Friday, September 30, 2022

Friday September 30

Cutie Winnie has a dr appt today. 
She is so dang cute. 
She has 4 shots, but barely cried. 
And she’s been such an Angel. 
Okay, I’m taking like I’m hanging out with her….
I’m not. 
I wish!!!
Gosh I love that baby!!!
I did repot some house plants today.
Worked out, did laundry. 
Yes, I did take a nap. 
I’m e been so dang exhausted lately!!!
But I do get up really early to go to the gym, so maybe that’s why. 
Dad worked a shift today. 
I’ll be glad to have him home tomorrow. 
Tonight we are watching “night at the museum 2”. 
I’ve got cinnamon rolls in the fridge for general conference tomorrow. 
I’m anxious to just sit and listen ❤️
Got a few things on my heart and hoping to feel some peace through words shared tomorrow. 

Her Halloween outfit came in the mail 🍯

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Thursday September 29

The weather was cooler today, which is great. 
Ready for a little cool, but super cold though 😉
Cute Winnie pictures today. 
She’s got so much personality!
Such a cute little bug 🥰
Took out easy today…. Again. 
Did get some windows washed and toilets cleaned.
Elsie invited me to go for a walk this evening, and I cold not pass that up!!!
It was a nice stroll. 
So m did part of the walk with Vern, so that was fun too. 


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wednesday September 28

There is nothing better than chatting with sweet Winnie on FaceTime….. well, except for when I get to actually be WITH her!!!!
Such a cutie with the best smiles!!!
The sun rise was so pretty this morning!
Dad and I spent the morning just hanging out and watching a show. 
Definitely some much needed down time for him and some together time for me. 
I missed him the last couple days. 
I’ve been overly emotional it seems and things just seem better when he’s there. 
In my bootcamp class this morning, our instructor split the class in half and asked me to ‘lead’ one half. 
It was fun and a really good workout!!!!
Dad did some work outside, gathering hoses  and sprinklers. 
I got dinner made. 
That’s pretty much all I did today 😂😂
Dad and port went to YM, elsie stayed home and finished her art homework. 
Her YW group went bike riding in the green belt and she didn’t want to go. 
Plus, she had homework that we did together. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tuesday September 27

Oh I just love pictures of my Winnie baby ❤️
That little personality is really blossoming!!!
She’s so much fun!
Madi said she must be teething again because she wasn’t really eating and was fussy…
But she took 2 naps, which hasn’t happened in a really long time!!!
I had my neurologist appointment today. 
Just put orders in for another brain MRI and spine MRI. 
So we just wait for that. 
I figured that was what would happen anyway. 
Carly came over and hung out with Elsie.
Port stayed after to hang out with his friends at the first game at school.
So Elsie and I dropped Carly off, picked up pizza, then we picked up Porter. 
Port and I played more with the cyanotype stuff. 
We need more time to play with it when the sun is out!
We just run out of daylight!
But it’sa fun needing to with with abs I think he has good ideas….
More to come 😊


Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday September 26

I went back to bed after the kids went off to school. 
I have been completely exhausted lately and have send to have uncontrollable emotions. 
I have a neurology appointment tomorrow and I’m just…….
I don’t know. 
I’m confused how I should feel. 
Of course I don’t want there to be anything wrong!
But for me to continue having these storms for a year and a half……there’s something going on. 
I just wanna get it figured out. 
I’m sure tomorrow will just be a check up. 
But still. 
I’m feeling very overwhelmed, scared, all the things. 
Madi sending pictures all day helped lift my spirits. ❤️
That baby girl is something special and she has a way of making all my troubles float away!
It was warm again today. 
I went shopping and picked all the boys up from school. 
Port and I hung out a little bit working on a project he’s working on. 
And Elsie’s OOTD…. usually include pink 😉
Oh and she hung out with Brooklyn today…. They went to the park and walked around. 
I’m glad Brooklyn gets her out and moving. 
And Elsie’s loves hanging out with her!
It’s a win win!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Saturday September 24 - Sunday September 25

I forgot to blog last night 😞
But dad and I went to a baptism for a family in our ward. 
The whole family, mom dad and three kids were baptized. 
It was pretty cool ❤️
Cannon has been spending the weekend with us while his parents are out of town. 
The kiddos played some monopoly and tried to stay off video games 😂
Tonight we finally had our ward domino activity. 
I’ve worked really hard to put it together and I was really worried about people showing up.
But we had a really good turnout and everyone seemed to like it!
We had 6 different groups and they each had 5 domino challenges to complete. 
The winning team got to have the golden domino (a box of candy bars).
Everyone seemed to have fun and it made all my hard work worth it!
Winnie Madi and Logan went to the Oregon coast this weekend. 
It sounds like they had such a great time.
And the pictures 🥰
That baby girl LOVES adventure!!!
I can’t wait to explore more with her!!!!