Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday June 30

Elsie had PT this morning and she rocked!
Towards the end, she was on the swing, and we got her to kneel tall and let go of the ropes, while the swing was swinging!
It was awesome!
She also put one foot up in front of her and let go with one hand on each side, if that makes sense.
Super great core workout for her.
She was awesome!
She also did the zip line all on her own before we went home.
That girl is a rock star!!!!!
We got back home and it was lunchtime.
We started working on the roof.
Drew came and helped out too.
We got a lot of stuff done up there.
lets just hope it doesn't rain :)
With the 99 degree forecast this week, I hope we are safe......
Madi was such an awesome helper up there.
She is a fun one to work with.
I think we will keep her :)
Bob was here for a few hours today and worked more on the decking.
It makes me so happy.
I think Elsie will live on the deck (once finished :)
After dinner, we all sat down to watch a movie, and she was outside, cuddling with her puppy.
Made me smile.
Okay, I am's bedtime!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday June 29

Church was good today.
This last week was Trek for our Stake, so they had several people get up and talk about it and bear their testimonies.
I hope someday I get to go to Trek.
I REALLY REALLY want Brent and I to go.....
Maybe someday.
They had a big meeting together for the 3rd hour of church with the men and women and the youth.....and we sent most of our primary teachers, but kept a few to help with the kids.
I was in charge of the Junior primary kids.
It went better than I thought it would :)
We colored a picture of a temple and then played a temple Bingo game.
It was a really good way for me to learn more of the kiddos names.
So church was good.
After church we were going to stop by the fire station to see dad, but he was out on a call.
Got home and had nacho's for dinner and then that was pretty much the day.
Port was a hard one today......
I think he needs more individual time.
He is used to his sisters being gone all day during the school year, then they are all of the sudden here every second of the day!
I think he is having a hard time with know, sharing attention :)
Elsie bug found our stash of peas form Bubbles garden.
She started with a few, and by the time she was done, she had a whole pile by her bean bag.
Silly goose.
I can't believe it is almost her birthday!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday June 28

I should say today was a day we didn't get much of anything done.....
But you know what, I think we needed a day 'off', so I think not doing much of anything counts for 'doing stuff' on the list :)
Dad went on shift this morning.
I woke up and noticed he forgot his phone, so Port and I drove it to the fire station for him.
He was sent to the Boise Music Festival all day.
He said he didn't know why they sent him.....I told him that he was the new face of Boise Fire ;)
Well, then Port and I got home and got everyone ready for the day.
Then I got a panicked call from Avery.
I couldn't tell what she was saying, I just heard tractor and fire.
I thought their shop was on fire!
I told her I would be right there....not that I could even do anything except help with kids.
So I jumped on the 4-wheeler and all I see is smoke all around their house....
When I pulled in the driveway, Stacia was loading her Dad (who has moved in with them so she can take care of him) and his wheelchair in her van and trying to gather the kids.
She came to me and hugged me then started explaining that she had the mower on the tractor mowing down the back pasture, that was dry dry weeds.....
She felt heat from behind and turned around to find fire behind her.
She had no phone on her and kept screaming for help.
She ran to her neighbor behind her back field, cause it was heading in the direction of his barn.
They got 911 called and the fire guys Boise and one Meridian.
We ended up staying and watching them put it out.
Anyway, it was an eventful morning!!!!
It could have been really bad, even with just a little more wind.
Man, those dry weeds just take off!!!!!
Anyway, when all was good, we got her dad back in the house and I headed home.
I packed the kids in the car and we went to Old navy to get $1 flip flops....and a few other things.
On the way back, Morgan's called again wanting to play.
So I dropped off Madi, Cassi and Elsie and took cannon with me.
I got some photo editing done before I got a call to come and get Elsie.
She was tired and hungry.
So she came back home and the other girls played.
Madi came home once Carley had dance, so I left her with the kids to go grocery shopping.
Got home, unloaded and started dinner.
Madi went babysitting at 5.
Stacia called, again :) and invited us to go swimming.
We swam for about an hour, came home, got little ones in bed.....ran, now to bed I go!

(you can see flames inside the fence rungs)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday June 27

Another very successful day!
I told Brent that I love building houses.....
He just reminded me that we are just at the beginning.
But I still think I will love it months down the road :)
We put the plywood around the outside today and routered out the windows and door.
It looks like a real house!!!!!
Just need a roof.
Port is loving all the scrap wood pieces.
Hopefully they will keep him busy for months to come :)
The trusses will go up July 8.
They come the 2nd, but the crane is not available until the 8th.
That's okay, it gives us more time to pack up and move downstairs.
And more time to take the roof off.
So very exciting, right!!!!!
Drew came and helped after lunch and brought Kara and Aubree with him.
The kids had fun playing while we worked to get the stuff done.
Our framers got the post's up for the front of the deck.....
I told Bob that those 4x4's make me VERY happy!
After dinner, Bubbles and Eldon brought us some chocolate cake and ice cream.
We just love them.
Now  little break for the weekend.
Well, a building break.
Still need to pack up stuff.



Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday June 26

I call today a very successful day.
First of all, Dad got called in for an overtime shift.
Poor guy is so tired!
But he said they treated him like a rock star today at work, so that's not too bad :)
It will be great to have him back home.
Hopefully we can get him to bed at a good time to catch up on some sleep!
We had a humongous garbage container brought in today for when the roof comes off.
It is 8ft by 21ft and 6ft sides.
Ya, it's big!
We also had the satellite people come and move the satellite off the roof.
I called to cancel yesterday.....
Well, I called to have it moved, and they said it was a $50 charge, so I said, k, just cancel us then.
But the guy kept giving me free stuff to stay.
So no charge to move it :)
So he came out this morning too.
She seriously rocks!
Cassi had a hard time.
She is always in fight mode, and I don't know why.
I get some mean looks and faces and words.
When she went to bed tonight she said she just wants to see what its like to help as much as Madi does, and I told her that it would be great.
If she could just do the things I ask her to do, then it would be wonderful!
She did get her room cleaned completely out today.
So that is good.
But Madi packed closets, moved furniture.....she was awesome with everything :)
We got a lot of stuff out to the garage, and moved downstairs.
The walls went up today on the house.
They did 9 ft. ceilings in the new part, which makes it look ginormous!
But it will all come together :)
The truss guy came out and showed me a 3D model of the house, I could move it around and check the inside and stuff.
It was pretty dang cool!
So things are moving right along.
I went out and talked with Bob periodically.
He told me how it has been so great working with us.
He said it is a pleasure.
He said we were a great family and it was a great atmosphere.
That made me smile.
We sure lucked out with having him too.
Like I said, we knew him before this, but not well at all.
Just by name.
But things have worked so great.
He has been so great to work with.
And he takes the time to help me understand things, which is great, because I have taken a big interest on how all this is working together.
It is pretty cool :)
He even flipped a wall for me.
We had to push a wall back because of a mis-drawing by the architect.....
and it made the door in an odd space that didn't make much sense, but if we flipped the already made wall around, it would work out.
And he did it happily for me.
I am not sure how it started, but he asked if their dad ever played guitar for them, and used his level as a guitar :)
Cassi was out with me and I pointed to Cass and said she played.
He said, well bring it out and play for us!
So she did.
She was shy about it, so he said he wouldn't look at her while she played.
It was pretty funny :)
Anyway....I guess that's our day.
I image that these walls will get sheeted tomorrow.
Oh, and the other inside walls and stairs.
Exciting things going on here :)

My new front door!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday June 25

Lots got done today.
I have to say, Madi was my number one helper.
She was awesome.
She really has grown into a great WOMAN!
We got a lot of the stuff cleaned up downstairs, and some kitchen stuff brought down....
She 'spit shined' Cassi and Elsie's rooms.
And we took Cassi's bed frame down to the room.
Lots got done outside too.
We have one wall up and some holes in the roof.
The roof is a different beast than we thought.
We thought the shingles would be attached to plywood,, but instead it's 1x6's!
So a much bigger job than we thought at first.
And not very salvageable......which he was hoping for.
He was going to use it to extend the shop roof to go over the Trailer.....but that probably won't work now.
But things got moving along good.
The kids were pretty good today too.
Elsie was daddy's helper after dinner today.
Oh, that reminds me....Elsie lost her other silver tooth today.
So that means another spacer.
It literally fell out of her mouth this morning, no blood or anything.
It was just sitting in her mouth.
She, of course, freaked out!
But I told her it was a good thing it came out then instead of when she was sleeping, cause she could have swallowed it!
Anyway, she calmed down.
Good thing I collected a bunch of buffalo quarters for the tooth fairy!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday June 24

Way too late to b log.
I had a primary presidency meeting run late...
Today was fun with the kids Camp Wanna Giggle.
Lots of fun pictures for the ahead!
My man got to go to a news conference today and was on the news about his dive rescue yesterday....
So go check it out and I will finish this blog later.
I cant get the video to play....but here is the news report

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday June 23

Took Cassi to guitar this morning, and then right after, I took Elsie to PT.
Our framer didn't show up today until 12.
I wasn't sure if he was coming.
But he did.
And man, he sure got a lot done for saying it was just himself.
But I am sure he plans to be here a bit earlier tomorrow, and hopefully he has helpers!
Brent will be home too, so that's good :)
When I got back home, we went and picked up Cassi's friend Carley.
They have had a play date planned for a it's good to get them together.
Port and cannon played here for a while.
Elsie did her thing :)
She is so good at entertaining herself.
She had a little Matthews Buffalo family today, one for each one of our family members.
How cute is that???
Madi and I cleaned up and threw away and donated the whole playroom today.
I figure if I can get one room done a day, we are good to go.
A little bit later, Madi and Port went to Cannon's house to swim with the Morgan's, and Cassi and Carley played in the sprinklers.
So, I think it was a pretty good day today.
And fire fighter has had quite a day today!!!!!
He called me just after 6:00 this afternoon to tell me about a canal rescue they went on.
And he was the one to jump in the canal and rescue the guy.
He was so pumped when he called me and told me about it.
He told me how they got the call, but no one knew exactly where the guy had floated too.
So they picked a point and drove to it.
A cop was there to point the guy out, the guy had been under for about 5 minutes when they got to him.
The cop right there didn't have a rope, but the one running down the canal, watching the guy, he had one.
So Brent grabbed it and dove in.
Brent jumped in with his helmet and life vest on, and swan to the guy, and then dove down to get him.
He was completely out, gone and heavy as a rock.
Brent said he popped back up and gave them the signal to pull him back in, but then, SNAP, the rope broke!!!!!
He said he looked around at all the cops surrounding him and he had a sinking feeling in his stomach that this wasn't good.
Then he saw a cop car pull up and out comes his captain and hose man, and he was a very happy fireman at that point!
They threw the floaty thing out to him, he got it and dragged the guy in.
He threw him down on the ground and started working him.
They got him in the ambulance and by the time he was to the hospital he had a pulse and was breathing.
The news tonight said that the guy is doing well and they expect him to be okay.
How awesome is my man?????
Only bad thing....he had his phone in his pocket when he jumped in the water :(
He said it's sitting in a bag of rice now.
Hopefully it does the trick......
So, then tonight, as I am getting ready to blog, I had the news on, looking for the story about the canal rescue, and find out that Brent was on a fire tonight too!
Holy smokes, he will be on cloud nine for a while with today's events!!!
I haven't heard from him yet tonight, so I don't know any details, except that he was looking super cute on the news :)


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday June 22

So today was a rough one.
Sundays without dad are not my favorite :(
But we made it to church (alive).
Wrestled our way though Sacrament meeting.
I sat in front of Elsie's teacher (who is the bishops wife) and she tapped me on the shoulder about half way through, and she was laughing and saying that is made her happy to watch me with the kids.
Happy cause she doesn't have those little ones to fight anymore!
Port is in a rough stage, I won't lie.
At least I am hoping it's a stage......... ;)
Anyway, the rest of church went well.
Came home and it was fighting fighting fighting.....
But, ya know, that's life I guess :)
Elsie was good.
She played 'primary' as soon as we got home from church.
She pulls all the chairs and lines them up in front of the ironing board, and uses the iron as a microphone.
It is pretty darn cute if you ask me!
I tried to keep the others all separate from each other to keep the fighting down.....
It got better after I fed them.
Madi spent a lot of time working on a Young Womans project.
Cassi was playing her guitar and Port and Elsie decided to join in.
And boy did we ever have a huge concert on our hands.
They had so much fun and they were SUPER loud!
My favorite was how into it Elsie got!
They sang 'Let it go ' several times.
So the night ended good.
Hopefully they were just tired today and we can accomplish everything we need to do tomorrow (once they are well rested) without any fighting!!!!!!
I won't hold my breathe........