Monday, February 28, 2022

Monday February 28

Port stayed home because he has quite a runny nose. 
And cass rested and slept a lot today. 
She’s doing okay. 
Probably overdid it this morning. 
Elsie has basketball after school, which she is absolutely loving. 
I got a lot of laundry done today. 
But it was kinda a lousy day. 
Just one of those down in the dumps days I guess. 
It will be a better day tomorrow. 
Winnie pictures always make me happy though. 
I just love that baby so much!


Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sunday February 27

Winnie pictures today are especially cute 💗
That baby!
I’m just 100% completely obsessed with her 😂😂
Cassi woke up pretty dang sore. 
Hurting all over her body. 
She stayed home from church. 
The rest of us had a nice day. 
I did bring port home after sacrament because he had a pretty runny nose. 
I think I need to get him in for allergy testing!!!
We mostly chilled that. 
I made PB bars. 
Bubble and Eldon address letting dad borrow their truck so he can go to with and I can still have a car here. 
They are so great 💗
This evening we did some Come Follow Me.
And got to bed at a good time. 
I am waiting to go pick up the Morgans from the airport.
They get back from Mexico tonight.
They are gonna be cold here 😂😂 


Saturday, February 26, 2022

Friday February 25-Saturday February 26

We had a fun weekend in Donnelly this weekend. 
Poor cassi has a pretty bad wreck while skiing!
She’s okay. 
 She does have a little concussion….
 No fractures. 
We will get an mri in a week if it still hurts to check the ligaments (on the shoulder she just had surgery on 🤦🏼‍♀️)
She keeps things hopping!!!


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Thursday February 24

Man oh man, I feel exhausted!
Going to bed early!
Highlights of the day….
Every picture I got from Madi of sweet Winners ❤️
I FaceTimed her today and her sweet smiles make me so happy!
Port did demo again for a little bit before he went to wrestling. 
He’s made $60 this week, not too shabby. 
This weekend we are going to Tamarack….Friday afternoon and coming home Saturday night. 
We are going with the Lyon family and it should be a fun time ❤️