Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday July 31

Today has been a long day.
We woke up really early.
Like 5:30 with Port......
The rest were not up that early, but we had to get ready and head out by 8:30 to make it to Smithfield for Kevin's farewell.
He is going to England.
We made it there on time, with only one close call with Elsie looking very pale with white lips looking like she was gonna throw up.
But she made it throwing up.
Kevin's talk was great.
We are gonna have three nephews on a mission at the same time.
Matthew, Andy and now Kevin.
Pretty cool!
Then we got together to have a yummy lunch that Kay and Jonny provided.
Then we went to have a tour of Jonny's new Police Station.
Jonny is the chief of Police for Smithfield.
We headed to Kay and Jonnys house after that.
She has lived there for a while now, but we hadn't been to visit her there yet.
So we had a tour of the house and it was nice to sit and talk with everyone for a bit.
We sure have a great family!
We left for the long drive home, where Porter finally had a nap.
That was at about 4:00ish.
Made it home, safe and sound.
We went up through Logan canyon, and that is just beautiful up there!
We got the kids fed and all ready for bed.....and in bed.
Then Brent and I decided to go for a little ride on the 4-wheeler to watch the sunset by the river.
It was just beautiful outside.
It had just rained, and the skies were beautiful.

It was fun to spend a little one-on-one time with the man!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday July 30

We got to play with Lexi Sue today.
Elsie loves Lexi, and Lexi is always so sweet with Elsie.
The girls had fun going for rides with me in the Mule, looking for kitties in the barn, and loving on Strip.

The boy got to do a bunch of man stuff again today.
More back hoe stuff today....and that is always good!

He is a pretty good helper.
Actually, he is pretty awesome when he can be kept busy.
And there is no better place to keep a kid busy then here at Grandpas house!
Then we went to spend some time with Strip again.
We can never get enough Strip time!

 Lexi time is pretty great too!

LOVE this picture!
Uncle Doug put Porter on Strip backwards......
Porter was so confused.
It was pretty hilarious!

 He ended up getting on there the right way and taking a short ride.
And that was enough.
Then it was time for Elsie to ride Strip again.

Look at that nice straight back.
She just looks like a pro!

We love you Strip.
Elsie loves you!
The big girls had a blast today too.
We met Nancy earlier today and she took Cassi back and they were there for the whole day again.
I will have to fill in all the fun they had when they wake up.
But I do know they ad a tone of fun.
And they were exhausted!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday July 29

We had some Strip time today......(I just love this picture....and it is going in a frame is Elsie's room for sure!)
But that wasn't til the end of the day....
Everyone had a lot of fun, and they all stayed busy.
Which means we are all exhausted!!!!
Around noon, Cassi and Madi headed to Heather and Laurens house for Adventurous Girls Camp.
That is the name of the club they came up with.

Now how cute is that?
They have camp shirts, a camp flag, and even a sash to put all the patches that they will earn on!
Madi is still there, she is spending the night.
Cassi is not much for spending the she came home a little early.
But she still had a blast.
They played in the creek (to earn their water safety badge :)  )
Then they went on an Adventurous girls scavenger hunt...
More creek playing.
They played some games on the tramp.
They fed the baby calf that the mother rejected.
And more....
They had a lot of fun!
Port got to have a lot of fun of his own.
He was with dad all day long, helping at the feed store and doing all the man work that needed to be done :)

He got to help dad and the boys fill up the dump truck....
Then we got to go with dad to dump the dump truck.
He was a happy little (dirty) boy!!!

Then after dinner, it was time to ride Strip.
That horse knows exactly when Elsie bug is around.
I love it.
She is such a good horse.

I love this one.
She was in charge and dad would point in the direction to take Strip, and Elsie would guide her that way.
Just adorable!

Cassi had made it home by this she got to ride Strip.

Elsie wore her cowgirl pants that she got from grandma for her birthday.
So cute!
And they go great with her new pretty pink cowgirl boots!

Love my cheesy boy.
Yes, I know...I am wearing flip flops!
I have decided I need to get myself a pair of Cowboy boots since everyone else in the fam has them!

More fun for tomorrow....
Firts day of a long trip and we are exhausted!
But it is fun exhaustion!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday July 28

We made it to and sound.
The way today went, we weren't sure if we would even make it here today!
Brent was on duty last night and had a fire until 3:30 this morning.
Got back to the station and got a couple hours of sleep.
Then while he was waiting for the guy to come and relieve his shift, they got a call of a wreck on the freeway where they had to cut the guy out.
So, he didn't even get home until after 10:00.
Then our Trailer was still at our house, so we had to take that back before we headed out of he went and did that.
While he was gone, I noticed that our car battery was dead.
The day before, I unrolled the windows to air the car out (the kids say the cars smell gives them a headache for long drives....silly kids.)
Well, I forgot to turn the key back the battery died.
Anyway, he jumped the car, and after a few other mishaps, we were on our way....a little after 12:30.
But like I said....we made it safe and sound!

Grandma saved Elsie's birthday gifts so she could open them with Grandma there.
I am so glad we did....cause Elsie has the best reactions, and they are just so much fun to be there in person!

Grandma even had a special birthday cake for Elsie!
Dad lit the candles and Elsie was so excited to blow them out, she started to pull it closer to her...really close...
Dad grabbed the plate and blew it all the way out before the flames hit her chin....
But poor Dad....see his forearm....well, it landed on a still very hot match.
And he know has a little burn to prove it.
Now that is a great dad right!
Putting his life on the line for his little girl :)

This could be one of my very favorite pictures!
She doesn't hold anything back!
It is all or none with her.
So if she loves you, you sure are lucky!!!!!

What an excited little girl!
She decided to name her horse Vanilla....but silly Grandpa keeps calling her Chocolate.
He is such a tease!

After the 'party' we unloaded the car.
The boy was pretty helpful....even with no pants :)

 But we did find some pants and went to visit Dussy boy and Uncle Dave, Aunt Cindy, and Aunt Sandra.
The boy got to help out with the fork lift.
He always loves that!

Then of course we stopped to visit Strip.
We will ride her tomorrow....but first we all need a good nights sleep!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday July 27

Cassi's child center got left outside last night, and all morning today.
The crayons didn't make it.
I went outside and noticed them, and almost got mad at Cassi for not cleaning up last night.
But then I thought, 'That poor girl gets yelled at kind of a lot.'
So I didn't get mad.
I mean really, the box of crayons were only 25 cents.
No big deal.
So I changed my attitude and had she and Madi come out to check out how cool they looked....
And the fun kind of art they could do with it.

So they spent some time outside making melted crayon art.....which actually did end up in a big mess.
But they cleaned it up, so that works for me.
It looked pretty cool.
I started thinking it would be fun to take crayon shavings and place them on a paper, then go set it out in the sun.
I am sure we will try it out :)

(p.s. Cassi isn't always getting yelled at. But I do feel like I am calling her out on a lot of things. She reminds me a lot of what I must have been like as a kid. Kinda forgetful and clumsy, and a bit careless. But we love her so much for who she is....and she brings a lot of spunk to the I am trying hard not to make a big deal out of the stuff that she really doesn't mean to do.....)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday July 26

Cassi got to go with her friend Ayden to the Morrison-Knudson Nature Center today.
When they got home, they went straight outside and made themselves their own little nature center.
They had a spot where they were planting seeds.
They had a kids center....where they could make relief colorings.
They even had themselves some cute little name tags.
Oh, and they made a Butterfly home, with a paper towel soaked with sugar water and all..
They called it something else.....something technical, that I am sure they learned from the nature center. was all pretty cute.
And it kept them busy for quite a while.
 Name tags....
 Childs center
Butterfly home

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday July 25

Today was another great day at "Ride for Joy".
She absolutely LOVES doing this!
Elsie was really tired today.
She has been pretty weak over the last few days, and she has been falling a lot.
But she was still a happy girl, and did everything they asked her too.

She walks up this ramp, and they help her put her foot in the stirrup, and help her swing her leg behind her.
It is so cute!

She is such a happy girl.....and she always has a smile for everyone!

She held that duck on her head around the whole arena....she was tired, but she did such a good job!

And she had hugs and kisses to give Elle for the fun ride.
Elle sure is a great horse!
I think Elle and Strip would be the best of friends!
After some house chores, we went to the pool with the kiddos.
It was a warm day, but I think I am ready for the cool down over the next few days.

Sorry, the videos are sideways.....but the girls are showing off their Skillz...

Cassi and her back flip

Madi and her freestyle swim.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday July 24

We survived church again without dad.
I am always glad I go to church, even though it would be easier to just stay home. :)
I did really enjoy myself in my classes today, so the hour that I wrestle Port during Sacrament meeting is well worth it.
This boy has so much energy.
It really is exhausting chasing him around all day.
I am sure that once he gets past the toddler stage it will get easier, right?
But he is so fun to have around.
He is full of love, he just does not always know how to express it.
But when he does it right, he is so sweet.
He does love his Elsie.
He is rough with her, and she is very cautious when he comes near her.....

But he is so sweet.
I know this little boy was sent to our family to be her protector.
He is rough and tumble for a reason.
So I guess my job is to guide his 'energy' in the right direction.
I know he is a good boy.
I love him so very much.
I am thankful for his spirit of love, even if it is rough love. :)
The little ones are in bed.
I just had a heart to heart with the big girls, and right now they are singing primary songs together on the couch.
Love it.
Lately we have been talking about how it seems that Satan is really trying hard to rip families apart in these days.
More than ever.
Brent and I are trying hard to make our family strong and unbreakable.
The only way to do that is as a team, and to include Heavenly Father as a part of that team.
There seems to be so much in our lives that pull us away from each other as a family.
It is scary....
But I know that Brent and I have the same goals.
The same wants.
I know that because of that, our family can only become stronger.
I am so thankful for the gospel in my life.
So thankful that we, as a family, have the gospel to turn to.
Leaders to guide and lead us.
I am thankful for the spirit we feel in our home and I will do anything I can to keep it here.
I am always amazed on Sundays.
It always seems that whatever the lessons are, whomever teaches them, whether the topics are related or not.....they always have something that I am SUPPOSED to hear for what is going on in my life.
I am thankful for the trials we have.....cause they only make us stronger.
I am so thankful to have my husband.
The love I feel for him is unreal.
I am so thankful to have him forever!
Really, FOREVER!
I can't imagine anything ever tearing us apart......but it is so important to never stop working to make sure that nothing really does. I said....good day at church.
I didn't mean to make a testimony out of it.....but it is important for myself to actually write this down for my kids to read way down the road.
Or maybe even read it tomorrow.
It's just important.
I really do love my family and will do anything I can to protect it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday July 23

It was a quick trip....but it was worth the drive.
We had a lot of fun.
This morning we got up, bright and early.
Port and Elsie were awake at 6:00.
I put a movie on my laptop, and they actually played really good together til about 8:00 when everyone else woke up....
But when I say played together, I did not say quietly.
I am not sure how everyone else was able to stay asleep...but there was no way for me to go back to sleep.
Oh well.
At least they weren't crying.

We had a yummy breakfast....and Port was a big helper.
Until after this point, then the tiredness started to kick in, and he was pretty grumpy for the day.
I put him in the trailer at about 9:00 or so.....tucked him in and let him relax for a bit while watching 'Polar Express'.

The dads helped put up a tent made out of tarps for the girlies.
They had a lot of fun in there....and were quiet for a very long time just doing their own thing.

And the boys had a little fun of their own.
Drew, I had to include did ask for it :)

Actually Heather and I joined in on the ax throwing fun.
And we weren't too shabby ourselves.
Just no pictures to prove it.....but definitely in video :)

Nothing better then great family and friends hanging out with each other :)

We had such a fun trip.
It was short and sweet, but so good to get out.
We had the perfect spot....and all to ourselves.
Can't wait for the next trip!