Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday May 31

We planned to wait until dad, Cassi and Porter got home to do church.
But they did church with the Thomson's before they headed back for home.
They took the scenic road home and stopped at bear lake and they also did some walking around Utah State in Logan.
I know they really enjoyed their whe weekend and I'm glad they got to go ❤️
So here at home we kind of chilled today.
I had a pretty bad headache because I couldn't sleep very good because of coughing....
My allergies are causing me problems right now ☹️
So I took a nap.
Then we had our own little sacrament meeting here.
I got dinner started and that's when Dad and Cassi and Porter got home.
We finished up coming and ate dinner.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday May 30

Elsie wanted to sleep on the couch last night.
So I let her.... She slept pretty good, but I woke her up accidently when I took this picture ☹️
I went for an 8 mile run and it felt good, not much hurting, so that's really good.
I came home and laid out some plastic on the part of the garden that we are gonna put pumpkins.
Then I needed to go grocery shopping so I could make a meal for a family who just lost their dad.
It is so sad, 8 kids ranging from 20's to 8 years old.
It's heart breaking.
It's the dad of my friends Makenna who I go running with when she comes home from college.
It makes me so sad.
So I came home and made dinner for them and took it to them.
We had a crazy windstorm blow through and took a crazy amount of shingles off the back of the roof.
I hope it doesn't rain before we can get it fixed!!!
There is one spot that is a giant hole with no shingles!
Madi and Logan got home, ran and bought a dresser from Facebook market (to furnish their apartment when they moved out).
Then the four of us went to olive garden for dinner.
Elsie has been asking over and over, so I gave in.
Sounds like Porter had a pretty awesome day today.
Just the thing he needed ❤️
Dad and Cassi had a good time too.
I'm so glad they were able to go and do this.

Friday May 29

Madi and Logan left for Utah around 8.
Dad, Cassi and Porter headed out around 10:30.
Then Elsie's friend, Carly, came over for a few hours.
We played card games and they watched a movie and had a fun time.
After Carly left, Elsie and I went swimming at the Morgan's.
We were there for a few hours before we came home and had dinner.
It was a nice laid back day.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thursday May 28

I just realized I wrote last night, but didn't hit post.
So today was a regular day, except really hot!
Cannon came over again.
I went running early to try and beat the heat.
I've been doing laundry most of today 😁
Later in the afternoon, we went swimming at the Morgan's.
Got Port packed to go with dad and Cassi tomorrow to Randolph to brand cows with Nancy's family.
And Madi and Logan leave to a wedding.
So it's just Elsie and me for a couple days.
I think we will have a fun time!

Wednesday May 27

I still need to write on yesterday's post.
Well today was a beautiful day outside.
It was supposed to be the SpaceX launch thi today, and Port has been so excited!!!
He invited Cannon over to watch it and they build space ships with Legos while they watched the countdown for hours...
Well, due to weather conditions, they had to postpone it until Saturday.
So hopefully it will be able to happen on Saturday!!!!
I went for an 8 mile run.
I got a good min/mile...but again, I had to stop too often for tightness.
Maybe I need to go get adjusted or go do some PT.
Maybe my alignment is off.
Who knows.
But it's frustrating because I was doing so good and then all of the sudden I'm struggling!!!
I went shopping today.
I went to Costco, hoping they would have hanging baskets.
They had a few, but I am really picky with my hanging baskets I guess.
So on the way home, I stopped a five-mile nursery and picked out my flowers and now tomorrow I will make my own havin hanging baskets.
It's definitely not cheaper to go it that way, but I'm excited to see how they look.
My peonies are looking so pretty right now!
I clipped a couple to enjoy inside.
I had a YW zoom call, but only three girls attended.
It was still fun.
It was a relaxing evening.
Port and I hung outside.
Got garbages out.
He moved the ducks to the barn.
I really do love this time of year when the evenings are just so beautiful!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday May 26 (write)

I'm tired and I'll write later...

Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday May 25

Today was a beautiful day.
Dad got called in for an overtime shift.
The kids didn't have any homework packets because it's memorial day.
I got the flag up.
It hasn't been up for a while and I love when it is up.
Madi started her job with Sierra today and Elsie went for the last hour or so and hung out with Sierra.
When they came home, they both hung out in the swing... And may had the idea to take the railing out where the swing is.
It was fun, but Elsie didn't want any part of it 😂
I went for a5 Mike run that was so hard!
I had to stop and stretch after every mile!
So weird how some days are better than others...
But that's how it is for everything.
Sometimes life is easy and smooth sailing and sometimes... 
Kicks ya in the butt!
Port and I got the watermelon and cantalope planted.
We also got a row of corn in.
Just a few more things to plant.
I'm excited for it to get growing 👍🏻
It would have been fun to do something fun to celebrate memorial day and all the loved ones who have died to make our lives better.
But, you know... sometimes you just gotta take what you can get.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday May 24

We had a nice Sunday today.
Everyone slept in except me!
It was a nice quiet morning :)
We had our sacrament meeting in the living room and talked about the conference talk we listened to.
It was about ways the Lord answers prayers.
Sometimes he uses those around us to answer , sometimes he answers right away and sometimes he makes us wait.
And sometimes we won't get our answer in this life.
But if we know and trust the Lord and trust in the plan he has for us, then we can see that no matter how our prayers are answered, it is part of the Lords individual plan for us.
Sometimes that is easier said than done.....
Then we moved into the kitchen for Sunday School.
Again, Elsie was a Rockstar reading all the chapter headings.
The chapters spoke of being 'Steadfast and Immovable'.
We talked about ways we act and how the way we treat others reflects back to us and the church.
After that we had lunch and sat down and watched a few of the Book of Mormon videos.
We saw the episode that Alberto was in.
Pretty fun!
The kids played outside with the bunnies and ducks.
It was beautiful outside today!!!
It should be really nice this whole week.
I will need to go running earlier in the day so I don't get too hot.
We ate our dinner outside on the deck.
Then we took a little trip to the park so Elsie could get some practice on the scooter.
She is doing really good.
Just need to keep it up and build those muscles and balance!
Logan has an electric scooter that he brought, so we took turns riding that around.
It was a lot of fun!
We also tried out a few challenges.
Dad and I rocked the tabletop :)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Saturday May 23

Porter actually went to a birthday party this morning.
It is weird to adjust to things heading back to normal.
It was a small group and they went go-cart racing.
He had a lot of fun and I think it was helpful for his anxiety to just be a kid for a few hours and do kid stuff without the worries of the world.
I got a nice afternoon 5.5 mile run, in the wind again.
My sinuses are really killing me!!!
There must be something new blowing around.
Dad went and helped an elderly neighbor put a banister in the garage by the stairs.
The wife feel a week or so ago and really bruised up her leg.
A banister will help out.
Cassi got half the lawn mowed before she had to go to work.
Dad finished up the rest.
This evening Madi and Logan went to Ruth's Chris, Logan won a gift card from work to go there.
And then they ended up having someone pay for their dinner!
So that's pretty cool.
We have never eaten there.
It would be fun to try it.
Dad and I did go out though 
We went to Brick 29.
They had everything thinned out, half the tables and everyone pushed away from eachother.
It was weird to sit and have dinner, but kind of nice too.
Again, it's gonna be weird as we move back to normal life things.....

Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday May 22

Today was basically school work, running and gardening 😁
Port has a team call with his class this morning.
His teacher told them last week that he wanted them to share something creative they did in the past week.
Porter wanted to share the rabbit cage he made.
Pretty cute 💗
The sky was so beautiful today!
It was really windy on my run...again....kinda getting sick of all the wind!
I didn't go until later because I had a neighbor stop by and chat for a while.
She wants to do something for Brent cause he's always doing something for her and her husband.
She used to have a carpet business and her son had it now and she wanted to measure a run in the basement to see if they had a reminent we could have 
I told her we didn't need any down there but she insisted on taking measurements.
She's a stubborn one!
Anyway, so it was late in the day before I left.
But then Port and I got going on the garden.
We got several more rows planted.
Just a few more to go 👍🏻

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thursday May 21

Things were slow going this morning.
But I spent quite a long time catching up on math with Elsie.
It's so easy to do it when she is WILLING!!!
When she came down are waking up she said "I decided I'm just gonna get all my homework done in the morning."
I'm like, ya, good thinking 😂
Like exactly what I've been telling you the last 6 or so weeks!!!!
So she was pretty good about getting it done this morning.
We will see how the plan goes tomorrow morning.
Madi had orientation today 
She will start working with Sierra next week.
I went for a long run today, 8 miles.
It was a good run and I just kept thinking how funny the body is.
Like how yesterday there is no way I could have done more than a mile or two, but today I ran 8!
And I think about days when I get so much done in a day and other days where it just seems like there isn't enough time to do anything.
It's just funny to think about.
I guess we should just be happy with what we can do on any given day and not compare to other days.... Because it is always different.
We are all just trying to do it best with what we've got ❤️
After my run, Port and I started putting plants in the garden.
Then it started raining on us.
We went in for dinner... Pancakes 😁
Then it cleared up and we went out for a little bit longer.
Hopefully we can finish it up tomorrow.
We will get an earlier start 👍🏻
It is so fun to have Porter as my garden buddy.
Every year he is the one by my side.
I love that it is 'our thing'.
He was funny...I asked him to put the garbage cans away.
He decided he was gonna try and figure out a way to get them all at the same time so he could do it faster.
Well, he came up with a method but I can guarantee that between coming up with the plans and executing them, it probably took him three times as long to do the job 😂😂😂
Love that kid ❤️

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wednesday May 20

Today was Emmy's birthday!!!!
We wish we could have given her big hugs today, but hopefully it won't be much longer until we can do that!
But we did make her a birthday cake out of Emmy blankets 😁
Sad news....the poor little injured duck didn't make it through the night.
Porter took it pretty hard.
He's a pretty sensitive soul ❤️
It rained all day, so the chores the boys had planned to do weren't really possible.
But it gave them the time to make a little coffin for 'wobbles'.
Port made the whole thing himself and lined it with fleece too.
Later in the day, we had a little burial out in the rain under the 'tree of life' where all our dead fan animals are buried.
Port also spent the day creating a rabbit cage out of an old cabinet shell.
Dad helped him a bit, but the design was all Porter's and it's pretty cool!
This evening for YW, we made smores bars.
Cassi and I delivered the supplies earlier today.
I think it was a fun activity to do with the girls 💗
It will be fun when we can be together again!
So it rained all day, and we wanted to get in the hot tub, but above the hot tub is not totally covered from the rain.
We didn't want rain and dirty deck water to get in the hot tub, so dad hung up a tarp to keep the rain out.
It worked perfectly!!!!!