Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday November 30

I felt a bit better this morning.
Cassi woke up not feelin good, so she went back to bed.
But then went back to school after lunch.
She just needed to get some sleep.
Dad fixed the tree and made a new stand.
So I got that all put back together.
Then I took a shower and that was nice.
I felt like a real human :)
Then Sherrie called and asked if we wanted to go out to the movies tonight.
So we did.
It was nice to get out and a movie isn't hard to do :)
We went and saw Robin Hood.
Madi hung out with the kids at home.
She had Elsie and Porter, Koy, Titan and Everly and then Kyra and Cannon.
We have the Morgans here tonight.
Paul and Stacia get home tomorrow....we have them tonight so they don't need to pay the babysitter for another night.
And our kids get to have a fun sleepover.

Madi got Eves to sleep......and she had many awkward sleeping positions :)
Love that girl!!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday November 29

Well, I was worthless today.
Didn't get anything done.
I still felt lousy this morning.
I got the kids off to school and went back to bed.
I didn't wake up until 1:00!!!!!!
I guess I needed sleep!
I thought I could at least put stuff on the tree.
I kept hearing a creaking sound......and then.....plop.
The tree fell over!
One of the legs on the tree holder busted.
So......I started taking ornaments off.
Dad will help out with a new stand tomorrow.
I did actually make some dinner for the kids, which I didn't do yesterday :)
I made some homemade mac and cheese....but only because I didn't have the easy stuff.
I am heading off to bed now, hoping more sleep with help me magically wake up feeling good.
It could be worse.
The other Beehive leader that was with me at our activity Tuesday night is also feeling sick, but she is throwing up.
At least I am not doing that!
But I am only living on rice chex at the moment...….
Porter rode the bus home from school today, his first time ever!!!!
He is pretty excited about it.
Porter was very entertaining today....
He made a robot with a dish scrubber......and also dressed up like karate kid when he found a couple red Christmas ribbons :)
Kid cracks me up!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wednesdsay November 28

I helped in the office this morning and got things going on Porter's bus stop.
There used to be a bus pickup at the end of Mary lane.
But since Cassi was in elementary, there hasn't been anyone to pick up.
Well, with the weather staring to turn cold...the boys might not want to keep biking to school very much longer!
So I got it set up for him to ride the bus :)
I ran to Hobby Lobby for a few things.
The rest of my day was spent finishing up our Christmas cards and getting them ordered.
I have spent way too much time on these but I think they turned out kind of fun.
We will see when I get the cards if they turned out how I want....
I also put up some more decorations.
Madi worked.
Cassi spent time playing guitar and she is really wanting to try and start teaching guitar lessons!
Which would work our perfect to do when the art studio is done downstairs.
Art/music studio!!!!
Cannon came over after school and the boys stayed busy with inventions and messes...…..
Madi got a stack of magazines from the neighbors to do an art project with.
Elsie spent a lot of time going through them and ready articles out of them.
She read to Madi when she got home from work :)
I kind of started feeling kind of lousy this evening...….maybe something I ate.
So I am looking forward to some sleep!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tuesday November 27

I had a rough time sleeping last night.
So once I sent the kids off to school, I took a quick little nap :)
Then I went for a run when I woke up.
Dad and I met up with Drew and Heather for lunch today.
That was fun,.
It doesn't happen often enough!!!!!
After lunch, we went grocery shopping!
Poor kids had lousy lunches today because I had nothing fresh to pack for them!!!!!!
But now we are all stocked up on veggies!
We got home and got groceries put away just in time for the kiddos to get home.
Today turned into a crazy day.....
Scouts and YW got changed to today instead of tomorrow.
So I took Elsie and Porter to piano.
Picked Porter up and took him to scouts.
Went back and picked up Elsie.
Took her home.
I stopped at Vern's for a minute to get a run down on the animal care instructions we have for the next few days while they are in Florida.
Left again to pick Porter up from scouts and took him to basketball.
Picked up Avery on the way hoe for mutual.
We left for mutual at 6:30.
Dad was I charge of getting Porter picked up from basketball.
It was a crazy runaround afternoon!
Plus it has been wet and rainy!
For YW, we were combined with the YM and we went to DI for service.
We had groups of kids putting together Christmas trees.
We had groups of kids sorting toys, other's going through clothes making sure they were in the right sizes and color spots.
I think all the youth had a good time and I think we were at least a little helpful to the workers there :)
It was funny, I put Elsie in a group with me, and she turned and told me she didn't want to be in my group :(
Silly goose!
She knows she is growing up and doesn't always want her mommy around!
It is probably better that way, she might behave better than she would for me :)

Monday, November 26, 2018

Monday November 26

I got the lights on the tree after I went for a run.
I told the kids I would have that done so we could put on ornaments for FHE tonight :)
Putting on lights always takes longer than I think it will...…
But I just can't bring myself to buy a new pre-lit tree.
Plus, I feel like people with pre-lit trees always have some kind of problem with them anyway :)
Well, I got a shower and then went and picked Elsie up from school for Speech and PT.
Dad worked out in the shop.
He is working to replace his garage door opener mechanism out there.
Elsie was great at Speech and PT.
While I was gone Cassi did a good job cleaning the kitchen and also recorded some songs.
She is making more of an effort to play her guitar, play the piano and sing.
I love it.
We came home and dad made tacos for dinner.
Madi came home from work....Porter left for Basketball.
Finally at 7:30, we were ALL home!
So we put on the picture ornaments from the past years.
I still have stuff to add to the tree.
But, it always makes me happy :)
Madi got to put the star on this year.
We decided that next year we need to make sure to put the tree up during Thanksgiving break while Madi is home from college, so she can be a part of the decorating!
So crazy to think about how soon that will be!!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday November 25

We had a nice Sunday today.
The three youngest went to choir.
Got to church.
Things went good until Elsie figured out that Sierra wasn't there, then she didn't want to go to class.
We tried to explain to her that it was silly, she goes to school without Sierra
Anyway....a meltdown ensued and I ended up taking her home.
She thrives on routine......and having the weird sleep schedule and no real routine the last few days played a big part.
But it was still pretty silly for her to act like that.
I went back and picked up Dad and brought him home to hang with her.
I had planned to leave her home alone, but she was throwing stuff and hitting stuff and I didn't feel good about leaving her alone for an hour and a half.
So I went back for YW.
I really enjoyed the lesson Sister Beaufort taught the Beehives.
She talked about how we can find solutions to our problems.
One of the girls told us about a talk she listened to at 'Time out for Girls'.
She said that she learned that cows, when they see a storm coming, they run away.
But they don't run fast and the storm catches up with them and follows them, making then stay in the storm for a long time.
But Buffalo, yes BUFFALO, they see the storm coming and they head right towards it.
They run through the storm and make it out on the other end faster.
I totally love that, not only because it is about buffalo, but what it teaches.
We can't run away when things get hard.
We use all the tools we have (prayer, strength, parents, leaders, etc) and we run head on towards the storm heading our way.
I told Elsie about it.
I asked her how that could apply to how her day went.
Yes, it stinks that Sierra wasn't there.
BUT, instead of not going to class, she could have gone and had a great time with her other friends and had the great lesson in YW.
Anyway....I just loved it.
Dad made some great country fried steak for dinner, with our recently butchered cow :)
Then we put the Christmas tree together.
I will put lights on while they are at school, then we will decorate for FHE :)

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday November 24

The kids got their laundry put away.
We got some house work done.
Madi worked.
Dad and Porter went to the feed store to get stuff for the animals.
Cassi went with some friends to the basketball game, and that's what Madi did when she got work.
Port and Elsie went to Gus and Lucia's house.
Then Dad and I had our own little date night here at home, since everyone was gone out of the house.
We ate leftovers for dinner and sat on the couch and watched TV :)
Not an overly exciting day, and I am okay with that.
I am ready to get back to the normal routine thought!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Friday November 23 (add pictures of kiddos with Emmy)

I kind of want to sleep for a week!!!!
I am so tired!
It is probably from eating too much food and pies!!!!!!
Today I did get a run.
Emmy headed for home a little after 12.
It was so fun having her here :)
We will be missing her now that she is gone!
I took Elsie to her friend, Malia's, house for a while.
Port had Max and Graham over.
Madi worked.
Cassi cleaned her room and upstairs because she wanted friends over.....which is what is going on now.
All the friends are upstairs and these little ones need to get to bed :)
I finished painting the basement walls.
Hopefully we can get the floors painted soon and the tables made.
Port and I decided to take a break on the 1000 piece puzzle.
We were doing it less and less because it wasn't as fun.....when you aren't very successful with finding pieces!
Plus, he got some fun new puzzles for his birthday.....
So we took the bear one apart in big chunks and we will give it a try another time :)
We will stick with 500 piece puzzles for now!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thursday November 22

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
We all slept in and took it kind of easy today.
I got the ham in the oven.
Port did some pillow stacking on the couch and then it turned into a mile high fort :)
I wanted to take some more senior pictures of Madi and also some pictures of the kiddos.
I thought I had a few more pictures left on my film camera, so I wanted to get one of each of the kids.
So we went downtown Meridian.
The weather was pretty nice.
And then it started raining on us :)
We even got some hail!
But it wasn't for very long.
So got some cute pictures....but only ended up getting a picture of Porter with the film camera before I finished up the roll :)
Oh well, gotta try it again with another roll!
I am excited to get it developed!!!!!
Well, I really want to develop it myself....but I need to get some gear for it first.
Anyway, we got home and the ham was ready.
We loaded up the pies and ham and headed to the fire station.
Porter also made sure to get his Boise fire shirt and hat on before we left.
There was a good turnout of people for our Thanksgiving feast.
We had a fun time.
When we got home, Emmy and Porter put away the giant fort and then we watched a Christmas movie on Netflix.
Bring on all the Christmas movies now!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday November 21 (add pictures)

Happy 10th birthday to my baby boy ❤️
This boy brings me so much joy!
Ya, he's a bit of a Mama's boy and I have no problem with that!
'm so excited to see what he becomes.
Porter is a thinker.
He asks good questions and always wants to know more.
He's creative, inventive, and curious.
He's good at figuring out how things work.
He's a hard worker and has the most fun when he's working with his dad.
I love this boy and I'm so thankful he was sent to our family.
We woke up and got ready then headed to The Griddle for breakfast.
That was a lot of fun.
The we watched Everly, Koy and Titan for a little bit.
Got working on making more pies and stuff for the dinner.
Then we watched a movie, Alpha, and Max and Graham watched it with us as well.
After the movie we finished getting food ready.
We ate our Thanksgiving dinner about 5.
It all turned out pretty perfect.
After dinner we went to the movie theatre and watched "Ralph Wrecks the Internet".
It was so good!
Then we came home and ate pie.
I think Port had a pretty fun birthday.
It was nice of him to share his day with celebrating Thanksgiving too :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday November 20 (add pictures)

Today we have been waiting for Emmy to show up!
The day started with a little playdate with Trent and Sierra, and the Edwards boys.
Dad moved Port's shelf that we made YEARS ago in to his room.
It was in the basement bedroom.
It looks really good in there and helps his room look a bit more organized.
Got some laundry done and last minute house cleaning.
Emmy got here about 3.
We hung out for s bit.
 Then Elsie, Emmy and I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving stuff.
When we got home, Dad had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.
And then Emmy and I got started on the pie prep.
And that took the rest of the night.
Madi and Cassi both went to a movie with their friends.
They should be home soon.....
Tomorrow is my baby boys birthday :)
Can't believe he will be double digits!!!!!
I think we will have a fun day!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday November 19

So dad got to get s overtime shift today.
Which worked out pretty good.
Got the little ones rooms really cleaned out and went through clothes to donate, or give to younger friends :)
That took a big chunk of the morning.
Also worked on laundry in between helping them.
I would set my timer for 10 minutes and rotate between Elsie and Porter and every once in a while I would check on the laundry :)
Worked out great.
Guess what?!?!?
No meltdown fits from Elsie this morning.
She said, Maybe I am growing up :)
Which I am totally on board with!!!!!!!!!
Then Madi went to work and I took Cassi to her Ortho appointment.
She thought she would get them off next month......but found out she in fact has two more left.
There is one tooth that they are waiting on.
She was really bummed!
But her teeth are looking so good and when they do come off, that will be an exciting day!!!!
I got a little run in and then showered.
Then I remembered that Elsie had speech therapy today!!!!!
It worked out good because we were only 5 minutes late.
These days with no school really mess up my schedule!
Elsie and I stopped by Target for a couple things on the way home.
But lucky us, it was rush hour, so we took about an hour to get home.
Got home and then took Cassi to her friends house.
Madi got home a little after 6:30 and then I went and got some basic grocery shopping done.
Port had been at the Edwards all day from when he left at 11 a.m.
So they had a fun filled day,
The Edwards boys came over for a little bit, like 8-9:15 this evening.
And I just got the little ones to bed.
Madi went to a Friends-giving party, a breakfast for dinner kind of thing.
So I am waiting for the big girls to get home.
A couple nights ago, Port and I finished reading his little youth reader Book of Mormon and he decided now he wants to read from the real Book Of Mormon.
So the last couple of nights, we have only read a couple chapters, but have already had some fun discussions.
He is a smart boy with some really good, and hard, questions.
He helps me to learn and grow right along with him.
It has definitely been something I have been very thankful for.
I look forward to the Come, Follow me in home curriculum.
I look forward to having time set aside to have the same kind of discussions and questions from all the members of our family ❤

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday November 18

I had to wake up early and go to ward council since Stacia is out of town.
There was a lot of discussion about how to implement the new 'Come, follow me' curriculum.
When I got home, everyone was in a great mood, people were ready for church and it was very pleasant to be home :)
That was all because of dad!!!!
The youngest three went to choir and then we all went to church.
Today was our ward conference.
Bishop Keller spoke and I really enjoyed his talk.
He talked about the story of Moroni fortifying the city, preparing for the war.
Being ready for what comes.
Then be compared that to the recent changes to the church be taught in a home centered, church supported way.
This is how we can 'fortify' our cities.
Build up the walls and prepare for what is going to happen.
We have no idea what is to come, but if we listen to the Prophet, we don't need to worry.
He of course said it much better than me.....I just really enjoyed it.
Then in Sunday school we talked about Jeremiah and how he was as an "Iron pillar" who had great strength in adversity and would not bend or break.
We talked about being faithful in times of adversity and opposition...….
Again, that goes back to what Bishop Keller said about fortifying ourselves.
You better believe we are gonna fortify ourselves with iron and brass so we can't bend or break!!!!!
For YW, we combined with the YM and had some stake leaders speak to us.
The first guy showed a cool video that shows America and then the timeline of when temples have been built.
It is a very cool video because at first it goes pretty slow, the years go by with a temple here and a temple there...…
But then the last few years they just kept popping up and it was pretty cool.
Pretty exciting!
Things are moving quickly and the adversary is gonna do anything he can to break us!
Again, we have to be ready and listen to the guidance that we have received from our Prophet.
And the last guy had a fun analogy of the drive from here to salt lake, and how that is a straight line.
Quickest way there, straight line.
He compared it to the tree of life and iron rod (hey look, there's the IRON again :)
And how on the road of life we have lots of reasons we might take the long way, or get lost, or get distracted or be held up because of an accident not of our fault.
But there is ALWAYS a way to get back on that road.
A U-turn or getting back on the on-ramp.
It's never too late.
Anyway, I really enjoyed everything I heard and learned today.
We had tithing settlement and then we had a yummy dinner that Dad made.
The kiddos did the clean up and sang some songs as they did :)
Then we all sat down and watch Christopher Robin as a family.
It was such a cute movie.
Dad and I have a special place in our hearts for Winnie the Pooh :)
It was a very enjoyable night and a great day!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday November 17

I got a lot of stuff done today....
Woke up and took Cassi to her friends because they went to the game.
Then I ran.
Did some laundry.
Took the Morgan's to the airport.
Painted a little more downstairs in the basement.
More laundry.
Madi worked until 3.
Koy and Titan came over as well as Max and Graham.
They hung out for a while and then we went to the Nielsen's for some dinner.
We had some Brazilian food and played games.
It was a fun night.


Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday November 16

I had a fun brunch this morning with my ministering ladies...
Had 6 little boys here 4 and under :)
It was fun.
Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some Christmas stuff and some stuff for YW.
Then the kiddos came home.
Madi didn't have to work today, so she spent some time painting before she headed out with friends.
Then I took Cassi and her friend, Donovan, to the movies. 
He is the sweetest thing ever!!!!!
Cassi and Donovan met when they had the same teacher in 4th grade.
Immediately a bond was formed.
In 5th grade, it was requested that Cassi be placed in the same class again with Donovan, because she was such a great advocate for him.
Now, both as freshman, they still have that great friendship.
They no longer have classes together, but they see eachother each day and still make time for eachother. 
What seemed at the beginning of their friendship that Cassi was there for him, has transformed to him being the shining spot of her day.
This is a friendship that will never end ❤️
All the boys came home with Porter after school.
They played the Wii, they played outside, they had dinner, then played more outside.
Then we had a little movie night with popcorn.
Such fun boys :)
Elsie and I just hung out with the boys too.....

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thursday November 15

Today I got a lot of painting done!
The basement is slowly transforming!
Fun things happening.....well, fun for me :)
I promise, pictures will happen soon!!!!
Brent got to work a few overtime hours down at the training facility.
But he was home in time for dinner.
Madi had to work, but other than that, there were no crazy run around stuff going on!
It was so great!
I miss those days!
Cassi did go to her friends basketball game and then had a babysitting job.
But when she got home, Bubble and Eldon stopped by with a birthday gift and some cake.
They are just the sweetest!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday November 14

Well, we had a nice evening at our Young Women in Excellence night.
I went and helped set everything up just after noon today.
It all turned out so cute!!!
Madi was asked to talk about earning her YW award, and what it means to her.
She did a fantastic job.
Cassi also shared a song she has been working on.
She also did a great job.
Elsie made a little poster that included pictures of her playing the piano, because that is what she is working on.
We really enjoyed the night and I left being so proud on the girls we are raising.
Not proud as in bad prideful.....but just proud as in thankful.
They really are pretty great girls.
I feel like we have made many mistakes with them.....but we seem to be doing something kind of good :)
They are pretty amazing!

 This is the table that the girls put their projects on.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday November 13

Dad added a couple more can lights downstairs.
It is pretty awesome!
I am excited for what is gonna happen down there!!!!!!
I finished up painting the signs for YW in excellence tomorrow.
I will take pictures and share them tomorrow.
They turned out pretty cute.
I had to leave at 2 to go to a YW meeting.
Dad spent a few hours raking leaves.
We have an insane amount of leaves!!!!
With still LOTS more to drop!
The kids had piano this evening, Porter had basketball.
Dad went in to work a few hours to cover a guy that left.
He will be home sometime tonight.
Port and I went to his pack meeting tonight as well.
He got to pin his bear pin on me since his birthday in next week, and he is moving up :)