Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday February 28

So, as I said, yesterday was pretty crazy.
We had planned to go to the temple while Porter was at preschool, but it just wouldn't work out. know what my awesome hubby did???
He took off a few hours this morning so we could go in early, on the last day of the month, so we could compete our goal.
Our goal to go to the temple each week this month.
I am so happy we did it.
I have learned a lot this month.....
I feel like I have grown a lot, we have grown a lot.
And grown closer and stronger.
I feel so much good around us, but I also feel the bad trying to pull us away from the temple....
But that's not gonna happen :)
I hope that this heavy dose of temple going this month will help us to get better at going at least once a month.
Cause that is way easier to do than once a week :)
It truly is amazing how you can go often, and still learn something new, feel something new, each time.
It is incredible.
Cassi made a treat today.
She made it all by herself from her American Girls cookbook.
They were yummy little Jam Tarts.
So good!
Maybe a little too good.............
It was a nice day, not sunny but nice and not rainy, like we thought it would be.
Porter was outside most of the day.
First playing with Max and Graham in the morning, and then later on we picked up Canon and brought him over.
Elsie was FINALLY convinced to go outside today!
All last week, she just wanted to stay inside, but today, she finally wandered out.
And she loved it!
That is what she always does.....she fights going outside, but always loves it out there.
Silly girl.
I snuck up on Porter and Cannon playing in Porters fort.
Those boys are pretty cute together.
We have some very sore girls today....and over tired and over worked.
Madi and Cassi have been complaining about their necks and muscles......
I told them that tomorrow will probably be the worst of it :(
Man, there was a major meltdown with Cassi today.
Like an hour long, my child must be possessed kind of meltdown.
Like I said, she is overtired, and sore, but man, I was at a loss with what to do.
I finally video taped outside her door, so she could hear what she actually sounded like.
I think that helped.....a little.....for her to hear it.
Man oh man....lets hope they all get good sleep tonight!
Oh, and Madi, Cassi and Porter (Port with my help) went through their clothes today to weed out everything they don't want or don't wear.
Now I plan to go through Elsie's clothes tomorrow.
It feels nice to get stuff done!!!!
I watched 'Annie' with the girls tonight.
I got in a lot of trouble for singing along.
They were not happy with me.
I told them that after they watch it a few times, they won't be able to watch it without singing, too!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday February 27

Kind of a packed day today.
Dad is still out with Madi and Cassi.
It was ski night tonight for Cassi, and she really wanted to go.
Dad has been wanting to take the big girls, and it just worked out perfectly.
They have orders to take way too many pictures, since I am missing their first time ever skiing.....
So they better come home with lots!!!
Dad won a dump truck in an auction last night.
So we went and picked that up today, and of course had to find a reason to use it right away :)
He is like a little boy with a brand new (really old) truck!
I finally dug in the rabbit nest to check on the babies.....
I only pulled out two, one black one with a white nose, and this little light brown one.
So I don't know how many they are, but they sure are getting active!!!
Cute little babies are always so fun to have around!
Today was a fun day at school for Cassi and Elsie.
I forget what Cassi kept calling a lip dub, or something like that.
But the student council did a continuous video throughout the whole school, with all the classes while lip singing to "The best Day of our Life".
Cassi had a part in it, since she is in student council.....
Each grade level dressed in a different color, and then each class had their own theme.
Elsie's grade dressed in blue, and her class went with the cowboy/cowgirl theme.
Lat night I made her some buffalo pants I have been wanting to make, and it was perfect for her little outfit :)
Cassi's grade was green, and since she was a part of the video, she wore her student council shirt, like the other kids in student council.
I am so excited to see the video!
I am not sure when we will get to see it, but Cassi was told it would be put on YouTube, so I guess I need to find out more info!
But it was very exciting and fun for everyone!
What a great idea!
Cassi also had tryouts for drama club today.
I didn't get any info on how it went, because Dad picked her up a little early from school to head up the mountain :)
And then they were off....
I am sure they are having a blast!
I can't wait to hear how it went with skiing.
Elsie Porter and I just played and cuddled and watched Wreck it Ralph.
So we had a good night too :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday February 26

Oh my goodness!
I have been worrying about how today was gonna go, for a long time!!!!!!
Today was Elsie's appointment to get her spacer put in.
Not a big deal, except it is for Elsie!!!!
We have been talking a lot about it.
We talked about having a mask just like when she got her tonsils out (which was a very long time ago, but somehow she still remembers!)
We talked about her body feeling kind of funny, but that we will be there and that everything was gonna be okay.
We talked about them having to hold her mouth open while they did the work.....
She was very well prepared.
And she was all excited about it.
When we went back, she was still brave, but you could tell she started to get a little worried.
I am SO GLAD I brought dad with us!!!!!
He was a big help in keeping her calm and feeling safe.
She does this funny thing.....when she feels like she can do it, but is nervous, she kinda rushes herself, and laughs a lot, but the kind of laugh that could turn to a cry any second :).
If that makes sense.
She got laid down on the chair, and Dad had his hand on her chest and could feel her heart beating out of her chest.
They put the mask on her, she chose the grape flavor, and Brent could feel her heart start to slow down and you could feel and see her body relax.
She didn't stay relaxed.....
She would grab dad and pull him into her and hug him.
She got so goofy, and giggly.
Dad ended up sitting up on the chair and then Elsie sat on his lap.
It worked out great, but it was pretty uncomfortable for dad :)
She couldn't see Dad past the mask, so she would call out for Dad, "Dad, da, Daddy..."
She did the several times.
And each time he would answer her, she would pull him in tight to her.
So cute.
At one point she said "Your my Favorite" to him.
I will try not to let that hurt my feelings :)
She also kept saying "hi" to the hygienist, like it was the first time she had seen them, but they were the same ladies.
They would laugh each time and she would giggle.
She did so good.
She let them do x-rays and they put sealants on and they did the spacer.
It was all perfect and it all went so smooth!
I am so happy!
Because this could have ruined our dentist trips from now on!!!
But it went better than I could have ever imagined!
But I still think I might take dad with me for all the other appointments, cause she was a rock star for him!!!!
(oh, it was 'dress like your favorite super hero' day at school, hence the over sized batman t-shirt she is wearing :)
I am in the process of making her buffalo pants right now!
Pictures tomorrow for sure!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday February 25

The boys came and hung out again after school today.
Madi spent the whole time with them.
It's pretty cute.
They all just love her.
(And I think she loves it too :)
Brent trimmed the bushes up front today.
He is taking full advantage of this great weather!
I helped him by picking up branches after I did the running around and picking up of kiddos.
And Cass finished helping once she got home from school.
I like it when we all help and work together.
I got a call today about Elsie not being so good today.
After lunch, I guess he refused to work and was talking back.
Having a bad day.
I was worried she might.
She worked really hard yesterday at physical therapy.
And it was the weirdest thing last night.....
Usually if she wakes up, she just lays there and whines loudly.
Last night she started yelling for me in a very panicked kind of way.
It seemed odd, for Elsie anyway, it's the norm for Cass :)
Anyway, I went in there and just sat by her bed and she went right back to sleep.
I asked her this morning what happened, and she just said it was a bad dream.
Anyway, I hope this doesn't star to be a 'thing'!
That girl needs good sleep!
Anyway.....I went a little early to school and talked with her aid and she had turned it around and had gotten most of her work done.
So that is good.
She did end up having to miss art and that's a bummer.
Hopefully, she can realize that if she is having a bad day, or not feeling 100%, that she can handle it better and use her words in stead of throwing fits and hitting the wall.
I know she gets overly frustrated at times, and we all do.
We all deserve a meltdown every now and then :)
But she needs to know when to listen to her teachers and let them help her how they can!
She is a good girl who works so hard.
I just feel bad when she has a bad day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday February 24

It was another beautiful day outside.
In fact, I decided to go for a run.....and I am so excited to get back into running.
I wish I could get myself to run in the cold, but I just can't get myself to do that.
Maybe I need to invest in big ol' expensive winter running clothes :)
Maybe next winter, but man it was good to get out today.
And today is Jenni's birthday, so we met up at Sa-wa-dee for a little birthday lunch.
I had never eaten there before, and I really liked it.
It was fun to hang out with Jenni and the other girls, I just don't get to do it very often anymore.
After I got back from taking Elsie to PT this evening, the younger kids spent their time hanging outside, and Madi worked on a presentation she has tomorrow.
And Dad did some hard labor today.
He took his tractor and fixed the road by the Morgan's house, because it has become very 'wash-board-y'.
And he trimmed all the apple trees.
What a great guy.
And he got it done so quick....that job usually takes me several days.
Oh, I hope the weather stays like this for a little while longer.
I just love it!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday February 23

I finally talked the kids into letting me take their pictures!
I told them that it was what I wanted for my birthday :)
Works like a charm when I use that plea...
So we got all ready for church and had just enough time to drive by the canal road down the street to take some pictures.
The kids were good, the weather was good.
It was a picture day miracle :)
Church went good.
We are starting to spotlight families every week.
Our theme for Primary this year is 'Families are Forever'.
We thought it would be fun to get to know the families in our ward a bit more.
We started with the presidency families.
Today was our families turn.
So we took our family pictures in, and had a little questionnaire that we filled out to tell them about our family.
Names, good traits, things we like to do as a family, favorite primary song, where our grandparents live and family pets (they all thought our answer of 27+ pets was pretty great :)
Elsie and Porter both helped me in Jr. Primary and Cassi helped me in Sr. Primary.
Right after that, I ran to the Young Womans' room because Madi was being set apart as the new Beehive president.
We were pretty bummed that Dad was working today, and had to miss it.
But we are so proud of her willingness to take this calling on and so excited for her on this new journey.
She is with a great group of girls.

(I couldn't pick a favorite 'Elsie' one!!!!!)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday February 22

We had our baby bunnies last night.
Cassi was so excited to be the first one to see them.
Not sure how many Rodeo had.....she made an ultra fuzzy nest this time, which I hope it good for the babies.
So I hope they survive.
It is always fun to have baby bunnies around....
Plus, this is perfect timing to have the bunnies ready to sell by Easter time.
Fun stuff.
There wasn't much of a plan today.
Madi and Cassi spent the morning working on some secret project, I think it has to do with my upcoming birthday :)
Then Cassi's friend Bailey came over to play for a while.
And then it flooded with friends here.
Max and Graham came over, and then a little bit later, Carly came over with Cannon .
They all played good and I did a little painting, along with laundry and dishes.
Stacia's birthday is tomorrow, so we planned to go to lunch this afternoon, but she decided she would rather go and see 'Saving Mr. Banks' at the $ theatre.
So that's what we did.
It was a really great movie, I really liked it.
And we had a fun time.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday February 21

Port and Dad made a robot together today.
Super cute, and they had a lot of fun.
Those two work well together :)
Tonight was our weekly temple night this week.....
I am loving that we have been able to go every week this whole month.
We learn and grow more each week.
We can also feel Satan trying to get us NOT to do it, to not go.
Things being thrown in our way.......and fighting.
That dang fighting!!!!!
Sometimes it is easier to just say, 'aw, forget it!'
But we got there.
And it was a happy peaceful place to be this evening.
I am thankful we got to go.
The kids were good while we were gone.
Not too much of a mess left behind, and everyone seems happy.
So, that makes me happy :)


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday February 20

I had my 'birthday' dr. appointment this morning at 8.
So I got up and got the kids ready as much as I could for Dad.
Then headed off.
Only to find out I am 1 week early than my last years appointment.....for insurance to cover it.
Oh well, so I headed back home.
I won't be doing that again :(
Dad has been spending a lot of his time with his nose in books.
He is studying hard for the Captains test coming up.
He doesn't really want to take the test, but wants to know what is on it......
So he is trying to get some studying in.
Anyway, he got himself outside today, and I think he enjoyed it.
Getting close to the time we need to start thinking about getting ready for Spring stuff!
Cassi is doing good with jump rope.
She is a bit frustrating though.
It is hard to get her to practice, just like with guitar.
And then she gets mad because she doesn't feel like she is doing as well as the others when she has after school practices.
And then when you try to talk to her about the importance of practicing......well, it's just not sinking in.
She did practice a little after her school practice....but she was already worn out and overly emotional, so that didn't help.
So I hope she can start practicing more and then see improvements, and then understand that it is because of practicing!!!
Elsie sat with me and did homework while I made dinner.
I paid her with cheese :)
Each problem she solved, she got some cheese.
She thought that was pretty great.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday February 19

Dad was able to go in and get a few hours of overtime today.
Porter played at Cannon's house this morning, enough time for me to workout (first time since last Saturday :) and shower.....
Then Stacia brought them over to our house and they played until 1:30, when Port had kindergarten orientation, and Cannon came with us.
We met up with Max there and they got to walk through the whole school...see where the library/computer room/music room/office/and kindergarten classrooms are.
They also got to get on the bus and ride through the bus drive through.
He thought that was so great :)
I wish I would have gotten some pictures......
Porter saw a few of his friends from preschool there.....and he was especially excited to see Emma there. (He has a little crush on her :)
So that was fun.
We came home and the boys played more while I cleaned up.
I took Cannon home when I went to pick up the girls from school.
Madi hung out with the boy the rest of the afternoon....watching a movie together.
So nothing really exciting happened today, but it was a good one.
Dad came home in time for us to have dinner as a family before Madi headed off.
She is ice skating right now for her Young Womans that is fun :)
Oh, and the sky was amazing today.
So many super cool clouds and colors.
There were also weird spurts of hail storms....
I really enjoyed it!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday February 18

Not much happened today.
We met with our other architect guy.
And we are gonna go with him.
He is in the process of putting together a 3D model for us now.
I am so excited :)
More than excited!
I got a call from Port's teacher during preschool saying that he had another headache.
Poor kid.
I picked him up about 30 minutes before school was over.
He didn't have a fever or anything, and he acted pretty good, just had a headache.
So I gave him some medicine and took it easy for a bit.
We are anxiously waiting for Rodeo to have babies!
Everyone is very excited about it.
It should happen any day now.
They should be ready to go to new homes around Easter time, which should make it a little easier to sell them off :)
Madi, Cassi and Porter went for a little ride on the 4-wheeler just before dinner.
Madi got a great shot of the sky before sunset.
Good stuff.
I think the weather is gonna change on us soon.....but it sure has been nice the last couple of days!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday February 17

No school today.
Porter slept good last night.
He woke up this morning with a fever, but once I gave him medicine, he was pretty good and not much of a fever the rest of the day.
The big girls helped me clean up the house this morning, which was great.
Madi had Maegan over today because they teach together next week in Young Womans.
They worked hard and got it done, then spent the rest of the time goofing off.
They did make some yummy cookies :)
Cassi really wanted Carli to come over too.....and since it was a 'holiday' and they had been working hard for me, I told her to see could, and we picked her up just before 12.
At 1:00 I took Elsie to a birthday party for Kyra.
Madi and Maegan decided to go and get Carly (Kyra's sister) to come hang out with them too.
They hung out and went for a ride on the 4-wheeler.
Port and I just took it easy inside until we heard Cassi and Carli goofing around outside and saw that Max and Graham had wondered over.
Port said he felt good enough to go out and play, so I let him.
It was such a beautiful day today!!!!!
Maegan's mom came to get Maegan, but they were still gone on the 4-wheeler.
So she and I got in her car and went to track them down.
They ended up beating us back home.....but I sure enjoyed talking with Elonda.
I don't know her really well.....but the times we have had to talk together, I have really enjoyed.
She has 7 daughters and a baby boy.
She also lost a son about 7 years ago.
He was 7 months old, and died of SIDS.
Breaks my heart.
But she feels like this little boy, Cooper, still has a mission that he is working on, while on the other side.
And I love to hear Elonda speak about it.
I think I could learn a lot from her about faith and patience.
We sent Maegans home with her Mom.
I went and got Elsie.
Madi drove (on the 4-wheeler) 'her' Carly home and 'Cassi's' Carli got picked up by her mom and max and Graham's Dad took them home all about the same time.
Then I left to take Elsie to PT.
She worked so hard today!
Katie had a winter Olympic theme, and had all kinds of fun things to do with winter Olympic names.....
At the end, Elsie got to go up on the podium with her gold medal.
So cute.
She didn't last very long up there on her own....after I took the picture, she fell right down.
She can stand there no problem....but when she starts to think about being up there so high and alone....she gets a little freaked out.
Luckily, Katie was right there to grab her :)
Then for dinner, Jenni showed up with some super yummy Minestrone soup!
I have turned down offer after offer this week for dinners, etc.
But I guess Jenni knew that today I would have really needed it :)
Thanks Jenni, it was super yummy and just what I needed after a long day!
And Cassi was so excited to see Ayden...breaks my heart that they all don't get to see each other much anymore :(