Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wednesday July 31

I slept in today....and then I remembered why I don't like to sleep in.
It is hard to get my morning routine done in peace when they are awake!!!!!
But it still worked out.
I went late on my run, so it was pretty warm.
We spent the day doing chores around the house, laundry and I got everything ready for my YW activity this evening.
We planned a surprise baby shower for our Beehive advisor, who actually just got released.
It was so much fun and the girls had so much fun too.
We played all kinds of cheesy baby shower games and it turned out really fun for everyone :)
Dad fixed some bad carpet areas upstairs, and it looks so good!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday July 30

I went running with my friend Makenna this morning on the greenbelt in Eagle.
She is my cute friend who always made me run at girls camp and then I try to keep in contact with her now that she is at college.
She pushes me and it is great :)
The rest of the day was full of errand running for Dad and Porter, and then myself too.
Madi worked on her collage quilt.
Cassi babysat and Elsie got her laundry done and room cleaned :)
The boys also did some weed eating and yard work.....
I did a few loads of laundry and that was pretty much the day.
Not too exciting, but we got stuff done, so that's good :)

Monday, July 29, 2019

Monday July 29

I ran in the rain this morning before taking Elsie to speech therapy.
After speech, Elsie and I ran to Deseret Book and Costco.
I was feeling a lot of pressure in my dang sinuses when I got I laid down for a bit.
I think it helped a little.
I woke up and took Elsie to her well check dr appt.
She had to get a shot :(
She tried so hard to be shots aren't until she is 16, so that is good.
We did grab some ice cream on the way home :)
Then we went swimming at the Morgan's and had pizza for FHE.
We also told the kids what our (kind of) plans are for our family trip.
We know one thing for sure, we will be going to DISNEYLAND!
Everyone is pretty excited!
The trip is only 10 days away, so we need to get going on the planning!!!
Elsie finished her painted she made for Madi to take to college.
It turned out really cool :)

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday July 28

We had a nice Sunday today.
After church we had some quiet time.
I made a blueberry crumble for a dessert thing we were invited to this evening.
We did Come Follow Me.
Then I had a meeting with my Beehive leader advisor.
We had a yummy breakfast for dinner.
German pancakes, bacon and fruit.
Then we went over to the Grams house for dessert.
We were with the Burks and the Culbertson's as well.
It was a nice night.
Sister Grams, Nichole, has been on bedrest since she was like 12 weeks along.
She is at like 29 weeks now.
I can't even imagine laying there doing nothing for that long!!!!
She has two little ones already at home.
She has had a lot of great people coming in and helping her through this rough time.
It was a nice evening talking about trials and blessings that come from those tirals.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday July 27

Today was my long run day.
I didn't get out running until 9 or it had already gotten pretty warm.
While I was gone, Cassi took Porter and Elsie to the new city park that is right here by us.
Sounds like it is pretty dang cool!
On my long runs, I usually run 5 miles, then turn around and run the last 5 miles on the same course.
But I kind of get sick of going the same place all the time.
So I mixed it up today.
I tried to find new canal roads or neighborhood running paths (which usually parallel canal roads :).
I ended up doing a big giant crazy circle kind of area.
I did over estimate and ended up running 11 miles instead of 10 to get back home.....
But it all felt really good!
I was worried about my knee, but my stretches have really been helping.
When I got home and we all had our lunch, etc.....
Madi worked on cleaning the kitchen while Cassi had the kids at the park.
I got all ready for the day and then Stacia and I went to the Idaho Center for an amazing Interfaith concert.
It was put on my The Nashville tribute band and Marie Osmond and had Alex Boye', David Archuletta and more.
It was such am amazing concert filled with the spirit.
And filled the brim with Christian people of all Faiths just celebrating the things we share in common instead of our differences.
It really was a beautiful thing!!!!
Pretty much the day was done.
I made dinner for the kiddos.
Madi went to Quinn's pond with friends earlier and then she is at Kara's house this evening.
Cassi worked on getting her room clean so she could have friends over this evening.
I did laundry and got the little ones to bed early.
I am exhausted and can't wait to get some sleep :)

Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday July 26

I had a little paint with me art class today for two little girls who really wanted to paint the horse, but couldn't come the day we did horses.
So I got a quick 5 mile run before I got back for the art class.
When I got back from my run, Porter was being so sweet and putting together my IKEA carts that Vern brought back for me :)
They are for my art room supplies and he did a great job putting them together!!!!
After the art class, Madi and I went to DI to get a few things for her apartment.
We also went to get some old clothes and fabric to use to make a quilt that she wants to make :)
So that was fun.
Elsie did a lot of bike riding today, it has been so awesome!!!!
But she is for sure more worn out!
But it is so great to get her outside more and being more active.
So happy we got that bike!
Port and Cassi tried out the new park this evening, it has the grand opening tomorrow, so they will go again.
Sounds like it is a pretty cool place!
Back at home, Elsie and Madi rode bikes, hung on the swing and played 'America's got talent' :)

 This is where I do my stretches every morning that I run.
I love this spot :)

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday July 25

I got my run in and Dad went to the gym.
Then Dad took Port to go pick up the trailer at Pat and Steve's while I did my art class.
It was the last day for this class and their self-portraits turned out so fun!
After class, I went grocery shopping.
Kyra was here hanging out with Elsie a lot of the day.
After my art class, they hung out down there and did some art.
I love when the kiddos work on art :)
But it is better when they actually clean up......
Cassi also did some ainting between her babysitting jobs today.
She painted a 'peppa the pig' :)
Then when I got back from shopping, we had dinner (hamburgers).
Brent and I went to ward temple night, but actually we were a half hour late for the actual ward time....but that doesn't matter :)
We went with Justin and Sherrie.
It sure was nice to get there and spend some time in the temple ❤

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wednesday July 24

It's late.
The computer is acting up.
Gonna blog later.
Basically today was:
Trying to make camp slideshow
Art class
Trying to make camp slideshow
Failing at the slideshow
Trying to make camp slideshow again
Praying the slideshow works
Back to camp night YW activity
Where the slideshow kind of worked :)
Late night meeting with the YW/YM board

I am ready for some sleep!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tuesday July 23

I slept in until 8 today....longer than I have slept in a long time!
I got my morning routine stuff done and then got ready to head out running.
Then it rained and things got delayed.
I finally headed out there about 10, but then Port came running to me to tell me someone was at the door that wanted me.
So I went back up to the house and it was a couple of elderly sisters who grew up in our house.
Their dad built the original house.
I invited them in to show them around.
They were so happy with everything.
They were so happy to find out that so much of it was still the original bones that their dad built.
They told us fun stories about the basement and where their rooms were, etc.
I guess one of the girls horse used to come in the back door and sit on their couch :)
It was fun talking with them.
They kept saying how happy they were that it was loved.
They said they loved it but it wasn't a very homey home :)
They kept saying how they loved the feeling in the house now.
Made me very happy to hear them say that.
After they left, I ran 6 miles.
when I got back home I had just enough time to get everything ready for my art class.
After the art class, we all went to the new Lion King movie.
Well, not Cassi.
She had to babysit.
The movie was unbelievably real!
So cool!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday July 22 (add pictures)

I ran a few miles this morning and then had to run to the store to get some supplies for the 10:30 art class I did.
It was a cute little 10 year old girls birthday party and she wanted to paint cats with acrylic, and they turned out so cute.
Madi took Porter and Elsie to the library during the party.
Cassi went to PT and Dad went to the gym.
I did another art class, my 7 elements of art class at 1 until 3.
Then I went with Madi and did some shopping for her college stuff.
That was fun :)
Then when we got home, we all gathered in the car for a birthday dinner celebration for Elsie.
She wanted to go to Olive Garden.
Then we went to C4 creamery for a little dessert.
We had FHE in the car and we talked about the story of the guy who wanted to have priesthood power without having the do the work for it.
We thought about how we can apply not taking shortcuts into our family and how that can make us stronger and FORTIFY us.
Not taking shortcuts when it comes to chores, nor shortcuts in the way we treat each other (like take the extra second to think about what you will say instead of whatever comes to your mind.)
There are many ways we can incorporate NO SHORTCUTS to fortify our family :)
Then we watched a movie with everyone when we got home.
It was a very nice evening, with like no was a dream ❤

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday July 21

We went to 2 sacrament meetings today.
We went to our own and then we went and to Madi's friend, Jakes, mission farewell.
When we came home, I worked to make a cake so we could take it to the fire station....and I failed big time!
I was in too big of a hurry to get to the fire station that I put the frosting on before the cake cooled....and it totally slid off!
Soooo......we still went to the fire station, but instead we took banana popsicles :)
We hung out with dad for a bit then headed home.
We listened to the Come Follow Me scriptures in the car ride and then we watched a 'don't miss this' podcast and talked about while we ate dinner.
I won't talk about the intense amount of fighting that went on today.....
Instead I will choose to remember when they went outside to play.
Oh and the quiet time they spent in their rooms while I made dinner :)
I am ready for Dad to be home with me.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday July 20

Elsie Rose is a teenager!!!!!
Happy Birthday Elsie Bug ❤
We had a full day today and I think it was a good day for her :)
I got up early so I could get my long run in before the activities for the day started.
So after Dad left for work, I ran my 10 miles.
Madi got the kids up and got them ready to go to our ward Pioneer day activity.
Cassi had a babysitting job.
I got home just before we had to leave and took a quick shower.
The ward party was fun, we stayed there for a couple hours.
We brought a gaggle of boys home with us :)
Everly came home with us too.
I had to run to the store, so Madi kept and eye on everyone until Cassi came home to help out.
Cassi and Madi made cupcakes for Elsie's birthday party.
Elsie requested buffalo cupcakes and I think they turned out cute :)
Sherrie took the boys over to her house when Elsie had her party.
It was a fun time.
She wanted to do a paint party and wanted to paint flowers.
Well, she wanted to paint a buffalo and I suggested that maybe others wouldn't want to hang a buffalo picture in their rooms...….so we settles on flowers :)
I love how they turned out.
I really have so much fun doing these classes...…(if I haven't mentioned that before :)
We were gonna go to the stations and have cake.
But they ended up sending Dad downtown to man the Garth Brooks concert!
So not only did he get to see Garth Brooks for free, he actually got paid to go to it!!!!!
Anyway, so we will go visit the stations tomorrow.
Instead, Madi took Elsie to Target to get some shoes and look for a dress.
She came home with shoes and a cute shirt....and completely exhausted!!!!!
It took everything I had to convince her to let me take a birthday pictures of her.
She said she would if she could do the picture with her new bike :)
I happily agreed!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday July 19

I didn't have a 10 class this morning, so I went for a later run.
When I got home, Elsie opened her birthday presents.
Dad works tomorrow, so we did presents today.
She got the bike she wanted so bad and it is just perfect!
It is a 3 wheel bike and it is the perfect size and she loves it so much!
While I taught my 1:00 art class, Madi took her to the school to ride around there.
She also got a fun swing thing that we will hang up on the deck, but until we get some eye hooks to hang it, Dad hung it in the willow tree.
She spent quite a lot of time out there as well :)
Yay for more things that gets her outside and moving!!!!!!
This evening Dad and I went out to eat, then Bubble invited us to have ice cream over there to celebrate Elsie's birthday :)
Tomorrow will be a fun day for Elsie bug.
She is gonna have a little friend party and she wants to do a paint class :)
So we will be painting flowers.
I think it will be a fun time.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday July 18

I ran my 5 miles.
My knee was bad last night and I wasn't sure how it would be this morning, but it was good to go :)
Then for art class we painted elephants.
It was a little more challenging, but the kids did so good!
It was so fun!
I had classes at 10 and 1.
Madi took the little kids to the swimming pool with Sherrie.
Dad worked to get something ready for Elsie's birthday.
Something pretty exciting!
Then this afternoon, the guys loaded the cows up to take them to butcher.
It worked out pretty smooth getting them in the trailer.
Cassi is babysitting this evening and the rest of us are watching a movie together.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wednesday July 17

I had art classes again today, we painted bunnies this time.
They turned out so cute!
I will say it again, I am having so much fun!
Madi and Elsie played about a million rounds of UNO together :)
Port hung out with Graham, then with Max.
Dad went to the gym and went to D&B to run a few errands.
Then we went swimming at Stacia's around 3.
Cassi came home from her fun BYS adventures about 4:30.
Back home to make dinner and send Port to scouts.
Madi went with Stacia and her girls to a best of they got to hear some of the same speakers that Cassi got to hear.
She still isn't home yet.
For YW tonight we played bigger/better, service edition.
It was fun.
Our group ended up getting a ping pong table :)
But we kind of cheated because we took it from one of the kids in our groups house....but we still did a service there :)
But he just took it back home after.
So it wasn't a crazy day.
But we are now all back home under the same roof.....well, not right now.
Cassi left to be with friends.
But we will all be sleeping under the same roof!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday July 16

For art class today we painted puppies.
I ran 5 miles before class.
I had class at 10 and 1.
Port had Cannon over and then later Koy came over too.
Dad got the backpacking stuff put away and did lots of yard work.
Madi came home from Lagoon, got home about 6:00.
She had a fun time, but she is pretty exhausted!
Cassi has been at BYS all day.
Today was the talent show, but I haven't heard how it went yet.
I am sure she did amazing :)

Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday July 15

I started another art class this week.
We are doing animals this week and today we painted a lion.
It was a lot of fun.
It is fun to see the different lions they came up with :)
Port hung out with the Hall boys and Elsie just watched TV during my class....since everyone else is gone!!!!
Port and the boys actually got bucked off Dunney today.
I wasn't with them, Justin was.
But I guess they were all on him and they went over the canal and their legs must have kicked a little too hard going in and out of the canal....and Dunney started to buck.
I guess they held on for a few bucks, but they all got tossed.
Luckily no major injuries.
They were all a bit shook.
Justin made sure they all got back on and didn't leave scared of getting on him again.
Lesson in life....sometimes you will get bucked off, you can't give up!
You gotta get back on the horse!
Elsie and I ran to the store between my two classes so we could get some milk :)
But other than that, we did not do much else today.
I did do another batch of fruit leather.
Tomorrow we are painting dogs.....hopefully that turns out good :)

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday July 14

It was a nice Sunday.
Dad left for work.
We got ready.
Madi had a couple friends come with us to church, because afterwards they left to go to Utah for their Lagoon day tomorrow.
It was Braden Burk's homecoming today.
After church, I took some family pictures for them since it has been quite some time since they have all been together!
The little kiddos went to choir.
Madi and her friends left to Utah after sacrament meeting.
We had a little rest time at home before doing a little Come Follow Me.
Then they spent some time in the crawl space that they are turning into quite a little hang out.
I am not sure how I feel about it.....
I mean it is quite clean, it is lined with plastic.
But still.
They had fun doing it anyway.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday July 13

I think everyone got some good sleep last night.
I know I did:)
We all slept in a bit.
Dad went out to do irrigation stuff and work in the shop.
Port hung out with him out there.
He also hung out with the Hall boys and rode Dunney...shirtless :)
Madi and I picked more apricots and I got a batch in the dehydrator with another batch to put in after that.
We hung out with Emmy until she left for home.
It was so great of her to come and hang out with the little kiddos so Dad and I could have this time with Madi Bell :)
It was so hot today.
We went with Sherrie and her kiddos and went swimming at the Morgan's pool.
It was a nice little break...not that we were doing anything big.... :)

Friday, July 12, 2019

July 10-12

I have so many pictures and journaling to add.
But we are home.
This trip was so amazing and just beautiful.
Peaceful and serene.
It is kind of hard being back home to where there is so much noise :)
But it was also challenging and exhausting and so rewarding.
We all can't wait until the next time we get to go!
We did 8 miles day one, 9 miles day two and almost 6 miles today.
We reached 10,000 ft. at the summit.
It was all just so amazing.
Pictures just don't do justice!!!!!
We went and ate a late lunch when we got to Stanley and when we got home, we went swimming at the Morgan's.
We are watching Dumbo now and we (Dad, Madi and I) can't wait to sleep in our own beds!!!!!

 This is the summit

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Tuesday July 9

Still not completely ready for tomorrow....but getting there.
I got up and ran 5 miles.
Port went outside to get the cows and horse watered and noticed an apricot branch broken :(
So he grabbed the 4-wheeler and decided to drag the branch to the field.
What a good boy :)
I had Madi and Elsie pick the apricots off of it before he took it away.
Port and I went and got raspberries from the Capell's house.
Then Sherrie invited us to go swimming.
We probably should have stuck to our plan of cleaning the house, but we went swimming instead.
Then back at home, we did do some cleaning.
About 3, I took Madi, Elsie and Porter to Jenni's to pick up the backpacking supplies.
Cassi stayed home because she had a babysitting interview thing....
We stayed and chatted at Jenni's for a bit.
Got home and had dinner then took Madi to Walmart for some stuff and groceries for here at home.
The rest of the night we cleaned up the house and started packing up for tomorrow.
We are excited!!!!!
The kiddos here are excited to see Emmy.
I am sure they will have a great time here too :)

I won't be writing for a few don't be worried!!!!

Monday, July 08, 2019

Monday July 8

I got a short run in the morning, and it started raining on me!
Then I took Elsie to Speech therapy.
We did a few errands, one being taking her to Deseret book to pick out her CTR ring she wants for her birthday :)
Got back home and had lunch then took Cassi to the DMV.
This time she passed with flying colors!
Then we drove, she drove, around and got some more errands done.
Just before dinner we went and swam/talked with the Morgans.
Then we had leftovers for dinner and I got some laundry done.
Still a ton to do to get ready for our trip.
But tomorrow we will get the rest done and be ready for Wednesday!!!!!

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Sunday July 7

We had a great testimony meeting today.
The spirit was strong and some great words were said.
But it was mostly just the way my heart was a good one.
Elsie wouldn't go to class because Sierra wasn't there.
Madi, who wasn't sure if she wanted to go to the adult Sunday school, took Elsie home and the two of them worked on the personal study for 'Come Follow Me'.
So that worked out okay.....I just don't want her to think she can keep doing that!!!!
But she was fasting and didn't have Sierra with her, plus her class combined with another, so there was just no chance in her going.
We came home and had some quiet, not so quiet time.
Madi, Dad and I were the quiet ones and Cassi, Port and Elsie were....not so much :)
We broke our fast and then did our Come Follow Me together.
And then we made a little trip out to Star to take our trailer to Pat and Steve for their upcoming Family reunion.
It was fun to see them and talk for a bit.
We had dinner cooking in the instant pot while we were gone, so when we got back it was dinner time.
Dad had a meeting and I got the apricots cut and ready and put in the dehydrator for fruit leather!