Thursday, July 29, 2021

Monday July 26

The barn burned down early Monday morning 💔


July 22 - July 24

TREK 2021


July 20

Happy birthday Elsie!!!


Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturday July 17

 So..... It's been a busy week 😬

I did at classes this week and it took all my energy and planning and....I forgot to blog!

The classes were so fun!

I did an 'Idaho field trip'.

Monday- state capital

Tuesday- syringa flower

Wednesday- appaloosa horse

Thursday- Shoshone falls

Friday- the western white pine

It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Then mixed in between art classes, we have been prepping for Trek.

I'll try to be better this week.

It's Elsie's birthday coming up!

And we are driving port to Madi, so he gets to hang with her while the rest of us are at Trek. 

Madi is feeling good.

We are counting down the days!!!!!!!

Excited doesn't even cover how we feel!!!!!!!

We have hung out with friends. 

Cassi went to Lagoon with friends.

We swam with Morgan's.

Swan and ate dinner with the Young's.

Last night, was went to roaring springs with Elsie's friend Carly and her mom.

We are staying busy!!!!

Hopefully I can start remembering to document better!!!

Thanks, Dussy boy, for the push 😉