Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beautiful Lengths

My little sister Rachel cut her hair for Locks or love a little while ago. When we told Madi what it is all about she wanted to donate her hair. But for locks of love you have to have 10 we were going to wait until after the summer and hopefully grow a little more...
Then while watching Oprah yesterday she had the great american haircut...well, we learned that when you donate to Pantenes Beautiful Lengths, they only need 8 inches...which is just what Madi had! So she was very excited! So we woke up this morning and headed off to get her hair cut! Doesn't she look beautiful!!!
She was alittle nervous at first...she kept asking me why I wasn't cutting my hair...I told her it was because I didn't look as cute with short hair as she does...she said "Mom you look exactly like me, of course you would look cute with short hair!" Well, she didn't talk me into it. But I love her haircut! She was also a little nervous when her stylist had white and pink hair. But she made Madi feel very comfortable and you could just see Madi's face glowing as she saw how her haircut was going to look.
I am very proud of Madi. She is very excited that her hair will be a part of a wig for someone who needs it. You takes about 6 ponytails to make a get cutting!

Chocolate Strawberries!

Last night we dipped strawberries into chocolate!!! MMM...
The girls had a lot of fun...
The strawberries were so big so I cut them in half so it would be easier for them to handle.

Don't they look hard to resist???
Despite how they look, they were very yummy!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Madi has been waiting for a long time for this day!!!
After many friends, cousins and even her little sister have all lost teeth before poor little Madi...she finally got her day!
It took her adult tooth to finally start coming in to push that little one could see her two layers...which we called her shark teeth.
Anyway, yesterday she felt brave, then not so brave, then brave, then not so brave...and over and over again...we tied it to the doorknob...chickened out...we tied it to the she would just have to push the button and it would twist it out...chickened out...we tried tying her to Elsie's walker and let Elsie go...she chickened out...finally she decided that maybe she would rather wait until the next day to pull it out. So Dad started to take the string off her tooth...and guess what...the tooth came out...
She was very excited, a little concerned with all the blood, but very excited to put it under her pillow in her little tooth pillow that she got from our friend...thanks Denae!
Now Madi doesn't feel like the only person in the world who hasn't lost a tooth yet!

Madi's shark teeth
Really loose!
Pushing out with her tounge
Bloody mess!

Her tooth pillow that is shaped like a ooth and she puts her tooth in the pillow on the cute!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Triplet pictures

Oh it just gets harder and harder, and funnier and funnier to take these babies pictures together!!! The one of them all they are SCREAMING! But at least there is one together! Too bad we didn't get their faces...but this is cute anyway!

Here is a pict that I took of my cute Mom and Dad,
and then one of my beautiful little sister.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More fun in Utah

We stayed with my sister Steph and her family while we were in Utah...and did a lot of fun stuff there too!!! These four girls are a lot of trouble...while Steph, Rachel, and I were downstairs taking picts of the triplets (which will be posted later) these girls were outside, and they were so quiet for so long...finally when we went outside what we saw was a muddy mess...they were making butterfly houses out of mud, sticks, Elmer's glue...and really anything that wasn't nailed down! Where did the mud come from...the Dads who were inside said the kids just kept coming in and asking for more drinks of water..."We just thought they were really thirsty"
So at lunch time they weren't allowed in the house...they were a mess...this picture does not do them justice!!!
After that we were on our way to the park to fly kites and feed the ducks...a fun time had by all I think!

Holding the bread to feed the ducks
...we ended up having more than enough...considering the ducks had apparently already been fed all day every day for the past week! (They weren't very hungry!)

You can see where most of Elsie's bread landed...on the ground right in front of her!
Cassi, 'just wanted to touch the water' BBQ time

Oh my goodness, just look at her coated in dirt!!! Oh well, extra nutrients, right?
Thanks Steph and Bruce for putting us up for a couple days! You really are great hosts! Love ya!