Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday August 31 (add pictures of Spencer and Port)

I did not go running right away this morning.
My head was killing me and I had a lot to get done in the house.
So I worked on sorting laundry and getting the kitchen clean etc.
I finally needed to take a break and I felt a bit better so I went for a run.
Man, I feel like I worked all day to get stuff done to get ready to go, but once the kids came home it seemed like it all fell apart :(
My heart broke when Port came home.
Today they had student council elections.
He did so good with his speech, but when it came to it, he wasn't voted in.
He was so sad.
He had a good cry, he was very disappointed.
But we talked about the chance to try again next year.
My sweet, tender-hearted boy!
I hate to see them sad, but also these life lessons are great to learn from.
I have high hopes for him next year!
The kids had different activities and friends over.
I did not feel like I could focus with my head feeling like it did!
Honestly....I really can't remember today really very well to even write it down!!!!!
Anyway, the kids got packed, I still need to pack Dad and I.
Cassi went to the football game and is still out with friends.
Madi and Spencer hung out....really for the last time for the next two years.
He gets set apart on Tuesday and we are leaving tomorrow morning.
Port was really happy that Spencer made an effort to come and see him and play some Nintendo with Port before he left :)
I took the Port, Cannon and Elsie to Sonic for half price shakes.
The I got them to bed at a good time.
Now I am trying to get the house clean again, get myself and Dad packed, and try to get to bed at a decent time....but I can't go to bed until those big girls get home!!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday August 30

Man oh man it was hard to get the kiddos up this morning!
Especially Elsie!
We just need more sleep!!!!!!
Got the kids off to school then I went to the gym.
I got home and showered and did some laundry.
Then I left for a meeting with my Beehive advisor.
After the meeting, I went grocery shopping.
Came home and started making cookies for a baby shower I went to tonight.
Kids started coming home.
Madi worked, Cassi had Rugby and Porter had football.
Elsie worked on homework while I finished cookies and then I left for the shower around 7.
Madi was great and did pick-up from rugby and football.
And she helped Porter with his homework.
I got home and then got the little ones to bed at a good time.
Hopefully tomorrow is a productive day because I gotta get stuff packed for the weekend!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday August 29

Happy Birthday Madi Bell!
It wasn't a super celebratory day because she had to go to school and then she went to work right after, and then it was YW.
So I didn't even make her a cake!
I did make her French toast for breakfast, then sent her off to school.
I helped at Mary Mac this morning.
When I came home I had a VT appointment.
That was a nice visit.
Then we went to lunch with Drew and Heather.
It is hard to find time to get together so we appreciate when we can sneak a lunch in with them when we can!!!!
We went and bought a Bundt cake and balloons for Madi, hoping to get them to her before she left for work.
We made it home just in time.
Then she was off to work.
They had a fun celebration for her there at work, which was fun for her.
She sure enjoys the people she works with!
I got Port to scouts and then made some dinner.
When she got home, we had dinner.
I told her she didn't have to go to YW if she didn't want to.
She decided to hang out with her friend Aubrey instead.
That is fine.
They were doing a priest and Laurel speed dating thing and she really didn't want to go to it on her birthday.....
But I went.
The Beehives and I decorated the ward's bulletin board.
I think it turned out cute.
Now we need to get stuff up on and calendar items.....
Cassi had a crazy day with Rugby and then she had powder puff practice and then she went to YW, where they walked the greenbelt.
After YW, Bubble invited us over for some pie she made for Madi's birthday :)
We took the Terry's over with us and the Edwards came too.
It was fun to chit chat....but ow it is late!!!!!!
I feel like I could sleep for a week!!!!!
Anyway, Happy birthday to Bell, not the most exciting day, but we are sure grateful that we get to have her.
She is quite an amazing human.
She is responsible, driven, smart, beautiful, talented.....she is pretty great!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday August 28

Well, today after the gym, Dad and I got to work making fruit leather :)
We got a lot of fruit prepared for it, and we have made two batches so far and they are yummy!
It is mostly pear, but we did do some pear/strawberry too.
We plan to make more because we have SO MANY Peaches!
And we have lots of people who love fruit leather :)
Pretty exciting!
I am so happy about this dehydrator!
Thanks Mom for the recommendation!!!!!
After school the kiddos hung out and got school work done.
Dad and I grabbed Justin, Brad and Kevin to help get a piano for a lady that just moved into the ward.
We picked it up and then delivered it to her.
Worked out great,.
Spencer leaves for his mission in one week!
He came over to hang with Madi and made friends with little Henley who just stuck by his side all night :)
Pretty cute!
I went to a RS salad social thing and it was fun to sit and chat for a bit.
We tried to get the little ones in bed at a good time because last night was so late!
Mad, that is what has been the hardest.....the lack of sleep!
Everyone is exhausted!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday August 27

Today was cute Henley's birthday :)
She turned 6!
After the kiddos all left to school, I tried to take a nap.
Still not feeling 100%.
I couldn't sleep, so I tried a run.
A very short run.
And it was hard :(
But still good to get out.
There was a bit of rain last night and the sky was clear this morning and it was so beautiful to see blue skies again!!!!!
I had to run to the school to take shoes to Cassi......who forgot shoes for her PE.
While I was out, I went to Hobby Lobby to get stuff for YW on Wednesday and also to get a gift for Henley :)
I came home and jumped in the shower just in time to get to my VT appointment on time.
We visited (ministered) two of our three ladies.
When I came home, Madi and Cassi were back from school, and Madi had left for work.
This evening, the Terry's invited a bunch of friends over to celebrate cute Henley's birthday :)
It was a fun time!
And even though it was late, we had to go to the Morgan's so we could say our goodbyes to Sydney!!!!!
She is headed to Hawaii tomorrow for college!
So exciting!
It is gonna be crazy to have her gone!
But I am excited to see all the awesome things that she has ahead of her!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday August 26

I got up early to have a ministering meeting to see how it is going.
When I got back home, Jenni was making buttermilk waffles for everyone.
So yummy and it smelled so good!!!!!
Then Cassi left for a practice singing in sacrament....
And of course there was choir practice :)
Then church.
Madi stressed a bit because today was Spencer's farewell.
But she wanted to hear Cassi she was stressing about how long the lady was speaking today before Cassi sang.
But it all worked out.
Cassi sang with Aubrey Andrew, Hunter Loveland, and Jaden Allen.
They did such a beautiful job and they really invited the spirit.
I snuck a picture with my phone, but now I can't find it!!!!!!
But Dad did record it with his phone, so at least I have audio :)
Then Madi left and made it just in time for when Spencer stood up to speak.
I taught in Beehives today.
I think it went well.
I am really trying to get them involved as much as I can with discussion, which is kind of hard with the Beehives.
But we talked about woman in the scriptures and what qualities they have that we want to emulate.
I think it was a nice lesson.
We ended early so that the YM and YW could practice singing, they sing in church in a few weeks.
After church we had dinner.
Then we left to go to the Trek fireside.
They showed the video that was made and it was so much fun to watch and relive it all.
Such great memories!
Then we took a peach cobbler to our neighbor who we found out took a fall yesterday.
She broke toes and she is all bruised up, but she is SOOOO lucky that she wasn't hurt more.
She fell off the side of a retaining wall, and fell like 6 feet.
She was also lucky that her grandson in law was there with her to help out!
Man oh man!
But we had a nice visit with her and her hubby.
Now we gotta get some sleep because it is school again tomorrow!!!!!!

Saturday August 25

Woops....forgot to blog last night.
I kind of felt lousy all day with a sinus infection and I didn't get much done.
I took Cassi to find a dress to wear to church.
She doesn't have anything that she likes to wear and is modest.
So we found her something.
Later in the evening, I did help the Morgan's with finding clothes to wear for family pictures, then we went and took pictures.
Sydney leaves for Hawaii in just a couple days for school!!!!
They wanted to get pictures done before she left.
So that was pretty much the day......

Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday August 24

Oh man oh man....I've been having sinus pressure all day and I'm a little nervous about it!
I thought this was all supposed to be fixed!
Hopefully it is just the smoke getting to me.
Anyway, I did go for a run.
Then I showered before I had a YW meeting.
The meeting was a planning meeting for our Standards night in a couple weeks.
We got some stuff done, but still have lots to do!
And that was my day before kids got home.
I had lots of help with farm chores today.
It is fun having these kids around that think chores are fun :)
And the kiddos all had fun playing around outside and inside together.
Tonight Madi and Cassi took Ayden and Avery to the Mountain View/Rocky football game.
I hung out here and the kids watched a movie while I cleaned up the dehydrator and started drying more fruit :)
This time I am trying pineapple!

Alex is a stellar artist!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thursday August 23

Another great day of school for everyone!
Elsie was excited about the bus again....I drive her to the stop and wait for the bus with her.
Port walked to and from school with Max and Graham, so that is fun :)
I went to the gym once the kids left for school.
Dad got to go and do some fun white water rafting today.
The guys at the station planned a fun trip, but he wasn't very excited about it.
He doesn't like to have fun ;)
Just kidding, but he didn't want to 'waste' a day of work here for nothing.
But I told him to go and I told him to have fun :)
He did end up having fun and he said it was relaxing and fun and something he needed.
So that is good.
I rather enjoyed my VERY quiet day here at home by myself.
I got laundry done, YW stuff done, dehydrating food stuff done, I got lots of stuff picked form the garden, reorganized the front room.....the one thing I never did do was get a shower!!!!!
Porter had football practice tonight.
Laela and Henley helped out with chores and hung out and played this evening.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday August 22

I can't imagine having a better first day of school!!!!!
Man oh man!
This mama is very happy that everyone had such a fantastic day!
The big girls got to school ate because of traffic, but everyone was late, so it was just fine.
Elsie bug got on the bus, and didn't even look back to wave bye!
She was so excited to be on there with Avery and Kyra!
I got a text from Sierra's mom saying she helped Elsie with her locker and that she was doing so awesome and so happy at school!
I went to school with Porter, because I worked in the office.
He was happy and excited to get there.
He only had half day, so he spent the rest of the day helping Dad move the cows to the other pasture.
Then he and Dad picked buckets and buckets of pears and apples.
My dehydrator came today!!!!!!!
We are all excited, but the boys seem to be the MOST excited!
We did apple slices today, and had a few extra trays that we stuck some mango on, so we will give that a try.
We still need to wait for our pears to ripen up some more.....but super excited about that too!
Cassi had a very big day today as well!
She got her learner's permit!
She can now drive with us in the car with her.
Pretty exciting....not sure I am ready for that yet, but it is pretty exciting still!
For YW, I had a fun lesson with the Beehives about 'what we put in our backpack' are we carrying heavy things that make our days harder?
And then we talked about things we can put in our backpack that will help make life better!!!!!
Pencil- Be 'lead' by the spirit at all times
Notepad- Like a clean sheet of paper, each new day is new with no mistakes or marks.
Make the most of each day!
Highlighter- Be the 'highlight' of someone's day. 
Be a good friend!
Paperclips- 'attach' yourself to good friends
Marker- Make your mark be being a good example
Hand Sanitizer- Keep your hands clean from gossip!
Gum- Always 'chews' the right
It was a fun lesson and I think the girls liked it.
And then we all got to bed and we are all excited for a new day tomorrow!!!!!!
It's gonna be a great year!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday August 21

The day was a bit crazy today.
Cassi went and did another driving class today.
She drove the freeway!
She was scared, but did a great job :)
I went to the gym and when Cassi got back from driving, Dad took her to her school orientation.
She is pretty excited.
There are some nerves, but she is mostly excited!
They got back and Dad took Porter shopping for some good shoes.
Port has been so excited to go with dad :)
Then I got to take Cassi to get her physical.
She had to get a little shot, but she was brave :)
Then a little bit after I got back home, I gave Port a little haircut and then we went to his meet and greet.
He is very excited about this school year!!!!
He has Ms. Sanders and we just love her!
Plus he is with Max, which will be great too!
When we got home we had dinner.
A little FHE, since Dad was gone last night.
We talked about our goals for this school year.
Then we had the much anticipated Father's Blessings.
Once again, they received beautiful blessings that will help guide them and comfort them in this school year.
It is a big year for each one of them!
Madi's LAST year!
Cassi's FIRST year of high school!
Elsie's FIRST year in middle school!
Porter is the ONLY one left in elementary school!
I am so excited for each one of them and excited to see them grow!
It is gonna be a great year!!!!!!!
Here is just a little 'jest' of what their blessings entailed.
I actually voice recorded them this year, and I want to type it up so they can refer back to them during the year :)

Continue down the righteous path.
Continue to know what is right and chosen.
Power of discernment to know who has your best interest in mind.
Decisions now will impact your eternal life.
Be weary of traps.
Always be willing to hit your knees and ask Heavenly Father for guidance.
Be able to confidently make choices.

A blessing on you that you will feel a feeling of confidence in this school year.
See that your hard work so far has paid off.
Bless you to be able to long after those things that are good.
Recognize the traps that the adversary has set for you.
Continue to give your love to others.
You have a very big heart and your Heavenly Father appreciates how much you look after and care for others.

Be brave.
Lots of new things and hurdles that you will have to overcome.
Continue to meet each challenge with a smile on your face.
You warm the hearts of others.
Bless you with the ability to work hard to be better.
Always stay a good friend.
Bless that your mind will be free of worry, and you will feel relaxed.

Heavenly Father knows you are trying to do what is right.
Be confident in the school year.
Be a leader to your peers.
Be an example of what a disciple of Christ is like.
Bless you with kindness and patience.
Be a protector.
Find those in need and lend a hand.
Free your mind of anxiety.
Be relaxed throughout the school year.
Know you are doing your best and that Heavenly Father knows that.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday August 20

I tried to get the kids up at an early time this morning.....but it was a bit later last night than I thought it would be when they got to bed.
Tonight they went to bed earlier, so early wake up time trail again tomorrow!
Cassi did s couple hours of her driver's ed driving this morning.
She did great.....and she gets to go on the freeway tomorrow!!!!!!!
She will do great!!!!
Let's see, I went running and then when Madi got home from a birthday brunch she went to, we went school shopping for her.
We had to get home in time for me to take Elsie to Speech at 3:45.
Elsie did great.
It has been hard, this speech therapy she has been doing!
We are trying to loosen her top lip.
Her bottom is very lose and the top is very tight.
She does a bunch of exercises on her top lip to help loosen and lengthen those tiny muscles.
But the hard part is, you can't do it when you are smiling...…
Guess what?
Elsie smiles a lot!
So we have been trying to get her to work on meditative type of stuff....or boring stuff :)
She plays with some putty while me and her therapist talk about things that are boring for kids :)
Ha ha....we work on breathing too and relaxing....
So today she did a great job not smiling!
It is still hard, but she is working on it :)
Went to Walmart, where Madi was with Porter, Alex, Laela and Henley, and I gave Elsie to her, because she was heading home and I swapped for Porter.
The girls went home and got dinner started
Port and I got some fun stuff like toilet paper :)
Then this evening, while I cleaned the kitchen , the kiddos all spent about an hour reading.
Part of that time, Port was outside with me watering plants and catching chickens that had escaped.
Oh, and I forgot that he did a great job this morning of picking up the fallen pears and apples and giving them to the chickens and cows.
I ordered a dehydrator today and it will be here Wednesday, so I am looking forward to making some fun dried fruit and fruit leather!!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday August 19

I got up early because I got to go to ward council.
When I got home, the three youngest left for choir, and Madi went to a friends mission farewell.
Church went great.
A new family moved in with a couple girls YW ages, so that is exciting!!!!
Cassi is so excited because there are not many Miamaids, and  lot of times she ends up being the only one there!
After church, Cassi stayed and practiced her song that she will be singing next week in sacrament meeting.
I am excited to hear how it goes.
Then we had a yummy dinner that Dad cooked up.
We invited Bubble and Eldon over for dinner, but they were just leaving the burger joint.
They said they still wanted to stop by and watch us eat, and they would bring dessert.
We are so lucky to have them!
The Terry's had dinner at a friends house.
They attended their new ward today, so that is exciting.
They start school tomorrow, so that is exciting too!
I can't believe we are so close to school starting for us!
Still trying not to feel nervous about Elsie going to middle school.
Everything will be great.....
It's all gonna be great!
She will do great!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday August 18

I got up and went for a 5 mile run this morning.
Cassi made some blueberry muffins for the clan.
When I got back and ready, I took Porter to the store for his school supplies.
Then I made some treats for Madi to take to another friend who just had surgery.
I was also planning to bring treats to the Salisbury's tonight, but we ended up cancelling that because one of their kids threw up last night, and we don't want to chance getting anyone sick!!!!!
So I've got extra treats, for my Beehives :)
Brad and Jenni got back around 2 and the girls were excited to see them.
Dad got a dead tree cut down and also a branch that broke off our apricot tree the other day :(
Got some house work done and then I took Cassi school clothes shopping.
She was not having fun at first, but then found some stuff she really liked, so that changed things around.
Came home and Dad had made dinner for everyone.
Terry's took Porter with them to ride bikes on the greenbelt, Madi got to set up for the stake dance (since she is on the committee now :), and Cassi got ready and I took her to the stake dance with some friends.
We were a little early, so we stopped by the old church and let her drive the car around a bit.
Back at home I just finished planning my lesson for tomorrow, Elsie and Dad watched a show together and then we got Elsie to bed at a good time.
Everyone else is gone!!!!!
At least Elsie will be well rested!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday August 17

This morning we spent time trying to find the owner of the dog that came by last night.
Our neighbor finally took him to the vet where they checked his chip, and he got back home :)
After that the morning went slow, playing games and hanging out with each other.
I got ready for the day then went grocery shopping.
When I got back home, Cassi and Ayden wanted to go to the movies.
We got the groceries put away and then I took them.
Then I met up with Jenni at her little girls school to bring them back to my house.
She left from there to pick up Brad and head to Mccall for their anniversary night :)
So the girls and I went home and I cooked dinner.
After dinner, we all went to the Edwards house to celebrate Graham's birthday.
We were there for a long time and the kids had fun.
Then I promised my kids and the Terry kids a movie night...….so now they are all cuddled up on the couch watching 'Karate Kid'