Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday March 31 (add pictures)

They took a bus tour around the city this morning.
After that they went to The Battery.
It is a park on the southern most tip of Manhattan island.
The closest you can get to the Stature of Liberty without leaving the island.
Then it was to the Freedom tower and plaza.
And of course the 9/11 memorial.
Brent said he wished there wasn't so many people there......
After all that, they were given free time.
But they kept in touch and everyone got back safe.
Madi did some shopping and eating with friends....
Dad went and saw the Intrepid and then also visited House 4....that is what they say when talking about the fire stations there.
He said they were cool guys and even gave him a shirt.
So that's cool.
They ate a good dinner, then went back to the hotel to change.
Then they got to go to a Broadway show......
The show they had tickets to was the Sponge Bob Square pants show.
I talked to dad....and he wasn't too impressed :)
Madi said it was funny.
But nothing she said she would purposely pay to go to.......
Oh well, I still think they had a fun night anyway.
After that, Dad went back to the hotel...he is so exhausted and ready to have his own bed and pillows (and me) back!
Madi went out with friends again.
They had a midnight curfew tonight...
And they have to be all packed up and ready to go at 6:30 tomorrow.
They might sleep for two days straight when they finally get home!
Back here at home we watched General Conference today.
I caught talks here and there, but I look forward to listening to it all again when the kids aren't around :)
But the kids had fun making forts, eating sugar cereal and taking notes.
In between sessions, we went to the Nielsen's house for lunch and a little Easter Egg hunt.
That was fun for the kiddos.
After the second session, Port and all the boys came over and hung out.
I got fun pictures of them making a fort with logs and covering it with grass to camouflage it, and then trying to shoot birds with a sling shot....
It is so fun to watch them with all the fun adventures they have.
I am both excited and terrified to see what they will be like as teenagers!!!!!!
Cassi hung out with Avery and the kids all spent some good time outside.
I spent time cleaning and then drawing....drawing plans for the next projects I have in mind :)
More conference tomorrow.....
Hopefully they can keep the house a little cleaner than they did today during conference!!!!!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday March 30

 They started the morning at the famous Rocky steps.
They did some more walking around Philly.
Then they went to the constitution center.
Then for lunch, they went to the Reading Market.
They said it was 81 different market/restaurants.....just nothing like you have seen before.
They then rode the bus to New York.
They took some time to walk around Time Square.
Their hotel is right there!
In fact, it is part if the building that Stephen Colbert's show is in.
Dad thought that was pretty cool.
They took the group and rode on a sky tram thing, that went over the bridge.
Gave the kids a chance to see the skyline.
Then they were given a crash course on the use of the subway.
I guess tomorrow the kids have some free time where they will be let loose.
That terrifies me!!!!
After that, they visited a 3 story tall candy store.
That sounded cool.
At that point, some kids went back to the hotel.
But Madi and Dad went to a place for dinner called 'Star Dust'.
All the waiters and employees were either former, current, or going to be Broadway performers.
They said that after taking your order, your waiter might get up on stage a perform.
Lots of singing and dancing :)
They had a late night tonight and still have to be up pretty early tomorrow.
Hopefully they get some sleep there in Time Square!
The hotel did give them earplugs :)
Back here at home we had a pretty fun day.
First I had a 5 mile run.
Then I finished with the tree pruning.
The kids helped pick up sticks.
Then we went to see the movie 'Sherlock Gnomes'.
It was pretty cute.
I ran to the store real quick with Porter and took him back to the bowling ally where he had spotted a Pac-Man machine.
We didn't have any coins the other day when we went, so we made a quick stop to try it out :)
This evening, Cassi went babysitting for the Halls and the Morgans and Edwards came over to play some games.
Tomorrow is General Conference and I am looking forward to that.
Also the Nielsen's are having an Easter egg hunt at their house, so that should be fun.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday March 29

They had quite a bit of driving in the bus today...but still got to see lots of really neat stuff!
They needed to get all their stuff packed up and in the bus because later in the day they would make their way to Philadelphia.
But first they went and had a walking tour at the Capital Building.
Where they got to see cool stuff, like the old senate room.
Then they went to Philadelphia.
Once there, they waited in very long lines to see the Liberty Bell.
So cool!!!!
Then they got to walk around what was left of George Washington's house when he lived there.
Then it was on to Independence Hall.
Most historic of all places in the US!
Where the Declaration of Independence was argued, written, and signed!!!!!
They got to see the chair that George Washington sat in.
Brent said it was all very surreal....
And that these kids don't even realize the significance in what they are getting to see!
Then they went and had an amazing Philly cheese steak for dinner.
He also sent me several pictures of the Herringbone walkways :)
They did some wandering around and then went to an improve thing.
It was at the Liberty Bell visitors center.
It had closed for he evening and they opened it up for their group and had a two-man show.
They said it was really funny...and the best part is they pulled Dad up out of the audience!!!!
They said they needed a big burly man, and then grabbed him out :)
Madi has video, so I can't wait to see that!
But the pictures looked pretty fun :)
He was a good sport getting dressed up like a girl!
Then they drove to the hotel and Madi hung out with some friends until curfew.
Another full day.
Tomorrow they do a little bit more in Philly, then head to New York!!!!
So exciting!
Back here at home it wasn't as exciting....
When I was at my class at the gym, poor Elsie threw up!
Cassi was so good to help her out and get her in the bath until I got home.
She felt okay for a few more hours, but not wanting to eat anything.
She played with play dough and watched movies all day.
She did end up throwing up a second time :(
Poor girl!
Breaks my heart!
I got her in the bath again and then she just took it easy.
She only had a few crackers, bread and some chicken noodle soup today.
No fever and she seems to act just fine except no appetite, and getting sick to her stomach every now and then.
So lets cross our fingers it was just a bad fluke, and not that she is getting sick :(
Port had such a fun night last night!
The boys slept all night, and actually got some sleep.
Port, Max, Graham, Cannon and Trent all hung out with each other throughout the whole day at one house or the other.
Cassi went to hang out with her friends.
I spent my day either sanding a dresser....which is gonna be so cool....
Or pruning.
I got another tree and a half done!
I may just be able to finish up tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday March 28

I cannot believe how much they can pack in a day!!!!!
Here's today list:
*Vietnam memorial
* Ford's Theatre....where they sat and watched a little two man reenactment of Lincoln's assassination
*Holocaust museum.....Brent said that it was intense. Speechless.
*National archives where they got to see the actual Declaration of Independence, the actual Bill or Rights, and the actual Constitution!!!!!
So cool!!!!!
They had dinner at a pizza shop and they said that was really good.
Then they made a stop at the White house....and it had been raining at that point.
They ended the night at the Martin Luther King memorial, the FDR memorial and then the Jefferson memorial.
Tomorrow they have a few other stops before they head to Philadelphia!
They are having so much fun.....but yes, they are worn out!!!!!
Here at home we slept in pretty late.
Spent some time outside.
Port hung out with the Edwards boys most the day.
Then I took the little ones to the dentist.
Elsie rocked it today!!!!
She let them brush with the spinney brush for the first time ever!
AND she did the x-ray, which she has NEVER done!
Woo hoo!!!!
Big things happening here!
And no cavities!!!
Port has a spot that needs fixed, but it is actually just an old filling that has chipped off.
Port had football practice this evening.
Elsie Cassi and I hung out side.
It was a really nice day today.
I got another tree pruned!
Then this evening, Max and Graham were sleeping out in their fort and invited Porter.
Now, we don't do sleepovers, but we do camping, and this is kind of like I made the exception.....
I am curious how he will do tonight!
I told Vern to let me know if he needs to come home :)
Cassi, Elsie and I watched some more of the show Anne with an E....
Then they wanted to sleep on the couch.
I said they could, we will see how that goes :)
I really would like to get to bed at a good time one of these nights!!!!!!

Tuesday March 27

Well, Madi's bags were found late last night.
They got it to the hotel for her to have this morning.
So that is a relief :)
They had quite a full day today!
They started the morning at Arlington Cemetery.
Then they had lunch at what they said was the BUSIEST mall ever!!!!!
Then they went to a few Smithsonian's....
*Air and space
*Natural gallery of art
*Natural history museum
*American history museum
Then they had dinner.....they got vouchers to use in a food court.
Then they went to the WWII memorial and the Korean memorial.
On to the Lincoln memorial and they got to stand on the spot that MLK stood during his 'I have a dream' speech.
Pretty cool!
They logged about 9 3/4 miles today!
I can only imagine how tired they will be tomorrow.....and then head out and do even more :)
They are loving it and having so much fun!
This morning we got rooms cleaned and I went to the gym.
I got another tree trimmed and another one started.
Later on in the afternoon, we went bowling with the Morgan's.
That was a fun....we also went and got ice cream.
This evening we watch "Anne with an E" on Netflix.
Episode one did not end in a way the kids though they could go to they convinced me to watch another episode.... was after 11:30 when we got to bed!!!!!!
I REALLY hope they sleep in tomorrow!!!! 

1 looking out to Washington memorial, where MLK stood

2 air and space Smithsonian

3 air and space
4 Arlington cemetery looking at capital

Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday March 26

Well, they are off on their adventure!!!!!
Madi has been so excited!
I drove them to the airport around noon.
They finally got there about 8:40 our time (10:40 in Washington DC).
They decided to check their luggage back and then take their backpacks on the plane with them.
Well......guess what?
I can't even believe it!!!!!
She is being such a good sport!
Like an unbelievable sport about it!
The airline said they would reimburse up to $100 if she needs to go buy clothes......
Well, she does need to.....but their schedule is so booked tight, she probably won't be able to go find any!
I feel so bad!
But, like I said....I am super proud with how she is handling it.
She said "It just makes my journal sound more like an adventurous storybook!"
If only we could all be like that!!!!
She is a pretty great one :)
I am pretty excited for the adventures they will have......and maybe she will be reppin' my hometown the entire trip with that Springville sweatshirt :)
Back here at home, we had some friends over.
Our newly called bishop is also a tax guy.
So you can kind of guess how busy he might be.....and how stressed his WIFE might be!!!!
Well, she just happens to be my friend and I also VT we had her kids over for a few hours today to hang out.
She has 6 kids......but the youngest stayed home for his nap.
But they were the most well-behaved kids!
It was impressive!
We made some play dough out of conditioner and corn starch...kind of messy, but an easy mess to clean up.
Then they played outside.....
They loved the chickens and the bunny and Mater.
They had fun taking rides in the Mule.
Cassi was a big helper with babysitting with me.
Then the big kids played basketball while the little ones dyed eggs.
They did the chores and collected eggs.
We didn't collect eggs yesterday, so there were about a dozen.
They were excited that I let them take them home :)
I think it was a fun day for us all!
I can't wait to see what Madi and Daddy get to do tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
And finger's crossed the airline finds her bag sooner than later......................

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday March 25

We woke up to about 5 inches of wet heavy snow this morning!!!!
It was a total surprise!!!!
It was pretty.....but man!
Come on spring, we miss you!!!!
So we celebrated Easter today, since Madi and Dad will be gone next week.
It was a fun little Easter egg hunt filled with clues and gifts and good stuff :)
Then Dad and Port left to go shovel snow at the church.
Madi worked on her talk for church.
I worked on my lesson.
Dad had to go back to the church for a meeting, and he didn't make it back before we needed to head to church.
But we made it there safe in the snow :)
Madi did a fantastic job on her talk.
She spoke on keeping the Sabbath day holy.
It amazes me the ease our big girls have getting up in front of people!
Makes me proud of them!
There was no one there!!!!!
For real, maybe there was 50 people!
But it is Spring Break and people are out partying!
My lesson went well.
We only had 8 YW, and 5 of them were my girls and the Morgan's girls.
I think it went well...probably one of my better lessons.
Just because I felt more prepared and I was talking with girls I really knew well.
I think splitting and starting out small will make a big difference when it comes to connecting with the girls.
I can already tell.
We came home, and somehow I talked Dad into letting me get ANOTHER family picture :)
But they will be gone next Sunday.....Plus, he just looked so handsome!
We even had a little Easter dinner tonight.
The rest of the evening was kind of chill.
Playing games with each other that they got for Easter.
Dad and Madi getting final touches done with their packing.
I am so excited for them......but also sad.
But they will have such an amazing time!
I know they will be tired, but it will be so incredible for them.
And I am so thankful they get to do this trip together!!!!!

Notice the snow out the window......

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday March 24

Got lots of laundry put away today.
I went for a little was nice and sunny, but really cold wind!
Port and Dad worked outside.
Port and Max were awesome helpers picking up my sticks I have trimmed off the trees.
I took the big girls (and Avery) shopping.
Madi wanted to get a couple things for her trip.
We are gonna do Easter tomorrow, so I needed to grab a few things :)
Then this evening, Cassi had a babysitting job and Madi went with her friend to ask someone to the Prom.
Elsie, Porter (+ Cannon) and I went with the Edwards to a pizza place in Nampa.
I can't remember the name of it, but it had giant slices of pizza and it was really yummy!
The rest of the evening I have ben trying to pull together stuff for my lesson ion YW tomorrow.
I hope it will be good........
We shall see.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday March 23

We had a fun morning today.
Well, Madi had to go to school.
But I took Cassi, Elsie and Porter and we went swimming with Britt and her little ones at their hotel pool.
That was a nice little change and something fun to do.
Then we did get a lot of cleaning done and laundry.
This evening. Porter had a birthday party.
And we had a fun date night out with Justin and Sherrie and also Brittney and Leith.
We went to dinner at Tucano's...which was so good.
Then we went to the RAM for dessert :)
Madi was a good sport and babysat all the kids.
She didn't have Port, Koy or Titan at the beginning because they were at a birthday party.
And Cassi was here for a little bit before she left for another babysitting job.
But for the bulk of the evening Madi and Elsie were the babysitters to 7 little ones :)
I think they all had a fun night.
Spring break has officially started!
Need to get Dad and Madi ready to go!
They will be leaving for Washington D.C on Monday!
So excited to see their adventures!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday March 22 (add Elsie pictures)

This morning I got to go to the school for Elsie's Student of the month assembly.
Her teacher said such nice things about Elsie being someone who brings the class together.
It was very sweet and Elsie was excited about being student of the month :)
After that I came home and cleaned up the kitchen...which always becomes a disaster in the getting ready for school morning hours!!!!
Then I left to meet my friend Alesha for lunch.
It's been a while since we got to hang out, and it was so nice to get together.
We ate and chatted for a long time :)
I got home about the time the kiddos got home from school.
It rained ALL DAY......
So Rugby got cancelled.
And the softball game Elsie was invited to got cancelled!
Cassi had some friends over this evening.....
We also rented Ferdinand and had Max and Graham over to watch it with us.
Madi still has to go to school tomorrow....but the rest of them are off for spring break!!!!
Britt and Leith are here visiting for a couple days from Idaho Falls.
We are gonna go swimming with them at their hotel tomorrow.
I told her she was more than welcome to stay here, but they like getting hotels so they can have a pool to swim in :)
Then we are all going out tomorrow night with Justin and Sherrie too, so that should be fun.