Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday July 31

It felt great to get back into my run/gym routine this morning!
While I was gone, I gave the kids some stuff to do around the house.
I got some loads of laundry done.
Cassi went to her friends house and so did Port.
Madi and Elsie hung out and watched Descendants 2 together :)
Then I took Elsie to PT after lunch.
She did so great there.
We did an evaluation to see how she is doing and made goals to work on.
After that, she and I went to Target for some much needed shopping therapy :)
Well, just to buy a couple t-shirts for her and the candy I promised her for going to sharing time yesterday....
I came home and Madi helped me out with cleaning the kitchen before she left for work.
I feel like I should have gotten more stuff done today........
The Halls did invite us to go swimming, s that was fun.
Except for when it came time to leave.
And Elsie threw the fit of the century.
For reals!!!!
I understand that she was really tired from PT and swimming today, but it was ridiculous.
We got home and I sent her to her room (and took Wuvey) and said she had to stay there, calm down, get changed, then if she came down and apologized, she could get Wuvey back.
Oh man, that girl is stubborn.
It took a little while, but eventually she came down.
She needs to get back to school and her routine!
I think I am ready for that too!!!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday July 30

Well, the morning didn't run very smooth before church.....
But we did get there in time, so that's good :)
I just wish they would not fight!!!!!!
Elsie wouldn't go to class.
Little stinker!
Summer always messes us up, because the church attendance in our own ward isn't consistent...
Plus, Sierra is still out of town.
But her sweet teacher tried to get her to come and she actually did end up going to sharing time, so that is good.
After church,we changed and then headed to the fire station.
They had a little promotional ceremony for him at station 1, which is where they had him at today.
A bunch of guys came down to see him and it was pretty cool.
His old crew gave him the flag that they hang on the back of their truck, that they had all signed.
He thought that was pretty dang cool :)
We hung out there for a little bit.
When we got home, I told them it was time for quiet time......and I got a little nap :)
Then dinner out on the was still warn outside, but not too bad.
I am hoping to get lots of stuff done tomorrow.
Hope the get lots of stuff done this week before we head out again!!!!!
And school is coming so quickly too!!!!!
I just need more hours in the day!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thursday July 27- Saturday July 29 (add pictures)

What a fun time we had camping with the Young's!!!!!!
We had the perfect spot right by the river and we all had the best time.
We got up this morning and had breakfast before cleaning up.
Then we got everything packed up and headed for home.
When we got home we got the trailer cleaned out and everything put away and washed....well, in the washing process :)
The kids hung out with friends.
They even went and did a little shopping to Hobby Lobby.
Dad got lawns mowed, irrigation going, trailer put away.
Then after we were all cleaned up, he took me out to dinner and a movie.
We went and saw Dunkirk.
It was a really great movie and it was done in a very creative way.
I will be interested to watch it again now that I know how it was done.
It was a very intense and emotional kind of movie.
Very well done I think.
We came home and he finished up doing some irrigation stuff while I talked with Vern for a bit :)
We have a week now to get caught up on life and laundry before we head out to Oregon.
I am kind of looking forward to getting some stuff done this week!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Monday July 24-Wednesday July 26 (add post and pictures)

We are back home for the night, safe and sound.
Lots of fun stuff to write about and lots of fun pictures.
We started the day with cleaning up the cabins, but then we went and did the challenge course because we got rained out during our time slot yesterday.
By rained out, I mean more of a flash flood!!!!!!
We can laugh about it now, but we had some very angry little ones in the pouring rain :)
So we got to do that and it was a beautiful morning for it.
Then we finished cleaning and we all headed for home.
There was actually a plane crash on the freeway on our way home, so sad, and that added a bit more time to the drive.
But other than that, we had a very nice drive home.
Came home and got unloaded and laundry started because we leave again tomorrow to go camping with the Young's!!!!!!
We are very has been WAY TOO LONG since we have been camping together!
So even though we are so exhausted, we are still very excited for the next few days.
I won;t have service there I will have to use Sunday to update this entire week!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday July 23 (add pictures with gramps and family pictures)

We are now here at Emmy's house.
We went to church with Gramps and then came home and got packed up and headed off to Utah.
The plan was to meet at the park for family pictures at 2:00.
I think things went well and we had some good cloud cover, which is great :)
After the 3 hours of photos :) ..... we went to the pavilion church and hung out and had dinner.
We will head up to the cabins tomorrow.
I am not sure what type of service, WiFi or anything we will have up there.....
So there might not be blogging for a couple days.
But i am sure at some point I will catch up the posts :)
Ha ha ha.....

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday July 22 (add more pictures)

What a fun day we had today!
I actually got up and went for a run today.
After the first 1/4 mile i felt like my heart would explode :)
One of the meds I am on does make it harder to breathe and gives me heart that wasn't super fun.
But I pushed through and it was so nice to get back out there!
We got everyone ready and we met up at the church Bowery for the Matthews family reunion!
Lots of babies to hold, water for kids to get wet in, people to catch up with, and yummy food to eat.
It was such a fun day for everyone!
We were there most of the day and it was so nice.
This Matthews clan is something else!
I have so many pictures....but I took over 230 and I just can't be posting all of that tonight!!!!!
After we all left the reunion, we came back to Gramps house.
Dad and Port got to work fixing Gramps front porch step.
It ended up being they just made a new one :)
They also went with Uncle Doug to go pick up a load of gravel.
After we had some dinner, we headed up to Dussy boy's house to hang with Andy, Meagan, Dussy Boy and Lexi.
We flew Andy's drone and played with bunnies.
I would call that a good night :)

Had to get a little selfie with Gramps :)

You can't hide from me Dussy boy!

And we got in a little late and had a little note from Gramps :)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday July 21

Well, we got our stuff all packed and put together and shoved in the car and made it out of town by about 12:30.
The drive actually went really well, except for the last 15 minutes :)
But we made it!
We stopped to get some 'finger lickin' chicken to have dinner with Gramps.
Then made a stop by Grandma, where Elsie cleaned the pine needles off her headstone :)
We got to see Dave and Cin for a little bit because they came to mow Gramps lawn.
We had dinner and then everyone kind of hit the wall.
We are all so tired and man oh man they are grumpy!
Cassi's ear was really hurting her tonight, so we tried to make her comfy and switch the beds around so she could have the room to herself.
But then there was fights with who sleeps where......
You just can never win :)
It okay, I think they are all tucked in now and hopefully we have a nice night's sleep.
Tomorrow will be a fun day with the Matthews family reunion!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday July 20 (add party pictures and lunch pictures and Mrs Dynka pictures)

Today is our Elsie Bugs birthday!!!!!
She decided to wake up at 4:30.....and i told her that it was not yet her birthday since she wasn't born until 5:00 am :)
It's okay...I wasn't too mad because poor Cassi was up at 4 with her earache.
Once the sun finally came up, I called the dr.
They couldn't get her in until 2:30 and we wanted her to get started on whatever as soon as possible.
So Brent called and got her in with our doc.
She was home in time for swim lessons.
She has the beginnings of an outer ear infection and swimmers ear.
She was told she could swim if she got her ear really dry after wards.
And they got her on a an antibiotic ear drop.
So that is good.
Elsie got to open presents here and there throughout the day.
Before swimming, after swimming.
Then we went out to lunch as a family to Red Robin....Yummm :)
Elsie's choice.....that endless Mac and Cheese won over the mac and cheese at Buffalo wild wings!
We also stopped by Old Navy to find white shirts for the boys.
Something I had on my to-do list earlier this week....but since I have been useless.......lots didn't get done!
We got home and guess who came to visit?????
Mrs. Dynka!!!!
She comes every year on her birthday, but the last few years we have been gone!
So we were so excited to see her and visit with her for a little bit.
She's so great!
Then we had a neighborhood party with the ones who are in town.
Sweet Vern made Elsie bug a super awesome candy cake!!!!!
And Bubble brought over some pineapple and strawberries :)
They are just the greatest
They also brought a craft to do with cattails!
You scrape off some of the fuzz, then you can color on it with crayon and twist to make cool designs.
So much fun :)
It was such a great day for Elsie bug and she sure got some fun things!
I have been trying like a mad woman to get all the things done that I was supposed to get done during the week.
Mainly laundry.....
We are still no where ready to leave tomorrow, but we are closer :)
We need some sleep and then we will all rally tomorrow to get the stuff packed and fit into the car!
But I am thankful for the day to celebrate Elsie.
This is what I wrote on Instagram....and since I really need to get to sleep......
Here ya go.
We just love this little Elsie Bug!
This little one, she's a treasure. Every night when I put her to bed she says "today was the BEST day EVER!".... Even on days that it was NOT the best. She has a way of easily making people smile. She just see's the good in this world. I'm so blessed to be her mama and feel of her goodness. Today my Elsie bug turned 11. She has grown so much this last year and I'm excited to see what's ahead. You can do anything you put your mind to, baby girl ❤ Happy birthday my little Buffalo girl ❤ I do think that this day, every year on this day, is really the BEST day ever, because we get to celebrate this Blondie (that's what Daddy calls her).

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday July 19 it started out to be another lousy day.
But it was filled with great friends checking in on me and willing to take my kids.
I am so blessed!
So Madi took Elsie to Sierra's house on her way to take Cassi and Porter to swim.
After swim, Madi just took them to work with her so they could play at the park for a few hours while she worked.
I was a mess.
So much vertigo.
I could barely move around.
Poor Brent felt helpless at work not being able to help me.
He talked to Billy and Billy came over to talk to me about what was going on.
He said I should really go into the doc.
He is used to helping people when he has labs to look at and x-rays of scans to look at :)
So we got a dr appt and Billy drove me.
And guess who showed up to be with me??? :)
My man 💓
Brent was able to take the rest of the afternoon off to take me home and take care of me.
But at the doctors office he agreed that I had a sinus infection with inner ear stuff.
He says he isn't entirely sure that the tooth wasn't a problem....just radiating pain.
I still think the tooth was a part of it because there was a significant amount of pressure relieved after he did that.
Plus, I hate to think we paid $1000 for no reason :(
So he switched up my meds and so far, so good.
I am still dizzy, but not quite what I was.
And I do see an end to it!
I did skip YW tonight because I just wasn't up to it.
Poor Cass sounds like she has an ear infection....and from what I went through, I want to get her in ASAP.
So I will call tomorrow.
She stayed home too and we watched Doctor Strange :)
Madi had fun at YW.
She also hang out with a friend before YW, and is hanging out with a friend, watching a movie now.
Want to know something funny?????
She has been hanging out with girls!
Ha ha ha!!!
Makes me happy.
That girl needs some girls to hang out with! :)
So anyway.....I think I may just survive and that makes me happy.
I am still nervous about a long car ride on Friday, but it will be okay.
I am pretty sure the kids are gonna be awesome and it will be the best ride ever!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday July 18

I woke up with my mouth hurting...but that is what the doc said would happen.
Because we disrupted everything up there.
So it will take a couple days to calm down.
I thought my head felt better.
But I still felt nauseous and didn't want to eat.
Cassi had to go babysit at 10:30.
But we had a little kink.
Cassi also had swim lessons at 11:30.
So I Madi drove us over there, Madi swapped Cassi and I drove to swimming.
I was not feeling like I should drive, but I didn't have much choice.
Elsie and I stayed in the car while Port and Cassi swam, then I drove her back to finish babysitting and Madi drove us home.
That was about all I could handle.
Laura sent a text right at the perfect time asking if Elsie wanted to come and play with Sierra.
And Sherrie was gonna pick up Port to come play with the boys.
Donovan and his mom invited Cassi to a movie and also offered to give her a ride to her party right after the movie.....another life saver, because I did not want to drive again!!!!!
And Madi worked.
So I had a very quiet house to take a nap and I even got a shower.
I got little bits to eat here and there, but I just can't shake this dizzy, like I have been spinning on a roller coaster, feeling.
I have been trying to get more water in me too.
But when you feel like you are gonna puke everything up, it is hard to convince yourself to eat.
I am so sick of this!!!!
Brent thinks maybe it is just the antibiotics in general that I can;t handle.
I don;t know.
I am just really hoping and praying that tomorrow is different.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday July 17

Feeling quite a bit better......but still kind of lousy.
I think we figured that the antibiotic that I am on may be way to high for me because it is making me majorly sick!
So Dad called and got an appt for me.
They couldn't get me until 2:45.
I had until then to make myself not feel sick.....because they didn't want to work on me if I was throwing up.
I am not sure what happened in the lives of my family today, because I was worthless on my bed.
I do know that Cassi and Port did some swim lessons.
I know Madi worked.
And I know at some point Elsie played at Sierra's.
I also know that the rest of the day Elsie was watching TV.....too much TV!!!!
The time came to go to the appt and I still felt sick, but hadn't thrown up.
So I thought it was good.
As we walk into the building, my hands start cramping I am not getting enough oxygen.
Apparently I am heading towards a panic attack!
Brent gets me to focus on my breathing.
I think I am getting better, then I start crying.
He calms me down and we get into the chair and Brent has to explain things to him.
We decide to go ahead and get the old root canal taken out, medicine put in, and then go back in a month to redo it.
But...the lifesaver.....Brent suggests using the gas.
Oh man!
So so so happy that we did that!
I really don't think I would be able to calm down if not for it.
Yes, Brent got some videos :)
I was so slap happy.....laughing and talking REALLY loud!
Brent said that people from reception were coming to check out what was going on.
I guess my feet danced the whole time listening to my music.
Brent said I hit the doc in the head a couple times.
I held Brent's hand the whole time, and at one point I started rubbing his shoulders and feeling his arms and muscles :)
Ha ha ha!
Earlier in the day I told him he never has to worry about me being a druggy because I didn't like how it felt.
But then, while I was on gas, I told him that I really enjoyed this drug, whatever it was :)
He said he felt like one of those parent's that have an out of control kid and can't do anything about it!
He asked if patients were usually like this....the doc said that no, they usually just relax.
So I guess I helped the whole staff have a great day :)
Got it all done and back in the car.
On the way home, my hands started cramping up again, and my legs, and my stomach.
It was so weird!
We thought that the pain pills were causing me to be sick....but I hadn't had it today!
Brent started reading the stuff about my antibiotics.....and sure enough, that was it what was making me sick.
So tomorrow we will do a different one and hope that my head clears up!
Brent has been taking such good care of me.
I know he had a lot he wanted to get done today, but I kind of ruined that :(
I am thankful for him and all he does for me.
I guess I am super thankful for his muscles too :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday July 16 (add pictures)

I am laying here, posting from my bed.
I did not get a wink if sleep last night.
Up ALL night with a toothache.
A toothache is not a good enough word for it.
Not at all!
Anyway, my man too such good care of me.
He called our dentist first thing this morning to get me in to see what we can do.
And Dr Payne is so great to come in early on a Sunday morning! 
He got me numbed up and took some x-rays.
He is sending me to a specialist tomorrow because it is probably a root canal retreat 😔
But he got me some medicine and antibiotics.
Came home and jumped in bed while I was still numb and slept for about an hour and a half until the pain woke me up. 
By then, Brent has gotten my medicine from the pharmacy.
I took that, and it helped.
My awesome big kids got the little ones ready for church and I slept.
I feel like my kids were amazing today and totally stepped up thier game... Which makes my momma heart so happy!
The rest of the day is a blur.
I slept a lot of the time they were at church.
I did their up twice today, so been hot the dentist to prescribe me some nausea medicine.
He takes such good care of me, and it's been hard for him not to be able to just take it away!
So, I'm trying to hold on until tomorrow and hopefully get the pain taken care of for good!
Again, the kids were awesome.
Dad stated home with me and madi drive the kids to the ward chili cook off FHE.
They had a lot of fun and they all came home happy and not fighting.
Daddy got the little ones to bed and I'm just hoping I can get sleep tonight!
And I hope my man can get sleep too.... He's just spending so much time worrying about me ❤

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday July 15 (add pictures)

So today was the day!
Elsie's fairy garden birthday!!!!!
I got up and got a boxing workout before I started mowing.
Dad cut some logs for me for party decorations.
Then Cassi woke up and took over mowing.
I got started on party set up....putting up tables etc.
Dad left with Porter to help Justin move some dirt at their place.
We had someone come  by and buy another bunny.
Then Andy and Katie stopped by on their way back from McCall.
They left a load of laundry here, so they grabbed that, stretched their legs, and then were off to Utah.
We will see them again in another week or so :)
The kids started coming and it was a lot of fun.
My favorite part....besides the kids all being so great and so easy for the party....
But the best was Elsie with the presents!
She has always been excited and happy about any present she receives.
But today was so cute....still that same excitement, but she was so gracious.
So thankful for each gift!
Sje would read each card, then look up at the person who gave it to her and genuinely thank them.
It was just the sweetest!
It was a success and every fairy garden turned out so dang cute!!!!!
We got the stuff cleaned up and then had to leave to pick Madi up from BYS.
She had such a great time and it is great to have her back home!!!!
Cassi went babysitting, and Madi stayed home and babysat for us and the Halls.
Then the Halls and us went out to eat.
We had a nice time.
So through this whole day, my toothache has been pretty bad.
We got our dentist to call in some antibiotics......but when we went to pick it up, the pharmacy was closed.
So we will have to get it tomorrow.....
But for now, Brent it trying everything under the sun to try and help me feel better :)
He is making me cloves rolled in coffee filters to put up there.
The cloves are really helping...but i am not sure how well I will sleep tonight :(
Last night was rough.
I just need to make it until Monday and hopefully get in ASAP to get whatever it is fixed!
But for now, I have a pretty sweet DR trying to do everything he can to take care of me 💗

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday July 14

My computer is not working... So I'm blogging from my phone.
I got my 7 mile run in this morning.
It felt really good and I think I'm getting the hang of the longer runs. 
Dad came home.
He was working on the AC unit when I got home.
He had a few ideas.
It's a pretty old unit, but that doesn't mean we want to she'll out the money to get a new one.
He figured out what he thought was the problem....bought the part... And Walla!!!!! 
It's fixed!
I just think he's so cool to be able to figure that stuff out ❤
Elsie has Sierra over this morning for a play date.
At noon, Cassi and I went with a bunch more beehives to decide another room for another birthday girl.
Gracie came home with us and hung out with Cassi until the party they had later this evening.
The two of them made cookies and had a fun time.
I worked on getting more water lines to more plants.
I also planned more of my tree starts!
I am excited that they are living!!!!!
Dad and I had a little date to Lowe's and Walmart.
Then after dropping Cassi of at her party, and selling a new bunny.... We went to the Morgan's to swim.
They are in McCall, but we were doing waiting for the house to cool down and we needed a break. 
Plus we only had the two little ones with us, so that was nice.
Dad even have me some saying lessons.
He also got Elsie to do some stuff without the tube!!! 👍
When we came home, I tried to make the cupcakes for Elsie's party tomorrow..... And that did not go well 😔
I am hoping it goes better tomorrow morning!!!!!
Her party is tomorrow and I'm not really prepared, but it's gonna happen anyway 😆
It will be cute and fun and if it's not all put together, that will be just fine, as long as Elsie bug has a fun time!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday July 13

Madi left for BYS this morning.
And what she has texted me so far sounds like she is having such a great time!
I was feeling kinda off kilter today....
Like a nervous feeling in my tummy or just felt 'off''.
I also had a headache :(
I did go to gym in hopes of feeling better.
While there I felt really good, but when I got home, I still felt lousy.
I just wanted to lay in bed....but I had too much going on today to do that :)
I took Cassi to swim lessons.
She is doing it with the Morgan is a technique kind of class.
Some teenagers we know that are swim team kids are teaching them.
She is really loving it!
We need to look into some kind of swim team for this next year before she hits high school!
It stayed pretty hot in the house today.
I called to get someone to make an appointment to check it out....but they are all scheduled out until next week.
So I will wait until tomorrow and see if Brent can fix it.....
Port hung out with the Edwards boys all day.
Back and forth between both houses all day :)
Elsie and I went and did some shopping.
We got her a fun birthday dress and found some really cute leggings that were on clearance,
And since she only wears leggings, we had to stock up!
This evening we went with a couple beehives to decorate for another beehives room for her birthday.
Cassi hung out with friends for a bit.
I did get the little ones in bed before 10 tonight!!!!!
(Even the goal was for ME to be in bed by 8!!!)
When i got the little ones to bed, Cassi was a great helper and finished up the dishes and swept and mopped the floors for me.
That was pretty great.
Now I need sleep (in my 85 degree bedroom).....and I am sure I will wake up feeling better tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday July 12

Port had his scouts day camp today!
He has been so excited and it did not disappoint!
It was a bit hot and the boys were exhausted by then end, but he loved it!
I did a step class at the gym today.
It was fun.
I have never done step and I really liked it :)
Then Cassi had swimming.
And I left to BSU to help serve food at BYS.
We got the stuff all ready, served them food and then got it all cleaned up.
By the time I got home, it was time for Port to come home.
Luckily, I had arranged a ride for him home, because I would have been a bit late.
While I was gone, the Morgan kids came over and hung out.
Sounds (and looks) like they had a lot of fun.
I made dinner and realized it was really hot in the house and the air had been on constantly.....
Well, it appears that something is wrong, because the conditioner outside is not running.
I talked with Dad and he tried to walk me through stuff.
I told him we can just wait until he gets home.
We can do one more day.
We DO have air upstairs, so that is good.
And maybe if it cools off a bit tonight, I can open some windows.....
I just like it better when Dad is home!!!!
Not just to fix things when they go wrong....but I just like having him around!
We had mutual tonight.
It was combined YW/YM and they played slip and slide kickball.
They all had a fun time.
Port was out there playing too.
Elsie and I sat in chairs and chatted with the ladies :)