Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday April 30

We got a lot of yard work done today.
Lots of weeds pulled.
Grass mowed.
Sprinklers set up.
Then dad and I had an early dinner date so we could get back in time to pick up Porter for Friday night flag football.


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday April 29

It was actually a bummer day for me.
I haven't worked out so week because I'm trying to give me body a rest.
I have some weird tightness/heaviness.
So I'm trying to chill.
But my mental state is not great without working out!!!!
So I did actually go on a little Jog/walk today and it helped A LOT.
Port finished up his ISATS and Elsie finishes here tomorrow.
I will be glad to have that all done with.
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though.
Tonnie wanted to be outside a lot today.
 It was beautiful weather, it got up in the 80s.
Elsie and I took Tonnie on her first walk down the lane.
She no good on a leash yet 😂😂
But we will get her there 👍🏻
We opened up our milk jug greenhouses and they look awesome!
I forgot to get a picture during the day time.
But I'm excited and now we need to get the garden ready!


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wednesday April 28

Today was rough.
I mean, it was great better we finally got the see the sweet profile of Madi and Logan's little one ❤️
She is looking great and all is going well.
Elsie had another isat today.
She finished it pretty quick.
It was math, and 8th grader level math... Which she had but at YET.
So I imagine she just pushed buttons 😬
Oh well 
It is what it is.
I took Cassi to get her MRI.
She was super brave... The dye injection was probably the worst part for her!
What, it wasn't much longer when they called back with results.
Torn posterior and inferior labrum.
We will meet with a surgeon and decide if it's something that will get better in its own after time or if surgery is needed.
So that is a bummer!


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tuesday April 27

Porter had his math isat testing today.
He breezed through it.
Which was great, because it left us time to do science and history before Elsie's online classes.
Dad and Porter fixed to the chicken coop.
I need to take a picture of it.
It looks pretty great.
One sad thing happened though... 
They had a temporary gate to keep the chickens in the field.
Well, it fell on one of the chickens and killed her 😔
So sad!
Man we have had a rough time with animals lately!
And it's a bummer that she was our only one that laid green eggs ☹️
Tonight, dad and I had our ARP meeting.
The leaders asked us to lead it tonight because they were out of town.
I think it was a great meeting.
It was all about having a change of heart.
We had great discussions and great shares ❤️


Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday April 26

Elsie did her first isat testing today.
I was real worried about it. 
And so was she....
But she got through it.
I can't believe she sat there from 10-2:30. (minus an hour for lunch break)
She rocked it!!!
Dad and porter went and helped Pat and Steve move into their rental while their house gets built.
I had a dr apt today and then went grocery shopping.
Tonnie was mostly good today.
She did have a couple accidents and she was a little more hyper.
It's funny, she is way more rowdy around Porter and more chill around Elsie.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday April 25

 We had a nice morning.

I think last night was Tonnie's b best night so far.

Dad had meetings, of course.

Port had a meeting.

Then I had a meeting to nail down everything for the youth missionary lesson we were teaching.

Church was good.

We had our missionary lesson.

I was a bit nervous with his it would turn out, but I think it went really well.

We used the talk "missionary work; share what's in your heart" by Elder Uchtdorf as a reference.

We used the words: Believe, Love, Do

And made a fun little handout/worksheet for them to fill in.

We also had a fun time hearing the conversion story of a couple in our ward.

I think it was a good time with the kids and I think they learned that missionary work does not have to be hard!

We just need to LOVE his children!!!

After church, Dad and I had a Ma and Pa meeting for Trek.

That's gonna be a fun time too....and really hot!

We got home from that in enough time for Dad and the kids to leave to a stake youth meeting.

Sounds like it was a great meeting and Pres Fugimoto stole the show.

He is so great ❤️

We also have some sad need.

Two of the baby bunnies died.

Oh it was heartbreaking for Cassi and Port.

We moved them outside last week, when it was warm.

But we all didn't really think about the rainy and cold.

Even though they were in the barn, it just want enough for the two smallest ones.

And the two smallest ones just happened to be Port and Cassi's favorites.

So hard.



Tonnie had been great today.

She is such a cutie and she's pretty smart too.

Saturday April 24

Carley came over and hung out with Elsie for a few hours.
My day was pretty much spent making cookies and prints and handouts for our Sunday youth missionary meeting.
Port and dad took the bikes out and did she riding.
So fun (for them...I have no interest!!!!)
Dad was very helpful for our date night.
I still wasn't finished putting things together, because I procrastinated....
Weird, right???
So he went and got us dinner from Costa Vida and we spent our date night putting together bagged cookies 😁


Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday April 23

I think things went pretty good that with Tatonka ❤️
She is a quick learner and still so sweet!
We did do school today.
Not full school.
We did practice isat tests success they start their online isats next week 😬
And we also did science where we talked about the life cycle of the plant.
Spent a lot of time outside, Tonnie really likes it out there with Mater....Mater still isn't sure about her 😂
At dinner, Elsie and Cassi played a game of taste testing weird tastes.
Then they had a contest of who could go the longest without making a funny face AFTER drinking lemon juice 😂😂
Tonight Port had Friday night flag.
His team didn't win, but port got a touchdown and he also pulled 5 flags.
So I call that a win!!!!
We took sweet Tonnie with us, and she got a good nap...
Guess she's not a football fan!
Elsie is loving Tonnie.
Elsie is the one who feeds her food to her.
We look forward to seeing some leash training so that Elsie can start taking her on walks ❤️


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday April 22

We started official crate training with Tonnie today.
She HATED it at first.... But she has really done well all day!
We did school while she was with us, in the crate.
She's a really good puppy.
It is a while life change when you get a puppy 😂😂
Someone always has to be watching her when she's not in the crate.
But, like I said, she's been so good!
Hopefully 🤞🏻 it will continue that way!!!
Elsie got a letter with a cute sticker from Emmy.
She's been putting stickers on her laptop.
She couldn't stop giggling when she opened the letter, because they had a little inside joke, I guess.
Emmy was taking to Elsie on the phone when she wrote it and asked Elsie what she should write.
I guess Elsie didn't really think Emmy would actually write what she told her to.
She laughed for the longest time 😂😂😂
The letter says:
'Lololol lolol
Lololol lol'

Goofballs ❤️

Poor port has been having the worst allergies.
Don't worry, it's not the dog!
He has trouble before we even brought her home!
He did his Y workout class today... He likes it.
But he likes doing it much better when Cannon does it with him, and he's not doing it this month.
I went to an evening class at the gym.
Guess time at the gym this week... And it was hard 😂
Wish us luck on Crate training tomorrow!!!!!


Wednesday April 21

Today has been a fun filled day with Tatonka aka Tonnie.
She's proving to be a smart little cookie.
And she so sweet.
Getting a little more spunk as she gets comfy with us.
Oh, the boys FINALLY got their dirt bikes!
They have been talking about it for years!!!!
Finally the right opportunity came around.
Two firefighter friends were selling their old ones and they happened to be the sizes perfect for the boys.
So there had a fun day playing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Tuesday April 20

We got a puppy!!!!!
We stayed at Dani and Clint's last night.
They gave the most generous gift to Elsie bug, in the form of the sweetest little chocolate lab.
We drove from Deer Lodge Montana to Idaho Falls, to visit Sara and her fam.
We were gonna stay the night there. 
But Brents back was hurting pretty bad and he just wanted his bed.
So we stayed a few hours and hung out with the storms family, we even visited Brittany and her kids.
So that was fun.
Wwe left for home around 5:30.
Puppy was so good!
She was on my lap for all 7 hours of driving and she was an angel!!!
The kids did not know we were coming home, so they got a double surprise 😏
They are so excited about the puppy.
Elsie decided on a cute name... Tatonka Sue ❤️
Because she looks like a little buffalo.
Hopefully she sleeps good tonight.
She wasn't happy about leaving everyone and going in the kennel for the night 💔