Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday February 28

It's Dr. Suess week this week at school.
And today was crazy hair day....well 'who-ville' hair day :)
Last night we shaved half of Port's hair....he needed a haircut anyway!
So we decided to have some fun with it.
I helped in the office at school and had that make-up meeting with Port's speech therapist.
We got more done in the bathroom.....well, Dad did :)
I am still just loving it!!!!
Still a few more things to get done, but it is coming right along!
Tonight was our combined YW/YM activity.
We played Battle of the Sexes and I think it was a lot of fun.
Those YM are pretty crazy, especially when it comes to competitive things!!!!
But I think everyone had fun....I hope so.
We have more dreams and wishes for a snow day tomorrow.....supposed to snow all night.
We will see.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday February 27

Went to the gym this morning and had a great workout.
Then we got to work on the grout in the floors.
My finger tips are totally worn off!
It was like I rubbed my fingers on sandpaper for 3 hours...ha ha ha!
But I am so happy with how it looks!!!!!
Cassi worked at Mary Mac to get some service hours for NJHS.
She will be doing that all week, and maybe longer.
This evening we had the Sister missionaries for dinner.
It was a fun time....those girls have a lot of energy :)
We had a really fun night!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday February 26

The snow day trick did not work :)
Not gonna lie, Port was a bit bummed about having to go to school!
I had a meeting for Porter this morning about his speech therapy.
Well, I was supposed to.
Apparently the ST forgot about the meeting and she was at a different school, so we had to reschedule.
Oh well.
But since I was already out of the house, I decided to go to Hobby Lobby, because that was where the mirror is that I want for the bathroom.
I went and bough the mirror....but also bought a few canvases, because they were 50% off!
It would have be irresponsible to not take advantage of that!!!!
So here is my problem with Hobby Lobby.
There is so many things I love!
But I cannot bring myself to buy things that I could make myself....
I think, what if I buy something and someone says 'Oh, did you make that?' and I have to say "no..."
I know....I am weird.
But I always have good intentions to make stuff for my home....then don't.
Well, today I decided to change that!!!!
I saw a sign that said 'Home sweet Farmhouse' at Hobby Lobby and I loved that little saying.
So after I got home, and went for a run on the treadmill, I started to paint :)
and I really do love it.
U wish I had more time for it.
I also painted a chalk board for my kitchen that I have been meaning to get done....but never did.
I had one in there, then moved it to a different room.
So I needed a new one for my menu board. although some might see that as an unproductive day, to me, it was just what I needed.
It made my heart happy :)
I did get house work done today too, and laundry.
Plus I made dinner, which is always a bonus for the kids when Dads not home :)
Usually, when he's not home, they just get mac and cheese, or cereal!!!!
Hoping to get the grout in the floor tile tomorrow.
But we also have to return the 'way too big' ottoman as well as renew our licenses.
So that should be fun :)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday February 25

The sleep-over/babysitting went great.
Everyone slept good....well, maybe not Cassi and Avery, but that was their own fault!
We had muffins for breakfast and Sydney came and picked them up around 11.
Then we got ready and headed to church.
Something pretty fun happened today :)
So when the ward split, the YW president was moved to the new ward.
Which meant that my calling was dissolved.
I was so bummed....
But I still had the hope they would keep me in, I mean I am the only one AGAIN left in the ward split for the second time.
I wanted the girls to have some kind of familiarity!
Anyway....each day that passed without getting a call to go see the bishopric, I got sadder and sadder....
Until after New Beginnings, I was pulled in and asked if I would again take the role of second counselor :)
I was more than ecstatic!
But I also found out who the new YW president would be.
And that made it even better!
Stacia got called today!!!!
I am so excited to work with her in this position!
We don't have a second counselor yet, but we have a secretary called and I think we will all work well as a team!
Another fun thing.
Elsie's primary teacher was released.....who has been so awesome.
BUT....she was called as my Beehive advisor!!!!!
So I told Elsie in just a few more months she will be back with her again!
She was pretty excited!

Playing games together before heading to bed :)
Moments like this are my favorite!

Apparently, if you wear your jammies backwards and inside out AND put a spoon under your pillow, then that will bring a snow day the next day :)
Porter and Cassi are betting on this method.
We will see what happens tomorrow!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday February 24 (add pictures)

We got some more snow today.
I know it is winter...but to not have any snow all winter long, and then to have it hit right now!!!!
Everything outside had already started to bloom!!!!
So sad that I will probably not get apples again this year :(
We started the day with cleaning rooms and putting away laundry, as usual on Saturdays.
We also worked on the bathroom.
Got the brick tile all laid out.
Now we will get the grout in on Tuesday when Dad gets back from work.
We also got out pedestal sink bought.
And I spray painted some lights that we bought on clearance like 4 years ago.....spray painted them to match the rubbed bronze.
So I am excited for those!!!!
The little kids went to the Nielson's house and watched Wonder.
This evening we have the Morgan's younger kids over.
Stacia and Paul had an over-night out in Boise.
Sydney and Carley both had babysitting and late night we are taking care of the younger ones.
They were all very excited.
We watched a movie, Shaggy Dog, and got to bed too late :)
It was a fun day.
Tomorrow is church.
The first time we meet together as our smaller split ward.
It will be strange....but also good.
There will always be a handful of people that I am sure we will ALWAYS stay with and that is comforting :)

Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday February 23

Today was Elsie's wax museum report!
She has been working hard and has been so excited!!!!
I went to lunch today with Stacia for her birthday, that was a fun time.
Then Dad and I went to the school for Elsie.
I wasn't sure how she would do with it.
She gets a little too excited sometimes and that adrenaline tends to be too much to handle!
But, she was amazing!!!!!
She was so excited when people came to listen to her.
We were very proud of our little Pocahontas!
And her friends were all so cute too!
After that, we got the pieces cut to lay on the floor.
We will hopefully set them tomorrow!
It is not perfect....but that's okay.
I love it anyway!
This evening Dad and I went out with Drew and Heather.
We went to Dickey's for dinner and then went and saw Black Panther.
It was fun to go out with them :)

 Ms. Dynka is the very best!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday February 22

Today was a strange day.
First of was only half day for the kiddos at school.
We woke up this morning to snow.
More snow than we have had in a long time!
It would have been smart to just cancel....but they didn't.
It took Madi an hour to get to school.
Cassi's bus didn't show up and our neighbor (who waits at the bus stops with the kids until the bus comes) called the bus barn and found out that their bus was running late because of an accident.
So our neighbor drove the kids to school.
Well, they sat in the same spot on Meridian road for 30 minutes.
They called the school and the school told her that it would count as an absence if she didn't go to school, but that it would not count against her.
So she just brought her home.
Brent and I actually headed to the gym this morning.....but the traffic was ridiculous!!!!
So we came back home and got started on the bathroom floor!
I am loving it!
Hopefully we can finish it up tomorrow :)
And that was pretty much the rest of the day.
Cassi had some friends over for a few hours and Madi did too for a bit.
It was a bit of a mad house here while working on the floors!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesday February 21

Another busy day!
I helped in the office in the morning, and then went right to Art Smart for Porter's class.
When I got home, I moved out the old couches because the new ones were going to be delivered.
Then I left to go set up for New Beginnings :)
I think the decorations turned out so cute!
It was kind of a lot of work, but I really love doing it, so it's no big deal :)
The little box houses had little candies in it with stickers that matched the UP phrases me had on the balloons.
WAKE UP - and decide to have a good day
DRESS UP - The best way to dress up is to put on a smile
CHEER UP - say nice things and have a positive attitude
STAND UP - for what you believe in. Stand for something or you'll fall for anything
LOOK UP - to the Lord. He is only a prayer away
REACH UP - for something higher. Set some good goals
LIFT UP - be a good friend. and help those around you
While I was gone doing that, Dad was working on the bathroom and got the cabinets installed!
I am loving how it is turning out!!!!
Also, our couches got delivered.
So he was working on getting those put together when I got home.
We are in love with it.
They are a good size couch....and like I said, it is basically a giant stuffed animal!!!!
It will be a fun family couch for us :)
The ottoman was quite big, so we will be returning that.
Then tonight we got to play with Everly again while Port was at Scouts and Elsie at Activity Days.
She is so much fun :)
Then we had dinner before heading to New Beginnings.
The program all came together quite nicely and it was an enjoyable night.
We had it combined with the other ward that split from us.
It is sad to be losing so many people.......but also exciting to have a smaller group of girls to connect with.

I put an X over the ottoman....
It is too big.
So we are returning it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday February 20

I am feeling really pretty good today.
That makes me so happy!
After going to the gym, O spent the rest of my day working on stuff for New Beginnings tomorrow night.
I do enjoy it....painting posters and stuff for decorations.
But, I didn't get anything else done :)
When the kids got home, Cassi helped Elsie work on her Pocahontas project, which will be this Friday.
She is pretty excited about it!
My favorite is the picture she drew of Pocahontas!
I put some tracing paper behind a picture we printed off and she traced it then colored it with colored pencils an I love how it turned out!
Tonight I went to Relief Society.
It was a 'Favorite Things' night.
Everyone brought something worth $5 that is something they love.
Then we drew names and got to come home with someone else's favorite things.
I got some tinted lip Vaseline and some liquid eyeliner :)
It was a fun night.
It was combined with the two wards that we just split into.
I am interested to see what the chapel looks like this Sunday......wondering how big the ward will be now that it is split.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday February 19

So, I will say right now, that I know I am completely spoiled.
Last night, Brent checked to see if there was time off available for this morning so he could go with me to the dentist.
And there was.....
Now, you have to understand.....going to the dentist, which I have always hated, is even worse now.
Like a PTSD kind of thing (not really, but kind of...)
I know that I could have gone myself.....I know.
But he knew that being there with me would calm me.
I am so grateful for the way he takes care of me.
So we went to the appointment and tings seem to be going good.
The white gums seem to be turning pink, which would indicate that it is healing.
Which is great!
Still tender and red he did extend my antibiotics.
Which I am not excited about......I've been on antibiotics since the week before Christmas!!!!!
But, I also just want this infection gone!
I don't want to finish this round up and it not be clear, and have it get worse.
So, I just need to be patient.
Anyway, we had a little bit of time before he had to get back to work, and since it is Presidents day, we hit the Mor furniture store to see what deals they had.
We actually found something we both loved......but we couldn't decide on the fabric.
Now, couches are very hard for us to agree on.
He wants the kind that has recliners built in, cup holders, lumbar know, the works.
But they really do not make those couches to look very pretty.
Which I know is the least of his worries.
So I was so happy to find one we both like.
The fabric of the couch on the floor was amazing....soft like you were cuddling up in a giant teddy bear!
But there was another option that was super cool and crisp and clean.
You can guess who wanted what......
In the end, we chose the soft cuddly giant teddy bear :)
Again, you can guess who won.
(um....he won.)
It is gonna be great.
He had a good point....the fabric I liked looked like it would belong on a hospital couch :)
So this will be much more inviting, and fun and I am pretty excited about it.
Plus, we got a great deal!
Anyway, so that is exciting.
It will be delivered on Wednesday.
He had to get to work, so we grabbed lunch and headed home.
He left for work, and Elsie and I left for PT.
Katie had a fun Olympic theme thing at therapy.
Elsie did pretty good....a few of the things she didn't want to do, but did pretty good for the most part.
I came home and dropped her off, then I headed to the grocery store.
As soon as I got home from that, Port helped me bring the groceries in (the big girls had left with friends) and I didn't even get a chance to put them away when my old YW crew came over.
We are still doing New Beginnings this Wednesday with both wards combined.
So we got together to hammer out all the details and make sure we have everything in order.
I think it will be a nice night.
At least I know the decorations will be cute :)
Then I took Elsie and Port BACK to the store....this time to Walmart to get Elsie's poster board for her wax museum project on Pocahontas this Friday.
It was a packed day!!!!
I am ready to sleep!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday February 18

It was stake conference today.
Another nice meeting.
The kids were good :)
President Keihl gave another great talk.
He first talked about the Basal Ganglia.
How that is the part of the brain that stores habits.
I didn't write down who said it, but President Keihl quoted 'We need to cultivate Holy Habits and Righteous Routines'.
Because when we develop habits, it just becomes automatic.
When we create habits that are holy and righteous, then that will keep us on the right track.
He shared a story about Michael Phelps. 
How he practiced for all kinds of situations in the water, over and over.
When it came time for him to perform another race, he was prepared.
The second he hit the water, he knew there was a problem.
There were water bubbles forming in his goggles.
Luckily, he had prepared for that.
His coach actually had him practice swimming in the dark.
So he knew the exact amount of strokes it would take to make it from one end of the pool to the other.
When he was coming up on the last lap, he hit the wall, up out of the water and took his goggles off to see the WR next to his name.
He swam the race, not being able to see a thing, and still came out with the Gold Medal!!!!
But that wasn't by chance!
He was prepared.
He had practiced so much, he had created the habit of what to do in the case of a goggle failure.
In life, if we are practicing Holy Habits and Righteous Routines, then when we get thrown those curve balls a.k.a goggle failures.....we will be prepared with how to handle it.
I just loved that! 
This evening after dinner, we had FHE.
Dad will be at work tomorrow, so we did it tonight :)
Dad showed the kids a video of a bunch of kids lined up for a race.
The kid who won, would get a $100 bill.
But the guy running the race said that before they started he was going to ask questions and if your answer was yes, then you got to take two steps forward.
Then he asked questions like, if your parents are still married, take two steps forward.
If you never had to wonder if you were going to have dinner one night, take two steps forward.
It went on like that with different questions.
Then he had the kids look around and look at where the others were.
He then said that each of these kids are where they are because of NOTHING that they did.
It was a great video to show how we just can't judge when we see people in their lives.
We don't know their story.
We don't know their struggles.
We just don't know.
So we talked to the kids about the quote:
"Treat others kind, you never know what battle they are fighting today".
Our kids are excited about having a 3 day weekend, but there are kids at their schools who are sad that it is a 3 day weekend, because that means that is one more day that they don't know where they might get their lunch from.
That is so sad to think about.
We must love, and share and just be kind!!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday February 17

Feeling pretty good this morning!
Feeling good enough that I actually worked out!!!!
Which I haven't for over a week and that has made me pretty frustrated!
So that was a great start to the day.
We got house chores done.
Dad and I went to Lowes to get more stuff for the bathroom.
We also went to Home Depo and picked up the brick tile we are gonna use in the bathroom :)
After getting back in the bathroom, and Brent getting ready to work in there....he had moved the cabinet to a different spot and it made me re-think part of my bathroom 'vision'.
Sooooooo.....he ran back to Lowes to return some stuff and buy another cabinet.
I am excited!
Now I will have twice the storage!!!!!
He is so great to be so patient with me and let me be creative and figure things out :)
He's a good man!
Cassi went with friends to a movie today.
Madi hung out with friends and then went to the MVHS basketball game.
Porter went to go see the movie Wonder with Max and Graham.
And Elsie got to go out on a date with mom and dad :)
We are in desperate need for a new couch.
Our leather ones are about 12 years old.....
And I still love them, but there are holes being ripped in the seat of almost each of the cushions!
So, since it is presidents day weekend, we thought there might be some sales going on.
We went and checked RC Willy out.
We have a HARD time picking out couches!!!!!
We can't decide on much.
There is one though that we both liked.
We didn't get it, but we are thinking it over.
I didn't like the color, but it had another option....but that would take 6-8 weeks to get.
So we are thinking on it.
then we went to Café Rio before coming home.
We then got showered and ready and Dad and I went to the adult session of Stake conference.
It was a great meeting.
I learned a lot.
But I really liked the talk by our stake president, Pres. Keihl about Peace.
Peace comes from PERSPECTIVE.
Peace comes from TESTIMONY.
Peace comes from OBEDIENCE.
One quote he said about perspective was "Life is like a violin string, it makes beautiful music, but it must be stretched to do so."
Love that!!!!
Also, always a favorite speaker, Pres. Fujimoto had some great things to say.
'Direction Matters'.
We may not be where we want to be....but as long as we are pointed in the right direction!!!!!
'We might want the CURE, but what we really need is HEALING.'
Talking about how healing is a process that happens over time and is not a cure.
Sometimes we want  something done or fixed or figured out right away......but it is process that takes time.
He also spoke about the coldest part of the day, that being when the sun rises.
Something about the cold air being pushed to the valleys.
He said that 'the coldest part of the day is when it is getting better'.
Meaning, don't give up when things are at the hardest, because that is right when it will get better.
Have Faith!
Sometimes that coldest part of the day lasts longer than we want it to, or think it should....but it will not last forever!
We need to focus on the Sunshine :)
It was a very nice evening!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday February 16

So, not really great news.
Went to the dentist this morning.
He took out the stitches and did not like that the flesh part (where the tooth was pulled) was white instead of pink.
He thinks that the infection was so bad, that it blocked the blood flow and could not get to the area to for a blood clot like it should.
So he thinks I have 'dry socket', which is really not a great thing :(
We will let the antibiotics work for a couple more days, then on Monday he will put some special cream that should help with healing.
Oh fingers crossed it will do the trick!!!!
He is a bit concerned about another issue.
I told him that it still feel like, when I am drinking, that the 'pulp' stuff kind of sucks in and out.
That doesn't really make sense.....but he knew what I was talking about and he is concerned that the opening between my mouth and my sinuses did not close completely.
So that is another whole set of problems.
Again, we will wait until Monday and see how the infection is doing and hopefully be able to get a better look at it.
I am so sick of all this!!!!!
But in good news, my vertigo seems to be much better today.
It was not great this morning, but kind of slowly got better throughout the day.
So there is some hope!
Dad and I worked on the bathroom shiplap today.
I am so excited!
Then this evening, we went out on our Valentines date :)
You know.....I really like him.
A lot.
We spent all day together.
He took me to my dentist appointment, because he knows the stress I am feeling from all of this.
Then we worked together in the bathroom all day.
And he still wants to spend the evening with me out on a date :)
I love that we never get sick of each other.
And I love how he has taken such good care of me that last little while as I have not been feeling well.
He hates that he can't take it away, but he is doing his best to make it all as bearable as he can.
I love him for that ❤ 
And so many more reasons.
We had a really fun night talking at dinner.
Then we went to probably the worst movie ever......
We went and saw 'The 15:1 to Paris'.
And although the true story is a good one...they used the actual people to portray themselves and it was just terrible acting.
And besides that, the actual story is not very they added a lot of stuff to make it a longer movie and it was just so awkward, didn't flow, and just bad.
So I would recommend NOT going to the theatre to see this movie!!!
BUT....I still enjoyed my time with my man ❤
Madi went to Sweethearts this evening.
Except for the schools sweethearts was last week, but that didn't work with Madi and her friends schedules, so they created their own for this weekend :)
So funny!
But she went out with Shane and it sounds like they are having a great time.
Now we just have to wait for her to get home.............

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday February 15

Not much to report today.
Except I had Dad back home with me today, so that made it better :)
Still pretty dizzy this morning, but the last few hours this evening, I haven't felt bad.
So that's good.
My mouth is still hurting.
The dentist can get me in tomorrow.
I still have some stitches he needs to take out.
Then he can tell us if he likes how it is looking in there.
Dad got some shiplap up in the bathroom.
I am so excited with how much I am loving it!!!!!
It has taken quite a while to get this bathroom done....but there have been quite a few hiccups with the bathroom itself....and then all the running around for all the dumb appointments I have had!
But I promise pictures soon!
It's gonna be so great :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday February 14

Happy Valentines Day!
I didn't get to be with my sweetheart today, but I would have been kind of a lousy date anyway.
Another 'not much better' day.
But I at least got some stuff done that I have needed to do.
A few weeks ago, we had the YEW help paint houses for the New Beginnings decorations next week.
Well, they did not get finished, like not even close.
All the stuff needed another or two coats of paint.
So that's what I did today.
I could just sit and paint and not have to move my head much.
I am glad to check that off my list.
I am also glad to have accomplished something, I feel like I haven't done anything for a while!!!!
This morning, the little kids were excited about their fun Valentines day parties.
I felt a little bad.....this being probably the first class parties that I have missed for these guys......
But I just could not do it!
They both had fun and it was OKAY that I didn't go.
So I will not feel guilty about it.
I did jump in the shower after I was feeling really lousy, and that helped to at least make me feel a little less crummy.
This evening we went to YW.
We were just watching a movie at another leaders house.
I figured I would be okay.
I felt bad missing it, because this is the last activity (besides New Beginnings next week) with most of these girls.
So sad!
But I didn't have to do anything, and I could just sit and talk with the other leaders while the girls watched Enchanted.
I am hoping that things will get better tomorrow.
I think there is less swelling in my mouth/gums, so that is good.
I need to get back into the dentist to check it and also get the stitches out that are in my mouth and driving me nuts!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday February 13

The kids got up and ready in good time so I could take them to Vern's a little early.
With their mustaches and all :)
It is dress-ups this week....not sure what the mustaches have to do with it....but they were excited to have them :)
So, I had to get to my dr appointment at 9.
I had to wait quite a while.
This is a different sinus place, and I am much happier with them.
She did say that we need to wait and be patient for the antibiotics to work on the infection in my tooth/mouth area.
So I will go back in two weeks and we can evaluate then.
She didn't get to see the CT scans from the other sinus place, but she read their notes, etc and her thoughts from her own exam.
She said she wouldn't feel good about operating just yet.
That there are a few other things she would like to try that could really help in preventing sinus infections.
So I am glad to have gotten a second opinion.
And I guess I could say that I am thankful for the tooth infection and extraction and extra infection......or I might have gone through an unnecessary sinus surgery!!!!!
I was still dizzy and sick today.
I did take a nap after my appointment.
And didn't get much else done today.......
I am just ready to feel better and normal and get back to doing my stuff!!!!!
After school, the kids wrote out their valentines.....remember when I used to spend A LOT of time making homemade valentines for them :)
Ya, that did not happen this year.
And I am okay with that.
Tonight was the blue and gold banquet for Port's scouts.
He invited Max and Graham to come with us.
It was a fun night for the boys.
It was a space theme and they had some fun activities and decorations.
And I thought it was pretty great that the boys helped clean up afterwards :)