Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday July 31

The kiddos helped me out with some party decorations this morning....
They ended up being a flop :(
But they had fun at least...
They painted too.
Had fun painting pretty pictures :)
Around 3, we went to the Morgan's house for a little swim.
Dad worked on stairs in the front.
They are not to permanent stairs for now, but they work to get us up there until we work on the decking :)
And Port and I had fun playing with dads wood scraps.
I think our design is pretty dang cool!
Oh and the girls did some more fun little hairstyles on each other.
I hope they are having fun.
We haven't done much....just a lot of hanging out....
But I think they are having fun :)



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday July 30

The kiddos all helped out this morning by picking stuff up off the lawn so I could mow it.
It was pretty cool outside this morning, so they had a chance to play outside.
After I got the lawn stuff done, I took them all to the store with me.
Nothing fun....just odds and ends :)
Tomorrow they are going to help me with some baptism dinner decorations....
That should be fun :)
It coming quick.
I talk with Elsie every night about what to expect.
I hope we have prepared her enough.
She is still so excited....
But you can't really prepare her for the adrenaline reaction she gets, that I am sure will happen after so much excitement.
But having her know exactly what to expect should be helpful.
And the fact that it is Daddy with her in the water, and Daddy who will bless her....that does help her to feel safe :)
She knows daddy will protect her.
Speaking of Daddy....
He is feeling better today.
He wouldn't lay down and rest though.
He's had enough of that :)
He fixed his compressor, and cleaned up in the shop.
He put the tops on the stairs so we can safely got up them to check things out.
And he did irrigating....but he was careful all the while.
At least he was being careful on the times I checked on him to make sure he was being careful.......

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday July 29

The girls found ways of keeping themselves busy today.
They did little make-overs :)
They turned out pretty cute.
Bailey was Natalie Wood, Madi was Princess Diana, Morgan was Marilyn Monroe, and Cass was Audrey Hepburn.
And Elsie was just cute Elsie :)
I think they did a pretty good job.
Cute girlies!
We finally got Brent in for a shot today!
It hasn't totally kicked in yet, but it is better than it was.
And that is good.
Cause he was way bad this morning :(
Things will get better over the next couple days.
So that's great!
Nothing on the house today.
The guys probably aren't coming this week.
I think they are pretty much done with their portion.
So as soon as Dads back gets feeling better, we will slowly start things up again.
Simple things like shingling the roof, and tearing down walls.
Ya, the easy stuff........

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday July 28

So, I know I have a few posts to catch up on....
It was a very full and very crazy weekend!
We got home late last night.
We brought Bailey and Morgan home with us.
They will be with us for the week, and we couldn't be more excited :)
Dad actually was supposed to work today.
But his back is shot.
He can barely move and the drive home only aggravated it :(
He can't get in for a shot until the 19 of August.
Which would not be good!
So he went and saw the fire department doc to see if he could refer him to another place, but we have yet to hear if the insurance will cover it.
So we wait, and ice :(
It's been a while since his back has been this bad, and it is discouraging for him, especially when there is so much to get done with the house, etc...
Isn't that just how life goes :(
I am sure we will get him in soon, I just feel bad in the meantime.....
The guys came and worked more today.
They finished up the back deck frame.
I think it looks pretty great.
Also, the windows went in the day we left out of town, so that's cool to have done too!
The kids just played and hung out....
They had some bored times, but I think they have pans for tomorrow to not be so bored.
It is just so hot outside, so they are cramped in the house, but we did pull the trailer close for them to sleep in and hang in.
So that works nice :)

Sunday July 27

Saturday July 26

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday July 25

It was a late night last night with fireworks and everything......
This morning, we all met at the newly updated and remodeled Bean museum.
It was pretty cool.
We went and watched one of the shows about animal classification and they all got to pet a python :)
It was a fun time.
Then we walked around the place for a little bit to check things out.
And of course found Buffalos :)
Then it was time for waterpark fun!
We had lunch then everyone went on their way.
It was a nice hot day.
I stuck with Elsie most of the time in the kiddie pool.
We aren't much for rides :)
Port and Dad went crazy and had so much fun together.
I think it is just what Porter has been needing!
Madi and Cassi ran around with cousins the whole day and had the time of their lives.
We had our dinner outside the waterpark....and then a storm rolled in.
So we packed all the stuff up quick and got everyone out.
Then we all went to the individual houses and places people are staying.
We are tired and need some sleep!
More playing tomorrow!


Thursday July 24

Post to come......

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday July 23

Oh it's been a day.
I felt like I got a lot done, but also feel like nothing did get done.....weird.
First of all, it was a really late night last night because of the huge lighting storm and rain.
It was so loud....but also, I had to go out and watch for a little bit.
It was pretty cool.
Anyway, so I am tired :(
But I still ran this morning, but it was rough.....
The kids helped me clean up.
It is hard to get cleaning done without Madi here :)
But we got stuff done.
Then we ran to the library and then the bank.
I took the kids to the dollar store to get something for the car ride tomorrow, and then to Fred Meyers to get a new swim suit for Cassi.
Her old one was very stretched out and she needed a new one bad!
We found a good one on clearance for $9.
Nice :)
Then I took the kids back home, because they were done with shopping and then I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart and Winco for some groceries and supplies for the trip.
Came home and it was time to get ready and take Cassi and Elsie to Activity Days.
It was Elsie's first time, she was so excited.....
But it was a swimming activity, so I decided to go with her.
Stacia took Porter for me so I could focus on Elsie and helping her get to know the girls.
She had a fun time.
I can't believe she is so grown up!
Then we had to run back, drop Avery off, and pick Porter up.
Then rush to get Elsie dressed, fed and ready for her baptism interview with the Bishop.
She was excited to talk with him, she did get a little nervous during the interview, but we worked through it.
So she is all set and ready to go.
So exciting!
When we got home it was time to get in bed.
So I have still not gotten anyone packed up.
We do have snacks for the car and clean clothes.
So that's good.
Madi comes home late late tonight........
So I am gonna go finish dishes and wait for her call.
Even though I just want to go to sleep ;)
The started to build the connection between the house and the garage today, and put the corner on the top of the existing back deck.
I noticed that there must have been a good amount of water that came in through that space during last nights storm.
The tiles in the entry way have water marks around the wall hooked to the garage.
So I don't know how bad that is.
I guess not a huge deal right now since we will be ripping stuff out in that area anyway.
But it's a good thing it is getting closed up now.