Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday August 31

I worked in the school front office this morning.
It was fun to get back there and help out :)
When I got home, Brent was moving sprinklers around, and I convinced him to take me out for a lunch date.
We took kind of a lazy day after that and watched a movie once we got home......
He got off a rough shift last night and I felt it was my duty to help him get some down time :)
It was nice.
Then the kids started coming home.......
....and the run around started!
It wasn't too bad today because Vern helped out taking Port to football practice.
Madi worked tonight, and with picking Cassi up for volleyball....we had no one home at the same time.
So I just made some sloppy joes that the kids could grab as they needed.
Elsie did awesome and got her reading in.
It is finally becoming a habit!!!!!!!
And the big news for the family....we finished the Book of Mormon today!!!!!
Woot woot!
It;s not the first time, but it has been a while since we last finished it.
We have used this BofM 365 book to help with our family study and it has been great!
It will be fun to start it all together again :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday August 30 (add volleyball pictures)

Oh it has been a long one today!
The kids got off to school, then I went with Jenni for a nice breakfast meet-up with some friends.
I went straight from there to a meeting about a jog-a-thon I am helping with for the PTA.
I got home and got the kitchen picked up and my sheets changed on my bed.
Then I left to go get the little ones from school to take them to the dentist.
Elsie was a rock star!!!!
Port was too, but he never has any problems.
But I was so proud of Elsie and how we just zoomed through it.
And they both came out cavity free!!!!!
We went from the dentist to Cassi's first volleyball game.
She did a great job.
Her serves are looking so goof!
They didn't win though :(
We came home and ate really quick and then went to YW.
We wrote notes to the bishop and put them on his door, then for the rest of the time we combined with all the YW to plan for the YW in excellence coming up.
I got home in good time and put the little ones right to bed.
Elsie was so so so tired!!!!!!
First full week back to school is taking it toll!
She cried through the whole volleyball game :(
Poor thing!
I hope she gets good rest and is recharged for tomorrow because she has some homework to work on!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday August 29 (add present and party pictures)

Happy birthday to our Baby Bell!!!!!
16 years old and I can't even believe it!
We started the morning with opening presents....
Dad had to go to work today, so we did it before he left.
Dad and I had a big present to reveal :)
She got spoiled and we got her a red Jeep Cherokee!!!!!
Her dream car!
We got an amazing deal on it.....which is a story I will have to write down soon :)
After the kids went to school I went to the gym.
Then I took Cassi to her ortho appt.
I came home for an hour and got a little bit cleaned up.
Then i went to my dentist appt.....which took FOREVER!!!
I still have to go in one more time to get it all finished.
I am so done with this tooth!!!!!!!!!!
Madi went miniature golfing after she got home from school :)
Then I got home in time to pick up the little kids from school.
Port had a new friend come home with us.
His name is Christian.
The boys had a fun time while Elsie read and I made cookies for the neighborhood party tonight.
We left to take Christian home and pick up Cassi and Avery.
Then we went to Vern's for Graham and Madi's birthday celebration with the neighbors.
That was fun.
And this evening we have some overnight guests!!!!
Jenni is in town trying to get some stuff done....selling her van etc.
So they are crashing here for the night and it is fun to have her around for a little bit :)
Anyway...I think today was a great day for Madi.
Sure grateful to have her in our family and I love the woman she is becoming!
She is pretty great :)
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday August 28

Tonight we had Madi's birthday celebration because Dad will be working tomorrow.
There was a little fighting here and there.....
But other than that, we had a really enjoyable time out together laughing and eating and sharing.
I can't believe Madi will be 16 tomorrow!!!!
Today we got stuff done around the house and a little something special was taken care of for Madi's birthday that she will find out about tomorrow :)
Dad and I did have a date to the gym this morning.....doing separate things, but still fun to go together!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday August 27

Today was a special day.
We got everyone ready to go and dropped the three little ones off at the Morgan's house.
Cassi had a BYC meeting a little later and we needed someone to watch the little kids.
So the reason we had to drop them off is because Madi received her Patriarchal blessing this morning!
It was such a beautiful and amazing experience.
Her blessing was just so great.
We were all in tears and excited for her future :)
What an amazing thing to be able to have, this guide and road map for your future.
While we were gone, Stacia took Cassi to her meeting for us, so that was great :)
We got home in enough time to get to church and get a good spot saved for us and the Morgans, and of course the Halls.
My little baby girl loves to sit with me.
Today was no different, except for when she sat on the bench next to Brent and then laid her head on him and then sat on his lap.
I went to take her from him and he pushed me away :)
That's good future grandpa material there!
No troubles with Elsie going to class today, so that is good!
She had a rough night last night and I wondered how it would go.
I was up with Elsie, and I have been really tired with both little ones getting up over the last few nights....needless to say I broke down.
I started crying asking Elsie to please go to sleep!!!
Well, all of the sudden, Dad shows up in the doorway (he never gets up with the kids because I always tell him it is no use because they just want me anyway...)
He told me to go down and go back to bed.
I fought him at first, but he really wanted me to get back in bed.
So I did.
He had a little talk with her and it still took a bit, but at least she didn't cry, and she eventually fell asleep.
I woke back up about an hour later and went to check on them.
She was sound asleep and dad was too, on the floor, looking very uncomfortable.
I woke him up and we both went back to bed.
I just thought it was the sweetest thing for him to do.
Right there when I needed him.
I am thankful for that :)
And thankful that Elsie finally went to sleep and praying that tonight goes well!
We got all the kids into bed at a great fingers crossed we all get enough sleep!!!!!
After church the big girls and I had a meeting to plan the YW in excellence.
The rest of the day went good....mixed in with some fighting :(
And naps....the lucky few got naps.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday August 26

I was the only one who had to get up early this go take some pictures.
That went well, even though I was super tired!
When I got home we got the Saturday chores done and all the party stuff cleaned up.
My washer has been acting it takes forever to drain.
It takes an entire day to do a load of laundry, as long as I keep going down and pushing the start button when it gets stuck.
Anyway....Dad checked it out for me.
He found a ton of junk in the drain filter.
One thing being a $20 bill!!!!!
It was so gross in there and the bill is permanently stained that black color!
He also fixed the little car window.
I just think he is so dang cool that he can fix anything :)
I think I will keep him around.
Tripp came over and watched a movie with Cassi and Madi.
Port was with Max and Graham all day.
I planned my YW lesson and then dad asked me to go out on a date :)
We went to dinner to Johnny's and then we went and watched Wonder Woman.
We capped the night off with a smoothie from Sonic.
Earlier today his old  Ford wouldn't start, so he had it on the charger.
So after we got home, we hopped in the truck to give it a little 'walk around the block' :)
I told him we need to take these little drives out in the country more often!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday August 25

I am so tired and there is a bunch of people at my house!!!!!
Madi is having her 'birthday' party.
She just wanted pizza, popcorn, cupcakes and to play some volleyball and watch a movie outside.
A bunch of friends have been coming and going and I think she is having a fun night.
Everyone had a good day at school today.
Elsie still loves her teacher :)
But, I think we are all ready for the weekend.....and being able to sleep in!
So Madi had her party tonight, but Elsie also got invited to go to a party at Grace Bates house and she had a really great time.
I am surprised she stayed awake!!!!!
And she is still awake, thanks to all the sugar :)

Got this cute picture with Trip hanging out with Porter during the party :)

And this is a terrible quality picture......but super cute of Madi and Kara, getting ready to watch the movie.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thursday August 24

We had another great day at school!!!!
Everyone got up and going.
After I dropped the little ones off, I went to the gym.
Then after my class I had to take a quick shower and then head to the endodontist.
That went well, I think.
I am happy to say I was a much better patient this time than I was last time!
Then I came home and got that YW book put together!
I got the house picked up and a little bit of laundry done.
Then the kids came home.
Elsie and Port got their reading done.
Elsie is so cute....she makes sure to have both her Emmy blankets, her Emmy pillow, Wuvey and a sucker with her when she is reading :)
Madi started to mow the lawn....
I gotta finish it up in the morning.
I picked Cassi and Avery up from Volleyball.
Port had football practice and I ran to the store.
As soon as I got home we had a massive hail/rain/thunder/lighting storm.
It was crazy!
That is why Madi didn't finish mowing the lawn.
It blew in fast and just dumped on us and blew some branches down and some shingles off.....then was gone.
We are hoping that doesn't happen tomorrow, because Madi is having her birthday party tomorrow...outside!!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday August 23 (add swimming pictures)

First day of school!!!!
Hip hip hooray!
Everything ran smooth this morning.
Everyone got to school on time and left happy :)
Elsie bug was so excited, she got up at 4:45 this morning!
I am sure glad the little ones got out early, because she was one tired kiddo!!!!!
While they were at school, I worked on girls camp slide show stuff.
I really postponed getting that done!!!!!
I was up a few hours during the night, chastising myself about putting it off for so long!
I will be working on it again tomorrow.
I picked up the little ones from school at 1:25.
Then we got invited to go swimming at the Morgan's.
We were there for a few hours before we made a stop to visit Bubble and then home to get Elsie changed so she could go to Activity days.
She went with Sierra and Kyra and they had a back to school pizza party :)
Stacia was on volleyball pick up duty today.
After that, I had a Beehive presidency meeting at my house.
I got the little ones bathed, scriptures read and everyone in bed at a very good time!
I think it is gonna be a great school year for everyone!

Cassi and Donovan
Long time friends!
Cassi has always been a big helper with Donovan since we moved here.
He just lives down the street and they were in the same elementary classes together.
Donovan is the sweetest thing!

After school reading time!
This is what I am trying to fit in as our normal routine!
Get the reading done right when they get home, while they eat their snack :)

This picture was from before school.....she wanted Mater to not be lonely, and to know she would be home soon. 
She also told him not to be lazy and nap all day :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday August 22

Here we are....the night before school starts!!!!!!
We are very excited here...most of us anyway :)
It was a crazy run around day for me today.
I went to the gym and then left a little early to come pick Elsie up for PT.
Went to PT, then stopped by Deseret Book to pick up Madi's CTR ring.
Came back home (after getting Elsie the Sonic I promised her if she went to class on I am bad mom?????)
Then I took the three little ones school supply shopping.
I need to remember that I should NOT take them with me!!!!!
It was a hassle, but it is all done.
I came home and finally got a shower.
Then I ran to Winco to stock up on food....I haven't gone real grocery shopping for a very long time!!!!!
As soon as I got home, I grabbed the two little ones and took them to the Meet and Greet at the school.
I am very excited about their teachers!
I think it will be a fantastic year!!!!!
We got home and Madi was home from work, and Cassi was picked up from volleyball and dad came in from fixing the breaks on Mad's car, he cooked us up an amazing steak dinner!!!!!
It was so good!!!!!
We had kitchen jobs and then the kids made their own lunches for school.
It was pretty think they will be as eager to do it for themselves every day?????  ;)
We got the kitchen cleaned up and then it was time for the kids to get their father's blessing.
It was so cute, during dinner, Elsie turned to me and asked if Daddy would give them a blessing....I laughed and told her to ask dad :)
So she turned and asked him with a smile.
Pretty cute.
I love that these kids get the opportunity to get blessings like this.
There is such a great spirit felt there and it is very special to the little ones.
I like to keep little notes during the blessing so I can record a little here.

Porter was blessed with a yearning to learn.
That he will be a guardian to those who need help.
That he will be string enough to lead.
He will have a kind a patient heart.
He will understand that what he learns here, he will take with him after this life.
He will make a firm foundation of string academic learning.
And to cherish every moment he has the opportunity to learn

Elsie was blessed to not give up easily!
She was told that Heavenly father knows just how string she is and he will help her if she doesn't give up.
I really liked this part......
That she will be blessed with patience and she will know how to deal with the people around her that don't understand what she is all about.
That she will help those in need of help.
She will use her kind and loving smile to lift all those around her.
She was blessed that she would be brave, and she can get through anything!

In Cassi's blessing she was told that she is very loved and watched over by all.
By her family, friends, and those who are not on this earth with us anymore.
She was also blessed to help those in need.
She has chosen a path of leadership and was told to be a strong leader.
One who leads by example.
One that is a strong worker.
She was blessed that she would be able to discern good from evil.
That she would lead others down the path of righteousness.
She will have the ability to deal with drama....and understand what is important from what is trivial.
That she will continue to grow her talents and that her home will be a safe haven for her to h=be able to do that.

Madi was told she is at a pivotal time in her life.
That she needs to council with her Heavenly Father.
And that she will have trust in Heavenly Fathers plan for her.
She will be blessed as a leader among her friends.
That she will be able to discern the intentions of those around her.
That she and her friends will have the goal of temple marriage.
She has been blessed to succeed academically, as long as she pushes herself to do her best.
She was reminded about her incredible gift of art and that she is expected to do great things with it.
Also that she will be a good friend and show her friends what a good friend should be.
She will be kind and patient.
That she will lead by example.

I am thankful that Dad is able to give these blessings to our little ones :)
After the blessings we had scripture and prayer.
One of the scriptures stuck out....and seemed like a great goal for the school year.

Moroni 7:45
45 And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

Classroom Buffalo