Monday, November 30, 2020

Monday November 30

 And just like that, November is over!!!

So crazy!!!!

All the kids had their school stuff today.

Mondays are different than the rest of the week, so they had a later start to the day.

Which was nice because this weekend made us all a little sleep deprived!!!!

I went grocery shopping.

Then after school was done, I took Port to get ski boots to fit his skis that he got from Cannon.

I have been working back and forth with Madi all day to finish up the Christmas card she is making for me :)

I think it will be a fun card.

Too bad we couldn't have worked on it when she was here!!!!

Cass just walked in from working this evening.

So now I am going to bed!

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday November 29

We missed Dad today.
First day on the job in the bishopric and he had to work!!!
I don't like Sundays without him....but it sounds like when he is not at work, he will be at the church most of Sunday anyway, so I need to get used to it!
Madi and Logan went to church with us and then got packed up and headed for home.
It was so great having them here for a little while.
They will be back soon though for Christmas.
They will be here for like 2 weeks because of Logan having a training and then staying for Christmas and then Kara gets married!!!!!
So it will be fun to have them here again.
Hopefully they don't get sick of us...
Not much else happened today.
We did do Come Follow Me.
Had some quiet time and a movie.
I am ready to get myself to bed!
I am tired!


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday November 28

Went to the gym this morning 
Then I took some pictures for a family.
We shot pumpkins, which was a fun time.
And we just hung out....
We made a little video for our Facebook ward thing.
Dad made stew for dinner with everyone's help.
Then we went to the Morgan's to hang out and play games.
It was a nice night.
Oh and the fridge was leaking water, so the boys pulled it out to check out the damage.


Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday November 27

We had a very nice day today.
We played games.
The boys worked on the fireplace.
Now we wait for the inspection on Tuesday, then we can move forward with finishing it up in there 👍🏻
The girls and I did a workout together in our little gym downstairs.
Then Dad went and did some black friday shopping.
Madi Logan Cassi and Porter went and did some shopping too.
Elsie watched a movie while I did a little run outside.
Gotta take advantage of this great weather as long as we can!!!
Dad made hamburgers for dinner, yum.
I'm sad the weekend is going by so fast!!!!
I have enjoyed having everyone here at home.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thursday November 26

Happy Thanksgiving ❤️
It's been a pretty great day.
We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast..... Who ever made that a breakfast food is ridiculous!
It's more sugar than a cake 😂😂
Oh well they all appreciated the early morning sugar high.
We made pies together.
Bubble and Eldon swapped us a couple pies in exchange for two plates of Thanksgiving dinner.
An easy trade 😁
Dad deep fried the turkey this year and it turned out really yummy.
We did our family picture just before dinner time, like usual 😉
After dinner, we watched a movie.
Then we cleaned up and ate pie.
We have lots of pies!!!!!!
After eating pies, we started looking at pictures on the blog.
And it was so fun to see pictures of everyone so little....
I'm grateful that I started doing this blog.
It's pretty fun ❤️


Wednesday November 25

We got some snow this morning!
It's all melted now though.
Dad and I went save picked up the fireplace.
Then we went over and helped the Schuler's out with setting up some security cameras.
Madi and Logan got here a little around 2.
At 3:30, we went and welcomed Sydney home from her mission!
So exciting to have her back!
I tried out making sourdough rolls. And then turned out great 👍🏻
Then we watched a movie together.
It's been a good day.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tuesday November 24

Not much happened today.

I went to the gym.

Cassi worked.

The younger Schuler kids came over to play with the baby bunnies.

Then I had our ARP meeting.

Missed dad being there ☹️

Excited for Madi and Logan to come tomorrow.

Sydney comes home from her mission tomorrow too! 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Monday November 23

Dave and Cindy left about the same time dad left for work this morning.
It was so great having them here for the weekend.
So thankful that were able to come visit.
Elsie woke up VERY stiff.
I had just got back from the gym.... And she was supposed to have PT.
I texted Katie, the PT, she said to put her in the hot tub and then we can do PT (online).
It worked out great.
We played some Uno and stretched in the hot tub.
Then she was feeling much better to work for Katie.
She was still a stinker and didn't do everything Katie was asking of her.... But she did do much better than she would have had we not gotten in the hot tub!!!!!
The boys all hung out for a bit with their masks on outside.
Such good kids and I can't wait (or maybe I'm terrified) to see them as full blown teenagers!
I did some grocery shopping, getting the odds and ends for the turkey dinner coming up.
Port got Emmys gift in the mail today and he was so excited.
He just wanted his friends to go home so he could put it together!
He said it was the most intensive one he has put together!
But he worked hard, got it done and it is pretty cool. 
After dinner, Elsie showered and Port and I got in the hot tub 😁
Yep, I got two dips in there today 😂
Cassi has been at work all morning and babysitting all evening.
I'm just waiting for her to get home....


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday November 22

Today was a pretty special day.
Dad got a new calling in the ward.
He was called into the bishopric...2nd counselor.
Dave and Cindy came down so that Dave could Ordain Brent to a High Priest.
It was so great of them to take the time out of their busy schedules to come spend a few days with us.
It has been pretty special.
But before going to church, we got to listen to Madi talk in her sacrament meeting.
She sent me a picture with only Logan in the congregation because they aren't meeting at church anymore :)
But they wanted Madi to go to the church for her talk.
Kind of funny.
She did a fantastic job.
I am excited to see them this week!!!
I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving!
Then we went to church.
It will be weird for him not to sit next to me in church :(
After sacrament, he was Ordained and then set apart.
Then he had a few meetings after church......the new norm I guess :)
We had a nice afternoon with Dave and Cindy.
After dinner we did Come Follow Me together.


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday November 21

Happy birthday to our sweet baby boy....
Who is not so baby 😭
Port is 12! 
How did that even happen?
He has been so excited for that!
I think it turned out to be a good one.
He woke up and opened presents.
Then he wanted sourdough waffles for breakfast, so I made those.
Port hung out with Max and Graham outside for a bit.
We cleaned up a bit..... Dave and Cindy left this morning to come visit.
I left for a run and got home around lunch time.
Dave and Cindy showed up not much after that.
We sat and talked and played games.
We left to the King Tut exhibit at at the discover center.
It was a fun and I think we're all really enjoyed it.
We went to olive garden for dinner.
When we got back home, Cassi and I made a cake for Port.
We watched the movie "Togo" which was so good!
Then had some late night birthday cake 😂😂
It was a good day.


Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday November 20

We spent most of the day cleaning.
But we took a break, just before lunch to listen to our prophet.
He spoke of the healing that gratitude brings. It was just what my heart needed to hear.
He challenged us to post on social media something we are grateful for for 7 days 
My day today started out with the live of my life.
I'm so grateful for him and for the life we have together.
I look forward to the blessings we see from focusing on the things we are grateful for this next week.
Dad and I had a date night tonight.
We went out with Paul and Stacia and we are at cheesecake factory.
Then we split and ran some errands.
Tomorrow is Porter's birthday, and he's pretty dang excited.
I hope it lives up to the hype...... 😳


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thursday November 19

Dad and I went to the gym once the kids started school.
I have been doing a small groups lifting class and today was the last day.
I cannot believe how much more I can lift than I did when I started!
Feels pretty good to be physically strong!!!
Dad and I also went and picked up a birthday gift for Porter, then more wood for the fireplace.
Dad isn't "allowed" to build until Porter is done with school.... Or we have a very upset little boy!
It's a good thing we aren't in a hurry because we can't finish it without the actual fireplace anyway.
I'm loving how it's looking and I'm so excited!!!!
It's gonna be so cozy!!!!!
This evening I went and shot another family video for our Ward Facebook page.
I think they are gonna be so fun.
I hope families will continue to allow me in!!!!


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wednesday November 18

We had a crazy storm roll in today.
It was beautiful!
But crazy!
Dad got the gas wired and all tested and fixed up for inspections on the fireplace.
Now we need to wait for the actual fireplace to get in before we can do the inspection.
Dad and Port also started on the bench to one side of the fireplace.
The girls had YW, but Port didn't have YM.
Then a little in the hot tub while it rained around us.


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday November 17

We woke up this morning to the room being filled with pink light.
It was a beautiful sunrise!!!
Pictures don't do justice!
Today we had the gym, school, playing with bunnies (they are so dang cute!), baking another couple loaves of sourdough bread and raking leaves.
Then raking leaves again and then more 😂
Lots and lots of leaves!!!!
Dad had a meeting then I had a meeting.
It was a ward missionary thing...we are visiting with families in the ward and inviting them to look for missionary experiences that are all around them.
Dad picked up dinner after his meeting.
Then we had our ARP meeting.
Another spirit filled meeting.
We are so grateful that we are able to meet online.
Or heart breaks for all those that are still out there suffering and not knowing where to go to!


Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday November 16

Monday's all kids are home for school.
And that also changed the times of the virtual schoolhouse classes.
I don't know why.... It just made for a really confusing day!!!!!
Oh well.
Port kind of did classes, but really wanted to work with dad.
His classes are frustrating for me as well because there are so many kids and a lot of them don't mute themselves like they are supposed to and they all go off topic.
So no wonder Porter gets so confused and frustrated with the stuff going on!
Elsie did good and Cassi worked on her class assignments.
I bet after Thanksgiving, Cassi will be home for school too.
Things are getting worse and I bet they are home the rest of the quarter.
We will see.
Anyway, got a little more dinner on the fireplace.
It will be another week or so before the actual fireplace comes in ☹️.....
But I'm so excited!
It's looking great.... Exactly what I wanted!