Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tuesday June 30

We got lots done today.
Dad and I went to Lowe's.
He needed to get some stuff to fix the moulding in the shower upstairs.
And I got me some flowers 😁
So after I did a 6 mile run, I got some work done outside.
It felt good to run, I've cut back, but I'm still glad I can do it 👍🏻
Dad and I had our ARP meeting.
I sure love the time we get to spend with our ARP family.
It will be good when we get to actually hug them!!!
We talked about Step 5, which is the step of confession.
It's funny how the Lord has blessed me with a soft heart when it has come to Brent telling me things that led to addiction.
I'm grateful.
Otherwise, I know my anger could have taken over and broken us.
I'm grateful for these steps and that I have my own opportunity to work through them.
I think everyone should ❤️
Tonight we had the whole Edwards family join us for a bike ride!
They are so fun to support her like they do ❤️

Monday, June 29, 2020

Monday June 29

Madi and I went to high fitness this morning, then I took Cassi to my but camp class that I love.
Port played basketball and then he lifted with dad for the last little bit.
He loved it!!!
Today was spent doing some deep cleaning.
We had rain all morning, so it made it easier to stay inside and clean 😂
But then it cleared up and Elsie got out there and rode her bike!!!
Vern was in the phone, but Billy jumped in the bike and ride with us.
I just love our neighbors, they are just like family ❤️
We sure miss really hanging out with them, but at least we can ride bikes and social distance!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday June 28 (add family picture)

We had a great home church today.
We talked about being the Lord's hands
We need to listen to his promptings throughout the day because he knows who we can help.
Both Porter and Elsie had presidency meeting today.
We picked raspberries.
We got some reason but then Elsie wanted to ride at least a mile before more rain came.
Well, we got two very beautiful and not hot miles!!!
She's a lot easier to motivate when it's cool weather!!!
Times will be cooler too... But also rainy, so we will have to see if she can get her miles done.
She has ridden 20 miles now!!!!!
Katie will be so proud!!!!!
We still need to be better at her other stretches and workouts.... But I call the bike rides a win!!!!!
We watched Forrest Gump tonight.
About half way through the movie we had raspberries and cream.
We are getting lots of raspberries!!!!
We need to make jam!!!!

Saturday June 27

Madi and I got up and went to high fitness.
I'm getting a little better.... But still not very coordinated.....
It is fun though.
Back at home, I started cleaning my bathroom, going through drawers.
Also lots of laundry got done.
Kids did chores.
Cassi went through drawers in the kitchen, which was awesome.
And Madi did kid of cleaning too.
Oh, I cut her hair 
It's really cute.
She did but want it to touch her shoulders, so we cut A LOT off!!!
But it's super cute!
I went for a run later on because there was a nice breeze that seemed to cool down the heat......
I ran five miles and it wasn't as cooled down as I would have liked it 😂
Elsie helped me make dinner.
Oh yes, she got to go to ice cream today with her friend Kendyl.
She has been so excited!
Kendyl is/was her piano teacher.
She will be moving to Utah soon.
Elsie just loves her and she is the best!
We will really miss her!
Right after dinner, Elsie and I went out and rode bikes.
Vern and Graham joined us, then Graham went home and Max finished up with us.
She went three miles!
That Vern, she's a pusher, a motivator!!!
Elsie did while a lot, but she did it!
So cool!
Katie is gonna be so proud!!!
Oh, and the sky was beautiful tonight!
I think it's supposed to get rained the next couple days, which will be kind of a nice break from the heat!!!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday June 26

Not much happened today except laundry and cleaning around the house.
And the gym. 
I'm loving the new bootcamp class I'm going to.
I'm gonna start taking Cassi, I think she will love it.
We did he swim at the Morgan's this evening and then ended up staying for dinner.
We got home a little late and Elsie and I were able to ride the bike for one mile before it got too dark 👍🏻
More cleaning tomorrow planned 😁

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday June 25

Today was PROM for Cassi.
The went to Jump creek this morning and had a good time.
Back here at home, Port and I planted a second row of corn.
Port and Dad moved the cows.
I made some boutineers and then I also had  YW meeting.
When Cass came home, I helped her get her hair done.
Then I got to go take pictures of the cute group.
For the dance part, the boys set up food and stuff at a local lit gazebo.
Now they are doing some late night swimming.
I am glad they still got to have Prom of some kind....even though these are the same people she hangs out with all the time....
Elsie rode her two miles again, but this time she took Dad with us.
I wish I would have taken a picture with Dad!!!!!
But it was a beautiful night for it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Wednesday June 24

I went with Madi to high fitness this morning.
Then I went with dad and I went to a boot camp class.
It was a great class and I look forward to going more.
I'm cutting down on running for a little so I can 'recover'.
I'll still run, just not long miles right now.
Cassi watched Carley today at Carley's house and she took Elsie with her.
They had so much fun.
They played at the splash pad and got snow cones and had so much fun.
Dad and I didn't the whole day in the garden.
Man it was a hot day, but I really loved working with him ❤️
We put fences up so the plants can climb up like a trellis.
It's not really pretty right now, but when everything starts growing up it, it's gonna be great!!!!
I had a YW activity tonight, we went swimming at the Lovelands house.
Then when I got home, Elsie and I ride bikes, another two miles.
She is rocking it!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tuesday June 23

Another early morning with the roofers.
But they finished it today, so that's great.
The right looks great and we are really happy with it.
Looking forward to NOT having to replace shingles every windstorm!
So apparently with the field behind us, the dirt that blows up and prevents shingles from properly sealing.
I remember the storms that happened when we put the shingles up the first time..... Remember all the tar paper being blown down!!!
Anyway, so grateful to have it done and hopefully it seals like it needs to and we can avoid the same problem!!!!!
I went for a good 5 mile run today.
I went a little too late in the day, so it was pretty hot!
Dad and I went on a little day date today.
We went to lunch at Zupas and then we went and got groceries at Costco.
Nice to just be the two of us for a little bit.
This evening we had our ARP meeting.
We talked about Step 4 again.
Step 4 is about making a searching and fearless inventory of your life.
There are a lot of ways to explain why this is important, but I'll tell you one of my favorites.
Do you remember that conference talk about the sliver in the hand?
It can't heal until you remove the sliver.
As much as you know it will hurt, you can't leave it in there.
It's painful.
You have to dig and scrape and then clean the wound so it can heal correctly.
So when you make a searching and written inventory of your life, you can start seeing patterns in your life, why you did what you did.
What drives you.
You find the good things about yourself and you find the bad things about yourself.
When you find the bad you now have the opportunity to forgive yourself!!!
Forgiving yourself of past sins can do so much for what you struggle with right now.
But like the sliver, you can't heal until you do the hard stuff and get the sliver out!
I hope this makes sense.....
Also......another example from our group leader tonight.
She said she always makes her bed.
She recently threw her back out, so instead of fully making the bed, she just pulls the bedspread up to make it "appear" made.
But underneath, it's really a mess.
Everyone is hiding messy sheets under a perfectly placed bedspread!
And one you realize your sheets are all messy, it helps you have a little more empathy for those who haven't recognized they need sheets yet.
Again... Don't know if this makes sense.
But this step has helped me to love others, better.
And in turn, love and forgive myself ❤️
After our meeting, Elsie today get two miles.
We have quite the biker gang now!!!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Monday June 22

They got started on our roof bright and early this morning.
They got about halfway done today, which was an enormous amount of work!!!
We swam at the Morgan's later in the afternoon.
The kids found a dead frog and decided to dissect it.
Elsie thought it was the coolest thing.
This evening Elsie rode her bike another 2 miles with Vern.
She thinks it's pretty cool to have Vern come with us ❤️

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday June 21 (add group picture)

Happy Fathers day to the best one out there!!!!
We had a fun idea today.
Dad had to work, and because of Covid, we coudn't visit.
So starting at 7 this morning, we sent him a memory every hour of the day until 10 this evening.
It started with me, then Madi, Cassi, Elsie and Porter....Logan sent one too, then it started over with me again.
I plan to compile it all and put it in a book.
And each ememory had a picture to go along with it.
The kids would tell me what they remembered and I scoured out external hard drives to find the pictures.....
I found so many fun pictures that I just started saving them to a Fathers day folder and so I am gonna share them here :)
I think it was a fun way to celebrate the day.
We are all very excited to see him tomorrow!
We are also lucky to have been raised by the best....we both lucked out with such great dads ourselves.
So glad I got to see my Dad this past weekend, and we sure do miss Gramps ❤
We did have home church, Sacrament and Sunday school.
Logan made us dinner, that was really yummy!
Then after dinner we went to the park and Elsie rode two miles on her bike again.
She is gonna blow her goal out of the water!!!! :)