Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elsie's routine

When Elsie wakes up from her nap, she will sit and watch Signing Time, Dora, OR (not all) Sid the Science Kid.
When that is over, she will crawl to her walker...pull her washcloth out of her basket, and ask me to get it wet.
Then she will walk around the house 'cleaning' all that she sees.
This includes windows, walls, the dog, and I just caught her 'washing' Porter.
She will happily do this until dinner time.

What a great little helper to have around!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Hero

What was your hubby doing last night?

'BOISE - A fire broke out at a townhouse around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Firefighters say one unit was destroyed as a result of the blaze. Investigators said everyone escaped the fire unharmed.

"We were in bed asleep (and) something woke my daughter up, she came and climbed in bed with me and then next thing I know, there was pounding on the door and people yelling fire," said Becky Rice, neighbor.

Neighbors say a dog died in the blaze. Neighboring units were evacuated as firefighters battled the fire. '

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two month photo shoot

With the girls I took pictures of them every month for the first year of their life.
And I love having those pictures...
So here are Porters 2 month pictures.
Also, something I didn't do with the girls, I am going to take a picture of Porter with this Giraffe each time so we can watch him grow...a cute idea I got from my niece.

I just love this shot...his cute mouth...those cheeks...don't you just want to squish them!!!

So there is our cute little boy...already 2 months old!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Elsie can Turn!!!

She really does amaze us everyday. She walks back and forth between the she goes from the couch to the chair to the table...she is really getting it! (This is why our furniture is all spread out...and by the way, the house is scarcely decorated now after Christmas...and I have some future plans for those cool windows...)

This is something Elsie did all on her own. One day I was talking to Elsie's Speech Therapist and Elsie was walking back and forth from the side-table to me and I guess she got sick of waiting for me to grab her, cause I was talking, that she just turned around herself!!! So we had to get it on tape! She is doing so well and we are so excited for her progress everyday!!!

Keep up the hard work Elsie Rose!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to the BIG BOY of the house!
The big 30!!!
We hope you know how much you are loved!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 Months Old

Two months old already!!!
Where did that time go?
Porter had his 2 months check today.
He is doing good, despite some lingering stuffiness from this past week of sickness!
(Just look at those eyes!)
My baby boy is turning out to be quite a bruiser!!!
He weighs a whopping 13 lbs!
(You would think that carrying around that 13 lbs all day would help with this baby weight issue I am having!)
He has the best smiles and is so much fun...
(not counting this past week...none of us have been fun!)
He is smiling and cooing, and has the sweetest little voice ever.
He loves his tummy time, and is holding his head up great!
His thighs are chunking up quite nicely...I just want to squish them!!!
Usually he wakes up once in the night, around 3, then up at 6.
He loves to have his diaper changed and LOVES to have a bath.
He still has the loudest cry I have ever heard from a baby....or anyone, for that matter.
I should really video-record him when he is really mad...but that would mean recording him instead of cuddling him...
We love having him in our home!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I guess I should be thankful that they all decided to get sick at the same time...

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Official.
Four kiddos.
That's all the blessings we can handle!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Always and Forever.

Nine Years
I can't believe that today is our 9th anniversary!
Best nine years of my life!
I know without a doubt that Brent was made for me.
The way I fit in his arms like a puzzle, how could he not be made for me???
I wish he could even know how much in love with him I am .
This man does so much for us and our family.
I am so thankful for him, and I feel so lucky that we found each other.
Brent surprised me yesterday with a date.
It was a surprise, cause he was at work, on shift, so I didn't expect it at all!
He rang the doorbell, flowers in hand.
I love that I still get butterflies in my tummy when I am with him.
He took me to dinner (after we dropped off our load of kids at the Youngs house...Thanks so much guys!)
A nice dinner, with not a whole lot of talk about the kids.
Then he took me shopping and bought me a new dress.
I just loved spending time with him, and only him.
I just love my man and I am so lucky to have him in my life.
Happy Anniversary Baby!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our little Elsie

Elsie is growing and doing so many things now.
She continues to try really hard with her walking. She is obviously a pro with her walker, but she loves to practice walking back and forth with the couches.
She is also working really hard with her speech. She is saying a lot of new words that we can understand...and many more that we have yet to understand.
She loves to point to things and people around the room and say what it is, then wave and say "hi" in her happy little voice. Then she goes around the room again...she makes us laugh.
Her absolute favorite thing to do now is coloring. She loves it. It is nice to have something to occupy her with while fixing dinner, other than Dora.
She is a joy in our house...
This is Elsie waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me today while I was getting ready for church. Dad tells me she layed there for quite sometime, just kicking her legs up and down, waiting patiently. What a cutie!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Just like Daddy

Just a cute shot to brighten your day.
You will be happy to know that his balding head is being filled up with peach fuzz now.

Also...doesn't Porter look like his daddy.
Brent is the baby in the picture, he is being held by his nephew, Jeremy...(yes, I said nephew).
brent is the same age as Porter in this picture.
Aren't they cuties!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Good news!
We're finally cordless!!!
The Doc said we are in the clear to take the monitor off for good.
Porter has been doing so good...the monitor has been going off a lot...but that is because his little legs keep pulling the cords from the leads.
It will be so nice not to have to worry about tripping over cords, and no more little blisters under his arm pits from the leads.
Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for this kind of technology, and that we were able to use it to monitor him, but man, I am so glad that we are past this part in his little life!
His reflux is getting worse, but we switched medicines, so hopefully that will make a difference.
We just love this little guy!

Here is a picture of what it looked like if you wanted to carry him anywhere, the cords are cut off at the bottom of the picture, but they hung down too. I was always afraid I was gonna trip over them on the stairs.

And here is what the set-up looked like all hooked up to the poor guy.
The Velcro belt held the two leads under each armpit, and then the cords went into a big cord, then into the monitor.
Glad it's gone!

Visiting Springville

We made our way to Springville so my family could meet Porter.
The weather was good, so we had no problems.
Everyone loves Porter, of course.
We had fun playing games and eating.
It is always great being with family.
My sister Ariel and niece Bailey
Playing games in the 'coop'
The grand-daughters taught Grandma Na all about Taylor Swift by listening (and belting out) to her music on youtube.
Elsie can be easily occupied by the video camera...look at the bottom lip...what a cutie!

Work, then Play

The girls love to go feed the goats at Grandpas house!
They are pretty good helpers!

Then there was plenty of time to play!
I would love it if my kiddos could grow up like Brent did.
Such great hard work to do,
but so much fun to be had too!

Also...the little man gave us his first smiles on January 1st!
It's gonna be a great year!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

We had a fun little New Years with cousins at Grandma Enes house.
With games, pizza, too many sweets and of course...some bubbly...(sparkling grape juice)
We had a great time...Thanks Aunt Nancy for making the plans!

Elsie was a party pooper...but really, there was no way she was staying up that late!

And here are a couple pictures of Porter getting some loves...

I think Grandma kinda liked him!

Quick visit

We were sitting around the dinner table last week and started thinking..."Why in the world are we not taking advantage of the days Madi has left off from school...why aren't we visiting our families?"
So that's what we did.
The Grandmas FINALLY got to meet the little man.
Our first stop was Evanston.

Actually, I lied...our first stop was we were passing we thought we should go visit our niece Brooke and her new baby boy, Bridger. Who knows when we would get that chance again. So we finally got a hold of her when we were a block from her house, and she was more than happy with our invasion.

Aren't the two little guys cute together...Bridger had his binky taken away, and we also ruined his he wasn't very happy! I am sure these two guys will be great buddys!!!

The we finished our trip to Evanston where we had a very happy Grandma Ene waiting for us! We had so much fun...and did many fun things. But most of all, we had to get Porter there for Grandma to hug and cuddle!