Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday June 30

Look at me!!!!
Blogging before 10!
I got the kids in bed earlier....still not as early as I would have liked......
Tomorrow :)
I got a great run in this morning.
I have been dragging lately, and today it finally felt pretty good!
Got home and Joanne came for Speech.
Elsie did a great job with her.
Then Cassi's friend, Carli, came over.
And Port went to Cannon's house, then later they both came back over here :)
The girls played, and Madi slept.
She has been coughing a lot....but no fever.
She has a sore throat/losing her voice and she just feels so tired!
I am wondering if she is having some kind of allergy thing going on?
I don't know.
The same thing happened to me a while ago, and I think it was when my allergies were at the worst.
I just feel bad that she is so tired.
I got started on painting more of the cabinets.
I think they are looking good.
They are definitely taking longer than I thought they would.....
I wish I could just bring a bottle of spray paint in :)
But this is working.
I hope to hear from the counter top guys soon!
I would LOVE to get those counter tops in so I can get my cooktop in!!!!!
That hot plate just doesn't cut it!
After I showered, and Cannon went home, I took all the kiddos to the dollar store.
Cassi and Carli really wanted to go to the dollar store.
I agreed because there was a $5 bookshelf at ReStore that I couldn't fit in the car yesterday with the couch stuffed in there :)
So we went to the dollar store right next to ReStore and I got my bookshelf, and the kids bought a few fun things to play with.
Then on the way home, we stopped off and got some snow cones.
It is just too hot!!!!!
And it is only June!
Ya, end of June.....but still!
How hot is it gonna be in July and August??????
No good!
Sounds like Dad had another crazy night last night.
Some fireworks started a grass fire that started a house on fire and damaged a couple others.
He was up until wee hours of the morning getting that all taken care of.
Then they needed a dive captain today, so he got moved and sounds like he spent the day out on the river (again....that is what he did yesterday too...) helping people who get stuck or hurt etc.....
He said he is so tired!!!!!
And he is hurting, but he is loving it to :)
I keep saying it....getting him back to work is gonna be the best therapy he could have ever gotten!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday June 29

We had a super fun visitor today!!!!!
Sister Roll came to visit!
It was fun to show her around and talk with her.
It's been awhile since we last visited!
I am not sure how many kiddos get to keep in contact with their sunbeam teachers after so many years :)
I am so thankful to her and her love for little Elsie!
I sure could use her in our ward right now!!!!! ;)
I tried all morning to get started on painting the kitchen cabinets!
These kids just would not let me get anything done!
And it was so hot outside, so I couldn't just send them out, I felt bad!
Finally about 12 I got one cabinet painted. 
I think it still needs another coat.
But it is one on the end, so I put some ship-lap looking stuff on the end side of it.
I think it looks good :)
There will be more of that around the kitchen.
So not as much done today as I wanted......but maybe tomorrow.
Madi got the rest of the front rails painted.
I took the picture before she did the last one....but it is done, I promise!
She has done a good job and stuck with it.
I think it was a bigger job than she thought it would be....especially in this heat!
One side done, two more sides to go ;)
After Sister Roll left, I jumped in the shower and then took Elsie to PT.
We drove there and passed a thrift store...and it had our same type of couch for sale.
We were about 10 minutes early, and I was curious.
We have a rip in one of our cushions, and I am worried about having to replace it or all the couches.
So I checked this out....it needs some love and care, but it was $25!!!!!!!
So even if we only use it for a cushion replacement, that is so worth $25!
Anyway, I was excited.
I bought it, but we went back after PT to load it ;)
And it fit!!!!!
I wasn't sure if it would.
The lady who was helping me definitely didn't think it would fit!
Guess I proved her wrong :)
Elsie and also made a Fred Meyer stop.....and I stopped by ReStore again to look for a light for our entry.....
Still nothing.
I have an idea of what I want, but just can't find anything like it.
Guess I will just have to make it :)
So we came home and ate dinner with the kiddos.
Elsie had a rough time going to bed tonight.
She was a little lousy towards the end of PT too.
She seems really worn out.
I hope she isn't getting sick!
Getting to bed at a better time each night would certainly help!!!!!
Why is it so hard????
We will make it an 8:00 bedtime tomorrow for sure!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday June 28

Oh these late night are killing me!
I want to spend an hour writing about today!!!!!
We had the privilege of having a visit from Pres. Fujimoto and Pres. Clark.
It was our ward conference today, and the stake presidency makes visits to families in the ward.
Our family updates have come up a lot the last few months, and we were picked as one of the families to visit.
Pres. Fujimoto just makes me smile.
He always has a smile on his face and he just makes to you happy.
He asked about everything we had going on.
He talked to us about the strength we find in families.
He also talked about how he has seen the lives of many blessed by being able to serve our family.
Isn't that something?
So neat for him to share that with us.
He also told us a story.
He showed us a picture of the Provo Tabernacle on fire in 2010.
And how everyone was sad and didn't understand why this would happen to such a special building.
Then, like 9 months later, we were told it would become a temple.
He asked what we can learn from that.
I think that we may go through rough times, really rough times.
And we may not know why.
Or what the purpose is.
But the Lord knows.
And sometimes we are being prepared for something bigger and better.
But it is important to stay true and close to the Lord.
To not let yourself get discouraged or angry.
And I won't lie, that is hard!
Pres. Clark, who is the Elders Quorum president, also had some words.
He said that what he felt most impressed to share, was that he remembers a lesson that Brent taught months ago about the Prophet Joseph Smith and how Brent's testimony was so strong and he felt it a privilege to be there in that lesson.
He also talked about the inspiration to call a new Home Teacher for our family, just a couple weeks before the accident.
And that it had to be Jason Woodward.
We had gone a couple years without any HT, and to not only have one, but one who went above and beyond what he needed to do for our family.
It is humbling to think that the Lord thinks about our families needs, specifically.
That he sent so many angels to us to guide us through our trials.
I was grateful for that visit.....
I only wish I would have had a recorder going so I could keep it forever!
I loved every word from them.
So uplifting.
Oh Pres. Fujimoto also talked about how we are getting close to the time when our kids will be starting to date and how we will hope that they bring upstanding people home to meet us.
And he said how happy Brent's dad must have been when he brought me home to them.
Made me smile :)
Gramps does love me!
Then we went to church for ward conference.
Again, such great talks and guidance.
The bishop talked about ward unity.
Which is something that we feel very evident in this ward we are in now!
I hope everyone in our ward feels that way, but I plan to make sure they know it :)
Elsie was a stinker and I went to class with her, but then she went to sharing time with Cassi.
After church,w e had our Home Teacher come over.
We enjoyed his, and his sons, visit and thanked him again for all he has done for us.
Then we had a yummy chicken cordon bleu that dad made :)
Later Cassi, Elsie and I went to a missionary open house for Mason Burk.
He has been Cassi's guitar teacher since we moved here.
Actually, she was his first guitar student... :)
He is such a great kid and such a great example to the youth in our ward.
We didn't stay long, because it was about 110 outside!!!!!
The night seemed to go by quick.
We ended the night out on our deck.
It was way late when we were out there.
But it was such a beautiful night.
And I felt so lucky.
So thankful for everything we have been through.
It's been rough.
But we have become stronger because of it!
I am thankful that my family has seen so many miracles happen.
We have had angels, seen and unseen, working by our side through this whole thing.
I still can't believe we are on this side of it!
There were definitely days that felt dark and lonely, but we have heavily relied on prayer, faith, and each other to get through.
We just feel so grateful!
I can't even begin to think of how we will repay all the love, service and sacrifice we received on our behalf.
Thank you.
Thank you for loving my little family and lifting us up.
We got a call about 9 this morning from Bubble.
She has had a nest on her porch light for a while now, and she has just made sure to keep it off.
Well Zepher turned the light on the night before, and it was on all night.
I could see the light all night, and it seemed weird cause it is never on!
Well, the call came that her deck had started on fire!
Eldon is gone....and it was just Bubble and Zephyr there.
She was gonna take Zephyr to church, but Zephyr slept in....and Bubble didn't want to wake her cause she would be grumpy.
Well, it's a good thing, cause they would have been gone to church and her whole house would have gone up in flames!
Luckily when Bubble and Zephyr heard the light bulb burst, they ran out and there were flames on her deck and she has a garden hose hooked up right there for her hanging plants and she put it out.
She called Brent right away to come down and take care of the nest, disconnect the wires and make sure everything was okay.
Man, that could have been so bad!
What a blessing that it didn't cause any more damage!
I will be making our blog private again, now that there is no need for updates :)
But if you would like me to send an invite, that is great.
Just send me your email.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday June 27

Today started with a run....but it was not early enough!!!!!
So hot!!!!!
Then about 9:45, we headed to Lowes with Port and Cassi and they built that little Captain America motorcycle at the build-n-grow workshops they do.
Where he got to have 'Hulk' eye protection :)
Port did it two weeks ago also, with Iron-man's jet.
They will do it every two weeks until they have all the avengers characters.
He has been so excited about it :)
We also got a drain for our shower.....and bought a rocking chair for the deck.
We wanted two, but they only had one.
So we reserved the one they had at the Lowes on eagle road and picked it up later on.
So now we have two rockers and it just looks so cute :)
Then we spent the day doing more laundry, putting away laundry....
Dad fixing some more of our pipe woes.
Sweeping, vacuuming.
You know....regular Saturday jobs!
We wanted to mow, but it was so dang hot!!!!
Like 105 about 3ish :(
Luckily the Young's invited us over for a swim!
We grabbed some pizza and headed over.
So fun to hang out with them and just have a chill evening.
Heather and Drew took some fun pictures with their underwater camera, that I will have to add later when they send them to me!
(Yes, Heather, that was a reminder :)
When we left their house, we went and got that rocker, and headed home.
It was still really hot, but the part we needed to mow the worst was mostly in shadows.
So Madi and Cassi and dad took turns mowing :)
I sprayed off the deck and now it looks all nice and clean and homey with the rockers on it!
The kids all got baths/showers and hopefully they all sleep really good tonight!
Baby goats are all doing really good.
Still no sign of babies from Velvet yet.
But I am sure it will be in no time :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday June 26

So late!
Gonna just do a run down so I remember to write down what we did :)
-Ran, yay :)
-Helped Bubble get ready for great granddaughters bday party tonight, cause Eldon got called in to work.
-Did laundry
-Kid played at the school park while I ran to the store
-Picked up kids
-Stacia and girls came to see baby goats
-Went to Bubbles house for party
-Fun times :)
-Dad came home exhausted, so didn't come to party, and madi went home with a headache
-They felt better after some down time
-Invited for a late night swim at the Morgans house afterwards
Dad will be home all day tomorrow....so I am excited about that!
I think we will work on our closet!
It will be so nice to have everything in our closet instead of in the basement!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday June 25

Today was wonderfully uneventful :)
We went and checked Night-night's babies in the morning.
They both seemed great, and no other babies were born.
I was a little concerned, mom seemed to pay a lot of attention to the black one and trying to get away from the spotted one.
So we kept an eye on it.
About 10, I noticed that Night-night was wandering around the field.
I didn't want her to get too far from her babies.
I called Gramps, and he said it would be a good idea to corral them.
But we still had Buffalo and her babies in there.....
So Madi and I hauled over an old fence panel and blocked the door so we had two sections.
The inside of the barn, and the fenced off part just outside the barn.
The only tricky part was......we wanted Night-night in the barn, and Buffalo in the outer fenced part.
So it was interesting and probably pretty comical to watch us get the job done :)
But we did it.
Night-night has been a very good mom.
I think while I was watching earlier, the spotted guy must have already eaten, and Night-night was trying to get the black one to eat before the spotted one took it all :)
Buffalo looks so much better today.
Her poor swollen udder looks almost normal now.
So that is great.
And she seems a lot more comfy.
I need to get in there with my camera and take some good shots of those babies!
They are just so cute!
(Rachel, you asked, they are Boar goats :)
So three spotted one and one black so far.
All the spotted are males :(
Hopefully Velvets baby/babies are girls!
The rest of the day we did cleaning.
Madi, with the help of Cassi a little, painted a lot more of the deck rails.
The have almost one full side of the stairs done now.
Looks good!
I think, I know, it is a bigger job than Madi thought it would be.
But she is sticking to it!
The boys did a lot pf playing.
First Cannon over here, with Max and Graham for just a bit.
Then Port went to Cannon's then they came back a little later.
And Max and Graham came back over.
All four of them played for a long time....well actually Graham hung out with Elsie playing tag :)
Then Stacia called to see if they wanted to swim.
Of course they wanted to swim!
So off they all went.
Once the boys left, Cassi and Elsie had friends over.
Kaili and Malia came over and played for a while before it was time to start dinner and wait for daddy to get home.
We took them home and Cassi ran with me to get milk and toilet paper......(I really need to get better about my shopping list!)
We got home just before dad did.
We had hamburgers for dinner.
After dinner dad went out to meet the new kids :)
We hung out there for a while.
Then we came in and Mr. fix-it got to work on our broken/clogged pipe.
He fixed it, of course.....
But not without getting some pretty yucky stuff on him.
He's just the best.
And he is beat!!!!!
He is so tired!
He's got class again in the morning....but I am happy he is home here tonight.
He needs some good sleep!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday June 24

You will either laugh or cry after hearing about the days shenanigans!
Woke up, and went and checked on the babies right away.
All seemed good with the babes.
The wee up and walking.
Mom seemed weird.
As I walked in, I noticed another little baby (dead) on the ground.
So sometime through the night she had delivered this little stillborn :(
But I am not sure it is good for her to have had that baby at least 12 hours after giving birth to the first two.
Again, I just watched her all day.
She seemed to not have any milk....but the babies still seemed fine.
Even kind of hopping a bit.
Poor Buffalos udder is a bit warm, and seems to be swollen.....
I made sure to give her fresh water and grass each time I checked on her.
That seemed to make a big difference throughout the day.
So then I went inside.
I got things ready for the fun YW/YM activity we had tonight.
I took bags of popcorn, and covered it with melted white chocolate.
Shook it all around to get coated.
I filled 80 brown lunch bags.
That was a lot of popcorn!
At one point when we were out checking on the baby goats, and we got a visitor!
Honkers came honking behind the goat fence.
He and Cassi and Porter ran around and played for a bit.
I have seen Honkers on and off while running, along the canal road.
But it was fun for him to come back and find us again :)
Well, a little after lunch, I had to run some more errands.
And I wanted to get some goats milk supplement in case things went wrong with the babies.
At Legacy, I got the feed and the nipples.
Then I realized I needed glass bottles for the nipples.
So I ran back in the gas station part, and bought a couple of pops.
I get back in the car, and I have my key chain....but no key!
I searched everywhere!!!!!
In both sides of the store, my purse, my car, the road.....everywhere.
I texted Bubbles and she was about to send Eldon to the rescue.
But I finally found it (after saying a prayer, or course ;) on the passenger seat behind the booster seat!
Are you kidding me!
The loop on the key part....the hard plastic stuff....had broken!
Just my luck!
I get home and go in the basement to rotate laundry and it smells like an outhouse!
Like BAD!
I pinpointed it to a pipe above the washer/dryer area.
I cleaned it all up and told everyone to not use the bathroom by the kitchen and not use the kitchen sink, cause that is what drains down that drain.
And I left it.
What am I gonna do?
It stopped stinking as much, as long as we don't use those things.
But I will have the hero fireman figure it out when he gets home :)
Speaking of my Fireman hero.....
He has been teaching a ropes class all week and was on table rock all day today.
He sent me some cool pictures.
He is working so hard.
He just called and said that he is hurting, but he is doing good.
He needs to be smart and stay safe!
He also said he got sunburned bad :(
No good!
He sent me a text and told me that there was a call that came in of a fire on Locust Grove and Lake Hazel.
Like right behind out house.
We watched as all the firetrucks from everywhere came.
It was a huge barn on fire.....big billows of smoke.
Luckily, not headed in our direction......we have an awfully dry field between that barn and us :(
I finished up loading everything in my car that I needed for tonight, so it would be all ready to go.
Just before I left.......our kitty, who is now named Kitness Cleo.....Cleo for short, climbed up a tree.
Like really high up in the tree.
It was cute, she was just sleeping there on the branch.
I said we would take care of it when we got home.
So we left.....hoping she would just crawl down by herself.......
So Madi and I left for mutual.
That actually turned out so awesome.
Cindy put so much work into it and it was so much fun!
I hope the kids had as much fun as it seemed like they had.
We had 7 stations for them to go to in teams.
-Make butter
-Hammer nails into wood
-Plant corn seeds
-Journaling (mad lib style)
-Giant puzzle
-Sew buttons on fabric
-Wash and hang clothes on a line
And once you did all the tasks, you were given a flag to go and stake your land.
It was a lot of fun :)
We got home about 9 and got the ladder out to get Cleo down.
We got the ladder that extends.....but she was out on the outskirts of the branch, so not really a place to lay the ladder on.
We tried to lean it on the branch (which I am sure the Fireman would be cringing.....)
Then Cleo started slipping, and she was holding with just one paw and just as Madi yelled to Cassi to catch her, she fell.
It had to be at least 15 feet.
She landed okay though.....but not on her feet.
Cassi said that she has proof now of that 'a cat always lands on his feet' theory, is untrue! :)
But she was fine.
It was 9:30 by now......so we said prayer and started getting the little ones in bed.
I wanted to go and shut the barn door and check on the babies before the sun went down.
The babies looked good and seemed to be sucking fine and eating good.
Then I look over at Night Night across the field......and I see little movements.
She had babies.
She had two.
One black one and one speckled.
Who knows about anymore.
She was the biggest one......
And if Buffalo had three, then she had to at least have that many!
So the kids came out and we watched to see if any more would come.....
Nothing happened.
Finally it was getting dark....and WAY TOO LATE!!!!!!
So we left her there, we will see how things are in the morning.
I did see both of those babies suck on Mama.....so that is good.
And hopeful.
So there.
That is my crazy day.
I am so tired.
I have lots of fun, real camera, pictures from the Youth activity we did.....but like I said....i am tired....and they are ALL the way on my camera.....maybe i will get to that.....tomorrow :)
Along with my girls camp posts!
I better get on that before I forget everything!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday June 23

It's been one of those days.
You know those days when you have a ton of things to cross off your list.
But then.......your goat has babies!
I did get my run and shower in before Joanne showed up this morning :)
Elsie was being a stinker after the first few minutes (I still blame Emmy for that ;), and then we hear these baby cries.
We realized Buffalo had her babies!!!!
Not sure exactly when she had them.
But Joanne ended up leaving, she knew Elsie wasn't gonna get any work done with babies crying outside!
They seemed pretty clean and fluffy by the time we got to them.
They are so dang cute!!!!!!!
All speckled!
Buffalo wasn't letting them get too close to them.
They kept trying to nurse on each other :(
So after talking to Dad at work, and calling Gramps, we decided to lure Buffalo to the barn, and carry the babies down.
They we tied Buffalo up, and got to work trying to get the babies to suck.
Buffalo was wild at first....but calmed down once we started trying.
Nothing happened.
And the babies seemed super tired.
So we decided to let them rest in there and we would come back later.
It was close to every hour today that we went in to check and make sure things were going good.
About 12:30, we finally got them to start sucking a little bit.
One, who is named Specs (who has a cute heart on his back) is a little slow going more so than the other.
I have seen him suck on Buffalo n his own.....but not much.
And he tries sucking a whole lot of other places too :(
But he is up and walking and I have seen them both pee, so that's good :)
Oh, the farm life!
Gotta love it!
I just went to check them again before the sun went down.
I put Specs on Buffalo myself and he got some good sucks in.
Buffalo Jr. is pretty good at getting in there.
Hopefully they have a good night!
And hopefully the others wait to have their babies when Dad is here to help me know what to do!!!!!
Oh, while I was at D&B to get the iodine for the umbilical chords.....we spotted a cage with a free kitty sign.
Now, I don;t think I have written about this....
But last Tuesday night, we couldn't find Maybelle :(
We hoped that while we were at girls camp, she would show up.
No such luck :(
We think maybe the hawk got her.
So sad....she was such a good kitty!
I had porter with me, and I was convinced (okay, it wasn't too hard) to get a free kitty!
The kids were all happy.
Hey, we have all the stuff for a baby kitty, why not have a kitty!
Oh, I know.
I am going crazy!
Anyway....so that was pretty much my day!
I did meet with Cindy to plan the final stuff for the super fun family history activity we are doing for YW/YM combined tomorrow.
So I did get some shopping done for that, but I have a lot to prepare tomorrow!
Gotta get some sleep first!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday June 22

Yesterday after church, Brent said he wanted to go over to Bro. Wickards house for FHE Monday night and cut down his cherry tree for him.
I said that was great, but I wanted to make sure he would be okay using the chainsaw.
He laughed.
He said if he can go to work....then he can cut a tree down :)
He also said that we gotta get out there and start giving back for all the service we received over the last few months.
He was excited to get out there and help out.
So today, Dad was gone all day because he is teaching a ropes class this week.
It will give us some much needed overtime.....since we have gone almost 6 months without overtime!
(He jumped back into work with both feet in and maybe up to his neck ;)
While he was working, the kids and I tried to come up with a chore chart that we can start working on.
We got some cleaning up done and Madi painted the deck some more.
Cannon and Avery came over for a while, and then Cassi and Port went and swam at their house.
And I got some grocery shopping done.
Dad came home and we had dinner and went right away to the Wickards home.
The kids were so excited about helping out and it was so great to work together as a family.
It was a really great night.
Bro Wickard is a treat to be around.
Always so grateful and spiritual.....and always helps us to remember how thankful we are for the many blessings we have received.
It was a great night for all :)
And I even came away with a couple heart shaped stumps!
Not sure exactly what I am gonna do with them yet....but I was super excited when Cassi pointed them out to me :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday June 21

Happy Fathers day to the very best dads in the whole world!
I have such a great dad who always had time for us.
He was so patient, and calm....
And that is saying something having 8 girls...and one little boy :)
I think he is pretty great and I am so grateful for all I have learned form him!
I am also blessed by having such an amazing, kind, and loving Father-in-law.
I always hate to use the term mother-in-law and father-in-law.
Because they have always been more than that.
Grandpa has always given me the kindest smiles, and seems to tease me the very most....a sure sign of his love :)
I am so grateful for the example he was to his own son.
And I am grateful for the man I married, who is the father of my children.
We have had a rough patch....and still aren't all the way through it....
But we have learned a lot about each other and what is most important.
So I am grateful for the hard times.
I am grateful for the love he has for his children.
He wants them to be loved and feel safe and secure.
And they do.
I am glad we get a day to celebrate him.
Port and I made him breakfast this morning.
Blueberry muffins and bacon.
His fav :)
Then we opened presents.
Porter made a wooden airplane for Dad about a month ago.
He has had it hiding in the well house and he was so excited to give it to dad today.
The plan it to hang it in the shop from the ceiling :)
The girls made cards at the library when Emmy took them over this last week.
Hap-pea-father's day.
They were so cute :)
And Cassi made Dad a little fishing tackle box with a note that said "You are o-FISH-ially the greatest dad.
Then it was filled with gummy worms and Swedish fish.
It was pretty cute.
After that, I was still dragging from lack of sleep over girls camp.
So I took Port with me and we had a little nap.
I am glad I did....but it did make us in a rush to get ready for church.
We got to church and everyone was mad and frustrated with each other.....
And then the opening song was "Love at Home".
Of course!!!!!
Ha ha....
So we need to try better for that :)
Church was great....except I couldn't get Elsie to go to class.
But she said she would next week.
So we will see.
I think she is going through Emmy withdrawals.....she has been kind of a stink today.
After church, Dad made his awesome ribs.
I told him i would make him anything he wanted....he wanted ribs.
And he's the one who cooks the ribs :)
But i know he also enjoys cooking, so it wasn't too mean of me for him to have to cook on Father's day.
After dinner, we all plopped ourselves on mom and dads bead and watched some of Granite Flats.
Then we had a visit from Bubbles and Eldon.
And before we knew it, it was bedtime :)
I hope it was an okay day for dad.
We sure love him, and we think he deserves the best.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday June 20 (post more)

Madi and I made it home safe and sound.
We had an amazing time at girls camp.
So thankful I could go!
I am so TIRED!!!!!!
So....I will have to write about everything tomorrow!
Journaling is a great Sabbath day activity :)

Friday June 19 (post)

Post to come...

Thursday June 18 (post)

Post to come...

Wednesday June 17 (post)

Post to come.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday June 16

So big news!
Tomorrow is a big day.
Yes, Madi and I will be leaving for camp, but even bigger......
Dad is going back to work!!!!!!
Real work!
I didn't say anything on the blog before because he was maybe gonna surprise the guys and just show up in the morning.
But he decided to tell his BC and captain :)
He is excited...and nervous too.
Kind of like the first day of school.
I mean he hasn't been to work for almost 6 months!!!!
That is a long time!
I think it will be great for him to get back.
I think it is gonna be rough....he is still sore and hurting.
But I think he is ready.
More than ready!
I think getting back to work might be his best therapy to have!
So that is so exciting!
It was a nice day today.
I went for a run....and totally forgot about Elsie's speech appointment with Joanne.
But I was home in time, so it worked out :)
Elsie has been stuck to Emmy's side all day!
She is in heaven :)
Dad did a lot today.
he worked with Cassi to get the pipes in the field fixed.
They also filled in the pits in the back lawn with dirt and planted grass seed.
Then later on he put up the door on the wall that leads down to the basement.
And he and Madi trimmed them out and did another window too.
It looks so great!
So exciting!
Now I just need to get all the doors and trim painted!!!!
That is a big job too!!!
I was boring today and made sure I got packed....
Made another trip to Walmart for some last minute stuff, and took Cass with me :)
Madi got another rail painted on the deck.....keeping her promise to paint at least one a day.
She will be gone for a few days, so she will need to make them up when she gets home!
Emmy brought me the blanket she made me for my birthday.
I love it!
It has quilted 12 turquoise pattern fabric hearts in a grey pattern fabric background.
I love the pattern she did!
I love hearts....and I love turquoise :)
The back is awesome.....she stitched around each heart so they have hearts on the back too.
She is so talented and put so much time and effort and love into the blankets she makes!
Thanks Emmy, love you so much!!!!
I also got the boys hair cut tonight :)
They were both looking a bit ragged, but still handsome as ever!
But I like it much better when they are clean cut!
So I won't be blogging for a few days....but I will be keeping a journal.
And I will be taking lots of pictures.
And Emmy will take pictures too, so I can see the stuff they did while I was gone!
And wish Emmy luck while we are gone!
She is so awesome to come and help us out.
She's one in a million!
And please keep Brent in your prayers, that all will go well for him.
He will do awesome and I am excited for him.....but he still needs to be careful!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday June 15

Madi and I spent the morning shopping for girls camp stuff.
When we got home, Madi wanted to start painting the railing on the deck.
She wants that to be her summer project :)
I think it looks really great white!
She better stick to it ;)
I took Elsie to PT today.
She wanted to take her Emmy blanket.
Worked out great...got her to do a lot of hard stuff :)
We put the blanket into the ball pit.
Then she walks across some lumpy matts, and stands on the side of the pit, then squats down and jumps (with help).
So it was fun for her to jump on her blankey :)
Then she did a basket ball thing.
She stands on a rocker board, and squats down to pick up a weighted ball, and throws it in a hoop, again with support help.
She thought it would be fun to lay blanket on the rocker board.
The next task was walking sideways on the balance beam, with a band on her ankles.
We didn't know how to incorporate the blanket......until Katie had an idea.
A turbin :)
She thought it was so funny....but it didn't last while on the beam.
But it was fun while it lasted.
She worked super hard today, it was awesome!
We stopped for pizza on the way home, per our usual ;)
And not too long after we got home, Emmy came!!!!!!
We are so excited to have Emmy here!
Elsie has been asking all day.....well, all week, when Emmy would be here!
So we had dinner all together and hung out.
Later on we had a FHE.
Port had another fun visual lesson.
Thanks to all his great primary leaders who give great lessons that he is excited about sharing with the family.
He had a jar with a quarter in it.
He shook it up.
He said that is how good we can hear the spirit when we are not distracted.
Then he put some water in the jar, that is the distractions of the world.
He shook it up again.
And explained that it is harder for us to hear the spirit when we are distracted.
I just loved it!
And Madi and Cassi also had something planned.
They were the ones who were supposed to do it.....but we let Port do it too, cause why not? 
They actually worked really well together.
They had two rocks, one was crumbly and one was solid.
When we are making the right choices, following the commandments and being kind to each other, then we are strong, our testimony is strong, like the hard rock.
And you can;t break it apart.
But if we aren't doing those things, then it is easy for Satan to crumble away our testimony.
They talked about how it is important for us to make the right choices, be kind, stay away from distractions, etc. so that we can have that strong testimony.
Because Satan wants nothing more than to break us down.
Make us feel worthless and no good.
But we can't let him win!!!!
We will be STRONG!
Then Emmy read us a special book....close to she and I's heart :)
It's called I wish I was sick too.
Our dad would read to us every night as kids.
This was one of the regular books.
It started with the line "Edward was sick......"
Well, my dad would start EVERY book with that line.
And that left a bunch of giggling girls saying "Daaaaad!!!"
Good memories.
I don't have a lot of memories as a kid.
But that, I do remember!
I am cursed with a very bad memory.....this is the very reason I blog every single day.
That way I won't ever forget!
Anyway....it was so fun for my kiddos to hear that same book that I so fondly remember :)
Of course, when Madi saw the characters were kitty's, she had to go get Maybelle.
I didn't let her stay in or long....
She wants to be a indoor cat so bad.
Everytime we open the door, she darts in.
Anyway.....so we are excited about having Emmy here!