Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday January 31

Last day of January!!!!!!
So so crazy!!!!
Got the kids off to school and few things done on the computer this morning.
We also got Madi's windshield fixed.
There was a small incident, involving a non-moving car...... :)
But that got fixed.
Dad stayed home from work.Still not feeling too well.
I left to go have a birthday lunch with Heather.
That was fun to get together with her and her friends to celebrate her and our friendship.
Thanks Heather......how come we didn't get a picture?????
I came home and Dad had showered and he felt a lot better.
We had talked about getting to the temple before January was over.
Today was the last day.
We had nothing else on the calendar, as long as the neighbors could pick up the little ones.
So we decided to do it.
Never shake off the feeling if you think you need to go to the temple, sick or not!
It was something that was very needed right now, for us.
Anyway, we got home and got pizza with the little ones 'Book It' certificates and a couple more for us big ones.
We did spelling and homework and baths and reading and still had time to watch some of "The unfortunate Events......." show we have been watching.
So I call it a successful evening.
A successful day!
(Except I have NO PICTURES!!!!!!)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday January 30

Not much happened today......
I went VT this morning.
That was nice :)
I also got some run-around errands done.
Boy, that just sounds boring.
Dad hasn't been feeling great...so we were kind of chill.
After school, Cassi and I made some apple fritter bread to take to our new neighbors, the ones living in the Morgan's house.
We also took them some farm fresh eggs :)
They are very nice and it will be fun to get to know them.
That was what we did for our FHE activity.
I am not sure what happened to the rest of the day!
I did get some laundry washed and sorted.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be more accomplished!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday January 29

Dad had a rough night.
He has a really bad cough that came on and it made him start throwing up last night :(
So he stayed home and Elsie stayed home too.
She could have gone, but as soon as she knew Dad was staying home she was all of the sudden not feeling good.
I knew I wouldn't be able to get her to class and I really wanted to go to MY classes today.
So she stayed home with Dad and she colored her Articles of Faith activity that they did at Activity days last week.
I really did enjoy sacrament meeting and Sunday school and then we had combined 3rd hour with the YW and YM.
I heard a lot of things that I needed to hear today.
I loved the lesson in Sunday school.
It was about personal revelation.
So many good comments and the teacher was awesome.
One of my favorite scriptures that we read came from D&C 19:23
Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my spirit, and you shall have peace in me.
In a world that seems to be just so chaotic, not just in the world.....at home too sometimes, I love that this scripture gives us a step by step, exactly what we need to do to feel his peace.
I just love that.
Just what I needed to hear today.
After church, we didn't get a picture.
We were gonna, but then there was a lot of fighting and a bit blow up.....so I said that it wasn't worth it to get the picture if there is gonna be fighting over it.
Bummer :(
We all had some quiet time.
Port and I read for a while together.
Then I made dinner.
Later this evening Cassi and I had a planning meeting for New Beginnings coming up.
We are going to have a superhero theme.......'Becoming the Super YOU'.
I think it will be so fun!
This evening I got a text from Stacia......she found me a heart rock in Costa Rica 🖤.
How sweet is that?!?!?!?!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday January 28

We all got to work on my chore chart system again today :)
I think I am really going to like this!
Things have been kept tidier this week and bedrooms didn't take as long today.
Dad and Port even cleaned out the front room closet, which has just been stuffed with junk from day one.
So that was great to have cleaned up!
Madi had a bowling tournament today :)
She was an awesome bowler and MVHS won!
Woo hoo!
Dad went to help Justin.
Port went to play at Eli's house.
Elsie went to Malia's house to play.
When we first got there, I think it was a little overwhelming for her!
She started crying and I didn't think it would work out.
But I stuck around and talked her down then we went and played with some dolls and polly pockets and I chatted with Malia's mom and pretty soon she was calm enough and she let me go.
I am glad it worked out :)
I had Cassi with me and we went to the store to get some garbage cans and a few other things.
When we got home I continued doing, sorting and putting away laundry (I only put my own away....I make the kids do their own!)
Madi came home and then Port and Eli came over here to play.
Cassi went babysitting for the Grant's too, so she was excited about that :)
Pretty soon it was time to go and get Elsie and then dad and I went on a date with Justin and Sherrie this evening and Madi watched their kiddos.
We went to a place where they cook the food in front of you, a chinese steakhouse....I am not sure of the name but it is like Teppanyaki.
Anyway, that was a fun time.
Then we got some ice cream on the way home.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday January 27 (add pictures)

Port got the award for Responsibility this morning at school :)
He is such a cutie and I know he is such a good kid at school!
He is pretty good at home too, if he could just stop causing trouble with his sisters!!!!!
Elsie tried out for Drama club today....like a real audition, where she read lines and even sang a song!
We are beyond proud of her!!!!!
She is also learning to play the recorder and is having so much fun with it!
This evening Madi went to the high school basketball games and took Porter with her.
He had such a fun time with Madi's friends :)
Cassi had a group of friends here at our house.
A bunch of cute and friendly and LOUD girls!
Elsie and I made peanut butter cookies and brownies and popcorn for Cassi's friends.....first we made peanut butter cookies, and then realized one of the friends has a nut allergy.
Then made brownies....and then remembered we have a Celiacs friend too....so that is when we made the popcorn :)
Then watched Guardians of the Galaxy with Dad.
The night went late and hopefully everyone can sleep good tonight!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday January 26

I did laundry and cleaned again all day.
Last time I mopped the floor it left weird streaks and then I noticed I was using a floor gloss stuff...
Well, when I was shopping yesterday I got an actual cleaner :)
So I cleaned all the floors again and I am a happy Mama!
No more streaks......or dirt :)
I did do a little art project that my Mom encouraged me to try.....it is like painting with beeswax.....It's called Encaustic painting.
It was fun to try, but will for sure take some time to perfect!
I picked the little ones up early and brought Elsie back home then took Porter to the dentist to get his cavities filled :(
He was pretty nervous about it, but he was a rock star.
I held his hand, not for him, but for me.
He just looked so big up there in that chair I needed to do something for myself to make it seem like he needed me!!!!!!
He was such a good a brave boy, I took him to get some ice cream :)
Not much else happened except for dinner, baths and then we got a lot of reading in this evening.
Oh we did have another chat with the Morgan's.
They had a beach day today and they all got sunburned.
I am trying to feel bad for them :)
Ha ha ha.....
Port is the student of the month in his class, so we get to go to an assembly tomorrow to watch him get his award.
And Elsie has decided she wants to be in drama club!!!!
Tomorrow is auditions......
She just wants to be part of the choir, but you still have to audition......and I think it will be good for her.
If she wants to be in the play, she needs to audition.....if she doesn't audition, she can't be in the play.
She is pretty excited about Drama club, so I am sure she will be just fine :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday January 25

Cassi and I took the morning off from our workout because she got some more warts burned and shots injected yesterday, and they were pretty sore.
But I have decided that I don't like taking the morning workout out of my routine!!!!!
When I don;t do it I don;t end up getting a shower in before the kids go to school and I don't have the energy to get going on stuff.
So I should just stick to it!
I did FINALLY get some grocery shopping done!
Now there is actual good food for me to feed the kids :)
After school it was the crazy Wednesday schedule!
Activity Days and Scouts.
I filled in for one of the AD leaders.
We got, ate dinner, then headed back to the church for YW.
We played a fun family feud game...I tend to get a little crazy with games!!!!
But it was a lot of fun :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday January 24

Elsie woke up with a tummy ache, so we kept her home.
I still helped out in the office at school while Dad hung out with Elsie.
Later I drove Laura and Kevin to the airport because they are leaving to Hawaii!
I sure wish we were headed for warmer weather!!!!!!
This snow and weather has been crazy!
Dad picked Cassi up early from school because she finished her tests and the rest of classes were showing movies....
And Madi only had half day, and she hung out with her friends.
Dad took Cassi to the dermatologist and I picked up Porter, then we met up at Meridian Automotive to drop the truck off.
It is the truck's turn to get fixed :(
Then we drove home, and Cassi face-timed with Avery and we got to say hi to all of the Morgan's.
I told Stacia that I might become a hermit without her here to get me to go to stuff.
It was our RS activity tonight and I usually use Stacia as my safety net at group stuff.
I am not a very social person, believe it or not :(
Anyway, she encouraged me to go tonight......
We ate cowburgers for dinner and then I left to go to Relief Society.
It was a fun activity.
We did speed friend-shipping.
I like it because I don't have to go around finding someone to talk to.
And I don't have to think of prompts to talk about.....they have questions on papers to ask if you don;t have anything to ask :)
So it worked out perfectly.
The kids watched an episode of 'Series of unfortunate events' with dad.
I will catch up on that episode tomorrow :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday January 23

Happy birthday to my man!
The day started out early with Brent taking the Morgan's to the airport.
Can't believe they are really gone now!!!!!
After I dropped the kids off at school, I went over to the Morgan's house to tidy up the last of the stuff they didn't get done, before the renters move in.
I spent a couple hours there while Dad went with Justin to help with some more electrical work at his house.
I took him some lunch about 1:30 or so.
The rest of my day was spent cleaning up.
Doing the Saturday chores that didn't get done Saturday because we were in McCall.
Kids came home and got homework etc done.
Dad came home around 5, and we headed to Red Robin for dad's birthday dinner.
Then Bubbles made Dad a birthday dessert, so we went over and had dessert there.
It was a fun time......even though we missed the Morgans :(
I think Dad had a good birthday today.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday January 22

We slept in a bit longer this morning.
Dad and I brought up some muffins for today's breakfast.
Then we got to work cleaning up the cabin.
We left around 11.
The drive was pretty good.
We listened to conference talks, since we didn't go to church.
When we got home we took turns taking showers and then rested a little bit.
Then later on we went to the Morgan's to say our goodbyes :(
I am soooooo excited for them!
But this really puts a kink in our life!!!!!!
Ha ha ha!
It is going to be so awesome to see all the stuff they get to see!
I am excited for them to have this opportunity!
After our goodbyes, we came home and had dinner while watching the new 'Unfortunate Events' series on Netflix.
We got the little ones to bed early because we are all tired and ALL grumpy :)
Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday, so we will do some fun stuff tomorrow too!

We didn't get to see and say goodbye to Sydney in person......
But I did get a picture of her and Madi together :)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday January 21

We were all up by 7......
After getting dressed we headed to the pancake House too pig out on a ridiculous amount of breakfast. 🍳
When we got back the kids played in the snow and we kind of hung out waiting for our breakfast coma to wear off. 😂
Then we decided to head out to the golf course for some sledding.
It was just a beautiful day! 
Not super cold and beautiful flakes falling on us. 
It was a fun time.
We build a snow buffalo, of course.
The kids had to kind of make their own sledding trails because there was so much powder snow!
But it was still fun.
We couldn't get Elsie to go down on a sled....
BUT we did convince her to go up the hill and slide on her bum :)
She's getting brave!
We headed back to bubbles cabin and ate it leftover pancakes as our lunch 👍
Then we made sandwiches to take with us to have for dinner later. 
Because we hoped in the truck and drove to gold fork hot springs.
The drive was pretty good. 
The place was packed with people, but still so much fun!
We stayed for several hours before heading back to McCall.
It was a nice refreshing afternoon!
We got back and bought some ice cream. 
We stopped by the video store to get a video.....Port thought that was the craziest thing!!!!!!
All those movies...DVDs AND VHS!
It seems like a time machine back to our renting video days.
We didn't find one. 
So we made it back to the cabin and picked out of bubbles video store.
It's been such a fun weekend. 

 This was funny....I told them to run to me like they were running on the beach.
Then Cassi totally fell!
So funny!