Monday, July 28, 2008

'Ode to Grandpa

Time for another haircut for Dad. We (mostly me) thought it would be fun to see what Dad would look like with Grandpas haircut...the girls got a kick out of it!

Here is also a shot of Elsie chillin' on the tramp...I know...bad lighting...but I thought the hair was too funny!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another great day

So we had another fun day. First we went to Lowes for another Build and Grow project. They had a lot of fun. Then we took our camper out to our great friends Pat and Steve who are so great to keep it in storage for us...and ended up staying there for the bulk of the afternoon. Our great friends the Young and the Lucas families were there and the girls spent their time riding 4-wheelers, playing with bunnies, eating pizza and having a great time with friends. The Moms even got to get away to the Star flea market, which was fun. We didn't mean to stay so long, which is obvious because if we had I would have brought my camera! But thanks guys for letting us intrude. It is so great to have been 'adopted' by such great people since our families are so far away!
Then we came home and had some quiet (nap) time...then we pulled out the sprinklers and watermelon which always makes for a great time!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Full of Energy

This girl is always full of energy! This was after we went out to eat and we were all pretty tired...Cassi wanted to jump through the she did...gotta wear her out for bed. I am sure she will sleep good.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My blog book

So here is our 'Family Yearbook'. I am so happy with how it turned out and I can't wait to make more year after year! The cover is Padded and Printed on the had the option of a book cover or printed on the book...I hate book covers, so I chose to do it this way....I love it! I thought maybe it was kinda cheesy for me to put the pictures I did on the front and back...but I thought it was a cute idea...and those who have seen it said it wasn't if you think it is cheesy...too bad! Anyway...I did it at and you download the blurb booksmart. It is very easy from will ask you where to get the picts from, you choose blogger, or whatever, and then I like to place the pictures in myself, but it can feed it all in for you...but it messes it up for me, so I do it myself. It is time consuming, but so worth all the time I spent on it. I wish you could see in person how great it is! Also, a fun little part that I did...I had my own handwriting made into a font, and that is what I used for the font in the book. So it turned out very 'journal-like'. Anyway, I highly recommend people doing this. You can make any kind of books you want...they don't have to be from your blog. Very cool! The book is 10x8 size. (I kinda wish I would have done the bigger size, but this is great anyway) And it is almost 80 pages long, and the whole thing to ship and stuff (with the promo code I found) was right around $40...not bad for your family memories put on hard copy instead of just in cyber-space!!!
(back of cover)
Here are a couple pages from the inside.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sage Hen Reservoir

We went camping this weekend with our great friends the Young's. They chose a beautiful spot about a 1 1/2 hours away at Sage Hen Reservoir. It was so beautiful and just the perfect weekend to go. We left Sunday after church, and I have to say the drive there was involved some throwing up, trailer breaks not working like they should, and the truck dieing here and there...but we made it there in one piece. And what a beautiful spot it was! We got out and got everything set up and the girls did some exploring. We were camped right by a huge rock that the girls spent a lot of time rock climbing. We made yummy tin-foil dinners and then went down to the reservoir to check it out. Then went back to the camp and had some cupcakes for Elsie's birthday. The girls had fun chopping wood and playing with their best friends. The next morning after breakfast and some exploring...they collected pine-cones and painted them pretty colors. Then they went back to their favorite rock...but his time the Dads got things got more technical with ropes and ties and cool knots...they had a lot of fun! Then to the reservoir for some swimming and picnic lunch. We found a good spot and it even had a rope-swing! The girls were very brave and took turns jumping from the rope. The dads had fun jumping in after the ducks that would swim really close to us...boys...seriously! Back to camp to get dried and dressed. We went for a really beautiful nature is such a beautiful area...we went back to camp, made some dinner, played around with new-found friends, the caterpillars...(poor little things.) We had some s'mores, and just a great time with great friends. That night a huge lighting and thunder storm rolled in...thank goodness for camper trailers!!! We headed home the next morning after breakfast and after packing up all our dripping wet stuff. Can't wait to go camping again. Madi came home with a fever and headache...but seems to be kicking it pretty my exciting day today will consist of lots of laundry and many cartoons. We really did have such a great time. It is so great being a family!!!

The girls on their big rock

Playing in the water

Happy Birthday Elsie!

Elsie and her buddy Braelyn

Chopping the wood

Don't you love Cassi's face!

Yes...all girls...we are missing baby Hallie in this picture

Painting the pine-cones

I think I say 'Look at my nose' too often...she seems to touch her nose every time I go to take her picture!
Madi climbing up
Cassi climbing up
Cassi down
And Madi down

Good swing Madi
Go for it Cass!

So pretty!
Feeding the ducks bread
Elsie...making the sign for duck
Nature walk

Goofy girl...she thought this was pretty funny to do!
Kara taking Elsie for a walk...she loves it!
Those poor caterpillars!
Elsie...making the sign for Fire
On a walk with Madi
The girls rock
So I decided that this is my last I will suck it up and be in pictures...I feel kinda bad that I can't find any pictures of me preggo with Madi or as much as I hated it...I asked Madi to take a pict of Brent and I!
Throwing the Ax into the tree...see the orange thing in the air...that is the ax.
Madi wanted to take more here is one of Elsie and I My three girlies! So fun!

So I am not going to apologize for all the pictures...because I finally finished my family yearbook that I made for last years blog and I am so happy I posted so many made the book so much better! So I am glad to post a lot of pictures...and I will show you the book soon too...turned out very cool!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Elsie Rose

I can't believe my baby girl is two. I know every Mom would say this about your kid...there is just something special about Elsie and I think that anyone who has met her...or just come in contact with her, can tell that. This little one started out life pretty rough. She was very colicky for the first 4 months of her life, which made it very hard for everyone in the family. But now we know why things were so bad for her. Due to her Mild CP, we now know that her muscles in her mouth were just not strong enough to eat, and the muscles in her body had no way of controlling themselves, so she was very uncomfortable for the first little while.
But man, she went from the saddest baby you ever met, to the smiliest happiest little girl in the world. Elsie waves and smiles to anyone she sees. She makes friends every day in the stores or anywhere we are. Her smile is contagious, and you can't help but smile back. She has such love for life. This little girl has such a special spirit. It chokes me up to think about it. I have never seen someone so little, with the struggles she deals with, have such determination and patience. She has made leaps and bounds since last year. I remember last year for her birthday she could barely sit up and we were still trying to figure out why it was so hard for her to control her body. She has made such great progress and I owe that to her amazing therapists, who also think she is pretty special. Anyway, Elsie is the sunshine in our lives. She is so eager to see everyone in the morning, goes crazy for Dad when he gets back from shift. We couldn't live our lives without this little one. Happy Birthday Elsie Rose, Cricket, our little sunshine!

So big!
It was past 8:00 last night when we took these, and she was so tired and giddy...she thought Daddy was the funniest guy in the world...which he is...but even funnier than normal!
She loves that Dad of hers!