Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Wednesday October 31

Happy Halloween!
So, I have a fun time scaring the big girls when they come home from school.
Today I wanted to throw a Halloween twist on it.
Dad ran to the store and got a scary mask, because I couldn't find anyone who had one I could borrow!
It was perfect and I scared Madi pretty bad when she walked in the door!
Elsie thought it was great and wanted to try it on.
She wanted to try and scare Mater, but he knew it was her :)
Madi had to work a few hours, but she left for some parties with friends.
Still waiting on her to get home.
Cassi also had plans with friends, and Dad is on the way picking her up now.
The little ones went with Dad and I.
Bubbles invited us to her church Trunk-or-treat.
They have a chili cook-off and then they do fun trunk games.....each trunk is some kind of bible story :)
Like the Garden of Eden, they had a dum-dum tree that you pick the sucker and if it is colored on the bottom you get an extra treat.
Stuff like that, it was cute.
We left there and went to Tuscany to do some trick-or-treating.
We were only out for an hour and they got a lot of candy!
It was a fun night.
Funny how things have changed as the kids have gotten older.
It is still fun though :)

Madi's senior picts came in the mail
It is so funny how I can see a mix of little toddler Madi mixed with future adult Madi!
What a beautiful young lady she is!

 Cassi went as 'Prison Mike' from 'The Office'.

Madi and her friends wore Boise fire shirts and hats.

Unintentionally, we have costumes that work together!
Elsie is a Yellowstone park ranger, and I am her buffalo.
Porter is a Native American….and I am his Buffalo :)
See how that works out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tuesday October 30

Today was only a half day for the kiddos.
Port started school at 9, and the big girls got out at 10:30.
It was kind of silly!
I didn't get much done besides reading my scriptures and going running :)
But it worked out for Cassi not to miss any school when I took her to PT at 1.
She got some exercises, but she still recommended we see an ortho, so she will go in on Thursday for some imaging.
We will just wait and see.
Madi took the little ones to their early piano lessons, since school was out early.
Then at 4:30, Elsie and I joined some of the youth for a temple trip to do baptisms.
Madi worked, Port hung out with Cannon until basketball practice, and Cassi was going to go with us....but she couldn't find her recommend, plus with her knee she wouldn't be able to do baptisms.
So Elsie and I went, for her first time ever :)
She only did confirmations.....we hope to go sometime soon with Dad and get her to go under the water, but that is easier said than done!
She does not like her head under water.
We need to find an indoor pool to practice in.
I don't know...….she really wants to do it.
We just need to give it a try.
But it sure was a neat experience to be there with her.
To talk about what we were doing and how she is helping Grandma be a missionary.
Grandma is on the other side teaching other's who never got a chance to get baptized, and Elsie gets to be on this side, doing the work that they need done.
Pretty cool :)
Then when we got home, Madi had picked Porter up from basketball and they were all home/We had dinner, finished up homework and got to bed.
Oh, Porter got a marathon charm today.
So far this year he has ran over 1 complete marathon.
He plans to beat is 5 marathons that he got last year.
He will kick it up a notch this next quarter :)
So cool!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday October 29

Okay, so today was a bit of a bust.
Elsie's eye was pretty swollen when she woke up, so I kept her home from school.
Which always ends up messing up my plans for the day :(
But that's okay.
We spent the day watching movies and putting hot compresses on her eye to try and help it out.
I think it is looking better this evening.
I think it is just a stye.
I am sure she will be fine to go to school tomorrow.....even though it is only half day!
This evening I went with Cassi to her Mavericks Rugby banquet.
Cassi got to letter as a freshman!!!!
How cool is that!
Even more exciting news coming this Saturday that I can't post yet.....she doesn't know yet :)
Her coach said the nicest things.
Each player got a bracelet with a charm.
Her charm was a star and she was awarded the shooting star award.
Her coach got all teary eyed when she talked about Cass.
She said that when you are watching her, you just know something amazing is happening with that girl.
She is going places!
She compared it to the world series.....
Now I don't watch the world series......but she said that the team was losing, but one of the players was just knocking it out of the park.
She said that is like Cassi......just giving her all, and rocking it!
It was pretty cool.
I am a little frustrated the way they did the awards....they say all the nice things and THEN announce the name, so I didn't get to record all the nice things they said about her.
But it suffices to say, Cassi rocks :)
I take her tomorrow for PT.
We will see what we are dealing with.
Hopefully all is good.

It was such a beautiful morning!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday October 28

Today was not a great morning.
First of all, Dad had to work a pay back shift.
But then there was a lot of grumpiness!!!!
Today was fast Sunday for us because next week is Stake Conference.
I think the hunger fed into the bad moods quite a bit :)
But....we survived.
Elsie did not go to choir, but Port and Cassi did.
It looks like Elsie has a sty.
I hope it is a sty and not pink eye!
But if looks like a sty, and it is really bugging her.
That was a big factor in her bad mood today, I think.
So, we had fast a testimony meeting today.
Someone shared about perspective.
I really liked it.
He said that if you talked to someone who has ever flown before, and told them that when you fly over the farms, you see circles everywhere, they might not believe you.
Because from the ground, you can't see circles.
But in the air, you can see that the circles come from the way they water the fields.
So it is like seeing the bigger pictures.
Heavenly Father knows what the plan is.
We only see what is right in front of us...….
But all we have to do is trust in the beautiful plan he has for us.
I love it!
And I LOVE the look of fields from above, so I am cool with that being my life plan :)
I taught a lesson on Patience....which is also why this morning went so bad.
You know when you are trying to work on something, opposition comes out of no where!
After church we had our dinner and I made some caramel brownies.
We invited the Tibbet family over.
They are fairly new, and the dad of the family had been gone for about 3 months to Iraq for something......he a contract pilot.
Anyway, it is the oldest daughter that is Elsie and Porter's piano teacher, Kendyl.
They are a sweet family and it was fun to have dessert and play some games.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday October 27

Took the kids for flu shots today.
Well, Cassi got hers  when Dad took her to the doc for her knee.
And Madi was working, so I need to take her another time.
But the little ones and I got ours done.
Port was awesome, so was I :)
But Elsie....well the adrenaline got the best of her...….but she was just fine right after wards, ha ha ha.
Then we got some lunch at Sonic....and ice cream for the bravery :)
Then Porter had his first y-ball game of the season.
They did really well :)
We've got some good players.
It is fun watching Port play and I am excited to watch him through the season.
The rest of the day was spent finishing up getting costumes ready for the ward trunk or treat.
I snuck a run in while dad rested, he did not get to sleep last night while he was at the station...…
Then we had dinner.
Madi went with friends to a Halloween party.
The rest of us went to the ward trunk or treat.
It was a fun night.
Vern, Max and Graham joined us too, so that was fun.
It is too late and I am too tired to upload pictures....but I am sure it was happen at some point.
Porter went as a Native American.
Elsie was a Yellowstone Park Ranger (and I was a buffalo).
Cassi went as Dora the Explorer.
Madi was a camo person.....invisible :)
Still waiting for Madi to get home from her party....
But I might just go try and catch a quick nap before she gets back.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday October 26 (add pictures)

Dad went in for some overtime hours today.
I got the rest of the plastic taken off the deck, after I went for a run.
The deck just looks so beautiful!
I am so happy we got that done!
Port had Cannon over all day 9-6:30 :)
Graham was over for about half of that too.
Elsie played outside with them in the leaves.
Lots of leaves!!!!!
The weather has been great, but we did get a few sprinkles tonight.
Cassi went to breakfast with friends this morning for a birthday thing.
Madi had a lunch date this afternoon with her friend Jason.
I took Elsie to pick out her new glasses, they will be so cute :)
She got her way, and got purple, but they are a dark purple this time.
We also went with a different shape, which will be fun.
But she mentioned that when she had it on, she could see more, because the bottom of the glasses weren't in her eye line.....
It will be interesting if that affects the way she reads.
She still gets in close when she reads and stuff, maybe that is why?
Anyway, she is excited to get them. 
I took Porter to the dollar store with Cannon and Graham too.
They wanted matchbox cars.
That boy can talk me into anything...…..
Elsie went to a birthday party today with friend from Beehives.
They met at a hotel, then went to the mall for a scavenger hunt, and then back to the hotel for swimming and stuff.
I thought that was a fun birthday idea, the family will spend the night in the hotel, but how fun for the party to be at the Hotel pool!
Anyway, I went during the swim part......then brought her home a little after 10.
She is exhausted!
I think that is pretty much what we did today.
Oh, I worked on Porter's costume and now I am helping Madi with hers that she needs for work tomorrow morning.....she will be a watermelon :)
They are all going as fruits.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thursday October 25

Got a lot accomplished today!!!!
I got the rest of the stuff taped in the morning.
Dad got going on painting and Madi and I left to go and take some family pictures of the Young's.
That was fun.
And we got some cute pictures of Madi and Kara together.
We brought Kara back home with us, but first they had to run some errands with me :)
I needed to get some more crickets for Porters lizard, Fuego.
I dropped the girls off at Panda Express so they could eat some lunch.
Then I needed to buy another bucket of paint for Dad, so I left the girls there.
But the only bucket was up on a pallet on the shelf, so I had to wait for them to get that down for me.
Finally we got home.
Madi and Kara made some caramel cookie bars.
I went out and did some painting on the house as well.
We still had a couple window trims that needed painted.
We also got up and painted the trim up on the dormer windows at the back of the house.
Oh, man. 
When you stop and think about it, we still have so much to do!
But I do love days like this when there is a noticeable difference after a full days (or more) of work.
It looks so nice and clean and crisp and pretty :)
Dad took Porter to pick up from branches at a neighbors house.
I went to Elsie's parent teacher conference.
She is doing great and her teachers enjoy having her :)
After dinner, we watched some TV and Port and I finished another 500 piece puzzle.
We started a new one.
This time it is a 1000 piece puzzle!
I wonder how long this one will take.
It is fun to have this puzzle time with him ❤

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday October 24

Busy, busy, busy day!
Elsie and I left the house at 7:15 so we could get downtown for her eye doctor appointment.
The traffic was so bad, we barely made it in time!
But we got there.
Port hung out with the Edwards boys before heading to school.
Elsie did great....well except when it came to the eye drops.
She does not do well with eye drops!!!!!
But we got them in and then had to wait a bit for the eyes to dilate.
The prescription did change a bit.
So I will take her in for new glasses, which I am happy about, since these ones are broken and super glued together :)
I dropped her off at school at 10:30.....after getting ice cream.
I ran to Walmart, Lowes, then Home Depot.
Then I ran to the thrift store to try and come up with something for Elsie's Halloween costume.
I think I came up with some pretty great stuff!
Anyway, I got home about 12:30.
I realized I needed to make brownies for YW, so I made those.
Then I wanted to get the plastic moved so we can spray the front of the deck tomorrow.
I could not find the tape for the life of me, so instead of wasting more time looking, I just ran to Lowes (again) and bought more tape.
I got that all put up and all ready for tomorrow!
Then the kids came home and more run-around happened.
Elsie went to Kyra's Halloween party, that is why I needed to find her a costume...…
She went as a Yellowstone Park Ranger....and it was pretty much perfect!!!!
So cute!
I will make a real patch for her to wear on Halloween, but this was perfect for the party today :)
Then I took Porter and Cannon to scouts.
I ran home to shower before going to Porter Parent/Teacher conference.
Ms Sanders is the greatest and I am so glad she is Porter's teacher!
She said she is so thankful to have him in her class, especially with the group she has in there w=this year.
It is a class full of boys who don't always listen.
But she said that Porter is always respectful and listens and asks great questions.
Made my mama heart proud to hear how she enjoys him :)
They drew on the folder that the parent teach conference papers were in, and they were supposed to hide 5 shapes of Idaho in the picture.
One of his Idaho's became a buffalo :)
I love it!!!!
Then I picked Elsie up from Kyra's party, came home and got ready to go to YW.
Port stayed at the Morgan's while I was at YW.
Cassi went to Costco for pizza for her activity, ha ha ha.....
Madi and the Laurels went with the Priests to Linder Farms.
It basically turned into a chaperoned triple date :)
But she had so much fun.
We have such great friends in our ward!
The Beehives and I did a Service Scavenger hunt and it was so much fun.
We went door to door and helped others with jobs....
Reading books to kids, picking weeds, raking leaves, picking up toys, singing songs, cleaning off the counter tops and even cleaning a toilet :)
It was a fun night.
After YW, I had a YW board meeting.
Man, I am tired!
It was a packed day.
Time for bed!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesday October 23

Today was really windy, so I didn't do anything with the plastic on the house.....
Hopefully tomorrow it will be nice so I can get it ready to paint the front of the house on Thursday!!!!!
I did get laundry done and some cleaning in the house done.
I went for a run later in the day, and then when the kids came home, I took Port and Elsie to piano.
They are both doing so well in piano, I just love it!
Then I had a crazy run around for the rest of the night.
I got dinner going in the Instant pot.
I picked up Porter from piano and then took him to basketball.
Went back and picked up Elsie and brought her home.
Put Cassi in charge of dinner, and told Madi to pick Porter up from basketball when got off work.
I went downtown to take some pictures of my friend and Elsie's PT, Katie and her cute boys.
Then I came straight home and went with Stacia to a baby shower for our friend, who also happens to be my Beehive adviser....who is very pregnant and I am hoping she makes it past tomorrows activity before going into labor, ha ha ha.....
That is pretty much my day.
But I did want to mention something.
As I said before, I took Pres. Nelson's challenge and I am reading the Book of Mormon in full before the end of the year.
I listened to his conference talk again a couple days ago and noticed that he also encouraged us to mark the verses that speaks of or refers to the Savior.
I have now taken on that challenge as well, which is a bit more of a sacrifice for me because that means I need to sit and read instead of listen to the audio being read to me.
I still have the audio read to me, but now I follow along with my scriptures and highlighter.
It has only been a couple days, but I can already tell a difference in what I am reading and feeling.
Plus, I am in the Isaiah chapters now (in 2 Nephi) and I am understanding more of what I am reading more than I ever have!
So I am glad to take on this added challenge and look forward to the "Changes, even miracles" that will happen as our Prophet promised ❤

Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday October 22

Today was paint day!!!!!!
Still not done, but a lot of it got done.
I love how it looks!
That took all day for me to tape up the plastic and for him to get the stuff painted.
I had to leave to take Elsie to speech therapy and he finished up as much as he could until the paint ran out.
He got paint everywhere!!!!!!!
I am glad he was wearing a mask!
I will need to buy more paint tomorrow....I will tape off the front of the house and then work to finish it up on Thursday.
This evening was Mary Mac's 'Kiss the Pig' at the Farmstead.
Dad and I took Elsie and Porter and we hung out there for a little bit.
It was kind of a late night getting everyone to bed....hopefully everyone is happy tomorrow!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday October 21

Happy birthday Gramps!!!!!
Madi had an appointment with the stake presidency for her college ecclesiastical endorsement.
The three little ones had choir practice.....
They sang in sacrament meeting today and it was so beautiful :)
I love watching them up there, singing.
Makes me happy.
I gave my lesson today about how we can be more Christlike in our service to others.
We read about all kinds of stories where Christ served others......and in all of them, it starts with love.
If we can just learn to love the way Christ does, then the serving them comes easy.
I gave them a challenge to pray each day for Heavenly Father to guide them to someone who they can serve.
I told them that sometimes we are prompted to serve people we may not necessarily love....
So also encouraged them to ask Heavenly Father to help them feel love for the person/people they serve :)
I plan to take the same challenge.
After church I had a meeting with my Beehive presidency.
Then Dad made an amazing pot roast…...but like usual, he came up with his own recipe, so we will never be able to do the same thing again, ha ha!
But it was really yummy.
The little ones had fun throwing old stuff from the garden in the catapult.
Fun times :)