Thursday, September 30, 2021

Wednesday September 29 - Thursday September 30

These pictures are all out of order!!!
But yesterday, we had to leave Winnie 😢
She did have her dr appt today and she weighs a whopping 12.8 lbs!!!!
And she is still really tall/long for her age!
Like her mama ❤️
We drove Logan’s truck back here yesterday to try and sell here. 
So that meant that I had to drive too 😬
But all went well. 
Today was school. 
Port was all ready for school and then he started getting a pain in his chest….
I’m sure he was having an anxiety attack because of missed school work.
He kept him home, he caught up on his work and he says he’s good to go tomorrow. 
This evening we went to watch Aubree open her mission call!!!!!
So very exciting!
She got called to Bolivia!!!!!!!
Spanish speaking!
She is amazing and we are so excited to watch her through this! 
She will touch so many lives!!!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

(Add more photos) Monday September 27 - Tuesday September 28

 We have been having so much fun here with Madi, Logan and sweet Winnie ❤️
We got to finally meet Logan’s parents!
They are very nice and we had a lot of time.
We went bowling and then out to dinner. 
I’m glad we had the chance to meet them!!!!
Who knows when the next chance would be!!!
Today we went over to Madi’s after I went for a run. 
We played games, made sushi, to some cute pictures, then we went to the pumpkin patch and then to dinner. 
Then back to Madi and Logan’s for some fun games and Winnie cuddle time ❤️

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday September 26

It wasn’t a bad day…
But a super great day. 
I actually feel a little bit ‘down’. 
But that could just be because I’m tired. 
Church as usual. 
We had a meeting this evening to create a better ward from the existing wards. 
It didn’t affect our ward a whole lot, but we did lose some pretty great people 😞
The Morgan’s invited us over for dinner and dessert. 
Bubble was there too. 
It was a nice evening. 
The kiddos got packed up and rest to go to see Winnie tomorrow!
We are all very excited!!!
Hopefully dad can get some good sleep at the station tonight!!!!!!


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Friday September 24 - Saturday September 25

 My pictures aren’t loading!!!

I’ll add them tomorrow. 

Yesterday got away from me….

But we did one of Elsie’s health projects all day….. she created a healthy days meal plan and we made it for all her meals and took pictures. 

Drew and Heather stopped by for a visit, so that was fun to see them for a bit. 

Dad started cleaning up the bricks and I’m excited to get that project done 👍🏼

We had a date night ❤️

We went and saw Dear Evan Hansen…. Which is one of the broadest shows I saw with rent!

So good…. But so many emotions you feel through the whole thing!

Today I had a make up class for my art class I had to cancel when Winnie was born. 

We painted Venice gondolas. 

They turned out pretty good. 


Then cass went to homecoming. 

She looked pretty darn gorgeous!!!

Note I’m just waiting for her to get home…..

Just a day and a half and I get to hold my Winnie ❤️

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thursday September 23

Mater and Tonnie crack me up.
They are always wrestling.
They are becoming good friends.
It is crazy that they are the same size now!!!!
I went to go to the gym this morning, but the power was out.
But one of the girls there said she would teach HIGH at the we all went to the church for our workout :)
School with Elsie was mostly good.
She did have a meltdown today, but it wasn't about school, it was because I asked her to put the dishes away :)
Port had his last XC meet.
He was very angry because he was a minute longer than last week.
But we heard everyone complaining about their we think maybe it was a longer distance?
Anyway...he was mad for quite a while.......
But we had dinner, and they played some games and he was better this evening.
Dad worked more on the cabinet for our garbages.
It will be nice to have that area cleaned up!
Madi and Cassi are having a fun time together.
I am glad Cass got to go up!
There things I am thankful for:
That I still got a workout this morning :)
That Madi and Cassi are getting along.......
That Port isn't mad anymore about his time....well, he is still mad about it, but just not mad at us!


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Wednesday September 22

Had a pretty good school day with Elsie today.
There was some whining....but no meltdowns.
Cass drove to Bend today to spend a few days with Winnie, Madi and Logan 💗
I think it will be a good thing for Cass.
She needs some downtime!
*while still doing school online!!!!
Sweet Winnie time is healing to the soul 🌞
Elsie and I made banana bread today.
Port and Dad worked hard on homework and studying for tests.
Oh, and I got laundry done today :)
I am thankful Cass got to Oregon safe and sound!
She forgot to fill up half way and she almost ran out of gas!!!!!!!!
She just barely made it to the gas station on fumes!!!!
Silly Cass!
Dad is working on making a better looking space for our garbage can by the fridge, so he has been working on that today.
It will be nice to have that area cleaned up!

I am thankful Dad is good at math (and everything else he does!) and he is willing to help Porter out because he is already past the math I can help him with!
I am thankful we got a good amount of school done with Elsie today.
The last few days, we have written our days plan at the end of school for the next day.
Then I have her sign I know she knows what we are doing and agrees :)
So far so good.
But I don't want to jinx it for tomorrow!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tuesday September 21

We went and got everyone's passport today.
No, we don't have anything planned.
But there have been a few opportunities that we have missed out on because the kids didn't have passports.
So it will be good to have this in our back pocket for future adventures!
Port ran a XC meet today.
He shaved another few seconds of his PR.
Came in at 10:07 👍
Pretty good, especially for a kid who isn't totally loving the running part of XC!
He has another meet on Thursday too.
Then tonight Dad and I had our ARP meeting.
We have only been able to go about once a month lately......
I am sad when we miss it, but it is so good when we can be there!
Sweet Winnie!!!!
Only a few more days baby girl until Gimi (Gramma Kimi) gets to snuggle you!!!!!!


Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday September 20

Feeling a little overwhelmed with life this evening and I'm thinking a good cuddle with Winnie would take all my worries away 💗
School with Elsie went good....not any meltdowns, but there was some whining.
But I will take whining over meltdown!
I am grateful for these sweet pictures that Madi sends me throughout the day.
The brightest part of my days!
I am grateful for the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers out of my garden.
Grateful for a meltdown free school day with Elsie :)
Actually……I’m also thankful for port and how sweet he was this morning doing kind acts for me when I was at the gym that I didn’t even notice until he left to school. 
There was some very full garbage cans he took out and I was so thankful he did that. 
Just a little thing but it really made my morning so happy ❤️


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday September 19

 It was a nice Sunday today.

Dad had to go to work.....which is always a bummer.

I like having him with me.

I think I was kind of grumpy....but that might because of Dad being gone :)

But Madi sent sweet picture of Winnie and they remind me so much of baby Madi!

The hair is different, but those facial expressions.....they are twins!!!!

I love it!

One more week (tomorrow) and I get to hold that sweet little one!!!!!

I wish I could hold her every day!

I am thankful today for the years I have been a pretty constant blogger :)

Port spent quite a bit of time reminiscing tonight, and it made me happy.

It takes time and effort, but it is worth it for the memories to be documented!

I am grateful we were able to go to church today.

Things are still a little scary with everything going on with the pandemic, but we do our best to stay distanced and wear our masks.

I am ready to go to bed and I am thankful that I have a comfy bed waiting for me :)

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Saturday September 18

Cleaned the church this morning.
Then went for a 5 miler.
Dad and Port went and got their hunting licenses.
Port went to Cannon's birthday party.
We got laundry and chores done around the house.
Madi and I are starting to plan family picture outfit....staring with Winnie's outfit 💗
Tonight Cass babysat.
The rest of us watched 'News of the world'.
Then Dad and Port watched the end of the very sad BSU game.
Things I am thankful for:
*Sweet Winnie pictures!
*The mini nap Dad and I got today :)
*That I could get out and run outside.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday September 17

Dad went to Garden Valley to help Randy build his cabin.
Back here at home, it wasn't a terrible day of school, but it wasn't super great either :)
I did get my workout this is hard to wake up early sometimes, but it is days like today that I know if I didn't get up at 5 am, I probably wouldn't get the workout in and then I would be mad grumpy mom all day!
Still thankful for stuff!
Like the gym :)
I had date night with Dad this evening after he got back I am happy about that!
Annnnd......Madi sent me cute videos and pictures of Winnie today!
I just love her so much!!!!!

Look at those little whispy hairs in the back!
She is the most precious EVER!


Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thursday September 16

 It was a beautiful cooler morning today and I enjoyed a nice run.
Then Elsie came home after seminary and got to work on school.
I actually got to go and do a lunch thing while she worked on school and Dad supervised.
Port ran his XC meet today.
He did a great job.
He shaved about 40 seconds off his last time.
So that is awesome!
Then we got Tin Roof Tacos for dinner.
Dad had a meeting tonight.
Port, Elsie and I went and got some watermelon and cantaloupe from Bubble and Eldon.
Then chilled the rest of the night.
Sweet Winnie is cute as ever and chunking up really nice :)
Cannot wait until I get to hold her again!!!!!
-I am thankful for the cooler, but not cold, fall weather.
-I was so happy to see how proud Port was to see his new time after working so hard.
-I love that we have such amazing neighbors in our lives!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Wednesday September 15

These photos are all out of order!!!!
Elsie had her art medium class today. 
We are having fun!
She learned how to make a pinwheel and how to make a spiral.
School went pretty good. 
We had two meltdowns, then a little time to cool off in her room, and after that we were back to business. 
I’m sure we will get to the point that there will be no meltdowns 😉
Cass and Elsie had their dentist appointments today…no cavities. 
Cass and I went to the mall to look for a homecoming dress. 
No luck yet. 
Cass didn’t have YW, but everyone else went to mutual. 
So she went to the gym and I cleaned the kitchen.
Cass FaceTimed Madi while doing her school stuff. 
What a cutie!
She’s getting so chunky!!!
Three things I’m thankful for:
I’m grateful for my creative side and my love of things artistic…. And I love that I have some kids with the same interests!
I love a little quiet time when no one else is home 😉
I am so thankful for technology to be able to watch Winnie grow chubbier every day ❤️