Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday November 30

After I picked Elsie up from school today, I swung over to Alex's house to pick her up.
We took her home with us, and these girls played all afternoon long.
Alex is such a great friend for Elsie.
She is always looking out for her and encouraging her to try new things.
And Alex loves to be she is great at getting Elsie to venture outdoors.
Which is a hard thing for me to get her to do.
After playing with horses and dolls for a while, we headed outside to play with the puppy.
Alex wanted to make sure we took a blanket with us so that Elsie could sit on it if she needed to.
The girls hopped in the wagon and we went down by the apple trees.
Elsie and Alex giggled the whole time with Mater playing all over them.
They had a fun time.
After a while, I took Mater back to his bed and checked on Porter.
When I got back, Alex was taking Elsie for a ride in the wagon.
So cute.
Then they headed to the tire swing.
Elsie didn't really want to swing, but Alex encouraged her to try it out and she decided it would be fun to do it with Alex.
They had fun on there for a while when I told them I needed to check Port again.
Alex said she would get out so she could give Elsie little pushes.
So sweet.
They are just the best of friends, I love it.

When the girls got home....Madi ran straight inside, changed her clothes and shoes and ran back out to get to work.
What a good kid!
She also made dinner for us tonight.
She made us homemade pizza from scratch.
I am sure liking this Madi Bell.
Think this is a glimpse of what I can look forward to in her teenage years?????
I sure HOPE so :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday November 29

The girls had a big chore to do after school today.
We have a bazillion :) leaves that need to be raked.
The made a few good piles.
But I am sure that this is a job that will take a few days to complete.

Good work girls.
I went and got Madi a used coat today to use for working.
She thinks it is pretty great.
We have been layering her up with sweatshirts and I just didn't think that would work too well once it gets really cold.
You can't beat a good consignment store :)

My boy makes me smile.
Over the last few days he will call out "MOM" or "DAD"...
And when you answer with "What?" he chimes back with an ever so sweet "I love you!"
He does it several times a day.
It makes me happy.
He also tells me that he will "keep me forever" and that "He loved me first".
He is a good boy.
A bit rough and rotten at times......but very sweet :)

I had the chance today to be there for my friend having her baby.
She wanted me to be there to take pictures of him coming into the world.
I am sad to say, he came out so fast, I did not make it in time for the birth.
But I was there shortly after he was born and got to get some sweet moments of Mom and Dad with baby Eli.
Thanks Alesha for allowing me to be there, even though I missed the big moment!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday November 28

After some more hard work today....
We had a little bonfire and made S'mores.
It was a nice night out and we sure had a lot of fun.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday November 27

Elsie has been doing something lately that really just cracks me up.
I wanted to always remember it.
She sticks her little pointer finger up in the air and with much enthusiasm says "I have an idee-A!"
It cracks me up every time.
She will go on to say something like...
'We could decorate for Halloween!'
'We could draw a picture for ___________!!!!'
(She has drawn many pictures for Emmy, Sister Roll, and Alex, but I have yet to send any.  I know....I am bad.  I will be better about it!)
'We could go and count Buffalos!!!!'
And Like I said.....all with very much excitment!!!
It cracks me up.

She got kinda goofy in the video....but you get the idea of how dang cute it is when she says it.
And how fast she can run now :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday November 26

Another hard working day.
We spent the first part of the morning cutting up wood logs into firewood.
The girls were great helpers and they picked up more junk wood for our fire pit.
Then they helped knock off boards from some 4x4's so we could reuse them to build a chicken coop.
Well, that is when Cassi stepped on a nail.
Daddy got her fixed up and she stayed inside while Madi set to work outside with Dad.
While she was out there....she got some tractor driving lessons.
She was having so much fun....and driving it very well too.
She is a good hard worker.
I forgot to mention it...but yesterday, she sorted and folded about 4 loads of laundry, all while doing two other loads of laundry.
Pretty great kid if you ask me!
Thanks Madi for all your help!!!!!

Later on, Cassi was feeling bad that she wasn't helping out.
So she hobbled herself out there and helped while Dad re-shingled the well house.
Then the girls went inside to help take care of the little kids so I could help dad out with the shingles.
Cause I was a little more helpful to him for that kind of task :)

Elsie played most of the day inside.
She doesn't like the cold.
I wish I could figure out a good way to get her to go outside, but I might just have to wait til it gets warmer outside.
Port played pretty nice with her when he woke up from his nap.
I just love this picture.
So sweet.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday November 25

Before we headed out to Pat and Steve's house for our Thanksgiving feast....
My sister Sara' and her little family came to visit.
They were in Nampa for Thanksgiving with Sean's parents.
Then they were heading to Utah for Seth's baby blessing and Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.
So they stopped by on their way out towards Utah
It was fun to see them and show off the new place.
I think the boys had a lot of fun riding all over the place on the 4-wheeler with Madi and Cassi.
These little boys did pretty good at playing with each other.
Port did get pretty hyper....but I blame (big) Sean for that :)
Thanks Sara and fam for stopping by and playing for a bit.

We got to The Young's house and had a yummy Thanksgiving feast.
Seriously so good.
No one left hungry.
Afterwards there were all kinds of fun activities going on.
Kids playing with Lego' playing with farm toys....
Lots of crafts and lots of fun stuff to do together.
Heather had a fun little project for the moms.
She had plates and some vinyl and we made a Christmas decoration.
Mine says 'Oh, Holy Night' with a manger scene on it.
Love it.
Thanks so much Heather.
She also had little tiles and some vinyl with the kids names on it with a little Christmas picture and we put hangers on the back for a little Christmas decoration.
Very cute.
The kids all loved it.
Sue brought a bunch of stickers and papers to make Thanksgiving cards.
Again, the kids just ate it up and had so much fun.
We also started a game called "Would you rather".
And somehow one of the questions led us outside in the freezing cold trying to see if we could jump 8 feet.
I have to was pretty fun for all who was involved :)

We had such a great time and we are so very Thankful for our adoptive Idaho family.
They have just taken us in and made us feel like we belong with their family.
Thanks so much to all the Young's.
You guys are a pretty great family to be a part of!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday November 24

Happy Thanksgiving

We woke up to a beautiful day outside today.
And it stayed really nice all day long....
Nice enough to convince my kids that we needed to go out and do some kid pictures of them.
I know.
They were annoyed with me too.
Oh well.
I am glad I did....
...'cause I got this gem!
Too bad it was the VERY LAST SHOT!!!!!
I told them they should have just done it that way first :)
Just adorable.
We sure love these kiddos.

Madi took charge and set our Thanksgiving table.

We are having a big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow at Pat and Steve's house.
So we decided to make our Thanksgiving feast with Dads famous ribs.
Oh....and they were GOO-OOOD!!!!!!
Anyway...I am sad to say that our fine china consists of the nice square aqua plastic plates.
Sad, I know.
We didn't even have our cups on the table cause those are bright green and red and also plastic :)
Oh well.
That's how we roll.
We also made some fun little napkin sculptures.
And ya......they are made from ripped up fabric :)
Like I said....just how we roll.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday November 23

It's been a nice fun day off.
This morning we went to Pat and Steve's place in Star.
I took some pictures of the whole family that is here for the Holidays.
Then we all had a yummy pizza lunch together and the kids played and played.
Lots of fun activities going on there.......and I didn't take any pictures of them.
Oh well, we will go back Friday for Thanksgiving dinner....I will take lots of pictures then :)
We came home and had a note from Bubbles telling us she was ready to make Turkeys.
She talked to me yesterday and invited us over to make cute little Oreo turkeys with her.
The girls thought that it was just the greatest thing.
And it is so simple....if you have the supplies handy :)

Elsie thought it was pretty fun.
She just sat and ate chocolate chips and malt balls and Oreos :)
And smiled the whole time.

Madi became quite a pro at them.
They really are just super cute.

Cassi's kinda ended up looking like the turkeys that were ready to be plucked and put on your Thanksgiving table :)
They kinda made me laugh......
She did a great job and they tasted just yummy :)

Here are some shots of Dads shop.
He is getting things put together just how he wants them.
He is a happy boy out there.
The little boy thinks it is pretty great in there too.
We need to make him his own little work station out there, cause he is always out there with Dad anyway.

Even the tractor has a home in there.
I guess it is a little piece of heaven for all the boys.
Dad, Port, Mater and Massey......

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday November 22

We are having a family movie night tonight.
Time to unwind and enjoy eachothers company :)

On a side note....I got my Christmas cards today!!!
I am so excited!
They turned out pretty cute.
I also got my 24x30 print of the family.
Can't wait to get it hung up :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday November 21

Lots of pictures posted here....
I just always want to remember how expressive his little faces are.
He makes me laugh.
The big hits of the day were the presents that Emmy sent to Port.
She sent him a little drill set and then a dump truck bird feeder that he and dad put together.
He just thought that was the greatest.
He even took his drill with him to bed for a nap :)
It was a good day.
Happy Birthday Porter.
Love you.