Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday October 31

Happy Halloween!
The morning started out with a lot of fighting.
But I was super tired and grumpy (Porter has NOT been sleeping well at all!)
And we all know that when Mom is grumpy.....nothing goes good.
After a lot of apologizing I got them off to school and took Porter to the gym.
I was so grumpy and tired and I did not want to go to the gym....but Porter was so excited because Miss. Rachel said he could wear his costume to the could I tell him no?
Miss Rachel gave him the cutest little treat bag too.
He was a happy little boy....but you can tell he is tired too.
If he would just SLEEP!!!!!!!!
He also had a fun Halloween party for preschool too.
Elsie and Cassi both had parties too and got to wear their costumes, but I couldn't make it to either of them because it was during the time I had to go and pick up Porter.
But they both had a lot of fun.
Madi was a crazy girl today......
Oh man.
The joys of a pre-teen and all those emotions!
I love that girl and my heart aches for her and what she feels.
And I try to be understanding....but she is crazy!
Anyway, she was typing a paper for a class, and she needed to print it, and I wanted to read through it and she was adamant that I didn't read it, like in tears.
So of course I wanted to know what in the world was going on that I couldn't read about!!!!
Anyway, I printed it off for her and noticed a misspelled word, so I read through the first paragraph to make sure it was misspelled for sure.....I asked her if she wanted me to proof read it, cause I noticed a misspelled word.
So I told her and she went into a crying fit.
I finally got though to her and she agreed that I should probably read through it.
It was a great paper.
She is a peer tutor for a couple Special Ed kids, and this paper was about those experiences.
She did a great job and it was only a few minor fixes that it needed.
I thought things were good and started getting the kids ready for Trick-or-Treating.
Well, she had another break down.....she didn't want to go, she wanted to go, she didn't want to be home alone....
She didn't want to dress up, she didn't want to be a scarecrow, but she wanted to dress up.....
Exhausting :)
She finally came up with a cat costume to wear and she was happy...and I was happy.
I love that girl.....tonight I talked with her and told her that she is gonna have some pretty crazy and irrational feelings and I was going to try and understand and be there for her....
I hate that she has to feel like that, cause I hate feeling like that too!
Anyway....trick or treating went well too.
The kids had fun and got too much candy.
That is what Halloween is all about.
Porter was tuckered out.....
We got home at 7:30, I got Elsie in bed and came up to get him, and he was sound asleep on the couch.
Hope it lasts all night long!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday October 30

Tonight was our ward Trunk or Treat.
It was a pretty fun night.
Dad, once again, made an awesome Trunk for us!
We filled the bags with leaves from our yard, which we have plenty of :)
It worked out great but we did lose it off the truck on the way home....whoops!
It was a chili cook off and games then the trunk or treat when it got dark (and cold).
I had fun actually dressing up this year :)
The kids thought it was fun too.
Jamie came with us, and that was fun for Madi.
She is such a good kid and I am glad they are friends.
It was a fun night.....and the kids are super excited to get more candy tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday October 29

This picture does not depict the chaos that today felt like :)
Okay, it wasn't that bad.....
But getting back to real life after vacation is always hard.
Grandma Na sent us home with our Christmas gifts early, since we most likely won't make it up again by then.
In the packages, there were these cute little solar powered toys.
Elsie picked out the Hula girl and lame her 'La'.
She would set her in the sun rays from the window and just watch her.
After I took this picture, she told me that 'La' makes her feel calm and happy.
Guess we could all use some quiet time to feel calm and happy :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday October 28

Can't leave Evanston without stopping to see the Buffalo's :)
So on our way out of Evanston we made our stop.
They were pretty close the fence, which was pretty exciting for Elsie :)
Then we headed for home.
We had a walkie talkie between the two cars we were driving.
Worked out good :)
It wasn't too bad of a drive, except for the pouring rain as we entered into Boise.
I am dot a great driver in rain....and darkness.
But we all got home safe and sound.
So now we have school tomorrow.
Hope that goes good.
I think they all got in bed at good times, but still, I am sure they will be exhausted.
I know I am.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday October 27

We woke up this morning and watched TV and got ready for the day and went over to Grandmas around 9.
We wanted to be sure she had gotten a good night sleep and we didn't wake her up by going too early.
We got there and all ate breakfast together.
We hung out and the kids worked on homework.
We sloughed church.
Gramps doesn't want Grandma to go to church yet.
Walking around much still wears her out....
So we just spent time together.
After we had lunch, we headed out to Randolph to hang out with the Thomson family.
Russ took us around and showed us his equipment, cows, land.
It was a fun time.
The kids stayed home and played and talked and Heather spent most of her time doing homework :)
We stayed there for a couple hours before heading back to Evanston.
We decided it was a good time to ride Strip.
The kids were all very excited and loved riding her.
It was a  beautiful evening to ride her.
Then dinner and just spending time together.
Grandma played some hand games with the girls and Dussy, Sandra and Doug came over for a bit too.
Elsie just loves being with Grandma.
Grandma is always getting loves and hugs from her.
It is very sweet.
Then we got back to Dave and Cindy's around 8 and got the kids to bed.
Headed for home tomorrow.
It sure has been a fun little trip.