Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday September 30

No choir today, but Madi did have an ecclesiastical which the bishop said he gives her 150% endorsement :)
It was fifth Sunday today and the Youth all met together.
The idea was for the Youth to share how their Testimonies have been strengthened...sharing experiences.
Brother Harker started the meeting talking about how we are always so worried about bad consequences.
Like in the scripture in Matthews 7:18
"A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit".
He talked about how we are always so worried about the bad consequences of our choices....
But if we make good choices, we will NEVER have to worry about the consequences, because they will always be good.
Good produces good!
It makes it seem all so easy, just make good choices!
Of course things are still hard, but we can have Faith and know that whatever comes our way even after making good choices, is what the Lord has planned for us.
And it is good.
It will be good and he will not forsake us.
So we need to stop worrying about bad consequences, because that won't happen unless we are making bad choices.
Anyway, I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed the Youth sharing experiences in which their testimonies were strengthened.
After church, the kids had a little creative bug.
I bought Madi a fun little is really a travel journal, but I thought she could make it into a cute recipe book for college.
And I was right....she is making it very cute and just her style.
Elsie worked on some cutting, gluing and drawing.
Cassi worked on learning a new song on the guitar.
Porter drew a dragon, but then cut the paper out to make a paper pieced dragon that turned out pretty cool!
We ended the night with making some cookies.
Dad had a grass fire for much of the day.
But he found a little tiny lizard while he was out in the foothills, and if it lasts the night, he will bring it home for Porter :)

Saturday September 29

Dad left for work, then Madi left for work.
I went for a little run and then dropped the little kids off at the Nielsen's house.
I then took Cassi to rugby practice and I went and took some pictures.
The rest of the day we cleaned and rearranged stuff :)
I am always moving stuff......but you gotta find the right place for the stuff!
I am trying to make the mud room more efficient, with out actually doing the full remodel of it yet.
We will see how it goes.
Port and the boys loaded up the wood that Dad cut from Bruce's tree and they stacked it over at Eldon's.
Cute boys.
I am equally excited and terrified to see them as teenagers together!!!!!
This evening Madi had a date, and Cassi had some friends over for a movie.
I took the little ones out to Middleton to have dinner with the Salisbury's, Terry's and the Edgel's.
Friends from the old hood :)
It was so fun to chat and hang out.
Missed having Brent there...and the big girls!
But trying to find a schedule that fits everyone….impossible!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday September 28

So Dad was supposed to go in for work this morning, he was working a trade.
That would have put him on for 72 hours.....but when he called to get his assignment, he found out he didn't need to go.
So that worked out :)
We didn't do much the beginning of the day.
But then he ran to Lowes and got some caulking and we worked on getting he deck ceiling caulked.
Hopefully we can get the paint on soon!!!!!
It is gonna be pretty :)
Tonight Porter had a late football game.
The big girls both went to the MV high school game.
Dad and I took the little ones to Dickies for some dinner.
Then headed to the field for his 8:15 game.
But guess what?????
We got a win!!!!!
Port was a mad man, swerving from the guys, making touchdowns, grabbing flags.
The team worked great together. 
It was a fun game!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Thursday September 27

I got up and ran on the treadmill before the kiddos got up this morning.
I had breakfast plans with the neighbor ladies for Laura's birthday, so I wanted to get my workout in :)
Well, when Porter woke up, he reminded me that it was the jog-a-thon today!
So after I went to the birthday breakfast, I went and ran 3.5 miles with Porter.
He was a Rockstar and we ran the whole running time without stopping.
It was fun running with him :)
After the jog-a-thon, I had a meeting with my Beehive adviser.
Dad did a lot of helping the neighbors......cutting trees, moving cows, unloading a squeeze chute....and that was at 3 separate neighbors :)
Cassi had her Rugby games this evening.
She played two JV games and then she got to play on Varsity for the last game.
Pretty cool.
It is really fun....and watch her!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wednesday September 26

I'm blogging early because I have a late meeting tonight after YW.
The big girls got up to go to the temple this morning before school.
It makes my heart happy how much nicer they are to each other when they go to the temple even though they have been up since 4:30!!!!!!
They got home in time to get ready and not be late to school.
They even called in to the radio show they listen to on the way to school, and Cassi got to be on a quiz show....and she WON!
Kind of fun!
I worked in the office this morning.
Dad did some running around, got more wood for the deck ceiling....which he finished up today!
Now we just need to get it painted :)
It is gonna look so great!
When I got home, I finished up the dresser and we put it in the house.
I still need to add some stuff with it, but I love how it turned out!!!!!
I took the before pictures in has taken a while to finish this thing up :)
The rest of the day I finished planning the YW personal progress stuff I am doing with the beehives tonight and Dad finished the deck roof.
Madi works until YW, Cassi has Rugby until YW, Port had scouts and Elsie and I are all ready for YW in our jammies!
We are having a PJ and popcorn party.....with Personal progress :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tuesday September 25

Port was pretty proud when he finished his X-wing fighter.
This was just out of his Lego bin, no instructions.
Pretty impressive :)
I love how he figures stuff out in his smart little head.
Today I picked a lot of tomatoes out of the garden.
I found a cute heart shaped one ❤
Dad went to the gym and I went for a run.
The rest of the day Dad worked on the deck ceiling while I worked on the dresser....which I HOPE will be done by tomorrow!
When I put the poly coat on it this evening, dumb bugs kept flying in it!!!!!
So I wiped as much as I could and then I am juts hoping for the best!!!!!
For dinner I made that yummy tomato soup recipe from Stacia.
From my garden tomatoes :)
Along with some grilled cheese sandwiches.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday September 24

Not much happened today.....
I just tidied the house up, and did laundry.
I worked for while trying to get the internet to work, but only got it to work in the last couple hours.
But at least it is working.
I started planning the Personal Progress night we are having on Wednesday for the Beehives.
I went for a run in the afternoon, and a couple big dogs helped me cut the run short :(
But it worked out, because I had time to shower before I needed to go and pick Elsie up for Speech.
Took Elsie there, Madi ran Cassi to Rygby and then hung out with Port.
Port hung out here with the boys for a bit.
Then I fixed up some leftovers for dinner.
Homework got done, piano got done...and we got to bed early!
Well, the little ones got to bed, I am still working on the big girls!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday September 23

We sent our guests off this morning.
It sure was fun having Kay and Johnny come and visit.
We were kind of slow going getting ready for church this morning...
But Elsie made sure to get her lip gloss on :)
It was Porter's primary program today at church.
It was just so beautiful.
I love those little voices.
Porter made my heart swell.
The kid who used to never sing any of the songs, now sings them all loud and proud, and off-key :)
It is the cutest!
He read his line and then the kids in his class sang a song.
He practiced it this morning and he kept singing it really loud.
I kept telling him he didn't need to sing SO loud.
But he insisted that they wanted them to be loud, which I agree, but he was like kind of yelling.
Well, when it came time to hear them sing, you could definitely hear Porter :)
It was the best thing ever!
That boy makes my heart so happy!
I helped in Porter's class after Sacrament, and then taught Beehives for YW.
It was a nice day at church.
We came home and we lounged.
Port and I finished another puzzle.
He and Cassi went to Bubbles to borrow a puzzle from them since we put together all our 500 piece puzzles.....don't think we are ready for the 1000 piece yet!
Fun times!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday September 22

I dropped Cassi off at Rugby as I went to take some pictures this morning.
I went and took some pictures.
Later on this morning, we went and watched Cassi play Rugby.
She was awesome and fun to watch, and got away without injury :)
Her last game got cancelled because the other team had too many girls injured and not enough to play.
So we went back home and ate some lunch.
Madi was out on her day date during that time.
They had lunch and went to CircusTrix.
She got home and had a couple hours to get ready for the Homecoming dance.
Here at home we watched Avengers Infinity War.
It was fun when Madi got picked up for her date :)
Justin was here talking to Brent, Kay and Johnny here, and Bubble and Vern came by to see Madi's dress.
It was quite the party going on when Warren showed up!
He handled it well :)
Dad made us an amazing ribs for so good!
It's been so fun to have Kay and Johnny here, even though we have just been dragging them around to all the places we would have gone anyway :)
But it has been a lot of fun.
So thankful they took the time to come visit ❤

Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday September 21 (add pictures)

So this morning, Dad and I went to the high school to see Cassi walk on the red carpet.
She was nominated as the first runner up for Freshman royalty.
Kind of fun :)
Then we spent the day getting things all ready for Aunt kay and Johnny to visit.
This afternoon, Madi and Cassi both went back to the school for more homecoming activities....this time it was the parade that they were both a part of.
Aunt Kay and Uncle Johnny arrived just before Cassi left, so they got to see her, but they have yet to see Madi!
The little ones and us big people had a hamburger dinner, then we headed to Porter's football game.
It was a fun night, and he played really well.
Got some good catches and pulled lots of the end, we didn't win.
Poor boys need a win!!!!!
But it was still fun to watch him..
We went out for ice cream.
Madi and Cassi went to the homecoming football game.
Madi went for a movie somewhere after...we are still waiting for her to get home.
Tomorrow will be fun homecoming madness......I am glad I got Madi's dress finished up and also the boutineer (however you spell that!!!!)

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday September 20

This evening was a bit crazy.
Both girls were involved in the school carnival.
Cassi got the whole thing organized with the student council.
Madi had a booth with Idaho Central Credit Union.
So after I took Elsie to decorate for a beehive birthday...…we picked up the boys and headed to the high school.
They had the humane society there with some puppies to hold :)
A climbing wall with the National Guard.
Madi booth was giving away $130 Proof sunglasses for kids who brought in their debit cards from ICCU or if they signed up for an account.
So we got Cassi signed up for one.
When we got home, I brought the table in that I have been working on.
It will make the perfect game table.....a.k.a. puzzle table for Porter and I :)
Now I just need to get some bookshelves put in the back of that space......someday.
One step at a time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wednesday September 19

I helped out in the office this morning while Dad went to the gym.
I should have spent time cleaning......but instead I worked on my project :)
More sanding and painting.
I am excited with how it is turning out :)
But Dad got some work done.
The lawnmower was having troubles, so he took that apart to figure out the problem.
He fixed that and then finished mowing the lawn.
I went back to the school at 1:30 for Porter's Art Smart class.
He has quite a large class!!!!
Good thing Ms. Sanders is amazing :)
After school, Porter had scouts.
We were actually all home to have dinner together this evening before the girls and I headed to mutual.
We played Human Foosball.
I think the kids all had fun.
Elsie played for a little bit, but then she ended up on the stage just kicking the ball.
Which I guess is good because it is more moving around and kicking then she was doing while playing the game :)
I stuck by Sierra to make sure she didn't get hit with one of the poles!
(I got pictures figured out!!!!!  Now I just need to catch the last few days up!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday September 18 (add pictures.....I am as mad as you are about this, Dussy boy!!!!!)

I was kind of all over with my to-do list today.
Bouncing between thing I needed to get done, sort laundry, clean kitchen, clean the junk room.....and doing what I wanted to do, go for a run, sand the table I have been working on and paint it....
I got all that stuff done, but didn't really finish any of it.
Except running, I guess I did finish that :)
I took Elsie with me to pick Porter up from school and she was so excited to see everyone!!!!
And she is like a celebrity there....not just because they love her...but yesterday they showed the film that she is in.
The one we filmed last year about "Kindness".
Anyway, it was shown at Mary Mac yesterday, and everyone today was so excited to tell her that they saw her!
Cassi was in it too, but not in as recognizable of a spot.
Hint: she is the one who hits the kid in the face with a volleyball on and see.
It is pretty cute!
Click on this link and then scroll down a bit to watch the video :)

So that was fun.
Port and Elsie had piano after school.
They are both doing very well and I am pretty excite about it!
And I just might learn something along with them :)
Tonight Cassi played her Powder Puff game.
The tram did not do well, but Cassi sure did!
She pulled flags and ran balls.
She was fun to watch.
Then Madi brought he kids home while I went to RS.
It was all about organization and time management...….all the things I definitely need help in!
I did learn some things.
Now I just need to implement them...….

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday September 17 (add pictures....someday....when I figure out where my phone is hiding my pictures!)

I actually got out and ran this morning!!!!
It has been a whole since I got a good run, because I wasn't feeling very good.
So I went 5 miles, and that was great!
I meant to do a lot of cleaning today.....but instead I sanded an old table :)
I did also clean the kitchen, did laundry and started cleaning our junk room....
But I just felt like I needed a project to work on :)
Oh, and I also made some banana bread.
I did it sheet cake style like I remember from when I was a kid.
So then I picked up Elsie early because she had speech and PT.
She worked hard, but was exhausted when we got home.
Madi worked, Cassi had rugby.
Port hung out at Cannon's until I got home.
Madi still needed to answer the Rocky kid who asked her to Homecoming.
So she and Porter left with Porter dressed in Ninja gear to be sneaky and take it.
He was pretty excited to go and help her.
Elsie bug was in bed at 8!
She was tired!!!!!
Cassi had a movie night at the school and got home around 9.
So now they are all tucked in bed.
I was in a weird mood today.
Kind of felt worried about everyone and just wanted everyone home.
Well, once they were home (and fighting and annoying each other and fighting...…) I was ready for them to leave again :)
But with them all ticked in bed, this feels good.
Now I just need Dad home with me.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday September 16

The younger kids had choir practice, and they sang in sacrament was beautiful.
Church went great :)
After church, we had our new ministering brother came over.
Then he left in time for the girls and I to go to the Family History thing tonight.
Elsie was really excited about the soft serve they had there to eat :)
And that is pretty much the day.....

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday September 15

Dad went in for a few extra hours of work again today.
Cassi was gonna mow, but the mower has a dead battery, so that didn't happen.
We got rooms clean and laundry put away and most of the Saturday chores done.
Oh, and Madi had to work too.
Porter was gone most of the day to Cannon's birthday party.
Cassi went to birthday lunch and a party for a friend, then babysat this evening.
But Elsie and I got to hang out with Evie....and the boys :)
We ate pizza for dinner and then watched 'Meet the Robinsons'.
It was a nice relaxing night :)
Now I am just waiting for Madi to get home from a friends birthday party.
Lots of birthdays happened today!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday September 14 (Add Elsie pony tail picture)

Still not feeling 100%, so I took another nap once the kids went off to school.
Then Dad and I went and ran some errands, Walmart, picking up tables at the Morgan's, chairs at Bubbles (all for Dads party he threw tonight :)
Then we went by and helped out Lorne Clapson.
He had his mower stuck by his retaining wall.
We left with a box of peaches :)
Dad worked more on the deck ceiling.
I picked and washed lots of grapes.
I cleaned them up and put them in the freezer.
The kids love the frozen grapes and it is the easiest way to preserve them for a little bit.
This evening, things got crazier.
I said Dad threw a party :)
Well, it was the Elders quorum party that he was in charge of getting together.
We did it at the wards house, and it was a fun time.
While we were gone though, Cassi watched the Nielsen's kiddos here, so Elsie and Sierra could hang.
Then Madi was in charge of running Port to his football game.
Madi also took him to go answer one of the boys who asked her to homecoming.
She still needs to answer the other one, but we need to get his address.
So all went well at home and Dad and I had a good time too :)
Oh, a fun side note......Elsie learned how to put her hair in a pony tail!!!!!
It is a pretty fun trick that she taught herself :)
Love it!
(Picture will have to be added another time…..)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday September 13 (add pictures)

After the kids got to school, Dad and I took a mini nap.
Me not feeling so good and him having a long shift.....we needed a little power-nap!
When we got up, we headed out with the trailer to the Terry's house.
The Morgan's got rid of their sectional and gave it to the Terry's.
We also took their table out to them.
It took a few tries up and down the skinny stairwell, but we finally got the sectional in there....and I don't think it is coming out unless it is cut up with a chainsaw into smaller pieces!!!!!
But it will be great for them to have something to sit on :)
And they are happy to have their table back too.
It was fun to see their house.
It has so much character and it will be a lot of fun to see what they do with it over the next few years.
We came home and dropped the trailer off at the school because Cassi and the student council will be using it in the homecoming parade next week.
By the time we got home, the kiddos were headed back.
Cassi had to be to Rugby at 4:30, so Elsie, Dad and I took Cassi.
Madi went to work.
Porter went with the Edwards after school and then spent a few hours with them and went to football practice with them.
We dropped Cassi off, then we went and got dinner at Tin Roof Tacos.
We got back in time to watch her play.
Cass was awesome!
She did take a smack to the face, but she is good.
She ended up being the 'Brute of the game' which is an honor that goes to the best player of the game :)
She is so much fun to watch!
Still trying to figure out what the rules of the game are!
But it is fun!
Oh, and it was fun to see Mrs. Anderson (Elsie's 5th grade teacher) there watching her daughter play.
It will be fun to see her every week :)
We didn't get home until after 8.
Madi and Porter were both home by then.
Some days seem like they go so fast, but also last forever!
It is the weirdest thing!!!!!!!
(My phone won't let me load my pictures...…...I need to figure what the problem is and put them on here later!!!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday September 12

So I started not feeling super good this evening :(
I hope I am not getting sick!!!!!
But I woke up early this morning so I could work out because I knew it wouldn't happen today unless I got up early!
So I got up and ran on the treadmill.
Then sent the kids off to school.
That Max dog came back, so I had to take care of getting him back to his owners before I left to help at the school.
I helped at the school for a bit.
Then sorted laundry and made a quick trip to the store.
Then the YW leaders took sweet Christine out to lunch to say goodbye.
We just love her and we are excited for her new adventure!
We went to Zupa's.
While we were getting ready to leave, Nicole Reid, Katie Dastrup and Cindy Peterson walked in....they were my old YW presidency.
It was so fun to see them, so I ended up hanging out with them after their group left :)
I have had the chance to work with the most amazing woman as a part of the YW!
I am thankful!
Anyway, so much of my day was spent at Zupa's, ha ha ha....
I came home and finished sorting laundry, got Cassi to Rugby, little ones practiced piano (which they both were very excited about still :)
Then this evening it was "back to camp night" for YW.
So we got to go and eat pizza and watch the fun slideshow from camp.
It was a fun time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday September 11

I took Madi to her well-check this morning.
She had to get a couple shots :)
I brought her back hone so she could eat some lunch.
I left with Stacia to go to lunch with a group of ladies with a new lady in our ward.
Stacia and I came back home and picked a bunch of tomatoes for us to each make some tomatoes soup for dinner.
She had a awesome recipe and I was excited to try it out.
So we got about 14 cups of tomatoes diced up, 7 cups for each family.....
But then we had to leave to go to our YW meeting.
That went well, and I got home in time to grab Elsie from the bus.
Stacia took her tomatoes home and I got started on making my soup.
Elsie and Porter started piano lessons today.
They have been so excited, and I am so excited to see how it all goes!
I came home and finished up the soup.
Oh, Madi worked again, and Cassi had powder puff...…
I made dinner, then took Elsie and Porter to Port's pack meeting.
When I got home the big girls had the kitchen cleaned up nice.
So that was a nice surprise :)
Busy day.....and gearing up for another busy day tomorrow...….
Does it slow down????
By the way....the tomatoes soup turned out amazing and the kids loved it with their grilled cheese :)
Oh, and Dad got a big fire this afternoon and into the evening.
I had a friend send me a picture she say of Brent on the news.
Kind of fun :)
And last but not least, today is September 11.
An emotional day.
When Emmy and I went to New York, one of my favorite places we visited was the One World trade center and the 9/11 museum.
It was emotional and horrific, yet spiritual.
To see in a matter of hours what a difference being a bad person can do vs. what being a good person can do.
So today, as we remember all the lives lost, all the evil that occurred that day....let us also remember the amazing people who stepped in to save others that they didn't even know.
From the firefighters that ran IN the burning and broken down buildings, to the man on the plane not allowing evil to continue, to the countless others helping one another get as far away as they could...
We are in a world full of goodness. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday September 10

After the kids went to school, I was able to go an help out my friend Erin, who just had a baby.
Her Mom left Friday, and her husband had to go back to it is her alone with 7 kids!!!!!
I picked up her school kids and took them to school so she wouldn't have to load them up.
She is a rock star, but I am sure 7 kids will take some getting used to, her last one is only about 18 months old!
They found out she was pregnant the week that her husband was called as our bishop...….crazy timing, right?!?!?!
She has had a roller coaster ride, but things are going good now.
Baby was about 3 weeks early, he is doing good except needing the billi-blanket for a while.
Anyway, I loved the chance to be able to help her out!
Then I went for a little run.
It is getting a bit colder outside....not too bad though.
This afternoon dad and I had a lunch date.
He hasn't been feeling very good, so I think getting him out of the house was nice.
I finished up the last loads of laundry.
I just need to sort them tomorrow.
I took Elsie to speech and then picked up pizza on the way home.
Cassi had rugby, Madi had work......
We also picked up a couch from the Morgan's house to take to the Terry's house at some point.
Dad finished mowing the lawn.
Sweet Christine came over to say goodbye to the girls.....she is leaving for college on Friday.
She is actually Madi's age, but decided last minute to take the GED, skip her senior year and go to BYU-I.
Big things happening for that girl :)

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Sunday September 9

This morning had a bit more run-around than the usual Sunday does....
Madi and Cassi both went to BYC at 10.
Then Porter and Cassi went to choir a little after 11.....had to wait for Cassi to get home.
Then the girls and I left for church at 12:25 to get some practice in before church started.
The Youth sang in Sacrament meeting today, with the leaders too.
We sang Peace in Christ.
It is hard to say what it sounded like, because I was up there singing too....but people said it was wonderful :)
Church went great.
I taught a lesson about how our words have power....they can be for the good or the bad, we choose.
We talked about quotes, and I shared one of my favorites.
Then I challenged the girls to SAY something every day this week that will lift someone up their mountain!
After church, I made some cupcakes.
At 6, I took all the beehives along with my advisor and Stacia to meet a new girl that will be moving into our ward.
She has been struggling with moving to a new school and not knowing anyone, so we wanted to give her some new friends so that when she starts coming to our ward (when her house is done) then she will already have friends :)
Dad invited Bubble over for dinner.....Eldon is gone again.
This is his last shift for the year.
Anyway, we enjoyed the late dinner with her.
While the big girls got stuff ready for school, the rest of us watched a little AFV and Porter and I worked on a puzzle we started yesterday.
I really do like puzzles :)
So does my boy, so that is fun for us to do it together!!!!!
Our late dinner threw our schedule off and we forgot to call Gramps :(
We will give you a call tomorrow!!!!!!