Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday December 31

We made a lot of walls today.
I can't say 'we', cause I didn't do anything....
The Young family came over and we had a fun time playing and working all day long.
Drew and Dad put up a nice wall in the living room area downstairs to divide a room off for Brent and I.
I am so excited about it, and it is looking even better than I imagined!

Best part is , we reused the 2x4's from the wall we tore down the other day.
I know...not saving much.
But, a penny saved is a penny earned, right????
And if we are gonna do all the things around here that we want to......we gotta make sure we can save when we can.
So they got the wall put up......and Drew and Heather not only brought lunch and their time...but they also gave the door to us.
It was their bathroom door before Drew installed a pocket door.
So that was pretty great guys.
Thanks so much for all the help and the great company.
Pat and Steve even came out and helped out.
We just love having such a great adoptive family!
We are very blessed!

There was another building project going on.
The girls built their own clubhouse.
We had one side of the wall already up....but they dug the holes and put the other side up.
Then added a door and sides.
Pretty impressive.
They had a lot of fun.
They are in the process of making a club.
The Green Girls club.
I am sure they will have lots of fun projects in the future :)

Our plans for the New Year....
Right now we are watching movies and eating junk food.
Just spending time with each other.
Hope we can get some sleep tonight too and have a good day tomorrow.
I can't believe 2011 is OVER!!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday December 30

Kara and Aubree came over today to help keep my big girls busy.
They played and ran around outside all day.
It was pretty nice out there.
It was good to have them do some fun stuff instead of babysitting for me or working for me :)
And even after Kara and Aubree left, Madi and Cassi still hung out with each other for hours....without fighting.
It didn't last all night....but it did last for a while.
So I am thankful for any I can get :)

The little ones had fun watching the girls from the window.
Port slept most of the time and Elsie just didn't want to play outside.
But they were pretty good for me inside.
I got the Christmas tree taken down and most of the Christmas stuff packed away.
I need to make a list of everything that needs to get done before we have a house full in a week or so.
It will be fun to have visitors out here though.
I hope the weekend will run smoothly.
Cassi is so very excited.
That reminds me.....I also need to finish up her baptism dress.....
About 2 years ago I came across a beautiful little white dress for $6 at Target.
Madi had just gotten baptized, and Cassi's was a long way off.....but I got it anyway.
I mean it was a $40 dress for $6!!!!
Wouldn't you buy it too?????
Okay...and I confess....I actually bought 2 of them.
I wanted to put sleeves on the dress, and it kind of bugs me when the sleeves are a different fabric then the dress.....I want it to look like it was made that way.
So the other dress I bought for parts......
But still, only $12, and it will be a beautiful dress.
Anyway, lucky for me, it isn't lost in all our junk that I still have in boxes out in the garage :)
I just need to sit down for a hour or so sometime and finish it up.
Maybe I shouldn't wait until last minute.........but I kind of think that is what I will end up doing.
That's how I roll.....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday December 29

Dad took some vacation hours today so we could get some stuff done.
We had some more demolition today.
We cleaned out the rest of the wall that was closing in the oil barrel.
And we pulled the oil barrel out.
The kiddos helped knock out the little wall that was to the right of the wall that we took out.
They thought it was pretty fun.
They were good little helpers.

Mater watched from the window...
Look how gross it was behind the wall...all those cobwebs.
It is nice to have it all cleaned out and I can't wait to start fixing up the walls and rooms and making things work better downstairs.
I do think that Brent and I have a bit of project ADD.
As we were sweeping out the room where we knocked the wall out....we kept sweeping into the furnace room which leads into the laundry room and extra kitchen....
Then somehow ended up painting the cement floor all through there with that cool epoxy garage floor paint.
We already had the paint, cause this was always the plan to do......just hadn't gotten to it yet.
So it was good to get it just wasn't in the original plan for today.
Maybe I should have gone through all our clothes, which was the plan, because right now the whole closet is on our bed......the one I need to get into soon.
Guess I know what my plan is tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday December 28

It wasn't much of a 'happening' day today.
I actually was gone all morning.
I went to the gym and then did some returns and grocery shopping.
When I got back home, Port was already down for his it was cute when I went and got him once he woke up.
He said "Oh Mom, your hoooome!!!!"
He loves his mama!
The kids watched Lion King this evening.
Port was cute....lining his little toys up on the arm or the chair....while wearing his protective eye wear.
He cracks me up :)

Elsie looks pretty dang cute in those goggles too :)
When I got home from grocery shopping......this is what I found Dad doing.

This house was heated by oil...before we put in a gas furnace.
So there is a big oil drum that is walled in behind our 'closet'.
So we are taking out the drum.
Taking that wall out also opens up another window.
The people who lived in this house before must have been anti-window.
The bathroom upstairs was totally walled over....this one was closed in.....and the bathroom downstairs has a wall covering half of it....weird.
That's okay.
We are slowly fixing it all :)
We plan to reuse the 2x4's from this wall to build another wall to divide the big room downstairs into a master bedroom and a living room.
It will be nice.....nice to have our room closed in :)
It will be even nicer if we can get it done before our families come to visit for Cassi's baptism......

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday December 27

We woke up today to a beautiful skiff of snow on the ground.
It didn't last long....but I tell ya what...this land of ours look very pretty all covered in white :)
Made me very happy!
The kiddos helped me clean the house a bit today.
I promised Madi back during the Thanksgiving break, and many times before that, that we could call her friend Kendra and have her over.
Well, that never happened.
So I promised Madi that today was the day.
We went and picked up Kenda, after stopping by the Terry's, who live right by Kendra.
I picked took Aydo and Alex with us, grabbed Kendra and came home.
Port went right to bed and all the girls played all afternoon long.
It was very nice and everyone was very happy.
I should have gotten more done....but to tell ya the truth, it was nice to just sit and not do anything :)


I am so ready to get back on track again.
New Best You Challenge starts January 9th.
Go to to check out all the details.
Take a look at all the pages and let me know if you have any questions.
Believe will want to join in!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday December 26

It was a nice and relaxing day today.
I actually went back to sleep at 8 and slept til 10.
That was AWESOME!!!!
The kids all got along really well this morning and played for hours.
So great.

The weather has been so beautiful today.
Elsie wanted to go for a walk.
Did you hear that.
ELSIE wanted to go for a walk.
That girl never wants to go outside.
I was very excited that she wanted to do it.
Cassi took her all over.
They walked down and visited with Dandy and they went on to make many laps around the house.
Cassi was so great with her.
Makes me so happy :)

The boy did some work with daddy.
How cute is that?!?!?!?
I found this little chain saw at Kidz again for $3.
This boy loves anything that makes him like his Daddy.

And Daddy loves it too!

Madi was a big helper for dad.
His temporary Santas workshop was pretty messy.
Dad really wanted to get it cleaned up and Madi was great helping him out.
She is such a good kid.
We love having her around.

This is the cool little stove that dad got to heat his shop.
it is working great.
At first all the heat just shot straight up the chimney.....until dad figured out this little contraption.
He saved the fan from the old furnace stuff we pulled out from the house.
He knew it could be used for something....and he was right.

He built a little metal box to go around the chimney and attached the fan to blow the hot air into the space.
Pretty smart.
Works awesome!!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday December 25

We had a pretty fantastic Christmas together as a family today.
The kids didn't get up too early....
Well, Port was up early at 5:30 or so.
He has been doing that lately and I hear him running around our room in the dark and playing with toys in his room.
He brought his little nail gun to me to ask if I could put the battery back in.
Little stinker.
Finally the girls woke up and we all headed upstairs to see if Santa showed up.

They got to open two gifts last night....that is where Port got the nail gun.
It was form Aunt Emmy.
It is a big is just like daddy's!
They opened their presents from Grandma Ene....which just happened to be some great jammies to sleep in.
They were very excited about that.
Elsie's gift came with a cute little doll with matching jammies.
She was named Holly immediately.

A before and after of our Christmas morning.
They were all very happy with the things they received.

Port would not let go of that staple gun for the longest time!
He was very excited to see his barn that he asked for.....along with lots of tractors.

Elsie went nuts when she say her pink buffalo for the first time!
She named her Pinky Pie and she hasn't left her side since :)
That makes me happy that Santa found a way to make her pink!
It was worth every bit of trouble!!!!!

The night before....I asked Madi what she wanted for Christmas.
She said she only wanted one thing.
The same thing she has asked for for over 3 years.
A real nice telescope.
I told her that those were expensive (good ones are!), and we would just have to keep a look out for one that was a really good deal.
She agreed, but was a little sad too.....ha ha!
Little did she know that she would wake up to a pretty fantastic telescope!
Santa found an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G deal on craigslist for this one.
I still can't believe the find......
This girl is beyond happy about it.
It is a real one.
Not a toy.
She was also VERY excited when she spotted a Nook sitting next to the telescope.
She was a very happy girl.
And she deserves all of it....she has been pretty fantastic lately!
I have high hopes for the teenage years.
(I would not have said that a year ago!)

I have a lot of shots of Elsie.....
She is so much fun to watch.
She is just filled with excitement and it is hard not to smile along with her.

Cassi's one thing she asked for was a microphone.
She got that....but it also came with a Karaoke machine....which Santa also found a great deal on.
It works great and she has been singing all day long.
I know I am her mom....but that girl has got a great voice.
I would love to get her into singing lessons or something.
I was thinking she would just love to be in the ward choir.
I wonder if there is an age limit, and if I would have to join her.....cause I don't sing!

More love for Pinky Pie.
You can even see the excitement in Elsie's toes :)

She is very proud of her cute little rain boots.
Easy to slip on and off.
Port has some black ones, and they are so handy to slip on and off.
I knew Elsie would love these ones....and I found them for only a couple bucks!

Aunt Emmy sent this sweet little buffalo to Elsie....his name is Brownie.
And Pinky pie is his mommy :)

Emmy also sent this sweet little book about Buffalo's.
You can tell how pleased she is with this book.
She has been reading it all day long.
It is called Grandfather Buffalo.
It is a very sweet story and makes me love Buffalo's as much as Elsie does :)

Our surprise for the kids was re-doing the playroom/art room.
Madi knew something was up.
I told her the room was locked cause that is where I was wrapping the presents......but she kinda figured that there was more going on in there.

We made the playroom/art room into a more functional room.....and adding a computer space in the closet.
I think it is gonna be pretty great for the kids and they are very excited about it too.
And it has a school size chalkboard in it (an auction item :)
Still needs a paint job and curtains and the table needs to be sanded and painted.....
But it works for now.
(That is my motto lately!)

We got ready in our new Sunday dresses and headed to church.
It was a nice day filled with beautiful music.
I think it is so great to have Christmas on a Sunday.
After church, it was back to hanging out and playing with toys.
(And naps!)
Elsie loves this buffalo.
Here she is, whispering sweet secrets into Pinky Pies ear.

Cassi really enjoyed rocking out to her music.
It came with some great CDs.
And there were lots of Christmas music on there to sing.
So she serenaded us all day long.
It also has a port that she can hook up her mp3 player too and sing the songs she has on there.
She looks like a great little performer, doesn't she?

Madi read an entire book today on her Nook.
She is loving it.
It also holds her music and pictures.

Isn't this pretty?
Yes, it needs a little bit of a makeover....and it will.
But this is what Brent got me for Christmas.
I found it on Craigslist and told him about it and he said.....'Why do you want a record player' and kind of talked me out of it.
But I secretly REALLY wanted it.
Well, he conspired behind my back and bought it from the lady I had been talking with.
I am so excited about it.
I don't have any records yet, but i am excited to try it out.
I turned on the radio, and it was playing Alabama's Christmas in Dixie song.
That is the exact song that makes me want a record player so bad.
I have such great Christmas memories of laying on my Moms and Dads bed listening to the Alabama Christmas album on the record player.
I just love the sound it makes and I can't wait to start a record collection.

Porter asked for a barn last minute.....
So Santa hired daddy to throw this together, and I think it turned out so darn cute!
It will go well with all his little tractors!

Elsie really loves this book...
And so does little Brownie :)

Dad got this fun 'Angry Birds' game for the kids.
It was a big hit with Porter.

Elsie asked for a dollhouse.
We already had a dollhouse, so we told Santa we would take over that project and re-do the one we had.
And added these cute little dolls to go in the house.

So, I said Port got some little tractors....but....
He also got this pretty amazing little thing that Daddy whipped together.
It matches Dads Massey perfectly.
My boys will look so great working along side each other!
We bought this little digger that sits on a seat in a sandbox off of craigslist for $10.
It was pretty cute, just needed some paint.
As dad had it apart painting it....and thought came to him to use part of Ports little trike and transform it into a tractor!
It worked out so perfectly!

Can't forget the fenders.
Dad has been hanging onto an old broken snow shovel for a long time.
As he was looking at it......he thought it would make the perfect fenders for the mini-massey!
He was right.
I just think it is the cutest thing.
Plus it actually works, so that is even better!

Late at night....Dad and Madi went outside to try out the telescope.
The moon was barely even there....but they found some pretty great stars.
It is gonna be a fun thing for Madi.....and daddy too :)