Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday December 31

We got up and got packed up and headed home by about 10.
It was a pretty good drive.
We got home and I left to go take some pictures for some people who had all their family in town :)
Dad worked at getting Madi's new radio in her car.
She is very excited about it!
We got everything unpacked and for dinner I made another super yummy Instapot dinner!
We worked together to get the Pool table upstairs and that is exciting!
Madi and Cassi left to the Morgan's for a New Years Eve thing.
We played some pool here before putting on a movie.
Cassi didn't feel so good, so I just went and picked her up.
And Cannon is over here hanging out with Port and we are watching Storks....
Just waiting for the new year :)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday December 30

We had a fun filled day!
FULL of family!
We all met at the church in Springville around 11:30 or so...
We started with eating sandwiches for lunch.
Lots of cousin playing time....and baby holding time for me :)
We had a fun surprise when Andy and his family showed up!!!!
So we got to see sweet baby Parker!
I had so much fun holding him and loving on him all day long :)
Some other fun things we did.....
Make Gingerbread houses
White elephant exchange
Christmas gift exchange for some....
Baby holding
Lots of cousin time!!!!
It really was great time sent with family!

Can you spot the double Madi and the double Morgan!

Baby whisperers :)

The BIG project I have been working on for months!!!!
An Emmy blanket book filled with fun watercolors of the nieces and nephews with their Emmy blankets.
I will share more later.

Cass is a fun one to hang out with

Madi's masterpiece!

Did I say Cass was the fun one to be with????
Cause she was!

Hugs goodbye from Andy :)

Andy is taking out his anger at me for beating him up as a kid, on my little boy!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday December 29

We woke up this morning and got all packed up.
We spent some time talking to Gramps and heating more stories.
Always a good time.
When we were getting ready to leave, Gramps told Madi to garb a bag of white cheddar cheeto things that he gets us every time.
Elsie says "Oh Gramps, you didn't have to do that!"
So he said, "Okay, Madi, put them back."
Then Elsie yells "Nooooo!!!!"
Oh, it was so funny!!!!!!
We said our goodbyes then went and said goodbye to Grandma and the buffalo's. of course.
Drove to Emmy's and poor Madi threw up in the car!
Luckily she had a bad with her!!!!
I have been feeling super car sick all day too :(
When we got to Orem, we grabbed some lunch and ate with Emmy.
We hung out for a bit then we met up with Kay.
They were in town for eye appointments so we got to visit with them.
We ate ice cream and had lots of fun together :)
Back at Em's we got unpacked and the kids played and they had a movie on.
We also played a mad game of scrabble :)
Then Emmy made us a yummy quiche for dinner.
After that Emmy and I ran to the store to get stuff for our family get together tomorrow.
It's gonna be so fun!