Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday October 31

I was a mean mom and had them clean pretty much all day!
We went through stuff in the basement.
Still lots more to do, but I am tired of it being all trashed!!!!!
Dad and Port got the trailer winterized, so that is good.
We did get a lot done today.
That makes me happy :)
So we had dinner together, then everyone got ready.
We had to get Cassi to her party at Hallie's house at 6.
Then we went to pick up Madi's friend to take them to their other friends house.
But before we picked her up, we took the little ones trick-or-treating in her neighborhood....while Madi waited in the car.
Poor sport ;)
So we grabbed her friend and drove them to Tripps house.
We just got out there again and did more trick-or-treating.
We were getting ready to go home and we ran into Stacia.....and much to Dad's dismay, she talked us into trick-or-treating for about 30 minutes longer :)
It was about 8:30 when we got home and the kids had fun going through their candy.
Dad had fun too because he got his own little stash that the kids gave him :)
Got the little ones in bed about 9:30 and then went to go and get Cassi from her party.
Now we are just waiting for Madi to get dropped off from her party.
I think it was a fun night for everyone.....even if they had to work all day for it!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday October 30

It's gonna be a late night. 
Watching a movie sure the Morgan's house. 
And I'm blogging from my phone. 
Today I got to go to both the little ones parties :)
I also helped in Elsie's class this morning. 
That is pretty much the day. 
Dad got some overtime today. 
So we are missing him :(

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday October 29

Remember that kitty that kept me up all night the other night???
Well, we have had traps set to catch it.
We got it this evening and we should have not let the kids see it!!!!!
They all fell in love.
We will see how it goes, I mean it is a feral kitty.....but it sure seems nice!
Seems like it just wants to be loved.
Eldon and Bubbles have caught 9 kittens in the last few weeks.
And they have been feisty little ones!!!!
When Dad grabbed it out of the trap with his gloves on (thinking it would be feisty too), it just curled up into him and didn't try to get away.
So after making sure it was okay, Dad let the little ones hold it.
It just wanted love!
So we will see how it goes.
We need a cat around here for sure for the mice, but all the kitty seems to leave :(
So for now, meet Chex, our new kitty!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday October 28

Let's pretend that my entire day wasn't revolved around finishing up the kids' costumes for the trunk or treat tonight!
Actually, what took the longest was beading Madi's necklaces.
She wanted beaded necklaces.
We looked at thrift stores, but couldn't find any.
And it was way cheap just to buy the beads and do it myself.....
But it took time!
I watched Guardians of the Galaxy while I did it :)
I did get other stuff done today, but nothing too important.
The costumes turned out so cute!
I really didn't know how to make the bathrobe work.
It was way easier and still so cute just to safety pin a pillow underneath, and leave it long.....using the tie for the tail.
She was super happy about it too :)
Cassi's face paint turned out so fun too!
I got her false eyelashes, which really made it all perfect!
So cute! was a fun night.
I made the kids all do homework before we left, because I knew it would be a late night.
I got them all ready, well, Madi didn't need my help.....but then I got ready.
When I was getting dressed I thought....hey I could be a cowgirl.
So I threw that together.
They were happy I dressed up since I was boring and didn't get anything to decorate the car with.
It was a dinner too at the Trunk-or-treat, so that was nice that I didn't have to worry about that :)
So we ate first, then they all did the trunk-or-treating.
Madi stayed at the car and passed out candy, Cass went with her friends, and I went around with Port and Elsie.
It was a fun night with lots of fun friends.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday October 27

Today was spent mostly at the school :)
I helped in Port's classroom until about 11.
Then after that, I did a quick grocery shopping trip to stock the fridge and pantry.
And I also did a bit of shopping for some other costumes things.
Then at about 2:30, I went back to the school to help with Port's Art Smart class.
It was a lot of fun.
They learned about African masks and got to make their own.
I might be a bit biased.....but Port's turned out pretty fantastic!
It was funny, after I took the picture of Port with his mask, I had about 6 other kids ask if I would take their picture with their masks :)
Well, then I brought the little kiddos home.
Elsie had a big day!
She ran the mile today!!!!!
We have been talking about it.
He gym teacher warned me it was coming up and asked me to try and pump her up about it.
Well, she was pumped!
She did so great.
I talk to Mrs. Barber (gym teacher) before going in for Art Smart.
She told me that she did so good.
That she wasn't even the last kid!
She said that for the last lap all her friends ran it with her.
I love it :)
I am sure she will be super tired tomorrow.
But we did get to bed at a good time.......and it is late start, so she can sleep in.
After school, I helped Madi with her costume.
It will be so cute.
Now I need to get Cassi and Elsie's put together for the trunk-or-treat tomorrow!!!!!!!
That will be my task tomorrow while they are at school.
Cassi had her friend Taeya come over to work on a class project.
Apparently for the project they needed to be they drew some facial hair on themselves.
It was pretty funny!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday October 26

I am so very tired!!!!!
Between Brent snoring and some lost kitty outside meowing all night.....I did not get much sleep at all!
I hope tonight is a better night :)
But I do have earplugs just in case!
We got the kids off to school....
And ya, everyone was tired!
But we all got there.
Then I went VT this morning.
When I got home we tried to motivate ourselves.
Brent ran to the store to get the screws for the hinges we got for the cabinet doors.
While he was gone I got the car cleaned out.
Then we got started and decided we needed a little bit smaller screw.
So he ran back to the store.
While he left that time, I got the stuff put away that I took out of the car :)
He got home and we got the doors hung by the stove.
Still need to do some shaving to some sides of the doors, but it will work great :)
Then the big girls got home and I went and got the little ones.
For FHE tonight we went to the thrift store to get their costumes.
This has to be the latest I have gotten to the costume part of things.......
But we have a ward trunk-or-treat on Wednesday and they need some costumes :)
I still need to find a few more things tomorrow.
I found the most perfect furry vest coat for a buffalo for Elsie, but it was $24!
No way am I paying that for a thrifted item!
But I really want it :(
We got home and had dinner.
Elsie was my helper in the kitchen while the rest gathered up the garbage's for garbage day.
Then we all finished up homework.
It is a fight to get Elsie to do homework.
She is so exhausted when she gets home.
She doesn't want to do anything until after dinner.
Usually she does it pretty good after that, as long as Wuvey is involved some way.
I just wish we could get it done right away, but I understand she is tired and needs some wind down time!
Then I spent that half hour or so putting on Madi and Cassi's Jamberry nails.
They are so fun.
I just wish they had asked at a better time to put them on.......
But really, when is a better time?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday October 25 (add pictures)

We made it home!
It is good to be home but we sure had a fun weekend filled with family!
Today we left Em's house about 10:30ish.....and headed to Evanston.
We wanted to make sure and see Grandma and Grandpa.
It made for a lot of driving today, but it was worth it :)
We also had to see the Buffalos, which totally made it worth the stop.
They were right up by the fence, closer than we had ever see them!
Elsie was very happy!
We left there about 4:30 and headed home.
It was a good drive.
No one slept.
The kids used to sleep on the drive!!!!!!
Not anymore :(
But there was minimal fighting, so that's good.
But it is good to be home and I hope they all sleep good tonight and tomorrow isn't totally exhausting for them at school!
They have all had a lot of late nights the last few days :(
I have lots of fun pictures from today.......I REALLY hope to get them on the blog tomorrow!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday October 24

It was a fun day today spent with lots of cousins :)
First Scotland and Kalia came over to Em's house so Ariel and Nate could go to the temple.
Then about 11 we all headed over to Ariel's house for a family lunch.
Cassi spent most of the time holding babies :)
Elsie had so much fun with Reagan and Abi.
Such sweet girlies!!!
Madi and Morgan were stuck to each other the whole time!
We re-created some pictures of Steph and I from our teenage years, with Madi and Morgan :)
Fun times!
I will get those posted soon.
And Port ran around causing trouble with all the boys.....
And got big cuddles and loves from Steph, whether he wanted them or not ;)
Oh, and Dad had fun playing with all the little kiddos, and making friends with those Miramontes kids!
While we were having lunch all together, Sara had her sweet baby boy, Spencer.
Exciting to have another little one in the mix!
After that we came back to Em's house.
We had plans to take our family pictures up the canyon.
I have wanted to take family pictures at the spot the Brent purposed to me for many years now.
It just never worked out.
Well, today was the day :)
So we got all dressed up and ready and took Emmy with us to take the pictures.
I am super happy we did it!
It was a bit of a hike, and there was some whining for sure ;)
But so worth it!
I can't wait to go through them all.
But here is one of the kids on the bridge that their Daddy purposed to me on almost 16 years ago.
And one of the kiddos with Emmy.