me after church about a pioneer story she heard.
The pioneer lady lost her toes to frostbite....the DR told her she would need to cut the whole foot off, and she said to wait and the Lord will help her.
Then she wrapped her foot and prayed.....probably got a blessing, Elsie; didn't remember.....and when the DR unwrapped her foot, it was all better.
It was pretty cute watching her tell the story :)
After church we relaxed....kiddos did some painting.
Dad and Porter had Nerf gun wars, before and after church.......
I helped Elsie put together a wooden buffalo that she got from Kalia for Christmas.....kiddos cheated and opened the cousin gifts.....
Then Dad and I decided we needed a nap.
After that, we got dinner ready and then after we ate, we got all the Christmas stuff out!
All we got done was the Christmas tree and it's lights.
We will work on it the next few days until it gets done :)
I had photographer helpers tonight....
Everyone wanted to take pictures while I was putting lights on the tree.
Port had the most fun with it :)

 Elsie, playing primary :)

Girls thought it was a great time to do masks together :)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday November 25 (add pictures)

We made it home.
LOTS of driving today!!!!!!!
We are happy to be home.
WE got up and got packed and cleaned up.
Then we visited Grandma's grave and also the Buffalo's before heading out.
We got to Payson about noon....and had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with most of the family.
We were missing April and Andy's family and also Ariel and sweet baby Naomi who is only 6 days old!
We also didn't get to see Alberto, but he was supposed to show up after we left.....and Nathan wasn't there either.
Still....lots and lots of family!
Brent made a little buddy with Spencer and it was the cutest thing!
We left about 3:00 and stopped to see Ariel and sweet little Naomi!
She is a beautiful baby and I am so glad we got to meet her at such a young age!!!!!!
We usually don't get to see the babies so soon after they are born!
Then we drove home.....and it only took 5 hours, but it was dark for most of the drive, and for some reason it made the trip seen very LOOOONG!!!!!
But we are home, yay!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday November 24

I had my running buddy for a bit again this morning :)
Today was kind of a relaxing day.
Brent woke up with a headache....he did yesterday too :(
Hopefully tomorrow goes better.
He went and helped Doug on his house.
Port went along too....but he played more than he helped.....
This afternoon, Elsie went and visited Kallie.
And Port hung out with Kayden....and Cassi held Kinsley all day :)
It was fun to get these friends together again!
They played at Callie's house for a bit then the boys let the rocket off again and then the girls came here until it was time for dinner.
Such sweet little friends!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thursday November 23

We had such a great day.
I woke up and went for another visit from Henry today.
The weather has been so perfect!!!!!
Then we all got ready for the day and got our stuff ready to take to Nancy's.
We took a few fun pictures.....then we headed to Nancy's
WE made a stop at Grandmas Eastman's old house.
Paul lives there now and he has redone it all.
He was home and he gave us a tour through the house.
It was fun going through the house again.
We got to Nancy's and had a wonderful dinner.
There were people taking naps, playing games, going on a field trip with Uncle Russ (that was Port and Brent :).
Then there were the pies!!!!!
We all had such a fun time together and we are so grateful that Nancy took us in :)
We dropped Gramps off at home and then made a stop at Dave and Cindy's.
We got to meet baby Eliza and we also got to play with sweet Cole....and all the other fun kids there.
We got home and put the little kids to bed, then Dad took me to Walmart to pick up a new laptop (desperately needed!) from an after thanksgiving deal.
He got it all set up for me and it sure is nice :)
I am so thankful for this family I have.
The family I was born into, the family I got through marriage and the family that my man and I have made together.
I am grateful we get to live the life we do.
Sure, we have struggles and things are not always easy, but I wouldn't pick anyone else to struggle through this world with 💗
Feeling so blessed.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wednesday November 22

We had a nice relaxing day today.
I went for a run.
It was beautiful weather!!!!!
I met a friend along the way, Henry.
He followed me for over a mile.
I tried to get him to go back home by turning around, but he wouldn't go back.
Maybe I will see him again in the morning :)
Port got a rocket for his birthday and he finally got to launch it.
There was a bit of a wind and the first time they shot it, it went really far and they had to take the car to find it.
The second time, they adjusted their angle etc and it didn't go quite as far.
They were able to run to it :)
He was a happy boy playing with the rocket....and so was his daddy.
Cass had fun tagging along too :)
This afternoon we went to see the new movie Coco.
It was a beautiful movie all about family and remembering our ancestors.
I was of course in tears and we all really liked it.
We stopped at Walmart to pick up our assigned stuff for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
We played some games and hung out with gramps.
I couldn't help but notice that Madi is turning into quite the little granny......
......all we needed was a crossword puzzle or crochet hooks :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday November 21 (add pictures from camera)

My baby boy is 9 years old!!!!!
He was a good sport and let us travel to Wyoming on his birthday.
 But first he woke up to breakfast in bed.
He was up for 45 minutes before I made it up there with breakfast, but he promised he wouldn't wake up early and if he did, he would stay in bed :)
He also got a scavenger hunt for his gifts that dad whipped up fr him last night.
It was a fun time.
Then we got all packed up and headed to Wyoming.
Porter got to pick a couple extra toys from our dollar store stop in Burley :)
We also got Frosties to go with our lunches.
When we pulled in to Evanston, we grabbed some KFC along with a lemon cake so Porter could have a birthday cake :)
We also made a stop to see Grandma.
We spent the evening unpacking and talking with Gramps and looking through old pictures.
I think he had a pretty good day :)
I love this boy.
He causes so much trouble and make me pull my hair out multiple times a day.....
But he is also my loving cuddly one who is always concerned about how I am feeling.
He is creative and smart.
He is stubborn and is pretty sure he knows everything :)
He's my boy 💓
We sure love having him a part of our family!
(I forgot my camera there are breakfast in bed picts, scavenger hunt picts, and birthday cake picts being held hostage on my camera!!!!)