Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wednesday September 30

So today was a weird day for me.
The morning went fine.
The gym, kids school, laundry.
I went and did some shopping...the kids are grieving out of clothes and I never got them new school clothes this year 😳
All that was fine.
But then I got home and man, I could feel a panic attack come on.
I tried to distract myself by looking for something to make for dinner, but it made it even worse.
I found a chicken and rice recipe that I was gonna make, but then I saw that it was with cauliflower rice and my brain COULD NOT figure out how to just use regular rice.
I can see how that sounds silly, but it was just too much.
Cassi asked me to take her to a friend's house so they could go to rugby together.
I took her and still feeling that tight chest, that knot in my stomach... I decided to just pick up some burgers from Jack in the box.
Back at home, I told dad how I was feeling (he's at work).
He called me and talked with me for a bit.
Then I got out my chicken nuggets and noticed one was shaped like a heart.
In that moment I felt a big hug.
It's like heavenly father was telling me, 
"I got you.
Here's a little heart to lift your spirits."
A little tender mercy.
I took the little kids to YM/YW.
Cassi ended up playing varsity but I couldn't go watch because of running the little kids around.
I did have a other but of quiet time.
I watered my lilac bushes.
Ate my almond milk ice cream....
Then picked the kiddos up.
Port and I got in the hot tub for a little bit.
Then Cass was back home.
Poor girl feels like the whole varsity team is mad at her.
They didn't lose, but they did tie.
And she did a good job playing, but she doesn't practice with the varsity team, so she doesn't know all the plays.
The last run she got to the ball before everyone and then laid on the ground to pass it to a teammate, but no one was around.
So the other team got it and made a 'try'.
That's how it ended, in a tie.
Cassi felt so bad because the coach played her over other seasoned varsity players...... So now she feels like they are mad at her.
But I think it's all okay.
She played good and did her best.
I'm still feeling pretty yucky and tight chested this evening....
Maybe sleep is what I need ❤️


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tuesday September 29

Gym, school... The usual morning.
Then Dad and I took Porter and helped a family move in the ward.
Then this evening dad and I went to Cassi's rugby game, while simultaneously attending our ARP meeting 😊
We talked about Step 2, which is Hope.
Cassi played great.... And didn't get hurt ❤️


Monday September 28

Elsie decided to do school in her Christmas jammies 😂
I decided to plant my lilacs today.
I planted 24 lilac starts all along the pasture fence.
I'm exited to see how they look in a couple years ❤️
Then in the evening, after Cassi's rugby practice, we went and did a little fishing.
It was a beautiful night with great sunset views.


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday September 27

We got to attend church in the church building today.
It was odd and so nice all at the same time :)
I can't believe it has been so long since we have been to the church building!!!!
We had testimony meeting, which was a bit strange for people I am sure because they were being recorded and broadcasted for the other ward member's who weren't at the building this week.
But they were great testimonies shared.
We stayed after and helped clean the chapel.
Then I got set apart for my new calling.
It was a great blessing.....I was told to step out in the unknown and I will be shown the light.
I was told to use my talents and that more unknown talents will unfold.....
I am excited for what this calling could be.
I told brother Harker that I am equally excited and terrified!!!!!
Back at home, we had lunch and did Come Follow Me until Dad left for a meeting.
Then while he was gone, we had quiet time and also I worked on brainstorming for my calling.
Cassi and I made some zucchini bread to take to some friends.
Dad made a really yummy beef stew for dinner.
He always makes such great food, BUT NEVER WRITES DOWN WHAT HE PUTS IN IT!!!!
So we can never recreate it!
Oh least we can enjoy it once :)
This evening we watched Enola Holmes and then got the kids to bed too late!!!!!
Madi and Logan went waterfall hopping today, looks like they had a fun time.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Saturday September 26

That was filled with rugby games and bike riding and celebrating!!!!

Cassi did awesome in her games today.

She gets to be the kicker now and it was her first time today.

She did a great job!

Then Vern Elsie and I went bike riding.... And Elsie finished her 150 miles!

And she was celebrated by bubble make a cookie cake and Vern giving her a crown and sash.

Man, we have the best people around us!!!

But we are SO PROUD of Elsie for making this goal and hitting it!!!

She really rocked it!

And hopefully we can keep it as a good habit and keep up the riding 😊

Dad and I went on a date tonight.

We are at iZumi and word by Trader Joe's for dessert then watched a movie in the hot tub.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday September 25

The sunrise was beautiful this morning when I left the gym ❤️
I got home, got the little kids on their classes.
Cassi had already left for school.
Then I had a dermatologist appointment.
Everything went good there 👍🏻
Then I ran some errands....I messed up on an amazing return and returned something using the wrong code... So I went to Kohl's to try and figure it out 😁
And while I'm at Kohl's, I mean it's like I have no choice...I have to go to hobby lobby!
Back at home I worked on laundry and homework with the kids.
I feel like I did get a lot done today... Now I'm ready for bed!
It's raining outside right now.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thursday September 24

The gym, kids school, clean up house, talk with neighbors..... Bike rides.
That was pretty much today.
Oh and Elsie had Carley over to hang out after her school stuff was done.
Sounds like been rented the house next to her and we will have new neighbors next week.
Kind of exciting.
And they have kids almost our kids exact ages!
I'm gonna help Vern tomorrow with some last minute prep stuff at the house.
I also have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow.
I've never been, and I'm pretty nervous!!!!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wednesday September 23

After the gym.... It was tomatoes all day for me.
I picked another there baskets full.
Diced them all up and got 14 jars canned today.
It died feel good to preserve all the food we grew!
After Port got school stuff, and between classes, Port helped dad out.
They wired a light into the wellhouse and also put walls up inside.
It was just insulation before.
So that's nice to have done.
Elsie rode two miles today.
We snuck that in today with Vern.
Only 6 more miles left!!!
Tonight, all the kids had YW/YM.... But not me and dad!
So we had our own little date night.... Giving dad a haircut and watching TV.
Then when they got home, we all got in the hot tub (except Elsie) for a little bit.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Monday September 21-Tuesday September 22

That forgot to blog last night!!!
But today and yesterday were pretty similar because I send to can tomatoes all day!!!!
Yesterday we went to Cassi's rugby games.
And today I got to go to lunch with one of my favorite people ❤️
I'm so thankful when I get to get together with Jenni.
She will be my friend forever, for sure.
It was so nice to be able to take some time just to sit and talk.
Need to do it more often!!!
I love that girl!
Dad worked today...a swap from Saturday so he could go to the temple.
So after lunch with Jenni, I stopped by and saw him ❤️
This evening I had our ARP meeting.
Dad want about to get on for the zoom call, which was a bummer.
But I'm excited to see him in the morning 😊


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday September 20

Well, it sure was fun having Madi and Logan here the last few days.
They stayed the morning and we had online church together.
Then we said goodbye to them after lunch.
They are back in Oregon now, safe and sound.
I am so thankful for this weekend and the opportunity we had to be back inside the temple.
Now we start a new week and I have all the 'big stuff' off my plate now.
Time to relax :)
Just kidding.
Still have kids homeschooling and I need to can a LOT of tomatoes tomorrow!!!!
Lots to do!!!


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday September 19

It was such a wonderful day.
It has been a pretty cool experience to be able to enjoy and celebrate all of their marriage celebrations separately!
Today Madi and Logan were sealed for time and all eternity.
It was so special to be there with them.
They make such a great couple and I am so happy for them to be sealed forever now.
We had a little party/get-together afterwards with our neighbors and friends.
I am just so thankful for the tribe we get to surround ourselves with!
There are more pictures....but these are what I am posting today....probably more tomorrow :)


Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday September 18

I went for a run today, I haven't ran in a few days, it was nice to get out 
I got really good time, but man, it was bad outside!!!!
So gloomy and smoky and yucky!!!
I took Madi to a dr appt today.
She has actually been quite nauseas and throwing up the last almost 2 weeks.
They did a pregnancy test... Negative.
Which we knew.
So they are don't some blood work.
I told may that her body just hates her!!!
Poor girl.
She's been able to keep a little bit in her tummy today.
More than the usual crackers that have been her diet.
Hopefully we can get it figured out and find out how to help her!
Poor girl.
We also went grocery shopping and she bright back a paper bag and made a mask for Elsie 😁
Cassi and Porter mowed the lawn and weed eated....
This evening, Madi and Logan went on a date for dinner and mini golf and then ended up at the humane society.
....AND now they have a cat.
He is really sweet.
And a really beautiful cat too.
So soft and a beautiful color.
I am not a huge cat fan, but Madi has always loved cats.
So I'm happy for her.
Logan loves the little guy too.
He's a 2 year old, really good cat and potty trained.
I guess he was a lost cat that ended up at the shelter.
I'm sad for whatever family lost him, because he seems like he was loved.
And now he's gonna be soiled rotten 😂


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thursday September 17

Oh it was such a special day.
I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to go with Madi to the temple for her first time.
It was a bit strange...
Being the only ones in there besides the temple worker's!
And all the precautions taken because of Covid.
It was so special.
Special because we were with Madi of course! 
But also, since it has been so long since we have been inside the temple.... 
It was so special to be able to be back in there ❤️
To feel the peace.
To feel the love.
To take the time to slow down and feel the spirit.
So grateful.
We had some very special friends that were able to join us there as well.
Dad to not have our family members there with us.
But we were only allotted a certain amount of people, and we have too many family members!!!!!
But we are grateful we could will have our Idaho family with us ❤️
We were missing some key people, the Terry's and the Hall's.
But we know that would have loved to be there if they could!
We got back home and picked up the rest of the family and we headed out to dinner.
We went to PF Chang's.
Everyone had a great time.
I'm so thankful for these few days we get to all be back together ❤️
Feeling really really blessed!