Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday October 31

Happy Halloween!
After the kids went to school, I got all the trim in the entry way caulked 👍🏻
Now I just need to paint!!!
I got a good workout in our gym downstairs.
For our Halloween evening, we went and had dinner at the Halls house.
Then did trick or treating at the neighborhood.
We got loads of candy!!!
Like crazy amounts of candy!!!
Cassi handed out candy at their house until we got back and then she hung out with friends for a little bit.
It was a fun night for everyone.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wednesday October 30

I helped in the office this morning.
Then back at home I got some caulking done in the entry way.
It's taking longer than I thought it would.....
But it is sure looking nice!
Then, the wind was calm and the sun came out, so I went for a 6 mile run.
When Elsie came home I took her to pick out new glasses.
She picked some really cute ones.
Very different than all her other ones. 
But I love how you can see her face better!
It will be fun when she gets them in a couple weeks.
Cassi had bowling club, so that's fun 😂
After dinner, Port and I got in the hot tub.
Elsie didn't get to because she didn't do the chores I asked her to do...
But she and Cassi cleaved the kitchen (Cassi didn't want to get in).
Tomorrow is Halloween...
I'm kinda ready for it to be over 😂😂😂

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday October 29

Dang it.... Didn't get any pictures from the ward trunk or treat this evening....
But it was a fun time.
Dad had his class today.
He did his final presentation and he did really well 😊
I put laundry away and cleaned up the house a bit.
Also washed more laundry... Neverending!!!!
The littles had piano after school and then we went to the trunk or treat.
Not very eventful day.....
Elsie was a nurse and Porter was a bull Rider with a fun blow up bull 😂 and Cassi was an 80's workout instructor.
I bet she took pictures.... I'll get those posted!!!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday October 28

We had to tag team today.
I made Elsie's eye appointment a year ago.
So when I got the reminder last week, I realized it was the same day we had scheduled for Cassi's echo.
So Dad took Cassi to her appointment and I took Elsie.
We will hopefully hear back soon about Cassi.
Elsie did great except for the eye drops.....
Little stinker!
It would be so much better if she would just let us out the door in without having to hold her head down like torture!!!!
Poor girl!
But she got a new prescription.
A little different.
So we will go get new glasses soon.
Then this afternoon dad worked on stuff for his class tomorrow.
I went for a good run.
Man, it was cold... 
But not to bad in the wind department, so that's good.
Then back and I took Elsie to PT.
Her or eyes were still dilated, but she either hard for Katie.
And she got to wear her costume, she's a nurse.
A super cute nurse!
This evening for FHE, we took some banana bread to the cappels.
Harvey is getting surgery tomorrow so we wanted to stop by and visit for a bit.
Then we went grocery shopping with the little ones.
Cassi is babysitting this evening, so she didn't get to go.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday October 27

Today was stake conference.
It was an enjoyable meeting.
There were 6 areas that our stake was asked to touch on in our stake meetings.
Gospel Learning
Gathering Israel
Sabbath day observance
The official name of the church.
We were taught well in all these areas.
A few thoughts from the last two days:

"The Lord has called you for who you are and not for who you are not."

"The greatest form of charity may be to withhold judgment."

"With LOVE as the motivation, miracles happen."

"Home centered learning will unleash the POWER of families."

"React with kindness."

"Never under-estimate the power of the Holy Ghost."

"Repentance is always positive."

"When you do your part, the Lord adds his power to your efforts."

"When God directs us to do one thing - he often has other things in mind."

"Saints are sinners that keep trying."

"Freely Forgive."

"The Lord puts us where we are, with the people we should be with, to fulfill our purpose."

"We need to righteously and INTENTIONALLY care for each other."

"He just wants us to do our best."

After church I had a YW meeting.
Then I came home and we worked on Come Follow Me together.
Dad made a yummy roast dinner and we played some games before getting to bed at a good time :)

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday October 26

I only had one at class today.
I used the same inspiration picture as yesterday because they were all different kids 😊
They turned out really cute.
Dad and Porter did some IAFF stuff today for the upcoming election.
They had a fun time together and then went out to lunch.
I went for a really good run.
It was 6 miles, but the wind really got crazy at the last part of the run and man I really got a good workout!
Dad helped the kiddos clean upstairs while I was gone.
Then Dad and I had a stake leadership meeting to go to.
That was 4-6.
Then back for the adult session 7-9.
So Cass started home with the little ones and they played games and had a fun night 😊

Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday October 25

 Everyone slept in.
U got a good couple hours doing my scripture study and planning for art class.
I had an art class at 10.
Then Elsie and I went to Kambers house to do some bullet journaling with some girls.
When we got home, I went for Run.
It was a beautiful day and I got a really good run!
I got showered and ready for the day then left to go take some family pictures for some friends.
Those will be some really cute pictures.
I was close to dad's station, so I picked up some donuts and took them to him and the guys at the station.
I grabbed some pizza for the little ones on the way home and now we are watching a movie.
When I came home, the sun was setting behind the house and it was just so beautiful.
I'm so grateful this is my life ❤️

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday October 24

It was a crazy packed full day.
I had an art class at 10 then PT conference at 11.
Port is doing really well in school.
Then another art class at 1.
Elsie had her friend Carley over for a few hours.
I went for a run while Port had Cannon, Koy and Titan over.
Cassi watched the kiddos while I ran.
Then she went babysitting.
Elsie, Carley and I got in the hot tub for a bit.
Port went to a trunk or treat with the Morgan's.
And Stacia and I went to the Newsies play that our neighbor is in.
It was a crazy day.
Now a really late night......
More busy stuff tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wednesday October 23

Dad had class again today.
I worked in the office.
When I came home, I spray painted the bed frame.
It turned out really good.
Dad came home and we had lunch together before he left again.
Then I went running.
Came back, put the bed together in the room and put the mattress on there.
I also cleaned my art room....because I teach art classes tomorrow.
Cassi had a cool experience.
A couple days ago, she sent a text to a lady in our ward who recently had a baby.
She asked if she could come help in any way.
She got a text today asking for her to come help clean up the house and take care of the baby before the missionaries came over for dinner.
Cassi was excited to get over there after school.
She walked in, and this sweet lady just started crying.
She had been so overwhelmed with everything and was praying for Heavenly Father to send her someone to help.
Cassi helped clean the house, watch the baby.
She even helped watch the kids while the missionaries were over for dinner.
Then she stayed while she went to PT conferences.
I just think that was such a cool experience for Cassi to have.
To experience her side about having a name pop in her head and sending the text.
Then for this sister to TELL her that she was the answer to a pray.
So cool to see the hand of Heavenly Father in our lives.
I am proud of Cassi for acting on her prompting to text this certain sister :)
Then this evening we had YW.
Elsie and I learned how to bullet journal with one of the girls teaching us.
It was awesome.
Elsie loved it and I borrowed Stacia's stamps and stuff so she can play with it some more.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday October 22

Dad had to leave early to go get some dentistry stuff done.
But when he got home, he and I left for a temple date.
The Boise is closed for cleaning, so we went to Meridian.
It was so nice to get there and feel the peace there.
I am glad we took the time to go.
We got tin roof tacos for lunch and then headed home.
We had a meeting to go sign papers because we (well, it was all Brent :) refinanced the house loan.
So we went and did that and before you knew it, the kids came home.
Cassi took them to piano so dad and I could go grocery shopping.
Then she left to her choir rehearsal.
We did the grocery shopping and then picked the kiddos up.
Had dinner, then we left again to go to Cassi's choir concert.
She sang beautifully.
And that was the day....
We didn't get a whole lot 'done' but we sure 'accomplished' a lot :)

Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday October 21

Got the kiddos off to school this Monday morning.
Dad had to go to school today too.
He is taking a class for his fire science degree stuff, basically this will give him a raise when he is finished with it.
I painted trim in the entry way and then Dad came home for lunch.
After he left, I went for a run.
It was pretty nice outside.
Back at home, I moved the armoire into the guest room.
Dad came home about the same time as the kids did.
The boys swapped out the electrical sockets in the room and they look much better now.
I think I will spray paint the bed tomorrow and get that room all done.
Then move on to the next project!
We had dinner then FHE.
I listened to a podcast that was awesome about holding space.
So I decided to talk about the for FHE.
Basically 'holding space' is the power to choose the emotion we want to feel and hold onto it despite the emotional pull from our environment.
It talked about a study that a Dr Nelson did with tuning forks.
He had several tuning forks and he hit one of them......but all of them gave off the same frequency.
This relates to emotions because our emotions have frequencies as well.
Sad, depressed, angry, those are all low frequency emotions.
Happy, joyful, loving, those are all high frequency emotions.
The lady gave the example of driving home and you are in a good mood and then you step in the door with family members fighting.
You automatically tune to their frequency.
I talked to the kids that when we feel grumpy and Evie comes to give us a hug, do we stay grumpy???
No, we tune to her high frequency of happiness.
So the whole idea of holding space is sticking to the emotion you want to feel, no matter what others around you feel.
This will cause them to tune to your frequency.
I heard about this a few days ago and I decided to experiment this morning on Porter :)
He had been quit grumpy lately.
Not sure what is going on with him…..
But he did NOT want to go to school.
I stayed happy and upbeat.
I knew what would happen if I got mad, because that is usually what happens.
I tune to him.
He and I did a fun kids mediation and then I put on music and started dancing silly.
At first he wasn't having any of it.
But I HELD ON :)
I kept dancing and just having fun with myself and eventually he joined me in the happy frequency.
No, he wasn't dancing, but he was laughing :)
In Mosiah 18:9 it talks about mourning with those who mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort.
This is holding space at its best.
We hold the vibration for them in their time of need so they can feel comfort.
Holding space doesn't always mean joy.
We can feel sorrow when it is appropriate, sadness.
But, for the most part, we want that high frequency flowing in our homes :)
The first step is for us to just notice how we are feeling.
When we feel angry, look around, what made us angry.
Do I want to be angry???
Am I feeling happy, am I happy because those around me are also happy.
Anyway.....I think they thought it was a cool thought.
Let's see if we can put it into action.
Then we got in the Hot tub for just a bit before showering and getting little ones to bed.
Did we maintain a high frequency the whole time....
No, we did not.
But hey, just means we need to work a little harder :)

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday October 20

I really enjoyed the meetings at church today.
The speakers did very well.
One spoke about a bike trail he went on this past weekend that was so brutal and he related it to life and the challenges we go through.
And how prepared we are for those challenges.
The next speaker spoke about the conference talk 'Hearing his voice' from Elder Homer.
But what stuck out me from his talk was when he spoke about growing up thinking that people who smoked were bad people....only because we were taught that smoking was if you some, YOU must be bad.
But I loved how he spoke about people can make bad choices but they are never too far from the love of the Lord.
My heart has been softened the last few years when I think about people who are struggling.
I mean, we all struggle....but when those struggles are deemed "bad" by the world around you, that makes it even harder for those people to see that they can still have the love of the Lord.
When society tells them they are not worth that love, why should they believe it?
Oh I wish we lived in a world where everyone would take care of their side of the street and just worry about loving others instead of judging.
But...I guess that is what we are called to do.
Pull away from what the world thinks and says and does and work hard to just love one another NO MATTER what their choices are.
Because we are all worth that love from our Father in heaven!
In Sunday school e talked about come follow me and about finding joy, even in our trials.
I found a quote from an account I follow.
It goes like this: 
"This life is less about WHAT we face and more about WHERE we face"
I love this so much.
When you look around at the trials people are facing....sometimes it seems unfair.
Some trials are so large and some seem so small.
But really, it is not about the trials we face.
It is where we look when we face those hard times.....well, and where we look when we are facing the good times too!
And who is to say one trial is harder than another anyway.
We each handle things so differently, we have no idea what their experience with their trial is.
So we just love :)
At home, we did Come Follow Me and we talked about being grateful, even in our trials.
Man, am I seeing a theme here ;)
It is all about your mindset.
I still have a lot to study this week for CFM, but I am looking forward to it.
We had some quite/nap time.....
Kendyl came over to make cookies for her and Cassi to take to the boys they bribed to come to choir.
Then we played some card games after she left.
Dad made burgers for dinner and then Cassi went to choir.
We watched the BofM videos for a little bit before getting the little ones to bed ealry.
Port had been struggling today.
I don't know what is going one.
He seems so angry all the time.
I don't know....maybe he just isn't feeling well.
But he just seems overwhelmed with life right now and it breaks my heart.
Hopefully a good night sleep will make a difference.

The kiddos all match without even trying!!!!!!
Well, I did choose Port's tie, but that is the only thing!

Cute college girls!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday October 19

Had some crazy rain last night but this morning things looked not too bad.
It was drizzling so I couldn't go running early.
Right when I was planning to go run, a crazy wind storm came in!!!!
I waited it out and did chores around the house.
The kiddos got rooms cleaned and laundry put away.
Cassi helped Sierra with her homework...a little side job she has now.
I did get out to run and the first 4 miles were awesome.
Sunny, not too cold.....not windy.
Then the winds came!!!!
And I was on the road until the wind came and then my route takes me on a canal road....
It was wet and the clay/mud stuck to my shoes and my feet became like 10 lbs each!!!!
AND I was sliding all over the place!
I had to reevaluate my route and get back on the road.
But the wind had gotten SO BAD and I was running right into it!
I debated having Cassi come get me, but I only had 2 more miels….so I just did it.
It was one heck of a workout though!!!!
I was supposed to take some family pictures today, but the wind put a stop to that.
I finished some touch up paint in the guest room.
Port hung out with Koy and Titan here the first half of the day and then he went over to their house.
Justin took them to D&B and he bought himself a belt buckle :)
So cute.
It has a buffalo on it!
This evening we went over to Bubble and Eldon's to watch the BYU/BSU game.....which is still going and not looking good for BSU :(
So that was fun, but Port was zonked and fell asleep on Bubble's couch!!!!
That's when I knew we needed to get home :)

Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday October 18

I went to the store to get paint today for the guest room.
I went not really knowing what color I was gonna get.
But I decided on a nice gray, a little on the darker side.
I love it a lot.
But, I do think I might need to paint the bed frame black now, because that would look better than the copper color :)
But then I painted the trim and got the room painted.
Well, I painted two walls, then I went for a run and then painted the other two.
Not much else happened today.
Port hung out with Koy and Titan.
Cassi babysat, then went to the game, now she is carving pumpkins with friends.
Man, I have been a really boring blogger lately.....
Sorry :)

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday October 17

We had a productive day today....
After our hot tub date that we had after our workouts :)
I am trying to get the junk room cleaned up.
Dad put trim in there and now I need to paint it and I need to repaint the walls.
They are pretty bad.
But today I got rid of a whole garbage can full of stuff and another pile of stuff to donate.
I do really like going through stuff.
Well, at least today I did :)
I just need to stay on this kick!!!!
Because we still have boxes in the garage from over 7 years ago that we need to go through!!!!
Dad got a lot of cleanup done in the garage to make room for my 'donate' stuff.
We did the caulking om the trim this evening so it is all ready for me to paint, hopefully tomorrow!
After dinner, we hopped in the hot tub and watched a movie together....well, minus Madi.
Now I am gonna go cut Dads hair and hopefully cut Port's hair tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wednesday October 16

I was much more productive today!!!!
I got up and went to help in the office.
Dad had to go to the dentist to get a tooth fixed.
I got back home and then went for my run.
Dad got home about when I got home.
We went to an appointment and then went to Eddie Bauer to buy me a jacket to wear running this winter.
It was on sale....but I cannot believe the money people spend on clothes!!!!!
Then we went grocery shopping together :)
We came back home and Dad went to go help Drew with something.
I got stuff ready for the YW/YM party.
When Dad got back, he and Porter cleared out the garden for me.
We had breakfast for dinner and then it was time for the youth activity.
It was a fun time.
They had some toilet paper and made mummies out of each other.
We had the sling shot going, shooting old stuff from the garden :)
That is always a hit.
There were donut eating contests and tug-o-wars.
A fire-pit going.
Then the last part of it, Sister Beaufort taught the kids the Thriller dance.
They want to do a flash mob at the ward party :)
I don't think they learned it well enough to do that.....
Anyway, it was a good night.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tuesday October 15

Well, I am not gonna lie....I was kind of worthless today :(
I didn't even got for a run!
Dad had a dentist appt this morning and I decided to go back to bed while he was gone.
I have not been getting enough sleep lately and have had to get more once the kids go back to bed.
I don't like how it cuts into my day....but I also don't like being tired.
Anyway....Dad was awesome and got lots of stuff done for me.
The Youth activity is at our house tomorrow so he got lots of stuff ready outside for that.
I did paint the front door frame, so I at least did something.
And I did schedule and reschedule a few appt for the kiddos that I have been meaning to do.
So that's good :)
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Maybe I just needed a day off.....

Monday, October 14, 2019

Monday October 14

Dad got a bunch of little odds and ends projects done today.
We got a new mailbox :)
I need to get numbers on it still.....but it looks awesome.
Thanks to Avery for 'encouraging' us to get a new one ;)
I had a dr appt today and then went for my run later in the day.
It works well for it to be warmer....but also kind of cuts into the day!
I got back and ready in time to take Elsie to PT.
She worked hard.
Katie was happy about how she is walking with the new brace.
We had FHE before Cassi left with some friends for a rugby fundraiser.
Then we got in the hot tub with the little ones for a little bit.
It was a nice day :)

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday October 13

We had a nice Sunday with Madi Bell.
Lots of people excited to see her at church :)
We came home and did our Come Follow Me early so Bell could do it with us.
I do like having her around.
Everyone is, for the most part, pretty happy :)
We did have some grumpiness today because of the late night/early morning...….
So hopefully the early to bed tonight will help with that.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Saturday October 12

So, we slept in a bit....
Elsie and Madi had their morning breakfast routine of shake for breakfast and a game of UNO.
We got ready for the day and then we all hopped in the car and we took the family to get their flu shots :)
Ya, maybe I am mean.
But it was fun doing it all together :)
Then we went to Costco and got some groceries and samples.
Port had a birthday party for Koy today, so he was gone for a few hours.
Madi worked on homework and she got a workout.
Cassi and Elsie cleaned their rooms and did laundry stuff.
Dad put trim in the guest/junk bedroom by the kitchen.
It looks so good!!!!
We had no trim at all!
I went for a later afternoon run.
I ran my 13.1.
I was 40 seconds faster than last time :)
My legs were pretty tired and sore and tight!!!!
Cassi was babysitting, so we waited for her to get home and then we went to Olive garden for dinner.
We stopped by Bubble and Eldon's house so they could see and talk with Madi.
Cassi left to watch the football game with friends, but the rest of us got in the hot tub.
Sooooo….it is really late.
Actually no one is in bed yet :(
But just trying to live it up in these hours we have with Madi Bell!!!!
I sure do love this family of mine and I am so grateful for these few days we could hang out with Madi ❤

Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday October 11

I did a second coat on everything I painted yesterday.
Dad ran and bought a new battery and installed it for a friend.
I left for my run a little later in the day just to have Dad call me and tell me he needs me to come back so he can ask a question.
We were talking about getting trim for the front door, so I figured it was for that.
Well, when I walked in the door, Madi jumped out and scared me!!!!!
We knew she was coming home, but we expected her this evening!!!
She and Kara left early this morning :)
Before my run, I told Brent that Cassi would probably come home because she had a headache.
She when Madi walked in, Dad was in the bathroom, and she said "Hi Dad, I'm home!"
And he's like, "k".
And then she told him it was Madi :)
He thought it was Cassi coming home!
So Cassi came home and I scared her.....but only to distract her from Madi scaring her!
It was awesome!
Then I left for my run, Madi and Cassi napped while Dad got wood for the trim.
It was almost time for Elsie to come home and I looked outside to find the Morgan's doing something by the mailbox.
Avery was driving and totally hit our mailbox!!!!
So we were all outside when Elsie came home.
Madi was hidden by the tree and then stepped out for Elsie to see her and Elsie ran right to her.
She held on tight and then started to cry!
Oh she loves her Madi!!!!'
It was the sweetest!
Then Port snuck up on we didn't get to scare him.
He got home earlier than we thought he would.
But he was super excited and surprised to see her!
Dad made burgers for dinner.
Then we got bundled and headed to Port's last football games.
The win the first game!!!
The second one they played great, but no win.
Port had some awesome catches and lots of flag pulls.
It was a fun time.
Back at home we hopped in the hot tub.
Dad got out with the littles and Madi and I sat and talked for a little longer.
It is fun to have her home for a bit ❤
Oh and Dad got some trim put on the front door and I love it so much!!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thursday October 10

I went for a run today.
It was cold, but I wore my new winter running shirt and I really like it.
When I got home, I spent the rest of my day painting trim.
I went around the bathroom door the extra room door and the basement door and the floors in between all those.
I need to do another coat and do more....but it is good to get stuff accomplished!
It has been on the to-do list FOREVER!!!!
When Elsie got home, I took her to get some new shoes to fit her braces.
They are pretty big shoes to be able to fit the brace....but she is waling fine in them.
She really wants to wear her brace to school tomorrow, but I really think she needs to ease into it!
We will see.
I had her walk around with it after we bought them.
We will see how she feels in the morning.
Madi comes to visit tomorrow!!!!!
We are so excited!!!!!

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Wednesday October 9

I finished the Book of Mormon for the third time this year :)
I have a goal to finish it again before the end of the year!!!!
I did not get to go running today.
I helped in the office.
Then I took Elsie to her foot brace fitting appointment.
I am gonna take her to get new shoes tomorrow and she can start wearing them.
She is pretty excited.
Then I spent many hours today taking the window taped stuff off the doors.
I LOVE how they turned out!
I have a couple places to touch up....but overall, FANTASTIC!
We had a pretty cool thing happen today too.
We have a sweet friend who is going through some rough times.
She just moved to a new place, just got a job and her car broke down.
She asked if we knew anyone who had a cheap car for sale that would stuff run her to work back and forth.
We wanted to try and help her out if we could.
I posted on my ward Facebook page and this morning I woke up to a text from my sweet Beehive advisor saying her dad had a car he was wanting to get rid of.
She called me a little later after talking to him and said he just wanted to give her the car!
I needs a few things fixed.....but for a free car!
It is pretty cool to see Heavenly Fathers hand in all things.
She said just last week he was saying that they should just give the car away to some high schooler or someone that needs a car.
And then she saw my post.
It is just pretty neat.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Tuesday October 8

Today was a crazy day!
Dad didn't sleep much and for some reason I couldn't sleep last after the kids left for school, we took a little cat nap.
Then we both got our workout done.
Then we got to work on the doors.
Tomorrow the temps are supposed to plummet!
So we wanted to get the exterior doors painted TODAY!!!!
I needed to tape ALL the windows first.
Then Dad hung them for me to spray.
In the process of being outside, he realized there was a problem with the electricity to the shop and the well.
So he spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get that figured out.
I got the doors sprayed, but we couldn't hang them back up until they were dry.
Dad and I had a meeting to go to, so we hung some plastic in the doors.
Cassi took Port to Mary Mac night at the Farmstead.
Elsie didn't want to go, so she watched Studio C.
When Cassi got home, all the plastic was blown down....but Elsie was just fine.
She said she had Wuvey and Mater so she knew she was safe :)
We got the doors hung up.
Dad is now putting on the hardware.
I am glad we got it done.
The day did not go as planned...…..but we got it done.
And we are thankful Brent noticed the well electricity problem when he did.
He probably wouldn't have known what the problem was tomorrow when we didn't have any water!!!!
Little blessings in the mishaps of life :)
I will take some pictures tomorrow when we have some daylight!