Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday February 29

We had a big breakfast this morning as a family ❤️
All of us! 
I love having us all together!
Then we all jumped in the car and went to the Y.
We played basketball for a little bit, then we all got our little workouts in.
It was a fun time and hopefully a new Saturday tradition 😊
Back at home, we collected all the stuff for the clan to go skiing.
Not me and Elsie.... Elsie didn't want to go, and I want too keen either 😂😂
She and I hung out and went to Lexi Lovelands wedding reception.
It was like a giant Shafer view ward reunion!
We saw people from all the different splits the ward has had, do it was a fun time to visit.
Dad and the kiddos had a lot of fun skiing too.

Friday February 28 (add pictures)

My amazing people threw me a surprise 40th birthday party!!!!
It's too late to write it all right now....
But that Elsie has Carley over.
I ran 13.5 miles!!!!
Dad and I went it to dinner.
Came home to a house full of my most loved Idaho tribe!!!!!
I am so blessed!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thursday February 26

This morning started with a little visit from some RS Friends to wish me a happy birthday (coming up).
Then I went to hobby lobby and Walmart.
I went for an awesome afternoon run in the beautiful weather we had today!
When the kids got home, Elsie and I went to the Y.
She's doing really good.
I think it's helpful...we do have fun together!
Porter and the other boys helped Vern pick up sticks and weeds.
Then she took them to dinner and dessert 😊
Cassi had friends over this evening.
Port has been really interested in sculptures lately.
So when he got back from the boys house, he made himself a little wire man and then covered him in clay.
Kind of fun.
There is no school tomorrow.
Hopefully we can get some yard work and house work done.
Maybe 😂😂
It should be nice weather, so that's awesome again.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wednesday February 25

Cassi and I got up and went to a cycle class this morning at 5 am.
It was a fun time...but that was an early morning!
I worked in the office this morning.
When I got home, dad and I got to work on the floors.
Would you believe it we got it all done except we were TWO PIECES SHORT!!!!
So we had to order a whole new box.
We can't finish it until that comes in.
Dang it!!!
But I did get the steps stained and I'm excited to get it all put together!
I got a cute picture of Mater, waiting for Elsie walking down the Lane.
He does that every day.
So cute!
Porter had a fun YM activity playing laser tag.
He took Max and Graham with him and I think they had a fun time too.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tuesday February 25

We spent the day getting the mudroom painted 
I'm so excited!!!
It looks so pretty!!!
Hopefully we can do floors tomorrow.
Getting so close!
This evening the girls and I went to a fireside for the YW and RS.
It was about lifting up your hearts and rejoicing.
I took some good notes, but I wanted to include Elsie's notes tonight.
So sweet ❤️
And Logan sent me a picture of Madi making dinner tonight 😊

Monday, February 24, 2020

Monday February 24 (add picture with Jenni)

Today was a packed day!!!
It is Jenni's birthday and she was working here at the Meridian clinic so we were able to get together for a birthday lunch.
But before lunch, I wanted to get a good run in.
The weather was pretty nice so I decided to make it a kind of long run.
I ran 8.5!
That is especially good because it is a Monday and Monday runs are so hard because I tend to not drink enough on Sundays so I am really tired and dehydrated on Mondays....but it worked out today :)
Jenni and I had a great time at lunch togetehr.
I love that we can go months without seeing each other and it always feels like no time has passed!
I 100% wish I could see her everyday like it used to be, but I'm still so thankful when we can have the chance to get together when we do.
After that, I went to the middle school for an IEP for Elsie.
I think things went well but I also saw things that I want to work on.
Areas that I think/hope we can get some outside help with as well.
I am curious how they figure an IQ.
They say hers is quite low for the way she actually performs.
So don't you think that maybe that means they need to redo whatever IQ test they did?!?!?!
I don't know, I am curious.
Then I stopped by Lowes to pick up paint for the mudroom, which I did not get to paint because once I got home, the kids came home.
I took Elsie to the Y.
Got some good stretching done and they also are opening an inclusivity part at our Y which has some sensory type stuff and activities.
I would love if they would put some matts in there so I can just do Elsie's stretches in there!!!!
Anyway, I think it will be a great thing for Elsie and something for her to look forward to as well.
Port hurt his neck while playing at school, and his head hurt, so he stayed home.
He's fine...….just made for a rough day for him.
He has been a little off lately, just kind of bummed and angry.
Luckily, he spends time talking to me at night time and we have some great conversations then.
I just wish he would talk with me earlier in the day so he isn't so mad all day.
Love that kid.
Just trying to figure out his way in this life ❤
Dad worked an overtime shift today, but he will be home tomorrow.
I am really excited and hoping to get the mudroom painted!
Cassi is gone to a birthday party, so hopefully she will be home soon.
The little ones and I got in the hot tub was their idea but I easily agreed so I won't be as sore tomorrow after todays long run :)
Elsie was over the moon excited that she got over 10,000 steps today on her fit bit!
Pretty cool!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday February 23

It was stake conference today.
I enjoyed the speakers.
After church, we ate lunch and then everyone read their CFM scriptures.
Then we spent time outside, it was so beautiful.
We went to the park for a bit.
Then we came back home and watched the Face to face with Elder and sister Oaks.
It was about the new Children and Youth program.
It was good and informative and helpful.
I got some goals made and I look forward to having my family makes their own goals and also make goals together!!!!
We ate dinner and then went to the Morgan's house to celebrate Stacia's birthday.
And Kyra too.
It is always fun to sit and talk and hang out with the neighbors ❤

Saturday February 22

Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday February 21

I didn't get as much done today as I wanted to.
I did go to one if my ministering sisters house for a visit.
Then I went and did a little shopping for gifts and wedding stuff.
Came home and then cleaned the kitchen a little before I had to leave to take Elsie to swim.
That went pretty good.
The warmer pool was closed, so she was in the cold one.
I think things would have been better in the warm one....but it worked out okay anyway.
Came home and then I went for a 6 mile run at a real good pace.
So I'm feeling a little nauseous this evening.
But sure if it's because of the run or what.
Maybe I just need some sleep now!
I did get some painting done.
But I need to get caulking done tomorrow so I can paint on Monday!!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thursday February 20

We went to the gym again today and did a workout.
Then I ran home again.
Dad left me a cute note and my water waiting for me on the bridge when I got home.
So sweet ❤️
Then we didn't the day working on the mudroom and cleaning the office.
Dad in the mudroom, me in the office 😊
In so so excited to get the mudroom painted!
It's gonna be a so awesome!!!!
After school, Elsie and I went to the Y.
I'm so excited to get this new routine with her!
We started with some good stretches.
Then she walked 3/4 mile on the treadmill.
She could have done a mile, but I didn't want to push her too hard.
I want it to stay fun for her.
She seemed to feel very big and grown up 😉
After dinner, we got in the hot tub with the littles and watched an episode of 'Lost in space'.
Cassi had been home to a leadership training all evening, she will be gone there tomorrow too.
She's still gone.
Hopefully she gets home soon!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wednesday February 19

I worked in the office this morning.
Elsie was having a hard time waking up.
It's usually a fight, but I noticed yesterday that her walking was pretty heavy so I knew she could use some extra sleep.
I let her sleep in and then took her to school after I finished in the office.
Dad worked on the mudroom today.
I'm so excited to have that finished!!!!
It's the most used and walked through place here in our home!
It will be so exciting for it to be functional!!!!!
I worked on wedding stuff.
Got the invites all ordered.
Now we need to work on the addressing.
Port went skiing with Max, Graham and Cannon right after school.
They sure have a fun time going together.
So port missed YM, but that's fine.
We were all combined with YM/YW and we played volleyball.
We have so many kids!
We had like 4 teams of 15!
It's hard for everyone to participate that way....  ButI think everyone had fun.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tuesday February 18

Dad and I went to the Y this morning.
We switched gyms and got a family membership.
We did our workout together and it was fun.....but my arms are DEAD!!!
I ran home which ended up being about 3 miles.
We hope to do that a couple times a week and then I will do longer runs on the other days.
And save really long runs for Saturday's while I'm getting ready for my half marathon in June!
We made plans to work more on the mud room.
We need to order more flooring so we have to wait a bit...
But I am excited for it to get done!!!!
Elsie had piano today, Porter is taking a piano break for a couple months.
It was causing a bit of stress and anxiety for him.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday February 17

The boys got to work on the fence this morning.
They tore out there old one.
The posts were loose too, so they pulled those out.
I went for a good run today, 8 miles.
It was windy and my legs we frozen when I got home, but overall it was a good run.
Cassi had a new friend over today.
A new family moved in and Cassi invited her over and they made pretzels.
I took Elsie to PT.
She did good work for Katie, because I told her she couldn't watch Dr.K if she didn't do what Katie asked!!!
Dr.K is get favorite TV show.... She's an exotic animal veterinarian 😂

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday February 16

Well, this morning was an adventure.
I had to get up early to go to a ward council meeting.
And I just happen to look outside and see that they cows are half way out of the fence chowing on the stack of hay we have out there.
I had so idea what to do!!!!
With Brent at work, it was early so I am sure neighbors were still sleeping and I had to be ready and to a meeting in 40 minutes!!!!
Well, I got the cows to scoot back into the fence.
Luckily they are pretty chill cows.
Then I tried to use my hands to bend the fence back.
I thought about grabbing a shovel to help bend it back.....but then I had a thought to use the two shovels and the pitchfork in the barn and weave them in the fence to maybe try and hold the cows back :)
Well, it worked!
They have stayed in there all day.
So now Port gets to help his Dad fix the fence tomorrow!
I came back from the meeting and picked the kiddos up and went back.
About halfway through sacrament, Elsie kept complaining that she didn't feel good.
I think she is just over-tired from her fun day yesterday with Carley.
So Cassi took her home so she could rest.
I am working on a new kind of project...….so after church I played a little with that.
Cass went to choir.
Elsie got some quiet time and she did feel better.
We got invited to our neighbors (Capalls) birthday party, along with their family.
It was pretty fun.....could have been awkward to be the only non-family members…..but they were all nice and we had a good time :)
It is funny.
They love Brent.
When she invited us over today, she first asked when Brent would be back home.
When she found out he wouldn't be home for dinner time, she almost seemed to hesitate to invite me without him :)
But she did.
They do love him though!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday February 15

Today was chore day...and hang out with friends day.
The kids all got up and did their laundry and chores.
Port went to Canons pretty early.
Elsie went shopping and dinner with Carley and her mom for her birthday.
And Cassi went to the Y with her friend.
We got a family pass to the Y and it will be pretty great.
I am hoping to take Elsie there a few times a week to really get some good stretches done.
It will be really great once they get the pool built!
So I just did laundry and I sorted two baskets full of unmatched socks.
Cannon and Port came over here and they wanted to go to the park.
So I took them and then I went for a run around that block there and a little more so I could get 5.5 miles.
The kids all came home around the same time and then Cass left again.
Not a very happening day.
Except I am pretty happy about those socks being sorted!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday February 14

Em and I slept in as much as we could this morning.
It was a late night/early morning.
I slept good, Em didn't sleep as good 👎🏻
We got packed up and headed to the airport.
We had a yummy brunch at an airport restaurant.
Then Em showed me a couple episodes of Schitt's Creek and I think I'm hooked 😂
Then she boarded her flight about 30 minutes before I left for home.
So I went and bought some souveniers at a cute little shop there at the airport 
I flew to Seattle and then home.
The kiddos and dad picked me up and we went and ate at Cafe Rio for dinner.
So yummy.
Cassi left with friends and dad and I got in the hot tub with the little ones.
Happy Valentine's day!
Dad got me a flowering plant....he knows I would rather have something living then something that will die ❤️

Thursday February 13

I'm in Portland with Em.
We went to Noah Reid's concert.
It's been a really long and fun day!!!
We got to meet and talk to him and Em was so excited and happy!!!
We were first in line for the concert and got front and center seats.
It was just perfect.
I head back home tomorrow.
Sounds like things went good at home with Daddy there ❤️