Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday July 31

It was hot today!!!!!
So, after I let my man rest for a bit when he got home (they got hammered yesterday and last night....) we went out and I showed him what I had done on the headboard.
I sanded the side boards after he sand blasted the ultra hard gloss coating.....and then stained it.
I am so excited to get it all put together!!!!!!!
But by the time we got that stuff finished it was time for me to shower and go VT.
Dad cleaned out the pool (as in scrubbed the liner) that he drained the other day because it had gotten pretty nasty after we were gone to Utah.
And then he started filling it up again.
Madi and Cassi mowed the lawn and did the weed-eating.....
When I got home, Madi needed me to run her to the store to get the last minute things she needs for EFY, that she is leaving for on Monday!
When we got home after that, Dad was cutting down big branches off the tree up front.
I told him he needed to stop and shower because he promised me a date night tonight :)
After he was all ready, we headed to dinner at Olive Garden.
Then after that we headed to the movies.
We watched The Cokeville Miracle.
Brent remembers this happening very vividly when he was a kid.
I guess he was about 10 years old.
It happened in Wyoming not far from where he grew up.
When the elementary school was taken hostage by a crazy man......a bomb went off and by many miracles and angels, not one person was killed except the bad guy and his wife.
It was such a great movie and brought a lot of emotions to the surface about angels being there to protect.....
The acting left some to be desired.....but it was still a great movie!
Then we went to Big5 and got some shoes for Brent.
His right foot has continued to give him problems.
That is left over from the back surgery in December.
Anyway, we got him a couple new pairs that were a bit bigger to give his foot more room to breathe.
I also got a pair of running shoes, cause mine are pretty beat up!
That is why we like Big5, with all the clearance they have, we got 4 pairs of shoes for the price one one regular price running shoe!
Now that's a deal!
But best of all, it was a great night laughing and joking and flirting with my man.
So glad to have each other :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday July 30

I pretty much spent the whole morning working on that bed frame!!!!!!
Lots of frustrations with how it was turning out......BUT.....I am happy to say that I think I found a solution to all the problems and I hope it will be complete and done and maybe in our room tomorrow :)
The kiddos got their rooms clean and the TV room upstairs clean while I was on my run.
Port went and played with Max and Graham.
I was in the shop......
Cassi and Elsie played and then they went over to Billy and Vern's too.
I guess they helped them out with loading up some wood etc.
The boys helped too.
Madi stayed home and did the dishes for me and she also painted a few more rails on the deck.
About 1:30, I went over to help Vern paint in the house they bought and will be renting out.
But as soon as I got there, Vern made the kids sandwiches and then Billy said it was time to go for some shaved ice.
Madi didn't want to come (mortified if she saw anyone she knew, because she had been painting and was a mess!)
But I drove separately with Elsie, I couldn't be gone long.
I needed to go home and shower to be able to leave with Elsie in tie for PT.
Elsie and i left shortly after getting the snow cones.
I showered and we were out the door.
As I was leaving, Billy and Vern and the truck full of kids were just coming down the lane.
I am a super fast shower-er :)
Got to PT and Elsie did okay.
She has been really tight.
Actually, she has been walking kinda funny lately, with her right foot kind of curling in as she walks.
Katie did some stretches with her and figured it must be coming from her hamstring.
So she gave me some good stretches to work on with Elsie to help maybe stretch that out.
Then Katie's Dad dropped her twins off to play.
Katie's nanny just got married and is off on her honeymoon, so they have had trouble finding a people to watch the kiddos all the time :)
We were her last appointment today, so it was fun for us to get to see them and play with them.
When we left, we stopped and got a side table at the thrift store right there :)
Then we stopped at Lowes to get the few things I needed to fix the headboard.
Then got home and made dinner.
I went right back out to the shop and that bed frame (I keep telling myself it will be worth all the trouble!!!!!)
Madi read with Elsie and Porter and Cassi played.
They were all so tired tonight!
A good day full of hard play :)
Madi and Cassi just got back from a run.
They started kinda late, so I wouldn't let them go for very long.
Cass is excited about cross country......and Madi just enjoys the stress relief :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday July 29

After my run, I met with a guy who is going to quote us about refinishing our floors.
Yes, we can do it.
Bit the more we think about it, the more trouble it seems.
We thought it wouldn't hurt to just SEE what it might be for someone who has professional equipment to sand it for us.
I asked him to itemize what it would be just for sanding and then if they were to refinish it all.
So we will see.
Madi was going to mow the lawn today....but it seems to have a dead battery :(
So that didn't get done.
I did work on my headboard/foot board.
I finished sanding, mostly.
I got the foot board all done and even put stain on it :)
I do love it!
I am excited for it to be all done and in our room!!!!
I will wait until it is done for the final picture ;)
The Edwards boys hung out here all day.
Vern and Billy were trying to fix up that house they bought next door so they can get it rented out.
So they are scrambling to get baseboards in and walls painted etc....
So it was just easier to have the boys here.
About 1, their little friend, Eli came over to play.
The boys had lots of fun for a few hours.
Eli is living with his Grandma right now.
She is the schools secretary and just lives down the hill from us.
Eli's family is building right by them.
So it will be fun to have him hang with the boys too.
We just need to find an easy way to get back and forth to their house, without going on the big road :)
When Eli's mom came to pick him up she brought her other two kids, and Linnea came too.
They had fun meeting the baby goats and playing around.
They left and I got some other work done.
Computer stuff.
Trying to start going through family reunion pictures etc.
But I am also trying to get my blog book up and going.
I wish I would have been doing what I have SAID I should do!
If I would just copy and paste what i write on the blog every night into the blurb software, then it will be all done once the year is done!
So I have started doing that....but also trying to add a few other days as well.
I have so many years to catch up on......but you gotta start somewhere!!!!
I have too many entries and blurb won't 'slurp' them in :(
Big bummer!
I finally had to call customer service to figure out the problem and that is when they told me I had too many entries.
So this is really my best way of doing it.
Then tonight we had our Back to Camp night for YW.
It was a fun night and we got to watch a slide show with all the camp pictures and then we all had pizza.
Once we got home, I needed a picture for the day.....
So Madi and I took one with the sun 'Sparkle'-ing behind us :)
Our camp theme was it was fitting :)
S-scripture study. P-prayer, A-atonement, R-repentance, K-knowledge, L-love, E-embark

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday July 28

 The morning started out with Madi and Porter having dentist appointments to have cavities filled.
One at 10, and one at 10:10.
Problem is....they are at different offices!
I really should change the little kiddos over to our dentist.
We got to Dr. Whitt with the little kids because when Elsie needed her first oral surgery, he was the best guy for the job that we could find.
And we really like him.
But we also really like Dr. Payne (yep, that is our dentist's name ;)
And he knows the little ones.....and they would be great with him.
So I think I will move them over.
But for today, we had the appointments scheduled.
Luckily the offices are not far apart.
I dropped Madi off at her appointment, and then took Port.
Port was done lickety split!
With kiddos you gotta be quick.
Dr. Whitt says you just never know when a kid has had you gotta be quick to get it done before they do that :)
Port was a rock star!
We didn't do the nitrous with him.
It was an extra $60, and if he can have a nail in his thumb without crying, he can handle getting his mouth numb.
She they did the topical numbing and thought they would try doing the cavity without the numbing shot.
He told Port to raise his hand if he felt anything.
Like I said, Port was a rock star.
He just laid there, holding my hand and watching the movie.
Such a good boy!
Then we went back and waited for Madi to be done.
Poor girl was numbed up good :(
It was pretty funny.
She did have three cavities to fill :(
We came home and did some laundry.
Yes, I pretty much do laundry every day!
Had lunch....the boys played.
Dad started making my cupboards that will go on either side of the cook top.
I have some old paned windows that Katie (Elsie's PT) gave me.
I am using them throughout the kitchen, and I am so excited!
So he is making the box for the windows.
It is gonna look so good!
I have been getting headaches and eye problems, so i decided to call and make an appointment.
Lucky me, they had a cancellation for today, so they got me in.
Looks like I need glasses.
Well, maybe not need, but could use them.
Reading glasses.
I didn't pick anything out.
First of all my eyes were dilated, so I couldn't see anything anyway.
But I also want to go home and keep track of them I am getting my headaches.
If they come on when I am doing things like reading or on the computer etc, then glasses would help.
But if I am getting them for no rhyme or reason, then the glasses won't probably help with the headaches.
So we will see.
When I got home, Dad was sanding more of the dang bed frame.
(I really really want to finish it when he is gone to work......I think that would make him happy if he didn't have to work on it anymore :)
And he decided it was time to take a break and go get a snow cone!
Everyone was excited about that :)
After that, it was dinner then some bike riding and baths, then bed.
My eyes are still kinda this computer screen is not feeling good!
I'm gonna go close my eyes :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday July 27

It was so windy today!!!!!!
I hate to run in the wind!
But I went anyway...cause I'm on a roll!
When I got home we started sanding our headboard.
After a couple hours it was very evident that it would not be as 'easy' as I thought it would be :(
So, it's not done.
It got super frustrating so we walked away from it and I am sure we will get back to it tomorrow after our heads have cooled ;)
But we did get the wood floor on the landing installed in the mud room.
Still need to do the stairs......but one step at a time.
(Ha ha....see what I did there, I'm so funny :)
I took Madi to Camryn house about 2:30.
But before she did that, she started painting more of the railing out on the deck, and helped me with sorting and folding laundry.
The Morgan kiddos came over this morning too....Avery, Kyra and Cannon.
Oh, and the Edwards boys too, of course :)
They all played really good together.
A little later int he afternoon I got a call from Bubble.
She had gotten her birthday gift in the mail for Elsie and had made cookies and wanted to come over for another birthday celebration :)
So Vern and Billy came with Bubble and we had cookies and opened the present.
At the wedding she was at in McCall last week, she was seated by a lady who has a company named Buffalo Girls jewelry.
She was so excited and had the lady make a wire crown for Elsie with a little tag that said "Buffalo Girl."
It is the cutest thing!!!!
So that was a fun time.
Then before we knew it, it was dinner time.
I went and got Madi and we had burgers.
After dinner we cleaned up, collected garbage's and then we had FHE.
Brent read a talk the other day from last conference titled "The music of the gospel".
So that is what we used for our Family Home Evening.
I think it was a good discussion for all.
You know, talking about how we can learn the dance steps all you want (prayer, going to church, reading scriptures, etc.) but if we never learn to hear the music (To know what the spirit feels like) then eventually you will stop dancing because you can't hear the music.
But you have to work to hear the music.
We have to, as parents, make sure they understand what it feels like to feel of the spirit.
To point out when we are feeling it and ask what they are feeling.
It was a good day today :)

This is the before picture of the headboard.......after will come later.
You know.....
When it gets done :(

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday July 26

Today Brent got a new calling :)
He will be a CTR 10 teacher.
I think he will be great with the primary kids.
I can tell he is excited about the calling too :)
So Elsie went to class!!!!!
We have been talking the last couple days about going to class.
I knew they would sing to her in sharing time cause she just had her birthday.
So she was excited for that.
And she was so awesome and went right to class (With Luvey in tow :)
But guess what?????
Port had a sub....and he didn't want to go!
Of course!!!!!!
I talked to him for a while and convinced him that his sub was so nice and I would pick him up early to have cookies with my class.
So I got to sit with dad for the last time in our family history class....cause now he will be in primary :(
For my class, my lesson was about taking on the name of Christ.
I talked about how many of us have people we are named after.
Many times we are named those names to keep the legacy going.....and that we can have those names and make them proud.
When we promise to take on the name of Christ, we are saying that we would act as Christ would, speak as Christ would, do as Christ would.
I always wonder if I get the massage across like I want to :(
Madi said I did goo.
Anyway, i gave them cookies.
But I had a little secret.
I made a small batch of cookies with way too much salt.
When I passed them out I said that when you hear the word cookie, you think, oh, sweet, good, tasty.
I could tell some of the girls didn't want to tell me they were gross, finally I stopped them from eating them.....cause it was just so gross!!!!
Some of the girls said that they didn't notice it!!!!!
They must be salt deprived!
Anyway, I had them throw that away and gave them a good cookie.
That is how it should be.
If we say we are a cookie, we should taste like a cookie!
If we promise to take on the name of Christ, we better do all we can to make sure we live like he would want us to!
Anyway, I ran the kids home after church and then went back to be with Brent when they set him apart for his new calling.
One we got home, our Home Teachers came over.
They shared about the recent trip they took, including Nauvoo and surrounding areas.
And how they were able to go to the birthplace of Joseph Smith and what spiritual ground that was.
It was a great time spent with them.
Then while the little kids played, Madi, dad and I made dinner.
After dinner we cleaned up and started going though some of the pages that Grandma Ene sent home with us.
She has been working very hard and putting together pages and pages of family pictures and stories.
A treasure for sure.
I am so thankful for all the time and effort she has put into this.
It is so very special and so fun to hear the stories!
A little later in the night the Morgans came over to visit.
We had a fun time talking and we had some ice cream and cookies for dessert.
So it was a fun night :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday July 25

It was a whirlwind this morning trying to get everything done :)
When i got home from Running, I grabbed Port and took him to Lowes for the Build-n-grow project.
He sure loves those :)
Then I rushed home to get Madi.
She made plans with one of her new friends, who was in her tent for girls camp, to go to the mall today.
So we picked her friend up and I took them to the mall.
Her mom picked them up later on and brought them home.
I came back home with enough time to shower and get ready to go out with my friends.
With Rachel in town, it was a great chance to get a bunch of us together.
And it was so much fun and so great to see so many faces that I haven't seen in a while!
They are all such great ladies and it was so fun to sit and chat with them all.
And even Annie came!!!!
I am so happy that she has moved back to Idaho!
I left for that and got home with about 20 minutes to spare before my little family headed over to the Youngs to go swimming and eat.
Cassi didn't go, she had another babysitting job tonight.
But we had a fun time there.
And Port was swimming so awesome.
He jumped off the diving board and then swam the length of the pool!
So great buddy!!!!
Then it was home, showers, and dad and Madi are still outside with the irrigation.
So it was a packed day, but a fun one :)

No, Wuvey did not get thrown in the dryer and shrink!
Max and Graham were going through old toys and stuff and came across a mini pillow pet buffalo!!!!!!
They were so excited to give it to Elsie!
So, this is Luvey :)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday July 24

I got a good run in this morning.....almost had another run in.....
the hawk flew super close, then landed on a phone wire.
Then TWO more swooped in!!!!!
So there were three hawks eyeing me as I ran past them :(
The adrenaline rush helps, I guess!
I got home and showered and then I had a YW pres. meeting.
That didn't last too long.
Came home and had the kids make their beds and tidy their rooms.
Had lunch and then not too long after that, my friend Rachel stopped by with her little fam.
Rachel lived by us at our old house, but moved to Las Vegas like 5ish years ago, I guess, maybe 6.
She visited a couple years ago.
And we are gonna have lunch tomorrow with some friends.
It will be fun for me too, since it's been a while since I have seen some of them too :)
But Rachel wanted to come by and see the house.
So it was fun to show her around the place and the house.
It was fun to talk to her.
That is one thing about Rachel......when you talk to her, it's just like you talked to her yesterday.
Like there was never any time between hanging out.
She's a cool chick :)
Thanks for coming by Rachel!
And later tonight I finally got my grocery shopping done.
The kids watched a movie together at home and then helped me unload and put away stuff when I got back.
I got a few texts asking when I would be home because Porter was worried I wasn't gonna come back home.
Oh that boy!!!!!
I'm not gonna run away!!!!
Anyway......Madi and I had a little relaxing time on the deck this afternoon and I got these dumb cat pictures :)
That kitty was so comfy, all sprawled out!
It made me laugh!
So here it is, for your enjoyment :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday July 23

It never ceases to amaze me the hand of the Lord in our lives.
There has been an underlying panic that we have had when it comes to the medical bills.
We have exhausted all the auto insurance stuff and having troubles when it comes to our health insurance.
We knew with our last insurance, an out of network life-flight you would have to pay 20%.
When we got the life-flight bill of over $50,000, we were scared to death of what we were gonna do.
That would make our portion over $10,000.
We finally got the courage to call the new insurance up, who we have had nothing but trouble dealing with.
Brent asked what our portion might be.
He was told that they paid it in full.
That was not at all what we expected to hear!
At all!
So that is one (major) tender mercy.
We still have lots and lots of bills, Dr visits, hospital bills and ambulance rides, which is about $1000 per person.
Our portions after insurance still seem to be so big!
It has been on my mind a lot, and I KNOW that it has been on Brent's.
He is the money one in our family, something I don't ever have to worry about.
So he is the worrier.
Tonight, another 'angel' came by our house.
Bro. Clark came by with an envelope.
He said that in the envelope, it had the rest of the donations that were given when our ward friends were working to get our stairs put in so we could get occupancy in the house.
I was shocked.
How can people be so good?
But even more, how do people not see the hand of our Heavenly Father in all things?
He truly loves our family and has sent so many angels in our path over the last few months.
I don't even know how to express what I feel as I sit here in tears.
It makes me want to be better.
I want to be that person that the Lord sends in others paths to help them through hard times.
I feel such a great debt and need to give back..
But mostly I cannot express what these things have done for me and my testimony.
My personal testimony.
I felt like I have just always known the gospel was true.
But to go through something like we did, and to see the many miracles that I have seen, to feel the warmth of the comforter, to feel the love of all the angels sent our way.....I know that before all that, I just had faith that it was true.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt.
I am so thankful that the Lord loves my family, loves me.
I am so happy for the strength that it gives me to know of that love.
To not feel lost.
I just have to write down the way I feel when it is so close to my heart.
Later down the road, when another hard trial comes our way, I want to remember the feeling I have right now.
That it will all be okay.
Just don't give up.
Have faith that you can do it.
Know you are loved.
And love others with all your heart.
Let them in.
This morning as soon as I walked in the door from my run, we had a knock on the door.
It was our new dish guy to install all the stuff for the deal we made with century link.
Our Internet provider sold out and will be gone in November, so we found a new one. he had to run a bunch of new wires and stuff.
The kids helped clean their rooms and put away the mess they made with stuffed animals on my run :)
It was like a zoo in here! :)
Then I got a text from Heather and that they wanted to come visit.
So after lunch they headed out.
It is always fun for the girls to get together.
Heather and I got to talk too, so that was nice.
The dish guy left, and then the Internet guy came just as Heather was leaving.
Heather took Madi and Cassi with her and left Hallie here to play with Elsie.
Those two had so much fun!
Makes me so happy that my kids have such great friends.
Life long friends!
Porter ended up going to Roaring Springs with the Edwards boys, he was super excited about that.
And the big girls swam at the Young's.
Thank Heather for the pictures :)
I think it was a good night for everyone.
I took Hallie home and picked up the girls.
Madi and Cassi have decided they wanted to start running.
Cass wants to do cross country.
I need to look and see when that starts!
Anyway, so they went last night, and then they went later tonight.
They both complain about being sore, but they both are really enjoying being out there :)
Oh, and porter has created his own doorbell.
That kid is so creative!
He got a little thing from Grandma Ene that lights up when you squeeze it.
He attached his little golf ball doo-hickey thing, and the light up toy, with address labels (also from Grandma Ene ;)
And made it so when you pick the ball up and let it down, it hit the light up toy and starts the light show.
Pretty dang cute, that boy :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday July 22

Oh sure is nice to sleep in your own bed :)
Everyone slept in a bit.
I went for a run and almost got eaten again by the hawk.
I kid you not.
It sat on a post and then would fly in circles around me.
I had to stop and walk at that point to keep my eye on it the whole time as I passed by.
I kept my camera ready in one hand and a handful of rocks in the other.
I had to document in case he ate me....... :(
Not cool hawk, not cool!
We put away our trip stuff.
Did more laundry.....cleaned more stuff.....
Dad didn't very good this morning, so we let him rest.
But later he was feeling better.
He put my new faucet in :)
I do love it.
Port was so excited to finally use the clay that they pulled from the bottom of Salem pond.
He wanted to make a cowl to eat his cereal out of.
I told him he should probably just use it to hold keys or stuff like that :)
But it will be awesome when it dries :)
Madi had baptisms for the dead at 4, and they needed priesthood holders.
So Brent offered to go.
They headed out and sounds like they had a good time.
Vern came over with some cupcakes for Elsie and a birthday present.
And also a gift that was left on our doorstep.
It was from Mrs. Dynka!!!!
I am so sad we missed her!
She came by on Elsie's birthday while we were gone :(
So sad!
Gonna have to see if we can find out how to get a hold of her!
Love that lady!
She is just the sweetest.
She was one of Elsie's aides this last year.
How awesome is it that she remembered Elsie bug's birthday????!!!!
And Elsie got fun buffalo gifts from Vern and she also made her some yummy cupcakes :)
Then Madi came home and I had to rush out to go to YW.
We played an LDS version of Taboo.
I think it was fun for us all :)

(This does not even look as close as it ACTUALLY was!!!!!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday July 21

Well, we made it home!
We had such an amazing visit with so many family members these last few days!
It has been so great and so much fun!
But man we are exhausted!
We decided to head home today so Dad could have a day home to rest before heading back to work.
Elsie was stuck to Grandmas side all morning.
Grandma tells her stories, she plays make-believe with her, they laugh together.
It really is the sweetest thing to watch.
At lunch Grandma kept teasing Elsie that she was gonna steal her mac and cheese, and Elsie just kept giggling and giggling.
Just the cutest thing!
Heather came and picked up Madi and Cassi to go and have lunch at Megan's house.
Dad and Port went to the store to help Gramps.
After packing up and having lunch, I told Elsie we should go down and see Gramps to give Grandma some time to rest :)
She was not happy about leaving Grandma, and I pretty much had to take her kicking and screaming.
That girl loves her Grandma.
But once we got to the store, she was happy to see Gramps and play with Port around the store.
Got a picture of my 4 Matthews men together in Gramps store.
We sure love being around Gramps too.
He is such a tease and is always good for a laugh.
But he makes sure you know you are loved.
So thankful to have such wonderful in-laws that love me and treasure me as their own.
We got the car all loaded up and was headed out by 3:30.
And we got to see Dave for a few minutes before we left.
So we ALMOST got to see everyone on both sides of the family over these last few days.
We tried to meet up with Kay, but she is in the middle of selling and buying a new home, so that didn't work out this time :(
So we headed home, with our bunny in tow.
The drive wasn't too bad.
There was a point in time it maybe looked like Elsie would be sick, but I distracted her with pictures and she got over it :)
It is so good to be home!!!!!
You know when you come home and you can smell what your home "smell" is?????
Anyway.....our house smelled just like Lowes :)
That's not bad, but I'm not sure it's good either......

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday July 20 (pictures)

Happy Birthday to my Elsie Bug!!!!!
Elsie has been so excited about her birthday, like she always is :)
But this year, she has been so excited that she gets to spend her birthday with the buffaloes!!!!
We invited all the fam that's around here (and were in town) and we met up at the park where they have a buffalo reserve.
Elsie loves it there, so it was the perfect spot for her birthday celebration!
In the morning, she opened a few presents and we hung out and had breakfast.
I got to go for a run :)
And Dad, Madi, Cassi and port went an mowed the lawns for gramps.
Until it started to rain too hard.
I hoped the rain would let up before dinner time!!!!!
Later in the day, I went to Walmart to get some cupcakes ordered and get some other stuff for the party.
It was funny, cause I ran into Heather's Mom there!
Small world :)
We talked for a little bit.
It was fun to see her and tell her how grateful we are to have Drew and Heather and their sweet family in our lives!
Cassi spent a lot of the day with Lexi.
So that was fun :)
Port helped Gramps and Dad at the feed store.
Not much longer and Gramps will retire.
So this is his last chance to work with him like all the other Matthews boys did :)
The time came to head out for the party.
It took longer to get the chicken then we thought, so we arrived very fashionably late to the party :(
Luckily they had all gotten a great pavilion and we all ate.
I am glad we got to get together with everyone that we could!
It's fun to be able to visit as many as we can when we come.....but it's even better when you can get them all together in the same spot!
We had cupcakes and ice cream and opened presents.
Elsie had a fun time!
After everyone left, we drove up to get a little closer to the buffalos.
She was a happy girl.
They had about 4 or 5 baby buffalos out there too.
So she sat and squealed at the buffalos for a little while before we headed back to Grandmas house.
Before we knew it, it was bed time!!!!!
And we are all soooooooo tired!!!!!!
I hope everyone sleeps good tonight!
Last night Cassi came to me talking about animals and how they are getting out and she has to chase them with the tractor.
I just turned her shoulders around and led her back to bed, and she laid back down and that was that :)
Sleep walkers are funny, that's for sure!
We are debating about going home tomorrow.
Dad has to work on Thursday, and it would be nice to have a day home before he has to head back to work.
So we will see how tomorrow morning plays out.
Lots of fun pictures.
I will post them.
I really will Dussy boy, cause I know you are waiting to see the awesome pictures of you :)
Maybe I will spend my whole day on Thursday putting pictures on the blog!!!!
I do have this little picture Madi sent me from her is cute, but tiny :(
But it will do for tonight!
Happy birthday Elsie bug.
You are a light in our life.
A light in the lives of many.
So thankful she is our little girl and we get to experience her sweet spirit.
Yes, we have trying times......sometimes I am not sure how I can best help you.
I hope you know that you are loved, so very much!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday July 19 (add pictures)

We went to church at Mom and dad's ward today at 9 this morning.
Most of the family made it there too.
So that was fun.
After church we met Grandma at her house, cause we were taking a baby bunny from her :)
We said our goodbyes to Grandma and headed to another place to pick up two bunnies for Dussy boy.
We went back to Em's and got all packed up and headed out to Wyoming.
It wasn't too long after we got to Grams and Gramps house that Nancy's fam came by.
We just all hang out and had a lot of fun together.
A little later on Dussy boy, Uncle Ugly (you know, the sheriff :) and Sandra came down.
It was a nice time.
We are planning for Elsie bugs birthday tomorrow :)
She is excited to have a picnic with the Buffalos!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday July 18 (add pictures)

It's late and it has been a long day.
But I had the most amazing experience today.
I don't want to forget what I felt.
We met with most of the family for an early morning session at the Payson temple.
First of all it was a beautiful, beautiful temple.
It was neat to be there with so many siblings.
I was happy to be there.
It has been a while since we have been to the temple.
I sat there listening and watching what was going on.
I loved watching my sweet Mom and Dad together.
I was just so very happy sitting there.
I kept sneaking a peak at Brent and he would already be looking at me and we would send a little wink to each other.
I was completely overcome with the most overwhelming sense of Gratitude.
Gratitude for Brent and that I could have so very easily lost him in the car accident, but didn't.
Thankful that I get him, forever.
I am so Thankful for the hard times we have had.
And believe me, there were some very low times.
But without these things we have gone through, together, I don't see how we could still have such a deep love for each other.
To be at rock bottom, together, and have to find our way out, together.
I am just so grateful for him.
There are just not words that could express what I felt in the temple today.
I had tears streaming down my cheeks most of the time.
Towards the end, when we were getting ready to move along, one of the temple worker's pulled me aside.
She said that I was lucky to have such an affectionate husband and that she had been searching her whole life to find a husband that would love her like my husband loves me.
Oh that just put me over the edge.
The fact that I was already feeling this overwhelming amount of love for him, and then to have a complete stranger recognize what we have together.
Just so special.
The time we got to spend in the Celestial room was very special.
He is my world.
And I am his.
I know it was not by chance that we ended up together.
We needed each other.
Lots more fun stuff happened today.
Of course we had the big family pictures taken, as well as the individual ones.
And we played at Salem ponds for much of the day.
Later in the evening we went to Rachel's house where there was lots of time to chat and play.
We had some breakfast for dinner and then just before the night ended, we had our third annual talent show :)
Always a fun time.
So LOTS and LOTS of pictures to share..........
Soon I hope.
Oh, something that has been very fun....
My sister, Mel, set up for us to use the #pfr15 (Peterson Family Reunion 2015) on all our Instagram pictures.
And we are having them all put together into chatbooks, so we can all enjoy the pictures!
I think we have already filled 6 books full :)
Each book having 60 pictures in it!
That's a lot of pictures!!!!!!!
I think it will be so fun to have!

Friday July 17 (Add pictures)

Made it to Utah.
Lots of fun with family.
Pictures to come soon  :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday July 16

I had a lot on my list to do today.
But not much got crossed off :(
First of all, Elsie was up at 5!
She would not go back to sleep.
So I turned a movie on for her and tried to fall asleep on the couch.
Then Port came......I didn't want him awake yet, so I talked him into cuddling with me on Madi's bed.
He fell back asleep, and Elsie thought it was funny to try and wake him up.
Oh she was a stinker!
So I took her downstairs so Port could sleep.
Gave her breakfast and then Port came down.
I was slow going.
It took me forever to get to sleep last night!
It has been hard for me to have Brent gone at night :(
I know that is silly......but we were together every night for almost 6 months!
So I was definitely dragging this morning.
Everywhere I went or whatever I tried to do, those little ones followed me everywhere!
Elsie didn't want to be alone, and Port didn;t want Elsie following him around.
I finally put a movie on for them so I could clean the kitchen.
I took the garbage out and as I was walking back in, Port comes out crying saying 'He didn't know where I went!' and that 'I have to tell him when I leave!'
There were a couple times throughout the day when I would go down to swap the laundry and he would come down in a panic to make sure I was there.
I don't know where this came from!
The boys did come over for a little bit then they left around 11.
I fed the kiddos lunch and then I had to lay down.
I had the worst headache and I wasn't getting much done!
So I turned on another movie.......thank you Netflix!
They watched and let me nap for about an hour.
But Port did have to cuddle with me.
You know, in case I decided to run away.
Silly boy!
After that, the weather was pretty nice and cool, so I decided to get out and mow the front lawns.
The kids were pretty good while I was on the mower.
Which was nice.
Then back inside and we started packing the kids suitcases.
And that is pretty much what I did today.
We did have a lot of fun, Port, Elsie and I.
Elsie was tired, but goofy she laughed at everything.
So we had a lot of fun being goofy.
I was looking at pictures of what the girls are doing in Utah.
They went to the museum of Natural curiosity.
And there is a picture of them hanging like a sloth.
Port asked what a sloth was, so I googled a picture.
He said "No, that's a koala bear!"
I said "No" and googled Koala bear.
Then with each picture he would name another animal, and I would say no and google that one....
It became a fun game and Elsie was non stop giggling.
It was pretty funny :)
So it wasn't a terrible day.
I just won't be leaving as clean of house as I wanted to before we head out tomorrow!
It's more important anyway that they feel loved and that I am spending time with them.
That is something I must have been lacking a lot in lately, since they have just clung to me the last few days.
I will try harder.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday July 15

Two kids are hard!!!!!
They need, like, your attention! :)
I did a lot of playing with them today, which I guess it's been awhile since I did that.
So this morning I woke up before Brent had to go so I could get a run in.
A little one, but at least I got out.
I can't say much else got done today.....
I had my VT over.
That was nice to talk for a bit.
The boys REALLY wanted a lemonade stand.
I told them that no one comes down the road!
But they insisted.
We put a sign up at the main road with an arrow that pointed down.
They EACH made almost $3.00!
The were selling it at 10 cents a cup.
But everyone who bought some bought with about a $1 per cup.
So, no, the sign did not bring any new customers.
All the money came from the people on our lane :)
Made those boys happy......
But I almost wish no one would have bought any so they wouldn't think it would ALWAYS be this lucrative!!!!!!
 Aw was fun for them.
Then the littles and I went and bought some treats for the drive to Utah.
And then made a stop at the library.
I really need to be better at getting them to read!
Elsie needs to stop being so stubborn about reading!
She always says the words are too small or there are too many words on the page.
So I got her books with large print and not a whole lot of words on the page.
Port needs to read so he doesn't lose all the progress he made at the end of school!!!!!
So we got some good easy readers for him.
We came home and I had them both read a book before they could play.
Elsie had The Little Mermaid, and just loved reading it!
Port did well, but I just need to keep him doing it!
After that, the boys went back out to do the lemonade stand.
Vern and Billy came over to buy some and we talked for a while, until dinner time.
I said something about me having to miss our youth group tonight because I don't have my built in babysitter.....
Then Billy asked if we went to the church down the street.
He said, Man, there are a lot of people that go there!
I said ya.
And Vern remembered when we had to drive to Boise to go to church and she asked where that was.
Billy asked if it was the big one on Cole.
I kind of laughed, and said NO, that's the Temple!
He was like, oh, well, so why aren't services held there.
I told him that we use it for marriages etc.
And then he said really, no services?
So I started to tell him about the work we do for the dead and what we believe.
He kept looking at me like I was a crazy person :)
I told them the 'gist' of the Plan of Happiness.
I said, I know it sounds all weird and stuff, but I have people who can explain it to you!
He laughed it off.
And then Vern said that one day Lorne, one of our neighbors, stopped by with some missionaries.
She said she felt so sick that day and she would have loved to talk to them, but had to turn them away because she was going to throw-up. was an interesting experience for me and I am sure them as well :)
I have never really had that kind of opportunity.
I am curious if there will be more questions.
I enjoyed talking about it.....but I also thought, man I would think I was crazy too if I was not a member!
I guess I take advantage that I was born in the has always been a part of my life.
It is something I not only believe because that is what I have been taught, but I truly know for myself that this gospel is what it is all about.
I have really gotten to know my scriptures these last few months and I can't imagine how lost I would be without the knowledge that I have of the eternal plan!
Anyway....I hope that's not the end.
I hope they keep asking questions :)
Well, then we had dinner, watched a little Winnie the Pooh and off to bed.
I might get to bed early tonight!
Tomorrow is packing day!!!!!
The big girls got to go to YW with Morgie tonight.
They played water balloon volleyball and sounds like they had a fun time :)
Brent went back to work today.
His normal shift would be Friday and Saturday, but since we needed to leave he swapped it around.
Man oh man!
He has been working a lot!
He is sore, but doing good.
So proud of him for how hard he works!
He got to do some dive training today.
And I guess dive training involves playing with the jet skis on the river for a few hours :)
He enjoys that part!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday July 14

 Dad came home this morning after a 72 hour shift.
And man is he tired!
He worked his regular shift and then he paid a day back for someone who worked for him.
But once he was home I was able to go for a run.
Having these big girls gone puts a burden on me!
Okay, not too bad.
I miss them and I do rely on them a lot.....but I am happy they are having fun!
I got to break in my new cook top today!
I did make myself an egg this morning.....but the real test was a big pot of mac and cheese!
This is a constant in our house with Elsie bug.
So it seemed only logical to make it :)
I am excited about it and excited to see the house coming along like it is.
Baby steps, but it is coming along!
After lunch the boys came over and swam with the little ones while Brent tried to figure out what was wrong with the air conditioner.
While he was gone to work it had been leaking from the condensation place......or something.
It has happened before, but this time it was a different problem.
A problem that required him to pretty much disassemble the entire thing and find the problem.
Then fix it.
Of course.
He can fix anything :)
Billy came over, and he was pretty amazed at him fixing it as well.
While Billy was here, Bubble came over to check out my cook-top.
Then while we were out on the deck, Vern came over saying she didn't get the invite to the party :)
We actually spent a couple hours out there talking and hanging in out.
It was quite nice :)
We are so blessed to have these guys as neighbors.
Just like family!
By the time they all left, it was time for dinner.
After dinner we ran out and did the big girls chores....but also needed to dock the baby boy goats.
I can't believe how fast they are growing!
They are so much fun to watch hopping all over the place :)
Then we stayed out on the front porch until bedtime.
It was a nice day.
The girls have been having fun in Utah.
They went to the reservoir with Morgan and Bailey.
And they ended the night at the park.
They are sleeping at the Holdaway's house tonight and plan to hang with them again tomorrow and go with them to YW.
So that should be fun :)