Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tuesday October 31

Happy Halloween!!!!!
Dad got to go work medical at the Temple open house again.
I went to the gym today and Heather was in the class I went to....so that was fun :)
I came home and got showered and made my shopping list for our houseful of guests coming this weekend.
Once I got the shopping done and put away, it was time to go to the school.
Porter's class had a showing for their Pumpkin book report project.
Then it was time for class parties.
I bounced between both classes for the last hour of school.
They both had fun things to do and had a fun time.
When we got home, I left with Elsie to go to her dance class.
She was getting more and more into it today....made me smile!
Bubbles invited us to her church chili cook-off and carnival games.
It was a fun time and we loved that Vern dressed up too!
We left there and went and did a little neighborhood trick-or-treating.
And picked up Cassi from her group of friends and headed home.
Madi is still at her friends party.
It was a fun day today, but we are all crashing hard and needing sleep!
And I have stayed strong with my 'No sugar until Thanksgiving' goal.
I thought the trick-or-treat candy would be hard....but it wasn't.
We will see if it feels any different when I am left alone in the house tomorrow with ALL the candy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday October 30

After working out this morning, dad and I to work with more cleaning and organizing.
He got the mud room cleaned up nice and I worked on the laundry room :)
I picked up Elsie early from school to go to PT.
She did great.
Then we had a fun evening planned with Bubbles, Eldon, Vern, Max and Graham.
They came with us to the temple open house!
It was such a nice time and Elsie's excitement made me so happy....makes everyone happy :)
She did not leave Bubble side the whole time!
We made s top at Chick-fil-a on the way home.
They had questions and we answered and it was a real nice time.
Once we got home, we finally had everyone home at the same time, so we had a late night burial for Porter's lizard, Canarrow :(
It was a sweet lizard service :)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday October 29

It has been a bit of an off Sunday.....lots of fighting.....
But church was nice.
We didn't realize it was fast Sunday, but enjoyed hearing the testimonies.
Next week is Stake Conference, that is why it was fast Sunday today....
Elsie only gave me a little bit of trouble....but then went to class.
Anyway, we survived the day.
Hoping for a little less fighting tomorrow......
At least they are cute.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday October 28

Brent came home today...he got work off because it was their first basketball game.
And they won!!!!!!
I'm gonna list the rest of the day out because it is late and dad has to go back to work tomorrow :(
After basketball, Elsie and I went to Vivian's birthday party.
Dad, Port and Madi came home and got some Saturday chores done.
Cassi didn't go to the game....she got some chores done and then went to a friends house.
We continued getting the chores done.
Then Dad and I went on a date :)
We went to dinner and then we went and saw Only the Brave.
It was a really good movie.
Pretty disappointing that they just keep adding more and more swear words to movies!!!!!
But we had a nice night out.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday October 27

I still got up early this morning to get up with Madi.......
She's the only one who had school today.
Once she left, I went back to sleep.
When we were all back up again, we started getting some work done.
Porter was a great worker and got his closet cleaned out.
And it was in bad shape!
Still a long ways to go to get his room nice and spotless, but we are working on it :)
Elsie and Cassi helped me with the sewing/craft room.
That is the room next to the kitchen that has turned into a room size junk drawer!!!!!
It still isn't done......still working on it....
Then it was so nice I decided to take a run outside before I needed to start going with the rest of the days stuff.
After my shower, Elsie went and played at Sierra's house.
Porter went to a leaf jumping party at Kason's house.
Then I went to go set up my backdrop thing for the trunk or treat.
I think it turned out good.
Then I took Cassi to a neighbors house to babysit, picked up Porter and then picked up Elsie.
We got ready for the trunk or treat, then headed there for dinner and fun.
I ended up being ditched by my kiddos for their friends......
But that's okay, I got to go with Everly 💗
It was a fun night.
If only this could count as our only trick or treating!!!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday October 26

Dad is at work again today, this time for a trade.
After going to the gym this morning, I came home and started working on the backdrop for the ward trunk or treat.
It is a very large painting!
It will be used as a backdrop up on the stage while the kids do a costume parade.....
Then it will be used as a photo booth after that :)
I will be attaching spiderwebs and spiders to it as well.
When I picked up the kids from school, Elsie showed me her finger and said that she got a ring from a boy!!!!!
How cute is she withe her new glasses!!!!!
Oh and guess what else??????
Elsie got her 13.1 miles!!!!!
She earned her half marathon today!!!!!
So very exciting!!!!!
So proud of her!
So the three youngest don't have school tomorrow.
So tonight Cassi went to hang out with friends.
Porter went to max and Graham's birthday party at Nerfed.
He had a really fun time!
And it turned out to be a late night....except for Madi who got to bed pretty early (for her!)
I hope to get some stuff done tomorrow in the way of house cleaning....even with the three ones home!
Hopefully they will be helpful :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday October 25

I got to go to the Meridian Temple open house tonight with the YW.
It was such a nice evening :)
What a beautiful building!
It was a lovely night with these lovely girls.
I have such a great friend and neighbor.
Vern is the greatest and the most unselfish person!
I caught her raking up our leaves today....without saying a word.
She just did it!
How amazing is she????
I think I will keep her!
Anyway, while I was gone this evening, Dad took the kiddos to McTeachers night....that is a school fundraiser where the teachers actually work at McDonald's and the kids come and order, then a portion of the sales go to the school.
He also worked with Porter on his Pumpkin project.
It is a book report.....and he gets to decorate a pumpkin like his book character.
He had fun doing it, but we are glad it is done!
I will take pictures tomorrow.